Chapter 02 Tutorial 2

002_Tutorial 2

 I'm suddenly kidnapped to the gymnasium, and there appears a beautiful blonde haired woman, who tells us to go to another world.

 Many people besides me were gathered in the gymnasium, a thousand people including me.

 And they say there's a one percent chance that only ten people will make it back to Earth.

 If the other world I'm going to is a better place for me to live, then I don't have to go back to Earth.

 I have parents and siblings, and I work for a company, but if you ask me if I have any regrets, I don't at all.

 I've been in a stressful world where I was parasitized by a stupid boss, so I have some expectations for the other world.

 Look around before deciding on a skill.

 A lot of the people that were around me are gone now, and you can see how focused I was on my editing. I couldn't see my surroundings at all.

 There are less than ten of us left, including me. All of us are looking at the screen in front of us and feeling happy and sad.

 I don't have to wait for these people to decide my skills and I'll go to the other world too. Porgy.

 [Finally, choose your name. You need 5 points to change your name. Do you want to change your name? YES/NO]

 Are you fucking kidding me?

 I've been working so hard to decide on a name, and now it's the last thing I want to do.

 I have exactly five points left, so I'll change my name.

 And this time, Poch.

[edited by Sama. You are now ready for the transition. After the transfer, the tutorial will start].

 Oh, they even provide a tutorial, so it's quite a kind work-sama.

 And just when I think I'm done, the world around me starts to glow.

 The number of people around me had dwindled since a while ago, and there were only four people left, including me.

 The light completely envelops me, dazzling me, and when I meditate on it, I feel like I'm floating, and a few moments later, I can feel my weight on my feet.

 I open my eyes fearfully.

 What came into view was another classic meadow.

 Turn around 360 degrees and you'll see a green meadow as far as the eye can see.

 I'm convinced now that I'm here. This world and SWG have nothing to do with each other.

 Because in SWG, there are two suns, but in this world, there is usually one sun.

 There were also three moons in SWG, but I think they are not the same.

"I mean, where are we?"

"This is the Alpha Meadow."

"I see...!"

 I just looked around 360 degrees, and I'm pretty sure I was the only one, so why am I getting an answer?

 I turn toward the voice fearfully.

 ...there was a beautiful woman standing there... why?

"I'm going to start the tutorial. I'm the navigator, nice to meet you."

 So this is the navigator of the tutorial...

 I don't know why I'm hesitating so much when I have a beautiful woman standing in front of me telling me she's my navigator.

 Isn't this guy supposed to be in charge of this world?

"Grose Hendler-san, is that correct?"

"Uh, yes, I'm Grose Hendler."

 I gave up my Japanese name and gave myself a new one.

 That's Große Hendler.

 If this world is what I think it is, then a Japanese name would be rare in this world, so I dared to change my name to a European one.

"So let's check the status of Grose Hendler-san first . Please say [status open] aloud."

"Oh, yes. [Status open]"

 The screen I've been staring at for so long appears in front of me, showing my status.

"I see you have opened it. You can show that screen to others, so please show it to me by saying [disclose] aloud."


"Yes, that's fine. I'll explain the status just in case."


"Can I help you?"

 Perhaps concerned by my lack of reaction, the blonde-haired San peers through the screen at me.

 I don't know if it's safe to go through with it! I'm closer to the face than that .

 Aside from her personality, she's a very pretty blonde-haired San, so when she gets close enough to breathe on you... she has soft lips.

"You look red. Are you okay?"

"No, I mean, you're so close to my face, it's embarrassing."

"Oh, I'm sorry! Are you sure you want to do this?"

 The blonde hair that stands in front of you normally away from your face -san.

"Also, you've been absent-minded for a while now, are you okay?"

"That's because... the navigator-san is the administrator-san of this world..."

"Oh, is that what I look like? Don't worry about it. This is how all of us in the controlled world look when we meet people in the observed world."

"Oh, yeah, is that so?"

"Yes, despite the resemblance, I am not Administrator-sama. More accurately, I'm a subordinate of Administrator-sama."

 I see, that's how it works.

 But I'm not comfortable with you talking to me like this.

"Don't you feel comfortable?"


"So, shall I change my appearance?"

"What? You can do that?"

"Yes, it is possible to change your appearance, but only once. Grose Hendler-San will trace the one you have in mind, and you must picture it strongly in your mind."

"Yes, yes!"

 I replied, but will it be the person I pictured... what kind of person should I picture?

 That girl from Idol, no, that's too easy.

 Then a foreign actress... or is that too easy? All right, I've decided!

 I'm imagining things very strongly in my mind. Embody it!

 When the light subsided, the woman I'd imagined appeared.

"Wow, you've really changed."

"How's that?"

"Yes, yes!"

"Thank you!"

 With a big smile on her face, Navigator-san's hair has turned silver, her skin is as white as snow, and her ears are pointed, turning her into a super beauty.

 She's a beautiful woman with pointy ears, I said it twice because it's important!

 She's an elf. Furthermore, her breasts are so swollen that they look like they might contain melons, and I have trouble looking at them.

