Chapter 04 Tutorial 4

004_Tutorial 4

 After overcoming the fierce battle with the demons, I was dragging my aching body to the town of Hajime.

"I'm surprised. I didn't expect to have such a hard time against the weakest demon, the Horn Rat."


 I had a fierce battle with the Horn Rat, the weakest demon in the world, for 20 minutes.

 Navigator-san's words to me pierce my heart.

"I'm not very good at fighting."

"It would seem so. Fortunately, your skill structure is non-combat related, so you should refrain from fighting in the future."

 If I wanted to do combat, I would have made my skill set combat-oriented from the start.

 Walk in silence with navigator-san for a while. Awkward.

 After walking for about 30 minutes, you can see an artificial structure in the distance. If you walk a little further, you will find that it is the castle wall.

"Is that Hajime's town?"

"Yes, it's the wall that protects the town of Hajime."

 The closer I get, the more the enormity of the wall surprises me.

 Even if it's to protect the town from demons, the need for such a big wall makes me realize that we live in a world where life is taken lightly.

"Welcome to Hajime's town, please disclose your identity or status so we can verify."

 After a while in the queue in front of the gate, it's my turn to disclose my status.

"No problem, the toll is 2,000 yen."

 After all this time, the currency of this world is the yen.

 However, there are no paper money in circulation, only coins, and one yen is one copper coin, and the rest of the digits increase tenfold.

 Starting with copper coins, the order of increasing value is: large copper coins, silver coins, large silver coins, gold coins, large gold coins, and mithril coins.

 In other words, one Mithril coin is worth a million yen.

 The gatekeeper was very polite.

 But I thought it was strange that they checked me, but left nothing out about navigator-san, so I asked navigator-san.

"I'm sure the others can't see me or hear my voice."

"So does that mean that other people think I'm a weird person who talks to himself a lot?"


 I remember talking to the navigator-san when I was waiting for the entrance.

 In other words, the people around me probably thought I was a dangerous guy who talked to himself.

 I'll be careful in the future.

 When I entered the town, I was surprised to see that there were many non-human species.

 There are elves and dwarves and beastmen, but that doesn't surprise me.

 What surprised me was that there were goblins and orcs in the town.

 I thought it was a dwarf but it was a goblin, and I thought it was a pig-beast but it was an orc.

"There are many intelligent, human-speaking subhumans who live in the city like this."

 It was a bit of a culture shock.

 The navigator-san led us to the church.

 I told the old sisters I wanted a job, and they took me to the back of the church and put me in a small room.

"Say a prayer to the statue of Mary-sama over there. Then the possible professions will come to your mind."

 I thanked the sisters who were kind enough to show me the way when I told them it was my first time, and prayed to the statue of the blonde san.

 But they call you blonde-san and Maria-sama.

 I'm an atheist, and I don't pray to gods and Buddha unless I'm paying a New Year's visit or there's an event.

 That's why I don't know how to pray.

 I'll just kneel in front of the blonde-san statue, put my hands together and shut my eyes.

 And in his heart he prays as if he had heard the sisters say, "Give me a profession.

 Many occupations appear in my mind.

 It's a very convenient world, just like the status quo.

 The occupations that appear are [dagger user], [swordsman], and so on.

 Let's go through them one by one. There are more than you think.

 But when the only melee combat professions are [Daggerman] and [Swordsman], I wonder how unfit I am for the vanguard.

 And there were few magical professions.

"Well? Did you find the job you wanted?"

 The sisters come up to me and ask me if I didn't have the right career because I was taking so long to choose one.

"There were so many professions to choose from that I was lost."

Well, are you?


"Today we have more people than usual who wish to enter a profession, but everyone -san seems to have more professions to choose from than the average person."

 This must be an Earthling like me who metastasized and took up a profession here in Hajime's town.

 When I saw the navigator-san's face, he nodded, so I think he is right.

"Well, it's a coincidence, isn't it?"

"Yes, may God bless you all."

 Finish your conversation with the sisters and resume your profession.

 I can't talk to the navigator-san because the sisters are behind me.

