Chapter 10 Epilogue


 Inn at the border town.

 My pockets are warm and I'm staying in a nice room.

 When you open the window, the wind carries the smell of an unknown city.

"...weird kid."

 The moonlight slightly illuminates Nina, who is sleeping in the bed next to me.

(This girl, she's bad.)

It's a magic muscle.

 When Emily researched her constitution, she came across the theory that she had a "magic muscle.

 But it must have been at the level of a foolish fable that had not been proven or tested at all.

 Moreover, if you remember carefully, it is something that only elves - "high elves" who live deep in the forest - can see and understand.

 It's time to raise some eyebrows.

 But Emily's condition has improved.

 This is real.

 It was a divine massage technique, but Nina, who was not a high elf or any other human race, was able to manage the "magic muscle".

(What's wrong with this girl is that she shows her knowledge without hesitation.)

 If Nina, as a maid, learned about the "magic muscle" from someone, and was able to use that massage technique, then that "someone Isn't that someone an incredibly famous mage, or a High Elf who only appears in fairy tales?

 If that's the case--


 My skin is irritated.

 Emily's too scared to ask.

 In the world of mages, information handled by someone of that caliber is a national secret.

 It is not something that can be easily divulged to others.

 The problem isn't that Emily doesn't know the truth, but that Nina unknowingly displays that knowledge.

(I'll have to be the chan.)

 Emily secretly decides that she will stop Nina when she starts to do something crazy.

(But--there are maids out there, aren't there?)

 Emily has a secret too. She's not sure if she should tell Nina or not.

 It means that Emily is a reincarnation from another world.

 I was happy when the memory of my previous life came back to me, and I even posed a gut-punch when I found out that I had the magical ability of the 5th rank.

 I got a cheat, and.

 But the spell didn't work.

 No one could understand Emily's condition. Some mages said it was due to Emily's lack of effort.

 But Emily was thinking inwardly - she's a reincarnation, can't she use it? Isn't her constitution a little different from the people in this world?

 Whether this idea was correct or not is no longer important.

 Now that it's available, you can use it.

 I've met Nina.

"I'll take care of you, okay? With me here, you'll never have to do anything again."

 Emily smiled and said,

"Hmm? This?"

 I huffed when I realized that maybe I had flagged the whole thing.

"...and the bed."

 So I crawled into bed and closed my eyes.

 The next day, they crossed the border into the neighboring kingdom of Freya.