Chapter 03 Tutorial 3

 After the explanation of the status, the navigator-san who taught me about this world.

 He says that this world is inhabited by demons, and that we should be careful because there are demons in this alpha grassland where San and I are standing and talking.

 Then we'd better get moving.

 But now it's in the tutorial, so the demon doesn't recognize you.

 So the navigator-san took out a backpack from somewhere and handed it to me.

 Inside was a change of clothes, some money, two potions, a knife and a rope.

"The knife can be attached to your waist belt, so please wear it."

 The clothes you are wearing have somehow changed, but the navigator-san urges you to put them on the right side of your waist.

 The navigator-san nodded his head in agreement.

 No cell phones or anything that reminds you of Earth.

 Even if you have it, it's unlikely to recharge, so it'll be useless soon.

 No, you can buy a battery charger from [[mail order]], but you won't be able to communicate with them anyway.

"About an hour's walk east of here is the town of Hajime, so let's head for Hajime first."

 Alpha Grasslands and the town of Hajji. I think you have a better sense of naming things than I do.

"By the way, how long is the tutorial going to take?"

"Yes, the tutorial will take you to the town of Hajime, where Grose Hendler-san takes up his profession and registers with the guild."

"Is there any fighting or anything?"

"Yes, sir. You'll have to fight at least one battle before you get to Hajime's town . There are also other things like spending money."

 There's also combat... which is tough since I don't have any combat skills.

"Will the navigator-san be assisting us in battle?"

"I will not be directly involved in the battle. But for the first battle, I will find a weak demon that even a child can defeat, so don't worry."

 Is there such a thing as a demon that even a child can defeat? He listens to the navigator-san's voice as he proceeds with his story.

"So, let's try using your skills."

"Yes, please!"

 Since this is the first time that the skills are clearly defined like in this world, it is nice to be taught how to use the skills.

 And I'm excited to actually use my skills.

"Let's start with [[Appraisal(s)]]. For the appraisal system, set the target and chant [appraisal]."

 Okay, let's target... the grass at our feet.


 A screen similar to the status screen appeared, showing information about the weeds under your feet.

 Type: Weed

 Info: Just a weed. A little damaged from being stepped on.

 I've appraised a delicate object.

"What do you see? Did you see that? Only the user of the appraisal skill can see the information, so others can't."

"Oh, yes. I see you."

"Good . After that, just chant it in your mind and it will appear. The next skill is [[Disguise(B)]]. With [[Disguise]] you can disguise your appearance and status, so let's try changing your appearance first. Well, let's change your hair color to red. Imagine yourself with red hair in your mind, and then say [Disguise]."

 The image of me as a redhead... this is surprisingly difficult... okay, let's try it.



Um, have you changed?

"In a way, it's changed dramatically, hasn't it?"

 What does that mean? The navigator-san holds up a mirror that he has taken out from somewhere to me.

"...It's dramatic."


 The black and red stripes on my head are a novelty.

"I'm afraid I was a little vague about your appearance. [Just say the word "disguise" and we'll remove the disguise."

 When I deactivated it, my hair was back to black.

 I wouldn't dare go into town with that head.

 There may be others in this world with stranger shades, but they're out by my standards.

"The next step is to disguise his status. For now, disguise all of Grose Hendler-san's skills as invisible except for [[Mage Creation(E)]]. You should also lower Dexterity and Luck. The key is the same as appearance, just imagine and say [Disguise]."

 This went well. The hair must have failed because I could not visualize it while looking at it myself.

 I was able to disguise the status without any problem by looking at the status screen and imagining it as navigator-san said.

"Yes, that's fine. The next step is to make [[Mage(E)]], but we can't make it without materials, so we'll leave that for later. So you'll have to use [[Space-time Magic(E)]]. First is the storage. Imagine that there is a storage room connected to another space, and imagine that there is a doorway in front of you, and say [[Storage]]."

 That's a lot of images. But storage is easy to imagine.

 After all, we're all familiar with *dimentional* kettles and television, and storage itself is a common occurrence in fantasy stories.

 As a result, the storage succeeds.

 When you put your hand in the slot, the thing inside seems to come into your mind. This time, since there was nothing inside, [possession 0] came into your mind.

"Next is [Slow] and [Haste], but we'll get to those later, so I'd like to go to [[Mail Order(E)]]. This [[Mail Order(E)]] should simply be chanted as [Mail Order]."

 Oh, it's not an image. Okay, that's easy.

"[[Mail order]]!"

 When you finish chanting, a screen similar to the status screen appears, and it shows [login].

"I can't see it, but I believe a screen has appeared, so please follow the instructions on the screen."

 I nod to the navigator-san and tap [login].

 The first thing that appears is the authentication registration screen, which asks you to hold your hand over the handprint on the screen and put my magic power into it.

 I held up my hand as instructed, but how do you put magic in it?

"Um, how do I put in magic power?"

"Yes, if it's magic power, imagine that you are putting power into your stomach and releasing it through your body from your palms."

 You've got the image here!

 But we have to do it. Put your strength in your belly imagine the magic flowing through your body release it from your palms.

