Chapter 06 The wife of the Knight Commander who is relieved

 The relieved wife of the Knight Commander

 Eleonora, a woman of great healing ability, had been a great help to me when I was called the Fierce Sword Princess.

 The wise king, however, had many useless enemies, and even after her marriage, the favored and lovely maiden princess was targeted for assassination and abduction.

 The king believed in the valor and loyalty of Brunnhilde, her husband and then fiancé, who was Eugen's mate, and took her in secret as the only female knight at Eleonora's side.

 In order to live up to her revered trust, she fought off all assassinations and kidnappings within the royal court, but was severely injured each time.

 Whenever I was injured, a half-crying Eleonora would heal me carefully.

 In addition to being a female knight, Brünnhilde is also a female knight who has been awarded the title of queen's personal lady knight, although this title is only known to a limited number of people.

 She was as lovely as she looked, as kind as she could be, and a hard woman to find.

 If God hadn't doted on her, she would still be standing next to me, and I can't help but think of her wistfully.

 So, honestly.

 Eleonora's treatment of Alexandra, her forgotten daughter, was unpleasant.

 The reason why she could not appeal directly to the king many times was that Eugen had sworn loyalty to the king that could be described as blind faith, and Eleonora had repeatedly spoken of her ardent love for the king with a smile like a flower breaking.

 The one whom her husband believed in and swore absolute loyalty to.

 The one whom her best friend loved and swore eternity to.

 Alexandra, his beloved daughter, would not be left untreated for no reason at all, he thought.

 There must be a reason, he began to think.

 Rumors began to circulate that the god's doting love had been transferred from Eleonora, or that a new blessing had been granted at Eleonora's request.

 In fact, Alexandra had never been killed, despite her terrible condition.

 Although she was often hurt verbally, which must have been very, very painful for her young body, she was never physically harmed.

 To be more precise, the person I tried to hurt was hurt in return.

 It was a tragedy he would never want to inflict again.

 It was difficult to get information from the temple of concealment, but at least he could find a situation where Alexandra's body and soul were barely intact.

 Alexandra was indeed blessed by the gods.

 That's why she was treated so coldly.

 If you had been at Eleonora's side, you could have guessed that Alexandra had many promises that she was not allowed to speak of without God's permission.

 I had no choice but to do so.

 Whenever Eleonora, who always had a crisp and lovely smile on her face, smiled wistfully and made her words vague, it seemed that God was involved.

 I could not point it out.

 I could not confirm it.

 Probably because even that would violate the prohibition.

 So one morning.

 When Eleonora suddenly disappeared and the king saw her weeping incessantly with a blank expression on her face that she had been summoned by the gods, he didn't ask any questions.

 In front of the king, she could only flood her heart with an abyss of regret that was as bottomless as the king's.

 When she remembered the many memories of Eleonora that she had sealed away due to her excessive grief, she finally realized.

 No matter how much she felt pity for Alexandra, she would have to keep her distance until the only king who knew the situation reached out to her on behalf of the young Alexandra.


 I stand in front of Eleonora's room, silencing the many curious eyes with only my high energy.

 When she tried to knock, the door unlocked with a click and opened.

"Welcome, Brünnhilde Sama."

 Brünnhilde stiffened the moment she saw Alexandra bending gracefully at the waist and picking up the pretty pale pink dress with frills and lace that Eleonora was wearing.

'Thank you for everything, Hilde!

 She even heard the auditory hallucination of the words that Eleonora always said to her when she opened the door.

"...Brunnhilde - sama?"

"...! Oh! I'm so sorry. Thank you for inviting me!"

 Unable to control her voice, which was always reserved as a noblewoman, she greeted him as a female knight.

"It's my pleasure. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit me."

 On the other side of the open door.

 Sama's tears well up in Brünnhilde's eyes, as she looks almost exactly the same as she did when Eleonora was here.

"Please, come in."

 She gently took my wrist, and I stepped in.

