Chapter 01 Tutorial 1

 When I return to the office after a long day of work, my boss gives me a hard time about my poor sales performance.

 You don't understand that you can't gain the trust of your customers because you only have a superficial relationship with them.

 Well, my uncle-san is the president of the company and my father is the managing director, so I can't blame my boss for making me the deputy manager regardless of my performance.

 It is also the role of subordinates to protect their bosses, and they are expected to give half of their salary when they develop new customers.

 I think I'll be able to take such considerations into account, and I'll have a chance to be a chief next spring.

 It's important to take care of yourself because you're dealing with a boss like this.

 My relaxation is playing the world's first full-dive MMORPG [Smart World Gate], or [ SWG] for short.

 In SWG, the real world and the game are completely separated, and while you are playing the game, your real body is in a state of sleep.

 It is a popular game that can be played while you sleep, and has sold 30 million copies worldwide due to the quality of its realistic virtual world.

 My alter ego in SWG is a blonde elf with a main job as an archer and a sub job as an alchemist.

 After work today, I took a shower, ate some food, and logged into SWG.

"Where am I?"

 When you log in, your avatar should usually appear at the point where you logged out last time, but I don't know this place.

 It's a place I don't even know about, because I've already broken through to the 30th level.

 I don't know about you, but I'm in a building that looks a lot like a real school gym.

 There's a basketball goal and a stage.

 A lot of people around me are standing around me dumbfounded.

 Moreover, the number of people is extremely large, not ten or twenty. There seem to be not a hundred, but several hundred. The gymnasium is packed.

 I'm thinking about that, and I'm fussing with whoever it is.

 If I don't know what's going on with you, it's understandable that you're upset.

 I'd like to make a fuss and poison myself, but I've seen too many times in my life that I can't think of anything constructive to do.

 He looks around for a while.

 There are women who cry, and there are people who don't talk to me, to me, to Sama.

 The commotion did not stop and some people started to get involved with others.

"Minna-san, I'm sorry for your trouble, sama, but I'm going to explain the situation you're in, so please listen carefully."

 Since it was a gymnasium, there was a stage, and before I knew it, a woman with blond hair was on the stage holding a microphone.

 My first impression was that he was a gaijin-san.

 She has blond hair, a beautiful face and outlandish costumes, an entertainer like you see on TV or the Internet. Her belly button is shining brightly.

"What the fuck are you?"

 In such a case, she often has the right to kill us, so I think such a violent language will choke her.

You said, "Please be quiet."

 The blonde-san has a smile plastered on her face, but there's a lot of pressure on us.

 It's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's like the G's when you're launched on a rocket and you can't stand still.

 Some of them actually slumped over and were out of breath.

"Just make sure you don't give them too much trouble."

 He gives us a fresh smile as if nothing happened.

 At this moment, I'm sure we're all thinking that we shouldn't go against this blonde-san.

"You will now go to a world that I control. Simply put, you will be going to another world."

 Another world, I knew it.

 But when you actually say it, it weighs heavily on my mind.

 And I understood that this was a unilateral order based on force.

"In my world, you are free to live as you wish."

 It's not easy to convince people that they can live freely.

 And the question is, what kind of world is it, and what kind of perks will I get?

 When I was thinking about it, a blonde-haired San pointed at someone and I looked over to see a handsome guy in his 20s raising his hand.

"Yes, sir, you may speak."

 If you raise your hand, you are allowed to speak. I'm about to say.

"Thank you . I have a question for you."

"Here you go."

 The blonde -san likes good-looking men, and his response is soft, unlike the man before him.

 Would it have been better if I'd raised my hand?

"What kind of world is this that you control? And is there any benefit to us going there?"

 A handsome man asking a direct question. Nice balls, I can't do that. But it's a good question.

"Yes, science is not very advanced in my world. In terms of Earth's age, it's most similar to the Middle Ages."

 A smile is still plastered on her beautiful face.

 But his gaze is sharp, as if he's judging us.

"However, my world has adopted a system of levels and skills not employed on Earth."