 The screen says [Authentication registration is finished]!

 I'm surprised you can do it.

 Next, tap [Login Successfully], and then tap [Buy] to see the icons of [Sell] and [Buy].

 This time, the screen was filled with icons, ranging from fresh food to stationery and weapons.

 If you tap [Seasoning], you can find salt, pepper, turmeric, and capsicum.

 When I tapped on salt, many types of salt came up, from expensive** salt to common salt.

 Salt is listed at one hundred ten yen per kilogram, so I put this in my cart.

 How am I supposed to pay for this?

"What should I do with the money?"

"Yes, you can make a deposit by tapping [Deposit] on the screen after you log in, but please don't make a deposit yet."

 Apparently, I don't have a lot of money right now.

 And you can't cash out your deposit until 8 hours have passed.

 However, it is said that the lock will be unlocked when you make a transaction, so you don't need to worry about it.

 But I'm thinking of doing business, so I want to stock up while I still have money.

"Just checking, do you need money to get into town? And how do I go about doing business?"

"In most cases, you need to pay an entrance tax to enter a town. The town of Hajime, where we are going, also requires a 2,000 yen entry tax. You also need to register with the merchant guild to do business."

"Does that merchant guild require money to join?"

"There is no registration fee. But I remember that you had to pay the annual fee within a month."

"Annual fee in a month, how much?"

"It depends on the type of business you're in. If you open a store, it depends on the size of the store and the number of employees."

"What if I don't want to open a store, I want to be a wholesaler?"

"If you're a wholesaler dealing with a commercial guild, there's no annual fee, but you'll be charged a fifteen percent transaction tax on each transaction."

 It's nice that there is no annual fee, but it hurts to be charged 15 percent of the fee every time.

 It would be fine if there was a profit, but it would be difficult to pay 15 percent when there is no profit.

"In case you're wondering, how much does the merchant guild in Hajime's town charge for salt?"

"I'm sorry, sir, I don't know. But I think the terminal price in Hajime's town is around 6,000 yen per kilogram."

"Six thousand yen for a kilogram, that's a lot of money."

"Salt is precious in the countryside, and the Merchant's Guild buys it in bulk. So the merchants' guild sells it to ordinary families through shops in the town."

 Assuming the merchant is selling at double the unit price of what he buys from the Merchant's Guild, a purchase of 3,000 yen .

 So the Merchant's Guild would have to pay 1,500 yen.

 So if I can get it cheaper than 1,500 yen, I can make a profit.

 Fortunately, salt can be purchased at a price of 100 yen per kilogram, so we can make a profit.

"What's the terminal price of sugar, by the way?"

"It would be about 25,000 yen for a kilogram."

 As for sugar... mail order white sugar is 300 yen for a kilogram.

 From the terminal price, the merchant's purchase is 12,500 yen, and the merchant guild's purchase is 6,250 yen.

 White sugar with a purchase price of 300 yen is going to sell for over 6,000 yen.

 If you actually go to sell it, it might be totally different, but it will be profitable, I am sure.

"If sugar is more expensive, that means it's more valuable than salt, right?"

"Yes, it's always in short supply, and sugar is scarce because it's imported from farther afield than salt."

 Let's just bring in ten kilograms of white sugar and see what happens with Samaji.

 When you turn the screen back on and tap the deposit button, a space like a storage space opens up in front of you, and you take out 3,000 yen from your backpack and put it in.

 The navigator-san shouts "Ah" but ignores it.

"What the hell are you doing? I told you not to deposit money because it will be locked for a while!"

"Sorry, since we're going to the Merchant's Guild anyway, I thought we could wholesale some goods while we're there."

"Oh, I see. So that's why you were asking about the price of salt and sugar."

 The navigator-san also understood my intentions, so I bought ten kilograms of sugar and a cardboard box appeared in front of me.

 It's packaged like a mail order company.

 When I opened the cardboard, I found ten kilograms of white sugar that I had just purchased and put it in storage.

"Now, let's move on to the next part. The next step will be a battle, so if there are any demons on the way to Hajime's town, you will have to fight them."

 It's easy for you to say, but we're risking our lives even against a weak demon.

 The navigator-san is walking fast and we follow him.

"Oh, I just found the right demon."

 The navigator-san pointed to a white mass the size of a puppy munching on grass.

"What's that?"

"That's a demon called Horn Rat. It's the weakest of all the demons in this Alpha Meadow!"

 As the navigator-san says, draw your dagger and get into a fighting stance.

 But I've never used a dagger before, and there's no way I can jump on a demon, even if it's the weakest, so I'm not sure what to do.

 Then the navigator-san gets angry and picks up a pebble and throws it at the monster.

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

 The navigator-san gives me a black smile and says, "Please kill it," as I'm terrified of the demon rushing towards me.

 The first blow was a headbutt to my abdomen. I let out a yelp, but the pain was surprisingly small.

"You're saying he's a small fish and even a child can beat him."

 Says the navigator-san who saw me stunned at how little pain I was in.

 Certainly, this level is not too threatening.

 Change your mind and face the demon.