 Immediately, tears well up in her eyes.

"How dare you! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

"...Are your memories of your mother painful? I've invited you to this room to talk about it... shall we move rooms?"

"No! No, no, no! I'm just so happy that Eleonora is still the same as when she was here. I was so happy that she was still there I couldn't help but cry. It made me cry."

 The faintly scented fresh flowers are Eleonora's favorites.

 Along with the flowers, perhaps Alexandra's favorite flowers were also modestly placed.

 It looked as if a mother and her son were snuggled up together.

"Your father often worries about me. He even said to me, 'You may change it more to your liking. But it seems that your mother and I are close in our tastes."

 Alexandra, who had taken her wrist and invited her to the sofa with a gesture that was different from Eleonora's fluffy fragility, but was still supple and felt very gentle to Brunnhilde, prepared the tea herself without any care, just as Eleonora had done.

 I feel that I should help her, but I can only watch her with a nostalgic feeling that everything is sinking into my heart.

"And the clothes... even though I know they don't suit me as well as your lovely mother likes, I can't help but wear them because they are so pretty."

"...It suits you very, very well. Alexandra-sama is very mature, so when she wears Eleonora's... Eleonora-sama's clothes, her calm loveliness makes me smile."

 Alexandra's shyness is so endearing that she has little time to adjust her words.

"Please, Brünnhilde sama, call your mother as you used to."

"...In that case, Alesandra-sama, could you call me Hilde?"

"Is that what your mother called you?"

"Yes. She was a noble woman and she treated a man like me as her best friend."

"Well, I'll take your word for it, Hilde Sama..."

"Thank you, thank you. I'm very... very, very happy."

 I hold back my tears with a handkerchief.

 The handkerchief she brought was embroidered by Eleonora's hand.

"By the way, Alexandra-sama, would you like to take a look at this handkerchief?"

"...It's a delicate, warm, and wonderfully embroidered handkerchief."

 Brünnhilde opened a small box in front of Alexandra and showed it to her.

 Inside was a pure-white handkerchief with a delicate rose lace around the perimeter and a circle of intricate rose embroidery around all but the center.

"I am sorry to say that I have kept this for a long time, as I thought it would not suit me, but since it is in Eleonora's hand, I thought Alexandra-sama would like to receive it, so I brought it to you."

 I had carefully stored it with the rose sachet.

 I thought it would be disrespectful, but I also thought that Eleonora would be happier if Alexandra used it rather than keeping it in her possession.

 In this country, it is a rule of happiness to marry a woman with her mother's personal belongings.

 It was possible that the king had made proper arrangements, but Brunnhilde felt that, as her mother's best friend, there was no one else she could give it to.

 There was no way she could do such a thing.

 Nor would she want her to.

"What? What? Is it all right with you? This was a gift from your mother to Brünnhilde sama..."

"The handkerchief you're holding now is also from Eleonora's hand. There are many other handmade things she gave me. And this handkerchief I think Eleonora would be more pleased if you, her daughter, used it rather than framing it."

"...Thank you for your concern. I would like to take it with me to my country."

"Did the king give you something as well, by any chance?"

"No. Father was very thoughtful, but the gift he received from Mother was for a man..."

"Hmm... I'm afraid you're in trouble even if you gave it to me."

"I'm very grateful for your kindness."

 Alexandra smiled serenely, and there was not a trace of hatred for her father in her eyes.

 I wondered if she felt any resentment for being kept in the temple for so long.

 A little resentment might ease the king's guilt.

"Please, Brünnhilde sama, enjoy your sweets."

 On the table was a three-tiered silver tea set.

 On each tier was a lovely looking, delicious-looking array of sweets.

"Is this also Alexandra-sama's handiwork?"

"When I was in the temple, I was allowed to cook freely. It was hard to get them into my mouth, though..."

 Alexandra's eyes never wavered as she spoke of her painful past.

 There was only a quiet calmness in them.

