Chapter 04 A different court musician

 A different court musician

 That day, I...

 My childhood friend, my fiancée, the woman I cared for more than anyone, told me of my despair.

 Wolfgang Bausnern, who was at his desk, put down the quill he had been sliding around and let out a small breath.

 The revered king had ordered him to compose a song of blessing.

 The main part of the song is played on the harp, Wolfgang's forte.

 Wolfgang's pen moves at a tremendous pace at this first auspicious order, and even though it has only been three days since the commission, the work is almost complete.

"It's almost done... let's take a break."

 He filled the teapot with the original royal blend of tea given to him by the king, and rang the bell.

 Soon after, a maid appears and pours hot water from the pot, which she offers reverently.

 You let the maid step back and wait for a moment.

 You pour it into a snowdrop tea cup.

 She sits back on the sofa, savoring the aroma of the tea as it rises to the surface, almost sipping it.


 The door opened wide and a woman jumped in.

"...That's a bit much, Claudia."

"I'm sorry..."

 If you blame her, she will show her depressed emotions like a young child, but she will approach you slowly.

 She is too young to be a noblewoman! You are too young! Wolfgang liked the vivaciousness of his fiancée, Countess Claudia Cantor, who was often whispered about behind his back.

"It's unusual for you to be so excited, isn't it? Did you have a fight with Dietfried again?"

"No, sir! That... that misunderstood man! Oh, thank you very much!"

 I offered a slightly diluted cup of tea to Claudia, and she gulped it down happily.

 Claudia, the third daughter of the leader of the Third Order, the most powerful knight in the world, frequents the Order to bring gifts.

 There are many outsiders who say that it is indiscreet for her to go to the Order while she has a fiancé, but I cannot blame her if she does it out of respect for her father.

 Perhaps because they are close in age and share a similar temperament, he and the First Knight Commander Dietfried have long since become something of a quarrel buddy.

 Almost all of Claudia's excited rushes involve Dietfried.

 Although he has little to do with her directly, he has heard about Dietfried from Claudia and thinks he knows him well.

 For Wolfgang, who could not possibly get into a fight with Claudia, there were times when he felt a little jealous of her ease.

"So, Claudia. What's wrong?"

"Yes... um, let's see. I'm a little... embarrassed, but..."


We're expecting a baby.


"Wolfgang-sama's child, I've given birth!"

 With a look of happiness on her face, yes, she confessed.

 Overcome by Claudia's desperate pleading, I entered into premarital sex.

 Since then, we have had sex on several occasions.

 I always felt that I lacked dignity, but I had already greeted both families and set a date for the wedding.

 I told myself that it was no problem.

 Premarital intercourse is normal among the nobility, and is even encouraged.

 However, it tended to be avoided among the aristocrats who were artistic.

 However, it tended to be avoided among artistic nobles, because there were many cases in history where they lost their artistic talent because of their lust.

 What was worse, many of them were famous artists.

 But to have a child out of wedlock was not only repugnant, it was an abomination.

 Nevertheless, they entered into premarital relations because they were absolutely confident that the lovely and healthy Claudia would not bear a child in the event of premarital relations.

"...Have you reported to the temple yet?"

"No, not yet. I wanted to tell Wolfgang-sama as soon as possible!"

"I see. Then I will report to him."

Then come with me!

You must report to your parents. You came here right after visiting the doctor-sama, didn't you?"

 When I pointed this out, Claudia puffed up her cheeks and lowered her eyes.

 She loved the sama-like behavior of young children.

 Very, very, very much!

 I loved her.

 Until I heard her confession.

"I don't want to worry your parents. It's all right.


 Claudia drank her tea in one gulp, hugged Wolfgang tightly, and walked quickly to the door.

 As she exits the door, she looks back.

"I love you, Wolfgang-sama!"

 She smiled like the big flower she loved so much, and closed the door.

 Wolfgang, left alone in the room, quietly drank a cup of cold tea and sat up heavily.

 He grabbed the score of the blessing song, which was almost finished, and left the room.

 The Bausnerns, who have been producing excellent artists for generations, are loved by the gods of art.

 When she was a child, she never doubted that this special token was a gift from God.

 When her brothers and sisters went to hell, and her second sister inherited the House of Bausneun, she blindly believed that they were to blame, even when she lamented the curse of blood.

 But now...

 But now that I'm a party to it.

 I realized that my second sister's words were right.

 Even if you are not at fault, you will be thrown into a situation you don't like.

 That's why it's a curse.

 There are two blood curses (blessings) on the Bausnerns.

