Chapter 09 Before The Wind Blows

 Until I hired an adventurer's escort, I didn't go out of the house much, and in the meantime I bought various goods from [[mail order]].

 All of the items you purchased are rare in this world, so it is easy to imagine that they will fetch a good amount of money if sold.

 While I'm arranging the goods in the house, Lethia is wearing plate armor, wielding a shield and an axe, and running around as if she's training.

 Thanks to this, there were many holes in the flat garden.

 I'm not sure if it's because I've been jumping around in the garden from morning till night, but I was surprised to see that Lethia's level had gone up, so I checked my status to see if that might be the case and found that mine had also gone up.

 There's no announcement when you level up.

 Full name: Große Hendler

 Occupation: Tamer, Lv3

 Info: human, male, 20 years old

 HP: 174(C)

 MP: 550(EX)

 Strength: 38(C)

 Endurance: 33(C)

 Magic: 28(C)

 Agility: 33(C)

 Dexterity: 172(S)

 Charm: 142(S)

 Good luck: 100

 Active Skills: [[Appraise(S)]][[Disguise(B)]][[Create Mage(E)]][[Tame(E)]]]

 Passive Skills:

 Magic Skill: [[Space-Time Magic(E)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Mail Order(E)]][[Navigator]]

 Criminal record:

 His dexterity and charm are amazing, but his MP growth is unbelievable! Awesome [EX] growth!

 Full name: Lethia Ogan

 Occupation: Attack Guardian Lv3

 Info: Ogre, female, 15, squire.

 HP: 900(S)

 MP: 56(E)

 Strength: 162(S)

 Durability: 172(S)

 Magic: 12(E)

 Agility: 66(B)

 Dexterity: 24(D)

 Charm: 24(D)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Hyakutake no Mamoru(E)]] [[Axe of Destruction(E)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Strengthen Body(D)]][[Axe and Shield Art(D)]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]

 Criminal record:

 Lethia's growing like crazy. She's not just a growth spurt.

 And [[Physical Enhancement]] and [[Axe and Shield Technique]] have been ranked up from E to D.

[Isn't Lethia's skill rank rising fast?]

[He's trained so hard, he's got a lot of experience in his skills.]

[That's a lot of exercise I wouldn't last long on.]

 Change your mind and check the products you have prepared.

 I've got five hundred kilograms of white sugar, red wine, and a glass of wine that Umbrella-San asked for.

 I added red wine to the product line because Ins said that in this world, there are many alcoholic beverages but they are inferior.

 If this were Japan, selling alcohol would be a hassle, but in this world, it's no problem if you're registered with the Merchant's Guild.

 And with wine, you need a glass to hold the wine.

 Do you drink your wine in a metal cup? Wooden? It doesn't matter, but if you have a glass that shows off the beautiful burgundy color, it will increase the value of your product.

 You add value by selling it as a package deal.

 In the evening, after training, a sweaty Lethia urges her to take a bath.

"I'm a slave, I don't need a bath."

"I don't want to be . If you're gonna be around me, you need to be clean. And Lethia's not a slave, she's a squire."

"Mm, ...okay. I'm going to take a bath."

 While Lethia is taking a bath, I'm going to cook the meat from the cowcow I bought .

 Consommé cauliflower soup, cauliflower steak, and fluffy hotel bread are placed on the table.

 Just as I finished arranging them, Lethia came out of the bath, and I saw that she was wearing only a T-shirt with nothing underneath.

 She's a beautiful, slender model, and I can't stop staring at her.

"I mean, you shouldn't come out dressed like that!"

"Why? The Lord gave me these clothes."

"-Chan and put on your underwear and put on your pajamas!"

"Isn't that nice?"

 Lethia spins around without a care for the hem of her T-shirt.

 No, no! I'm losing my mind!

"If you're not going to wear it with Chan, then there's no dinner today!"

"No! You can't do that! The food the Lord makes is delicious!"

 Lethia heard me and ran to her room to change.

 She really likes the food I'm preparing. If I want to control Lethia, I'd better get a grip on her stomach.

 After getting dressed, I had dinner with Lethia and she ate with tears in her eyes.

 I think it's good, but I don't think it's worth crying over.