 I'll just have to choose a career.

 By the time I came here, I'd heard a lot of things and I knew what I wanted to do, so I was able to narrow it down to three different jobs.

 There is one producer, one merchant, and one fighter.

 The production type is [[Leatherwork Master]], the merchant type is [[Large Merchant]], and the combat type is [[Tamer]].

 There were a lot of production jobs like [[Blacksmith]] and [[Sewer]], but the only job with a higher rank was [[Master]], so [[Master Leatherworker]] remained.

 The merchant-type [[Large Merchant]] and the combat-type [[Tamer]] are also higher level jobs.

 This is the most difficult choice among the three top jobs.

 The production-based [[Leatherwork Master]] is a good match ability-wise, as he has increased his dexterity on the ability organization screen, a perk given to him by Blondie-San.

 The merchant-type [[Large Merchant]] would also be a good match for me, as he has acquired the unique skill [[Mail Order Sales]].

 The remaining combatant, [[Tamer]], was the only combatant with a higher level job, so he was left as a finalist.

 I don't think I'd want to get involved in combat if I were to live in this world, but there are times when combat is inevitable, so I stayed in this profession.

 In the end, after much deliberation, I chose the [[Tamer]].

 If you wanted to produce something, you could probably make it with [[Make Magic]], and merchants could probably get by with [[Mail Order]].

 However, I've learned enough from my fight with Hornrat to know that combat is not my forte, so I've chosen to hope that [[Tamer]] can handle it.

[You have selected [[Tamer]] as your profession. Your ability [[Charm]] is improved. You have learned the active skill [[Taming(E)]].

 You're going to make an announcement.

 Full name: Große Hendler

 Occupation: Tamer, Lv1

 Info: human, male, 20 years old

 HP: 150(C)

 MP: 155(EX)

 Strength: 30(C)

 Endurance: 25(C)

 Magic: 20(C)

 Agility: 25(C)

 Dexterity: 100(S)

 Charm: 70(S)

 Good luck: 100

 Active Skills: [[Appraise(S)]][[Disguise(B)]][[Create Mage(E)]][[Tame(E)]]]

 Passive Skills:

 Magic Skill: [[Space-Time Magic(E)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Mail Order(E)]]

 Criminal record:

 [[Appraise(S)]] can see the target's information, and may detect concealment and disguise skills at higher ranks.

 [[Disguise(B)]] can disguise the appearance and status of a target, and can fool skills such as detection and appraisal.

 [[Mage Creation(E)]] allows the use of skill arts when creating mages.

 [[Space-Time Magic(E)]] Space-time magic itself is a high-level spell, so it is very rare. A spell that can manipulate space and time.

 [[Mail Order(E)]] Mail Order itself is a very special and rare skill. It allows the user to buy and sell goods in the world that the user knows.

 The [Charm] value of your ability has been increased, and your growth compensation has been increased to [S].

 After all, [[Tamer]] is a profession of charm.

 You apologize to the sisters for bothering them for so long, and head to the merchants' guild next.

"It's tough to talk to navigator-san in public, so do you have any better ideas?"

"Yes, there is."

"Huh? Is there?"

"Yes, if you incorporate me as an auxiliary skill to Grose Hendler-san, then Grose Hendler-san and I will be one and the same, and we can talk in our minds without having to say it out loud."

"...Does that mean Navigator-san is going to disappear?"

"No, it isn't. If Grose Hendler-san takes me in, I will live in Grose Hendler-san until I have done my part."

 Oh, so it's useful. It's only for a while until the tutorial is over, so I might as well take it in.

"How do we get navigator-san in?"

"Yes, please put your hand near my core and say [integration]."

"Where's that core?"

"Here it is."

 The navigator-san pointed to one of the bomber twin hills where the so-called heart is located.

"...I'm not going to put my hand there for a second..."

"There is no other way."

 Is that okay? Even though I'm a navigator, can I put my hand on the bountiful breasts of a very beautiful, very good-looking woman?

"No, not in public..."

"No one but Grose Hendler-san can see me. If we don't hurry, we'll lose the day, won't we?"