 One is that you can't have a child unless you report your marriage to the gods.

 This is a blessing to protect the blood of the venerable House of Bausnern.

 Therefore, if a woman becomes pregnant before reporting it, it is a sign of betrayal and a stain on her blood.

 The first is that all children will die if they have sex with someone other than their wives or husbands.

 This is a curse called punishment for those who try to stain the blood.

 It was also called the curse of chastity.

 The eldest brother did not believe in the curse and lost all of his five children because he had a secret lover who told him he was heir and had done his duty.

 The eldest sister, out of optimism that she would be forgiven before marriage, had sex with someone other than her fiancé and conceived a child.

 As a result.

 The eldest brother fell into madness, became a criminal who attacked only pregnant women, and was given poisoned wine.

 The eldest sister, frightened by the looming news of her betrothal and the growing proof of her guilt, lost her mind and went into the winter lake to abort and drowned with her child.

 And Wolfgang...

 He was unfaithful to Claudia and she conceived the child.

 The blood guardianship is absolute.

 Wolfgang is not the father of the child.

 God's grace extends to the betrothed. Rape is not possible.

 I'm also told the curse of chastity does not apply to an unfaithful partner.

 And the act must be mutually agreed upon.

 A single mistake may result in a child, but the number of times is irrelevant in this case.

 Betrayal is nothing but betrayal.

 In order to protect the family name, the existence of the blood curse can be announced only after the marriage is reported to the gods and the couple becomes husband and wife.

 If Claudia had known of the existence of the curse, would she not have committed the act with someone other than Wolfgang?

 She's so young, so young.

 It's possible she couldn't control her simple desire to have sex with someone.

 I think there's a good chance she couldn't contain it.

 She should have gone to the temple but instead she went to the king.

 He told the gatekeeper about the song, and the gates, which should not have been easy to open, solemnly welcomed Wolfgang.

"Excuse me, Your Highness."

"Good. The song must be finished. Raise your head."

 The king's voice was the first good mood he had ever heard.

 He lifted his head lazily.

 Next to the king sat a beautiful woman, whom he had never seen before.

 The ordinary Wolfgang would have silently taken a quill from his pocket and begun to compose a song in praise of the true beauty of women.

"...Wolfgang. What is it?"

 In response to Wolfgang's attitude, which was said to be that of a genuine artist in both good and bad ways, the king asked in a calm voice.

"O king. My supreme lord. I can write no more songs of blessing!

 He reverently presents the music.

 The king took it, looked over it quickly, and tilted his head.

"It's even better than before. Isn't it finished?"

"It should have been, in a few moments. Now I have no song to celebrate. No, I'll never be able to write a song of celebration! I'll never be able to write one! I can't even play it!

 I can't even write a song.
 I can't even play the harp.

 Not just a song of blessing.

 I can't write or play even a requiem.

 I can't write or play anything.

 Such a musician has no value.

 He has no meaning in life.

"Herr Wolfgang Bauschnerrn. Let's start with a cup of tea. Will you allow me to join you, Your Majesty?"

"Yes. I will."

"Come, come, Lord Bausnern. If you don't drink enough water, you won't be able to cry properly."

 He didn't ask why I was crying.

 He doesn't blame you for crying.

 He looked up at the woman who offered him tea to make him cry harder, with eyes that could not stop crying.

"...Alexandra the First-sama?"

"Yes. Yes, I am."

 The first time I saw her, she had long, lustrous jet-black hair and pure black, slightly moist eyes that saw everything.

 Recognizing Alexandra, who was close to a goddess with a divine air that was suitable to serve at the side of a king who always wore high spirits, Wolfgang regained his reason slightly.

"...I am sorry for being so rude."

"Forgive me. You must have suffered a terrible tragedy to lose yourself so badly."

"Lord Bausnern is a pure man... now, please? You will be refreshed in body and soul."

 Forgiven and appeased, Wolfgang picked up his teacup.


"Hmm. Are you surprised?"

"Alexandra is an excellent tea brewer. She's also very familiar with rare teas."

 Alexandra's eyes narrowed softly at the proud king.

 The teacup was filled with the most delicious iced tea she had ever tasted.

 The refreshing scent wafted through her nose, surprisingly comforting to her frazzled soul.

"These baked goods are good, too. I'm sure you'll like them. It's Alexandra's handiwork. Best of all, you don't have to worry about poisoning yourself."


 The king's nonchalant offer of sweets and Alexandra's sultry, upturned eyes were truly astonishing.

 The king had long since driven Alexandra away to the temple.