 There's a commotion in the hall. I'm not gonna say anything.

 Because I don't think it's a good idea to move or speak without that blonde -san's direction.

 I have no reason to believe you'll follow it, says the other me.

"Oh, and as a perk, I'll let you choose your ability values and skills to change your race."

"Just one more thing, if I may."

"There's only one."

"Thank you. Is it possible to return to Earth from your world of control?"

" is possible to return."

 People smile with happiness at the unexpected response.

"But not all of you are here now. We have a thousand Earthlings here, but only ten. Only ten of you will be able to return to Earth if you meet certain conditions."

 No way, one percent!

"What are the conditions?"

 Idiot, that's two questions!

 Just when I think that, the pressure hits us again, and hundreds of people cower in place.

"You said you had one question."

 It's hard to breathe with gravity on your body.

 After a while, the blonde-haired man is relieved of the pressure and starts talking as if nothing had happened.

"Then I'll give you the privilege."

 At the same time as the blonde-san's voice, a monitor-like object appears in front of you.

 It is translucent and has the word [appearance] on it.

 When I looked at the surrounding -samaiko, I couldn't see the translucent monitor that other people might be looking at.

 But the fact that they were surprised suggests that they are invisible to others.

"In the bottom left corner of the screen, you can see the points. You can edit yourself as long as you have those points. There is no time limit, so make sure you edit well."

 There are 2,500 points. I don't know if that's a lot or not.

 I don't even know if the other people's points are two thousand five hundred.

 But these are all the points I can use right now.

 Follow blonde-san's instructions to tap [Appearance] on the screen.

 What appears is a familiar, real version of yourself.

 And the items [race], [age], and [gender].

 I don't like the fact that I look like a pantywaist.

 If you tap [Race], you'll see a wide variety of races, from the standard ones in fantasy stories such as humans, elves, and dwarves to vampires and goblins.

 In such a case, since I came here to log in to SWG, I thought it is normal that the system is similar to SWG's system. But it does not resemble it at all.

 When I tap the elf, my appearance on the screen changes to blonde, long hair, long ears, and beautiful.

 My face is built like mine, but every single part of it is refined, and I'm quite beautiful.

 I was so happy that I changed my height, hair color, etc. and enjoyed the change in my appearance.

 Then I looked at the bottom left of the screen and saw that my points had decreased to 2,200.

 I thought it might be possible, so I changed myself back from an elf, and my points went back to 2,500.

 If you tap [Keep], you'll get a message asking if you want to keep your race as human and your appearance as human.

 The points remained at two thousand five hundred.

 Oh no, changing races is a trap that costs points.

 It's a "no" for now.

 As for races, an elf costs 200 points, and a good looking race such as a celestial race costs more points.

 On the other hand, if you turn them into goblins or orcs, you gain points instead of losing them.

 You lose a few points if you change your appearance even if your race is still human.

 It turns out that the more changes you make, the more points you spend.

 He made his body slim and macho, corrected his slanted eyes and made them double-pointed, and made himself five centimeters taller.

 That'll cost you 35 points.

 With 2,465 points remaining, proceed to the next setting.

 Next was age, which was reduced by another 30 points when I changed my real age of 26 to 20.

 I'm six years younger, so I've decided that's not worth it.

 [Gender] is still male, so no change and no change in points.

 Next, a list of abilities was displayed.


 Info: human, male, 20 years old

 HP: 150

 MP: 100

 Strength: 30

 Endurance: 25

 Magic: 20

 Agility: 25

 Dexterity: 35

 Attraction: 25

 Good luck: 5

 Human is probably the standard appearance of people on Earth.

 Well, I think there is no mistake that he means human.

 We don't know whether the various abilities shown on the screen are the standard for humans.

 And a capability structure far removed from SWG. I'm almost certain it's not SWG.

 If you look at the screen more closely, you will see that there is no [Back] button or any symbol that looks like it, so it seems that you cannot go back once you confirm.

 Since there is an elf in the race and [MP] and [Magic] in the ability, I think there is a high probability that there is magic.