 However, we don't have good food in this world, so Lethia's reaction may be a bit exaggerated, but it's understandable.

 After that, since Lethia is in charge of cleaning up, I leave the washing up to her, and I also take a bath and go to bed.

 Since there is no entertainment, there is nothing to do but sleep after dark.

 That's why I wake up when the sun rises, so I'm an early riser in this world.

"So, why is Lethia in my bed?"

"The Lord's nightly service."

"I don't want it!"

"Doesn't the Lord want to hold me?"

"I don't want it now!"

 No, actually, I'd love to, but it's kind of awkward, so I'm not going to do that.

"Hmm, [not yet], okay, I'll give it time."


 What's Lethia doing frying my words?

"I'll be back tomorrow."

 ...with those words, Lethia leaves the room. I'm tired before I go to bed.

 It's the appointed day with the Adventurers Guild.

 Lethia ate her breakfast and went to her morning practice.

 I've been keeping a ledger.

 Thanks to the silk fabric, we had a large income, but we also had many expenses, especially the purchase of armor.

 As for the armor, I've prepared the best I can afford.

 If you get injured or die because you're too stingy with your armor, it's not funny. It's the armor that keeps you alive.

"I think it's time to go to the Adventurer's Guild."

"Yes, sir."

 Take an early lunch and head to the Adventurer's Guild.

 When you enter the Adventurer's Guild and tell the receptionist what you want, she tells you that the adventurers have already gathered and sends you to another room.

 I entered the Adventurer's Guild at exactly noon. I thought I wouldn't be recruited if I was late, but it seems that all the adventurers had gathered before the time.

 The room is about 15 square meters and has a reception set, so sit on the sofa in the back and wait for the adventurer.

 Interviews are held on a party basis for parties, or on an individual basis for individuals.

 The first party that came in was two men and three women.

 The leader is a woman, bigger than me and Lethia, carrying a great sword.

"We are the Thunderbolt of Dawn. We're all D-rank adventurers. I'll be the leader, Kimberly the Swordswoman, and our members will be Aisha the Scout from over there, Luminous the Wizard, Borgon the Shieldmaiden, and Quit the Priest."

 According to the information from the guild, [Dawn's Thunderbolt] is a talented person who will soon be promoted to C rank.

 The language is a little rough, but I think that's normal for adventurers, so I'll give priority to the character rather than the language.

"What's the appeal of [Dawn's Thunderbolt]?"

"Well, our party is well-balanced and I'm confident that we can do most things without a hitch."

 I'm gonna ask you a lot of questions, and you're gonna answer them, Kimberly.

 The other four wouldn't answer at all, so I posed the question to Borgon, the shield wielder.

"I have a question for you Borgon-san, how many times have you been asked to be an escort?"


"I'm sorry, Borgon doesn't talk much. I'll answer for him."

"Oh, no, then Luminous-san will have to answer."


"Four times. All four times."

 That's weird. I didn't really want to do it, but when I checked [[Appraisal(s)]], I found that all of them were slaves except Kimberly.

 That means the four of you are Kimberly's slaves.

[Can a slave register as an adventurer?]

[Yes, I can.]

"Okay, sir. I'll let you know the results after we've interviewed everyone."

 After that, two parties and five individuals were interviewed.

 I've recruited three of Ars and an adventurer named Sailor.

 [They're a trio of young women, a ranger, a mage and a knight.

 In terms of ability, achievements, and party composition, [Thunderbolt of the Dawn] was superior, but [Thunderbolt of the Dawn] didn't seem to allow his slaves to speak.

 From there, it seems that the slaves were not treated well, so we decided not to hire them.

 I was hired by a woman, but it wasn't a conscious decision to hire only women.

 My hiring criteria is character, so I assure you I made my decision based on character! I assure you!

"Then come to my house in the morning."

 The three of them and one of the others got a request from the adventurer's guild and left.

 And adventurers who were rejected at the interview will complain to me, but the Adventurer's Guild will come after them if they do.

"Kimberly-san, you'll get a bad rap if you do that."

Damn it, I get it.

 Even though the staff pointed it out to me, I'm not convinced.

 He didn't touch her, so Lethia just watched. I like a girl who can read the atmosphere.

 The next morning, the four of us came to the house right after sunrise.