 He had never even given Alexandra a single word of praise for her excellent performance of the rituals as a priestess.

 The two of them now looked like an ordinary, very close father and son.

"This is a song of blessing. It's a parting gift for Alexandra who's marrying into another country."

"To another country? She's getting married?"

 Alexandra's fiancé is supposed to be Dietfried.

 Claudia had been upset many times that Dietfried should take better care of Alexandra-sama, and she hadn't heard that they were exceptionally close, but there was no talk of breaking off the engagement.

"There's no official announcement yet, but it's been decided. I know who I'm going to marry. That ungrateful scum impregnated your fiancée and then told Alexandra to break off the engagement!"

 I impregnated your fiancée?

"...Claudia-sama's fiancé is Diethfried Wurzner."

 Claudia's, affair, with ....

 The father of her child is...

"Dietfried Wurzner... the man? Alexandra-sama asked you to break up with her?"

"Yes, yes. If he had told me in person that he was willing to give up his title, insulate his relatives, and expel him from the country, I might have been able to forgive him."

 It was an extremely rude response that made me think he had lost his mind.

 How stupid could Dietfried be?

 And Claudia.

 She thought she was just a child.

 Was she just as foolish?

 In hindsight, his exaggerated sympathy and resentment for Alexandra was nothing more than an expression of superiority.

 Perhaps they were just manifestations of her superiority.

 His outburst at Dietfried may have been a resistance to be attracted to her.

 Perhaps he felt guilty because he was attracted to her.

"I don't know when I was a child. I understand that I was shunned for a long time, but it seems that Wurzner-dono forgot that I am royalty."

 Alexandra, who should have been in despair as much as, if not more than, Wolfgang Doh-Sama, spun her words calmly and carved a beautiful smile from her heart.

"Aren't you sad, Alexandra? Alexandra-sama."

"...I feel empty, yes. Unlike Lord Bausnern, I was attached to her, but I did not love her. There was a time when I did love him. Lately, that love has faded and I have only feelings and obligations. So I can't be sad. I'm sorry to tell you this very embarrassing story."

"No! No! No! No! Alexandra-sama. I am! I did, indeed, love her, Claudia, I did! I did! But, no!"

 I can't love her.

 The blood of the Bauschnerns runs through Wolfgang's veins.

 The traitor must be punished accordingly.

 Like the foolish eldest brother.

 Like the foolish eldest sister.

 The crime must be acknowledged.

 He must be punished.

", Wolfgang. You're abandoning Claudia Cantor?"

 The king's eyes flickered with supreme power.

 Wolfgang would have rejected the demonic hue he had seen for the first time a few hours ago.

"Traitors deserve absolute retribution. My abandoning her will be one of those retributions."

 Now, I'm willing to accept that.

 Wolfgang was ready to lose his talent, not because of lust, but because he was consumed by revenge.

"Then, Wolfgang! Then, Wolfgang, stay in the palace, finish and play the blessing song, and be prepared to go to the Volturnine Empire with Alexandra."

"Ha! I'm so happy. My loyalty to the king is the only thing that's keeping me alive. Will you allow me to devote all my loyalty and talent to Alexandra-sama?"

"Are you sure, Lord Bausnern? Isn't music as advanced in your country as it is in Mysia?"

"No problem. Then let me color the land with my music."

 Wolfgang stood up and wrote the final phrase on the sheet of music that the king had given him with a powerful stroke.

 As if the time he had spent despairing that he could not write had been a lie, the perfect melody came to him.

 He proudly handed the score to the king, who smiled with satisfaction and handed it to Alexandra.

 Alexandra stares at the score in silence for a moment, then looks up at Wolfgang with a lustrous smile.

"The best parting gift. Lord Bausnern."

 She scratches the sheet music in front of her ample chest and bows deeply to Alexandra, whose cheeks are stained.

 After the king, Wofgang is a fortunate man to be able to serve a master with a deep understanding of the arts.

"It is a great honor. Will you allow me to stay by Alexandra-sama's side while I finish my harp?"


"Hmm. Wolfgang would not make a mistake. I forgive you. You may use Alexandra's next room. I'll tell him to bring the harp out of the house later."

"Father is a busy man. I was a little lonely in my own time. I would be very happy if you could stay with me, Lord Bausnern."

"Please, Alexandra-sama. You can call me Wolfgang."

"All right. I look forward to working with you for a long time, Wolfgang."

 Having enjoyed the bliss of having his name spun in a voice so pure and innocent, Wolfgang took out a quill from his pocket and began to spin a musical scale in praise of Alexandra on a blank sheet of music.