"I am very sorry that I have not been able to help you in any way for so long, even though I am honored to be called your mother's best friend."

 The sooner you apologize, the better.

 I didn't think it would be better if I didn't.

 He stood up from the couch, folded his back deeply, and bowed his head.

"No need to apologize. Father told me what happened. I couldn't face your mother if I harmed Hilde-sama. And Eugen has always been very good to me. She has a heart of true compassion."

"My husband may be foolish in many ways, but his loyalty is something I'm proud of."

"Hmm. Please don't be modest. My father admired the loyalty of the Bachels."

"Thank you and I'm honored. I'm very flattered."

 He bows his head once more and sits back down on the sofa, taking the teacup in his hand as Alexandra looks at him.

"...Hilde Sama...I know this is sudden, but I... Could you do me a favor, please?"


 I replied, enjoying the relaxing scent of the tea coming from my nose.

"Yes. I've lived in the temple for so long that I've been restricted from interacting with people and I'm worried about my manners as a royal. I'm most concerned about your tone. There are many times when I don't know how to talk to people... and you, father, don't worry about it. He says that I have enough manners as a royal, but I'm just... worried."

 The way she speaks is not very feminine, so she is not well-liked in social circles, but Alexandra will not be involved in social circles in this country because she will marry into the Volturnine Empire.

 The Volturnine Empire is a country that values soldiers more than nobles.

 It would be better for her to remain Alexandra, who has a tone similar to that of a female knight.

 Anyone with common sense would not be insulted by her tone and would naturally hang their head before the unholy royal supremacy like the divine spirit that Alexandra wears.

"I spent a lot of time as a female knight, so I'm not very confident in my language skills. If you still wish, I would be happy to teach you, Alexandra-sama, but that may not be necessary."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Yes. The Volturnine Empire is a nation renowned for its military. There may be a certain number of nobles, but the most powerful are soldiers and knights. The behavior of the nobles may be underestimated."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. So it is better for Alexandra-sama to stay as she is. The rest, perhaps, but..."


"I thought the emperor of the Volturnine Empire would want that."

 Following the example of Alexandra, who took the initiative in caring for Brünnhilde and gracefully extended her finger to the pastry, she took a bite of the Flockenzanettorte.

 The torte, which was cut so that it could be eaten in about three bites and had a beautiful cross-section, consisted of very lightly whipped cream, crimson berry jam, and whole sweetened berries sandwiched between thinly baked puff pastry.

 As beautiful as it looks, the taste is simple and gentle.

 No matter how many times I ate it, I could never get tired of the taste of home.

"...just like this, torte. I have heard from the King that you are very sweet to Alexandra-sama."

 Before visiting Alexandra, he went to thank her for the letter.

 There was no need for Brunnhilde to go, because Eugen had come to report to her earlier and had told her that he would accept all the wishes of the king and Alexandra, but she really wanted to see her in person.

 The busy king took a short but proper time for Brunnhilde, and after accepting her thanks, he gave her the honor of asking her to take care of his daughter as he had taken care of his wife.

 I had a strong feeling that I could not protect her, but when I realized that the King must have been feeling the same way for a long time, I could not help but hold back my tears and show my loyalty with a deep bow, saying that I would do anything for her even if it cost me my life.

 But the king acted as if it was a matter of course, smiled as calmly as he had when Eleonora was there, and gave me some information about Alexandra.

"...Unlike the rumors in my country, I know that she is a kind person. I have only met her once, but at least I know from her sincere letters and Taku-san's gift of choosing only my favorite things that she is a compassionate person, and I like her very much. "

 Alexandra's cheeks are red.

 Brünnhilde's mouth naturally broke into a smile at her innocence, as if she were a girl who had just discovered her first love.

 She said that she received letters and gifts every day.

 The king laughed and said that he understood her feelings, but that he was worried that her love might be a little heavy, but he did not seem to doubt the emperor's love and affection for Alexandra.

