Chapter 1 False accusation falls suddenly, and the maid goes on a journey

 Suddenly the blame falls on her, and Maid San goes on a journey.

"Please hurry up and leave. I thought a plain-looking, unrefined maid like you would not be suitable for this house."

 In short, it was a declaration of dismissal.

 Between the head maid and Nina is a beautifully broken pot.

"Maidservant, I didn't break this vase because I've never entered the treasure room where this vase is kept before."

"Shut up. There are many maids who witnessed you drop this jar, break it, and scurry away."

"Oh no...?"

"Anyway, this is a done deal. I'm telling you that if you leave this mansion, the illustrious Earl of Markwood's house, it will be a non-issue."

"But, but I didn't really do it..."

"Or do you mean to compensate me for this vase with your low salary? This vase that is said to have a market value of thirty million gold?"

"No, I can't do that."

Then pack up your things and get out of here. Today. And as of now, you are not to speak to any other servants. Very well."

 The maidservant stood up, as if to say that this was the end of the conversation, and opened the door of the room and stood on her side.

 I think they want us to leave.

 Shocked, Nina stood up and walked slowly down the hallway.

 Still, she kept her head down,

"Thank you for all your help over the years. I wish you all good health and happiness in the future."


 The door is closed.


 Nina walks to her room, unsure if she's walking or not.

 This is an annex of the Earl of Markwood's mansion, where there are rooms for servants such as maids and butlers who work in the house.

 Housekeepers, ladies' maids, kitchen maids, scullery maids, parlor maids, nursery maids...there are so many types of maids.

 All together, there are 30.

 There are also butlers, footmen, cooks and boys.

 The Earl of Markwood was wealthy enough to hire that many people.

 Eventually, Nina arrived at her room.

 Nina's luggage is very small in a room filled with only a bed, a desk, and a closet.

 The travel bag that she took out to pack her belongings was well taken care of - although she rarely used it, it was the one that Nina had brought with her when she came to this house five years ago.

 --Nina, I was going to buy you a big travel bag when you're older, but you're going to work while you're still small. It's a hand-me-down from when I was little, but it still works.

 A travel bag given to me by a master who trained me perfectly in the art of maids.

"...Master, I'm sorry."

 As I packed my bags, tears of frustration welled up in my eyes.

"I...I could have still worked for the mansion...but I had to leave..."

 At the age of three, she began helping with the household chores, and by the time she was five, her sense of domesticity was recognized by her master, and she began working with him.

 At the age of ten, Nina received her master's approval and came to the Earl of Markwood's mansion alone.

 Five years later, Nina is now 15.

 I never thought I'd be kicked out for a crime I didn't even know I was guilty of (.......). I never imagined that I would be kicked out for a crime I did not commit.

"...If my last job is to get out of here, I have to do it with Chan."

 It reminds me of my master's teachings.

 --A maid always does her job perfectly. Don't stand out. It's the job of the masters to stand out.

 Use a small mirror to keep yourself presentable.

 Her dusky brown hair is pulled down on both sides, and she quickly fixes the loose ends.

 Behind her glasses, she has sky-blue eyes, and her eyelashes are wet with tears. I wipe them with my handkerchief and try to restore them to their original state.

 I don't have any personal clothes. If she had a maid's uniform, she could have been out in the city, and maids rarely have days off - some maids do take vacations, but Nina didn't because she didn't want her day off to pollute the mansion or slow down the other servants' work. .

 Nina put on a cloak over her maid's uniform.

"Oh, yeah... we need to take over--"

 --As of now, you are forbidden to speak with any other servant.

 That's right, you can't talk to anyone anymore.


 I'm going to have to leave without being able to take over.

"...but at least this."

 He took out the memo he had compiled -- a list of the names and characteristics of the guests visiting the mansion, their dietary preferences, and what they should pay attention to.

 If you give it to someone, they will find it useful.

 Nina bowed to the room where she had spent the last five years.

 The sheets are stretched out, not a speck of dust in the corners of the room, the room is perfectly cared for.

 I liked to keep the whole mansion in this state.

"Hey, there."

"Oh...isn't that Nina who got fired today?"

 Out in the hallway,

"I was wondering if it's really possible to have such a plain girl in the mansion of the current Earl of Markwood-sama."

"Shh. I can hear you."

"Fine. You don't have anything to do with the house anymore, do you?"

 The other maids are giggling.

 The clothes they wore were maid's clothes, but their carefully groomed hair and casual accessories were the result of their desire to be the master of the house (....). But the carefully groomed hair and casual accessories were because they were hoping to become

 When you're the mistress of a nobleman, you can be as extravagant as you want.

 Of course, the level of their work is not that great. And Nina has been covering for them when they slacked off.