"So, I'll explain the status again."

"Yes, please."

"The items displayed on that screen are Name, Occupation, Info, HP, MP, Strength, Endurance, Magic, Agility, Dexterity, Charm, Luck, Active Skills, Passive Skills, magic skills, unique skills, and criminal record. Name is your unique name in this world. It appears to have been changed, so you will now live as Grose Hendler-san."

 You don't need to listen to the explanation to understand this much.

"Information" shows race, gender, and age. HP is hit points and you die when it reaches [0], MP is mana points and you don't die when it reaches [0]. If you are not used to it, you may feel sick.

 It's everything I imagined it would be.

"Strength" is arm strength and physical power, "Endurance" is endurance and endurance, "Magic" is magic power, "Agility" is speed of action and reaction, "Dexterity" is dexterity as it is, "Attractiveness" is Glowse Hendler-San's likability, "Luck" is lucky rate, "Active" is Active skills are those that can be activated at will, passive skills are those that can be activated at will, magic skills are those that are magic, unique skills are those that are rare and powerful. Are we done here?"

 The navigator-san.

 But if luck is a lucky occurrence, does that mean my lucky occurrence is a hundred percent?

 At any rate, what you have just heard, except for Lucky, is not a problem because you know it even without an explanation.

"What happens if I have a lucky number of one hundred?"

"A hundred is the highest good luck value. That's what it means."

 So that's it. I'm sure you won't get any more answers than this.

 I feel like that admin-san and navigator-san are the same.

 I guess we're just alike, huh?

"Is there anything else?"


"Next, I'll tell you about your occupation and criminal record, which you left blank. You can also change jobs at churches, so be sure to go to a church in the town you're going to after this."

"Oh, yes."

 The navigator-san hears my answer and continues talking.

"Criminal records will show [[banditry]], [[murder]], etc. when Grose Hendler-San commits a crime, so be careful when you enter a town or village because you can get caught or kicked out if you have a criminal record."

 The navigator-san says to himself, "Yes, yes.

"Next is the skill description . [[Appraise(S)]] is a [S rank] skill, which is a higher rank of appraisal skills. It can appraise almost all statuses, and it can detect concealment and disguise skills with high probability."

 Oh, it was worth it to give more points to [[Appraisal]].

 It's a different world, so [[appraisal]] is a must!

"[[Disguise(B)]] is the middle [B rank] of the disguise system, so there is a risk of being detected by the higher ranks of the appraisal system or skills of the detection system, but since it is [B rank], it will rarely be detected. But since it's a [B rank], I don't think it will be spotted."

 I got this [[disguise]] just in case.

 Because I thought I should disguise the skills I've acquired.

"[[Magic Tool Creation (E)]] is a skill for creating magic tools, but it's the lowest rank [E rank], so it can only create the bare minimum of magic tools."

 I'm thinking of becoming a merchant in my world.

 That's why I've been working on my production skills to see if I can make a product myself.

"[[Space-Time Magic(E)]] is also a low [E rank], but it's a very useful spell because this space-time spell itself is a high-level spell. What you can currently use is [Storage], which is a storage spell, and [Slow] and [Haste], which are auxiliary spells."

 This [[space-time magic]] consumed a lot of points.

 But it's nice to know that I can use the storage magic I'm after.

 Basically, I'm not going to use it except for [storage]. It's a skill for [storage].

"[[Mail Order (E)]]" is one of the highest ranked unique skills. This skill is connected to the online shopping of Earth, where Grose Hendler-san is from. In other words, if you have enough money, you can buy goods from Earth. Also, you can sell goods and demons from this world, so if you don't need something, you can sell it."

 There was no description of the skill when I got it, so it was a bit of a gamble in a way.

 Now that you mention it, I think I've made the right choice.

 And we can even sell demons! Now we just have to figure out what to do with the first money.

 Full name: Große Hendler

 Occupation :

 Info: human, male, 20 years old

 HP: 150(C)

 MP: 150(EX)

 Strength: 30(C)

 Endurance: 25(C)

 Magic: 20(C)

 Agility: 25(C)

 Dexterity: 100(S)

 Attraction: 50(A)

 Good luck: 100

 Active Skills: [[Appraise(S)]][[Disguise(B)]][[Create Mage(E)]]

 Passive Skills:

 Magic Skill: [[Space-Time Magic(E)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Mail Order(E)]]

 Criminal record:

 The points spent to acquire skills are 220 for [[Appraise(S)]], 70 for [[Disguise(B)]], 10 for [[Mage Creation(E)]], 300 for [[Space-Time Magic(E)]], and 610 for [[Mail Order( E]] is six hundred and ten.

 This reminds me that I have five points left.

 I looked for other skills which I could get, but there was no skill which consumed 5 points. So I decided to leave 5 points.

 Then the screen for changing my name came up and I was able to change my name using the 5 points I had left.

 That's how I used up all my points.

"Thereafter, the screen will appear just by reminding yourself without speaking, and disclosure is the same - sama. By the way, once you choose a target for disclosure, only he or she can see the screen."