"I really wish I could see you sooner, but there are so many arrangements to be made here and there that it will be some time before we meet again."

"They say that time spent without seeing each other nurtures feelings."

"That's true. At least my own feelings for Martin-sama have only grown stronger. I guess this is what it means to be in love."

"Love can make a man foolish, and it can also make him grow considerably. Alexandra-sama seems to be the latter..."

 The image of the two of them at the height of their stupidity came to mind, but he wasn't sure if he should tell Alexandra.

"...It seems that the two of you were known to everyone who needed to know, even before your father had you investigated."

 Apparently, it's okay to talk about it.

 Alexandra's expression was not negative.

"So it seems. There have been complaints about Eugen as well. But since both of us had fiancés, and especially since she was known for her devotion to her fiancé, some people seemed to think that we were simply quarrelsome friends. It seems that my subordinate made a bold complaint, but the Commander of the Third Order assured me that my daughter was not coming to see his knight, but to bring something to the Third Order! He assured me that she was not coming to see his knight but to bring something to the Third Order!"

 Claudia's father, the leader of the Third Order, is a brainiac just like Eugen.

 In response to her insane behavior of shouting at a certain man every time in public, which is unthinkable for a noblewoman from the outside, he even said that a daughter who can compete with the First Knight Commander is an honor to our family.

 It seems that the wife was truly grateful to her fiancé for helping her daughter learn to behave like a noblewoman of her age, but she did not like her fiancé, a court musician who was highly valued by the king as a talented person, because he was a weak man who could not even hold a sword! I was surprised to hear that the king did not like his fiancée, a court musician, who was respected by the king as a talented person, as a weakling who could not even hold a sword!

 It was known in the Order that Dietfried, who was the only one who was allowed to come and go as usual, seldom visited Alexandra, who was worshipped by the commoners but neglected by those close to her.

 There were rumors that the engagement might be broken off.

 The Third Knight Commander, whose loyalty to the royal family was not so high, seemed to think that if Alexandra and Dietfried broke off their engagement, it would not be a bad idea to break off Claudia and Wolfgang's engagement and make a new engagement between Claudia and Dietfried.

 I can't say I'm disgusted.

 He seems to be restraining himself to telling his wife only about his delusion, but it's too brainy.

I hate that man, his vulgar, foul-mouthed garbage! I hate him!" he once said passionately while clasping my wrist. I thought she was very young when she tightened her grip on a royal's wrist so tightly that it left a mark, and then cursed the royal's fiancée..."

 After eating a lovely shaped röpkuchen, a representation of a human heart, which means "I give you my heart," Alexandra breaks off.

 The röpkuchen she ate was rich and exquisite, with the aroma of cinnamon and the sweetness of honey, coupled with its lovely shape.

"He's... well, he is. Ever since he became a Knight Commander. She was all he seemed to see."

"It's been that long!"

 I heard that it was about half a year ago that Diethfried started messing with her overtly.

 It was in the last few months that the countless dead-heat between Claudia and Diethfried, who had responded without losing (the Third Knight Commander said, but Eugen, who had cooled down, said happily), had become more than just a talk within the Order.

"I believe it was later than that, though, that you came to the act of bearing a child."

"So Alexandra-sama knew of your infidelity..."

 I feared that she might not have known until the moment of the betrayal.

 It must have been hard for him to remain fiancée even after knowing about the betrayal, but at the same time, it must have been a time for him to calm down.

"When I learned that she was younger than I had imagined, I realized that she was, indeed, younger than I had imagined. He had a tendency to curse people he didn't like for a short time and then keep them out of his mouth, but he talked about her long and hard. If you had only taken your turn, it would probably not have been so difficult to break off the engagement."

 It wouldn't have been as easy as Alexandra thought, though.

 The worst could have been avoided.

"The child is innocent, and I would like to help her if I could. But Randolph Wurzner wouldn't let me, even if it was his father's will."

