Chapter 01 Princess of Silence

 The Silent Princess

 With her fiancé's unusually unannounced visit, Alexandra Arlesmeier walked into the smallest room in the temple, which had somehow been designated for the exclusive use of the princess.

 The quality of the lace has gotten worse over the years, and she can feel many rude stares even through the lace, but as usual, she does not bother and quietly opens the door of the visiting room.

 I sat down facing her, sighing in my heart at the rude feet on the table.

"I'm sorry I didn't apply in advance!"

 I don't mind the grumpy voice or the loud volume, as I always do.

 However, I was worried that her silver hair, which everyone admired, was lacking luster and her red eyes, which seemed to be budding, were stagnant.

 Diethfried Wurzner, the young leader of the First Order, had a lot to worry about.

"...Please, don't worry about it."

 Diethfried did not show his worries and tiredness even though he told her straightforwardly that he was worried, so Alexandra straightened her back and waited for him to continue.

 Alexandra knew exactly what Diethfried, her childhood friend and fiancé, was really like.

"The woman I'm in love with is having a baby. I want you to break off our engagement!"

 Diethfried raises his head and shoots Alexandra a look of hatred as he says it, and she remains silent, not understanding the meaning of his words.

"Ever since I can remember, I've been your bitter fiancée. Because of my status, there's no way I can break it off. I thought you'd break it off if I was careless with you, and I knew it wouldn't be like that, so I've been doing a lot of small, little, no-sama things like a rotten woman, but you. I'm not breaking you!"

 A contract made at the sole discretion of her father, who was feared to be a mad emperor, from the standpoint of a daughter who had been kept in the temple since she was a child for fear that her future wife would kill her.

 With such a tenuous connection.

 How could she voluntarily ask for the contract to be broken?

 If Dietfried, who was rumored to be highly decorated and trusted by the emperor, had appealed, the emperor would have been happy to forgive him.

"Maybe I'm the only one who can treat you normally, but... You're depressing me! You don't even take off that smelly veil. How badly do you want to hide your ugliness?"

 Her head is completely covered by the cloth in order to prevent people from seeing her dark hair.

 The veil cannot be removed to hide her dark eyes.

 The emperor forbade her to wear a veil because he could not bear to see the same color as that of her own mother, who had died young despite being called the eternal maiden princess.

"I was in a position to choose anyone, but I was forced to choose a trash like you, and my life was dark!

 Dietfried was the only one who was allowed to visit me, and he had been coming to see me regularly since I was a child.

 He would sneak in with the banned sweets and tell us amusing stories about the world outside, a world Alexandra did not know.

 She was the only one who encouraged me, saying, "The day will come when people will understand your goodness. She was the only one who encouraged me.

 But this was a lie, the fruit of Dietfried's efforts and patience.

"But that's only until today. I'm getting married to him. I'm going to have the ceremony before my belly shows, so ask him to break off the engagement now. You got it?"

 Alexandra blinked a few times inside her veil and placed in front of Diethfried a simple ring that she wore only during visits.

 It's not an engagement ring, though, is it? Well, it's good to have at least one ring, isn't it? He gave it to me when I was little.

 It was the only tangible gift I ever received from someone.

"Huh? I didn't know you still had it, such a cheap thing! But I guess it'll pay for the wine."

 Shoving the ring into his pocket, Diethfried left the table with an annoying sound.

"Well then! Let me destroy it at once! And then, as a reward... well... I'll let you bless me and him. Then you can go outside for the first time in a while! You'll be forever grateful for my kindness!"

 Diethfried, who seemed to be in a good mood, left the room humming a tune.

 He probably didn't even notice that Alexandra was staring at his back.

 The engagement was not what Alexandra wanted, either.

 When she was a child, she was often hurt by Dietfried's arrogance.

 It was hard for her to get used to his abusive language, and it broke her heart to the point of tears.

 I also covered for Dietfried on many occasions as a follow-up to his work, as he was a genius who could not speak well enough.

 Even though he was neglected, the royal family's solicitude for him was immense, and he had even dealt with problems that would normally have resulted in a purge.

 Still, he was kind to me, even on a whim.

 Because he was the only one who was willing to face me.

 I wanted to respond to him as much as I could, so I practiced, but...

"That's enough."

 If you don't want it, I don't want it.

 If you want to throw it away, I'll throw it away.

 The reason she had allowed Alexandra to serve the temple so obediently was now gone.

 Removing the heavy, suffocating veil and undoing all the cloths around her head, Alexandra turned straight ahead and left the room.