 I thought it was a little early, but it seems that in this world, the time promise of morning is just after sunrise.

 It's a good thing I was awake, but I didn't even change my clothes.

"Welcome. I'm sorry, I was just getting dressed, could you wait in the living room for a moment?"

 I welcome the three of you and one of the stiffs into my living room.

 Lethia's already in the garden doing her morning exercises, so leave her alone.

 After changing clothes, I offer the four of them a cup of tea with a few drops of lemon juice and a little sugar mixed in.

"Let me introduce myself again . My name is Evli, leader and ranger of the [Stiff Arm of Ars]."

 A lively-looking, wheat-skinned everyman with short-cut red hair.

"I am Lyra of the [Ars Rigidus] . I'm a mage."

 With her blonde hair and emerald green eyes, Lyra is a slightly nervous-looking mage.

"Witney . Knight."

 A girl with blue hair who is the smallest of the three but wears mail armor .

 I thought yesterday that Whitney didn't talk much.

"Last but not least, there's me. I'm Sailor, a solo D-rank adventurer. I'm a hunter, and I'm good at spotting things."

 She's a hunter who uses a shortbow, a rather small bow.

 He's got brown hair and a piercing gaze.

 All four of them seem to be teenage girls, but since it seems that 15 is the age of adulthood in this world, should we treat them as adult women?

"I'm Grose Hendler. You can call me Grose. I'm a merchant now. That noisy one outside is Lethia, my squire."

 He looks through the window at Lethia and lets out a sigh.

"Come on, let's get this over with."

 The four of them sipped the lemon tea I served them.


 All four of them say it's delicious. That makes me happy.

"Oh, by the way, we're going to have breakfast now, did everyone eat?"

 The girls look at each other. All shaking their heads.

 So I decided to make breakfast for them too.

 The menu consisted of cobbled bread and scrambled eggs, then crispy bacon and corn potage, and a salad of fresh vegetables and seaweed.

"I'm sorry, but can someone go get Lethia outside?"

"Yeah, I'll go."

 Evelyn gets up from the couch and goes to call Lethia.

 Breakfast is not so much a dish as it is a meal, and can be prepared quickly.

"I'm sorry, but can you put them on the table for me?"

 I'll have the three of you bring in the food.

 When Evelyn and Lethia come into the house, I'm gonna ask them to take a seat. Lethia sits beside me.

"I hope it suits your palate, but I'm sure there will be more bread and corn potage."

 I'll take a sip of my corn potage first. It's hot!

 I got a little burn in my mouth. He's laughing at me.

 Everyone sips their breakfast as they please.

[Huh! Yummy!!!]

 It's not much, but four people have something nice to say about it.

"That's nice of you . Don't forget to eat."

"The Lord's cooking is the best!"

"What's that crunchy stuff on top of this salad?"

 Evelyn lifts a piece of seaweed with her fork and asks what it is.

"That's seaweed."


"It's like a vegetable from the sea. They keep for a long time if you dry them, and you can eat them like that if you soak them in water. It's also said to be good for your beauty."


"Oh, so it's from the sea, we can't get sea food here in the country, so it's something we'll never see. Do you eat such a precious food every day, Grocer?"

 I was talking to Evli and the mage Lyra reacted to the beauty .

 And he was talking to me, sneaking seaweed off the side.

"It's not every day . Today is special in its own way."

"Oh, for us?"

"Well, I guess it's just a way to welcome you."

 I wasn't thinking about that at all.

"I've also never tasted this soup called corn potage before, but it's very tasty."

"It's made from the fruit of a food called corn. You eat corn potage almost every day."

 Sailor liked the thick taste of the corn potage.

 I like it too, and in Japan we ate bread in the morning, so I had instant corn potage and bread every day.

"Bacon, delicious."

"It's smoked meat from a pig. It is smoked with wood chips to give it a nice aroma as well as a good taste."

 Silent Witney happily cupping his bacon.

 The breakfast was well received by the girls. They said that everything was delicious, and they ate up all the cobbled bread and corn potage that we had prepared.

"I'm full, satisfied, satisfied."

 Four people are rubbing their stomachs and drinking coffee after dinner.

 You can get another cup of coffee on a full stomach.