"I'm sure he would. Lord Randolph would have said so."

 Not by aborting him, but after he was born, with his beloved sword, by his own hand.

 He would do it, despite the unceasing flow of blood from his conscience, to atone in some small way for the foolish choice he had made for his grandson.

"As for me, I will try to persuade him to live and redeem us together. Putting heavy fetters on an infant is a hard choice. If he lives. There will come a day when he will be rewarded if he lives. My grandson's and his father's sins are not his sins..."

"Let Eugen try to convince him."

"Please do. I will continue to persuade him. He is too pure, but he is always compassionate to the weak, so I believe he will agree in the end."

 Alexandra's eyes showed her trust in Randolph.

 He, too.

 Like Eugen, he had protected Alexandra as much as he could.

 In Alexandra's mind, the betrayer who was supposed to be her fiancé and the loyal and genuine knight seem to be separated as individuals even though they are blood relatives.

 His very agreeable nature is similar to Eleonora's, and he seems to be more grounded in his thoughts than she is.

"I was hoping that Claudia-sama and Dietfried-dono could get some insight into reality. But when the story gets this big, it's more than a little bit of a mess."

 The second cup of tea was a caramel tea.

 The sweet and savory taste was exquisite.

"Of course! Disrespecting Alexandra-sama and the king is the biggest problem, but the fact that neither of you have any idea how much trouble you'll cause the people around you is also very annoying!"

"Please calm down, Herr Brünnhilde Bachelder. Your sister is surprised to see you."

 The one who suddenly entered the room, chuckling happily, was Edeltraut, who was considered the second prince.

"Well, Edel. Don't startle Brünnhilde -sama, okay?"

"I'm sorry, sister. I was so pleased with Brunnhilde-sama's thoughtfulness that I couldn't wait to introduce her. I'm sorry, and thank you, Brunnhilde."

"I'm very happy too. Thank you, Brunnhilde sama. The kindness of your heart that you are angry with me as if it were my own is most sincere. I'm sorry my brother startled you. I took the liberty of arranging for us to meet in Eugen-dono's absence, as I thought it would be better if we had a chance to meet."

 Edeltraut sat down next to Alexandra with a smile, and Alexandra poured Edeltraut a cup of tea and served him sweets.

 Brunnhilde's eyes widened at the natural exchange between the two friendly sisters.

"Recently, I heard directly from His Majesty about the situation. Since that day, I've been staying at your sister's place."

"I've been proud of Edel for a long time, and I honestly wanted him to be my only brother, even if we are not related by blood. We have discussed that the relationship between the two of us should remain that of sister and brother."

"It is an honor to call Brunnhilde sama 'mother' and Eugen-dono 'father'. I am also grateful. I am also very happy to have five younger siblings who are loyal to the royal family and who I have heard are outstanding despite their young age. However, since you are my sister whom I have respected and supported for a long time, I will be proper on official occasions. So, when only close friends are around, can you please allow me to call Alexandra-sama my sister?"

"From long ago. Edeltraut was the only one who tried hard to talk to me during the few moments I was able to leave the temple, even though he would have reprimanded me later... so please. I'll ask you too, Brünnhilde sama."

 Brünnhilde couldn't keep her mouth shut.

 She was prepared for Edeltraut's bitter words.

 She wanted to remain a member of the royal family and act as if she was still a member of the royal family, and if she was told that, she would go directly to the king.

 However, he never imagined that he would be so willing to join the Bachels' family and that he would be so attached to Alexandra, whom he had spent so much time separated from.

"...When I was a child, I was ashamed to admit it, but I thought it was better to be around you than my sister, who was kept in isolation."

 Taking a sip of tea, Edeltraut speaks slowly, choosing his words carefully.

"When my aunt told me that I was Eugen-dono's son, I felt sadness that I was not related to you, and despair that I was related to your aunt. But if I am a child of a family that is loyal to the royal family, I will try not to be ashamed of being Eugen-dono's child, I thought."