 I wonder if he has a clear mind, or if he has no feelings of shame... I'd be embarrassed even if I wasn't seen.

 But, as Navigator-san says, if we don't hurry up, the sun will surely set, so I'd better get my cherry on top and touch Navigator-san's core.

 Yes, it's a nuke! It's not a boob!

 I reach for it. This is the core, I tell myself. ...Let's just say the core was soft.


[Navigators integrated. You have acquired the unique skill [[Navigator]].

[I'm looking forward to working with you. Master]

"Oh, yeah, it's nice to meet you."

[You don't have to say it out loud because you can talk in your mind.]

[Oh, yeah. Like this? is that what you're calling it?]

[Yes, I changed the name because I have a stronger connection with Große Hendler-san now that we are integrated].

[Okay. Yeah, okay.]

 I'll take the navigator-san into me and head for the Merchant's Guild.

 It's just that I didn't get used to the conversation in my mind right away, and I didn't see many people avoiding me with suspicious looks when I was mumbling by, I didn't see them!

"Welcome, welcome to the Merchant's Guild."

 Although I did not see much in the town of Hajime, which looks like a medieval European town, the largest building I have seen so far is the Guild Hall of the Merchant's Guild.

[The Merchant's Guild is one of the largest in the world, along with other famous guilds such as the Adventurer's Guild and the Craftsman's Guild].

"Excuse me, I was told I could sell my goods here?"

"Selling goods, yes. Are you registered with the Merchants Guild?"

"I'm not registered. Do I need to register?"

 I've seen non-humans in this town of Hajime.

 And the beautiful receptionist at the merchant's guild in front of you is a beast with dog ears. Yeah, I want to fluff her up!

"Yes, since we cannot trade with those who are not registered with the Merchant's Guild."

"Then please register."

"Thank you, sir. I'm sorry, but I need to check your status."

 I'll show my fake status to the dog-eared receptionist.

 Dog-eared receptionist-san seems to be writing something under the counter when she sees my status.

"Thank you . Hendler-sama. There are four main types of merchant statuses that can be registered in our guild. The first one is for those who have a large scale of business and multiple shops, the second one is for those who have only one small or medium scale shop, and the third one is The third one is for those who have a stall in this town, and the fourth one is for those who only sell their goods to our guild or to merchants who have a stall.

 The dog-eared receptionist-san explains all four at once, and continues to explain further.

"There is an annual fee for Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 sales registrations, although the amount varies. However, there is no annual fee for Type 4 registration."

"Why isn't there an annual fee just for the four-class sales registration?"

"Wholesalers with Type 4 registration are prohibited from doing business with the general public. This is in order to protect the Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 registered wholesalers. If wholesalers charge the same registration fee or annual fee as other merchants, they may be required to sell their products to the general public in the same manner as other merchants.

"So you have a history of requiring direct sales to the public, right?"

"Yes, the four types of sales registrants have their own purchasing routes and many of them buy goods in large quantities at lower prices than other merchants, so if they sell directly to the general public, the survival of the other registrants is at stake."

"But if the Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 sellers have a direct route to purchase from producers, won't the Type 4 sellers be in trouble?"

"Yes, it's a problem. That's why we don't collect annual dues from registered Class 4 sellers, and our tax payment rate to the state is lower than other merchants."

 So you benefit from the annual fee and tax rate instead of being allowed to sell to the general public.

 Well, I guess we're living in different worlds.

"When a common man sells goods to a merchant, does the common man pay the tax?"

"No. Whenever a merchant sells goods he has purchased from the public, he is subject to tax, and he is deemed to have paid the tax on them."

"I see... that's fine for merchants, but do you envision a non-registered person selling goods to someone who is also non-registered?"

"There are exceptions. In small villages, the custom of bartering still exists, so there are limits, but in many cases it is tolerated. However, if a large amount of money is involved, the tax rate will be higher than that of a merchant, and if you evade taxes, your relatives and other family members will also be punished as joint and several liability, so it is unlikely to happen."

 The dog-eared receptionist-san answered my questions fluently and without biting.