 Still, Nina approached one of them.


 Nina held out a notepad to the maid, who gave her a disapproving look.

"This is not a conversation, it's a monologue. It's a list of the guests who visited the house. I think you'll find it useful."




"I'll just leave it here for you."

 When they didn't take it, Nina put the notepad at her feet and turned her back to them.

 Nina came to this mansion as a lady's maid with Oku-sama on the recommendation of her master.

 He is fluent in the language and has good manners.

 Nina did a good job as a lady's maid, but I was curious about other things as well.

 The corridors are dirty, the food is served in a messy manner, and the monks are not well educated.

 This was all because the Count had decided to hire maids on the basis of their looks.

 Of course, there are also parlor maids who need to look good.

 However, the maids who did not interact with the customers were also chosen based on their appearance, and their work was delayed in many places.

 Nina solved that problem.

 Even in such a large mansion, Nina was the only servant who did all the work. Of. All work.

(I wonder...what will happen after this?)

 For a moment, Nina wondered what would happen to the house after she was gone, but she quickly shook her head.

(I'm sure the maidservant is working to keep the house running smoothly even after I'm gone. even after I'm gone).

 He doesn't want you to worry about him.

 Nina thought that the maidservant should have known that, but unfortunately, she did not.

 Nina followed her master's advice to keep a low profile, and did everything in secret.

 A year after she started working, Oku-sama finally noticed Nina's existence and even asked her name - even though she was a lady's maid.

 As she walks along thinking about the future, Nina finds a fogged window and wipes it down with a hand towel from her pocket, picks up fallen leaves that have blown in, and puts away the mop that she left out.

 Each action is performed without hesitation, as if "just walking.

 After she walked, there was a sparkling corridor with not a speck of dust in sight.

 In a way, it was inevitable that the other maids would not notice once they reached this level.

 The other maids don't know how great Nina is, and Nina isn't proud of it either.

 It was an unfortunate misunderstanding.


 Nina suddenly looked at the corner of the hallway. This was the place where she had found the mysterious stain when she first came to the house. She remembered that she had taken the time to remove it.

 The window over there is high up, so I asked the gardener to lend me a ladder to wipe it down.

 Since the servants ate leftover food when they had free time, many of the dishes were cold, and we discussed with the cook to come up with a menu that could be eaten even when cold.

 That cleaning station is ....

 The door at the end of the hall is ....

 This ceiling can be found at ....

 Even though it was a servant's dormitory, Nina had put her hands all over it.

 By the way, the mansion has been shined up with more care than this.


 The last place Nina passed by was the kitchen of her dormitory.

 Roy, who is also the cook of the house, has been working hard for the servants.

 He must be here at this time in the morning, and I can hear the sound of knives being used in the kitchen.

(Roy-san is a genius cook.)

 Even Oku-sama has her maid knock once when she needs to go to the kitchen in the main building.

 Nina had heard that he was a courteous cook, and she knew that he was very good at what he did.

(That's why we are very strict about purchasing ingredients, we have to get the best seasonal ingredients at the perfect time...)

 Shouldn't we say something?

 I thought so, but Nina shook her head.

 Then he walked briskly past the kitchen.


 Roy glanced back at him, but that was all.

 Exit the house to the main street.

 This is the royal capital of the Kingdom of Crescente, the Crescent City.

 There are many people here, and the place is crowded.

"Where should we go..."

 But Nina was alone.

 I watched it go by, all alone.

"Well... all I've ever wanted was to work in a mansion."

 At first, she was happy to be praised, so she helped with the housework.

 After my master discovered my talent as a maid, I absorbed more and more knowledge.

 That was fun.

 Most of my salary was sent back to my parents in the country, but Nina didn't spend what little was left, so I was able to save.

 The amount is 500,000 gold.

 Nina can live for six months if she saves enough.

 If I had a place to live, I could go for a year.

"...go home to your parents? No. I don't want to bother you if I go back."

 My family is a farmer, not very wealthy, and even if I were to move in and help with the housework, my income would not increase.

 You'll be too much for him when you get back.


 Then, I suddenly heard the sound of handbells.

there's a carriage for hire. We're going to the kingdom's main artery, the commercial city of Furmun! A scenic commercial city where you can find rare things from all over the kingdom! Come for a little sightseeing!"

 Apparently he's a tout for a horse-drawn carriage.

 Nina suddenly realized that she knew very little about anything other than the mansion.


 I want to see something I've never seen before-- .

 It was just a whim.

 Maybe she just wanted to drown her sorrows at being fired from her job as a maid.

"Hey! I'd like to go for a ride!"

 Nina took a step forward--this is how the maid started her journey.