"...I was prepared to be resented, but I am very grateful that you thought of me in that way..."

 Brünnhilde wet her handkerchief, which had begun to dry slightly, once again.

"I thought that I was the one who had to bear the grudge against her for being an unfaithful child, a child of a concubine, so I cannot express in words my joy and gratitude when I heard that Brünnhilde Sama was willing to take me in as a child of the Bachelors. I would like to embody it for the rest of my life."

"Edel has worked very hard and sincerely, you know. I'm really glad..."

"...My sister was my emotional support when I was about to falter due to the difficulties of the other children of the side family. Even though she is His Majesty's own child, she has been treated coldly by the people, but she is still revered as a princess miko. Seeing how proud you are, even if you can't call yourself Eugen-dono and father and son, on the surface you are royalty, but in your heart you are proud to be a son of the Bachelors..."

 As Edeltraut fights back tears, Alexandra gently offers him a handkerchief.

 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

It's a good thing that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

"Me too. When I think back on the difficult times, there were many people who helped me. I resented your father for doing the best he could despite the many constraints he placed on me, and now I can only reflect on my own shallowness in believing that I would continue to resent him for the rest of my life."

"Then, Alexandra-sama, you should be indulgent to Your Majesty! Your Majesty is pleased with Alexandra-sama's humble heart, but she is looking for more occasions of atonement. If you say you're sorry, then please. Please indulge me, Your Majesty."

 I think it's best for the king and Alexandra.

 Alexandra's time to be pampered by her father is limited as she is to be married.

"I don't know if it's okay... he's been good to me even now..."

"Please take care of me too, sister!"

"Oh, dear. Why don't you spoil me too, Adèle?"

 Alexandra slips a plate of sweets in front of Edeltraut.

 Maybe he likes sweets, or maybe he's just happy that Alexandra made them for him.

 Edeltraut, showing the great appetite of a grown man, emptied the plate of sweets in no time.

 He did not forget to comment on each of them carefully.

 He seemed to be particularly pleased with the strawberry Bavarois, which was beautifully decorated with fresh strawberries, and praised it extremely.

"Phew. I could eat this every day and never get tired of it. It's the best today too, sis."

"Hmm. I'm glad it's worth making when you're as happy as Edel."

"Yes! Brünnhilde - sama, why don't you and your siblings join us for a tea party? I'd like to enjoy your homemade sweets with you. Wouldn't that be nice, sister?"

"Yes. I'd love to. But I don't know what kind of sweets small children like, so what should I do..."

"The sweets we have now are more than enough! If it's all right with you, Alexandra-sama, we'd love to have the children join us."

"I'm looking forward to it... it's my dream. It's been a dream of mine to be together as a family and eat delicious sweets in peace. I'm just grateful that we can eat them without worrying about poisoning. Oh! If I have any problems with my attitude, please don't hesitate to scold me."

 When she called me "mother," my tear glands broke.

"I think I'm going to dote on you too... I've seen your pictures, and each of you sama is so lovely..."

"Isn't that so! I'm looking forward to it. Hey, sis. If you're my younger sibling, you must be my older sister's younger sibling too, right?"

"Hmm. I can only imagine what Mr. Eugen would say. I would be very, very, very happy to be able to treat her as you do."

"In that case, please make arrangements as soon as possible, sister. We are going to be friends for a long time. I'll have to work hard to find the time..."

"Don't push yourself, okay?"

"I'm willing to do this kind of straining. It's completely different from anything I've ever done before. Tomorrow... the day after tomorrow... and the day after that will be fine!"

"Then let's prepare for that day. How is Brünnhilde Sama?"

"...Yes, with pleasure. I'll come with you. I'll bring the children, all of them. Let's all get together and have a nice tea party..."

 Brünnhilde, her voice choked with tears of joy, happily agreed to Alexandra and Edeltraut's proposal.