 Blonde -san said it was a world with skills, but I'm wondering how to weight the points allocated to skills and abilities.

 Aside from luck, which is the lowest of his abilities, he has the lowest magic power, so it is reasonable to assume that magic is not his strong suit.

 So would it be better to increase his strength and endurance to make him more vanguard-friendly?

 ...wait a minute. All I was thinking about was the battle.

 But as on Earth, there are productive jobs, and there are non-combat, non-productive jobs such as merchants.

 In the world we are going to, there will be many different kinds of work.

 Then you don't need to be concerned with combat.

 Besides, the blonde-san said I could live my life the way I wanted to, and I'm not cut out for melee combat.

 And there's no reason to choose a combat system just because it's long range.

 This is not a SWG, there is a possibility to live without combat, so let's aim for non-combat.

 Wait... didn't you say there were only ten of us left on Earth?

 You'll have to fulfill some conditions to come back.

 Can a non-combatant fulfill that requirement?

 I don't know... what to do...

 What we don't know, we can't do anything about. You have to think about it in terms of "sama", which allows non-combatants to fight to some extent.

 The idea of increasing the dexterity of the highest value of the ability comes to mind.

 But there is no guarantee that you won't be sent to another world and suddenly find yourself in a life or death battle.

 We should think that the blonde-haired man might do it.

 Whether you should expect combat immediately after moving, or go in the direction of production and merchants, you can't swing half-heartedly all over the place.

 I'm sure the blonde doesn't like that, though I have no reason to think so.

 ...okay, let's do this.

 Increase your luck. It costs seven points to raise your luck one time.

 I've raised my luck to 100 and spent 665 points.

 I couldn't increase the luck value more than 100, so I guess this is the maximum.

 You can also increase your dexterity to 100. It costs two points to raise the dexterity to one, so it costs 130 points.

 I'll raise the charm to fifty with a little more hope. This is my ego!

 Think long and hard here. Is it possible that MP is also required for production? The common pattern is to consume MP to produce.

 In that case, no matter how high your dexterity is, you might not be able to produce anything due to low MP.

 Then you can extend your MP, I thought.

 It costs one point to increase MP by one, so it costs 50 points to increase MP to 150.

 You now have 1,565 points remaining.

 The capability is now finished, so click [Next] and then [YES] to the confirmation message.


 Info: human, male, 20 years old

 HP: 150

 MP: 150(50↑)

 Strength: 30

 Endurance: 25

 Magic: 20

 Agility: 25

 Dexterity: 100(75↑)

 Charm: 50(25↑)

 Luck: 100(95up)

 The next step is skills, but an unexpected screen appears here. [It says, "Please decide your growth compensation.

 It's a system that can ruin your ability to do what you just did.

 However, if you don't decide, you can't go ahead.

 The current growth compensation is shown on the screen from [HP] to [Charm].

 What about luck? ...Don't tell me your luck is fixed at the ability you just got?

 Then it was a good decision to leave it at 100.

 All growth corrections are [C], and I have the impression that humans are an average race in most games.

 Growth compensation seems to embody this.

 The MP from [C ⇒ B] consumes 20 points, and the MP from [B ⇒ A] consumes 30 points.

 I didn't think it was possible, but there was [A⇒S], but it consumed 50 points, and on top of that... there was [EX], which consumed 100 points.

 I've also raised your dexterity to [S] but not to [EX], and I've raised your charm to [A], so you have 1,215 points left.

 The last screen is the skill screen. No, I don't know if it's the last one.

 But finally, the skill screen. It's been a long time.

 There are four kinds of skills in order of [Active Skill], [Passive Skill], [Magic Skill] and [Unique Skill].

 The general idea is that [unique skill] should be a powerful skill, so I'll start from the bottom.

 When you tap it, a list of skill names will appear on the screen.

 There's everything from the standard [sword king] and [wise man] to [comedian]. to [comedian].

 We'll go through and cover [Magic Skills], [Passive Skills], and [Active Skills] in that order.

 Then, you choose your skills with the intention of spending all your points here.