Chapter 10 Wind And Clouds 1

 After spending the morning getting to know the guards, I grabbed their stomachs for lunch and went to the merchant guild first thing in the afternoon.

 On this occasion, a cart is filled with red wine and wine glasses, and the cart is pulled by Lycia.

 As you can imagine, I couldn't load all of them, so I brought fifty bottles of red wine and twenty sets of wine glasses to the Merchant's Guild.

"It's a lively day. And it's gorgeous."

"This is everyone from the escort adventurers."

 I greeted Umbrella-san briefly and asked him to prepare a separate room for me to present the red wine and wine glasses I had brought with me.

"Moja Gatchi. I hear you have a rare brew for me, please."

"My name is Grose Hendler. I'd like a sample of your liquor, please."

 I asked Umbrella-san for a sake tasting and this guy Gatchi-san came.

 Apparently, liquor is Gatchi-san's exclusive domain, a sanctuary that not only Umbrella-san but other buyers are not allowed to violate.

 I'm a dwarf.

 When I took out a bottle of wine and a glass of wine from my rucksack, they froze, their eyes wide open.

 I ignore it, uncork the wine bottle, and pour it into a wine glass.

"How beautiful..."

 I heard Umbrella-san muttering to himself.

 I poured red wine into three of the glasses, including my own, and moved two of them quickly to Umbrella-san and Gatchi-san.

"It is customary in my hometown to enjoy this sake for its aroma. Please turn the glass like this and enjoy the aroma before sipping."

 I did it, and they tried to imitate me, holding wine glasses, but their hands were trembling slightly.

 Their faces relaxed a little as they put their noses to their wine glasses and enjoyed the aroma.

 They take a sip of red wine, roll it around on their tongues to enjoy the aroma more, and swallow. Then they look into each other's eyes.

"Oh, this is so good!"

"Yes, it's very good!"

 Gacchi-san drinks two, three sips of red wine.

 I taught him not only how to drink red wine, which I thought was common, but how to drink red wine as if he were finding his own way.

"And the spirit is strong. You can't even compare it to ale."

"First comes the fruity acidity, then comes the astringency, which is good. It's not an unpleasant astringency."

"Mm, it's not an unpleasant astringency."

 I'll give them some cheese from my backpack.

It's cheese. It's good for a snack."

"Mmm, this fits!"

"Yes, the sweetness and saltiness is indescribable, it goes well with this drink!"

 In the end, they emptied the bottle of 750ml.

 Especially, Gacchi-san's appetite was so strong that he was ready to open not only the sample red wine we brought but also the one for sale.

 And then it's business meeting time.

 How much would two people with a taste for red wine fetch .

 And you know the value of a glass of wine, it's a doozy while they're out of the room for a consultation.

"Here you go, sir."

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

 They came into the room after the consultation.

 A little bit of red on the tip of the nose and other parts sticking out from Gatchi-san's bearded face.

 I think it's too much to finish a bottle in a tasting.

 And the price they offered me was 500,000 yen for a bottle of red wine.

 One hundred and thirty thousand yen for a set of wine glasses.

 Naturally, the merchant guilds were required to sell it exclusively.

"And if you have cheese, we'll pay a lot for it."

 Cheese is also popular as a snack. But we don't sell cheese, because it goes bad quickly depending on its storage condition.

"I'm sorry, we don't get cheese very often."

"I'm sorry, but it can't be helped."

"Also, please store the wine in a cool, dark place. Please be careful not to store it in the sun as it will deteriorate the quality. Also, the wine glasses are sensitive to shocks, so please handle them with care."

"Yes, it's a lot of stuff, so we'll take good care of it."

 Once the deal was finalized, the red wine and the wine glasses were handed over to Gacchi-san under his supervision.

 The red wine is packaged in crates, so they are very careful to open all the crates and check the red wine inside.

 And the wine glasses seem to have been taken care of by Umbrella-san, and all the wine glasses have been confirmed.

 Apparently, Gacchi-san isn't very interested in wine glasses, and it was Umbrella-san who put a price of 1.3 million yen on it.

 However, as a dwarf, Gatchi-san seems to know the quality of the wine glass, such as its thinness and transparency.

"Yes, Umbrella-san requested white sugar, but I think I can manage that."

 We don't want to wholesale too much at once.

 Because I'm concerned about conflicts with existing wholesale sugar merchants.

 However, if you think about it, white sugar is sold at a higher price than existing sugar, so I think it is possible to separate them by price range.

 I'm going to make sure that the prices are reasonable.

"Really, that's great."

"It's a lot of stuff, so we can't carry it all in at once, so we'll split it up into several deliveries."

"Yes, thank you!"

 We decided the date of delivery of white sugar, and also the date of delivery of the remaining red wine and wine glasses, and left the merchants' guild.

"I don't know much about this town, can you show me where it is?"

 Ask Frank to show Evelyn and the others around the town.

"That's good. Where would you like to go?"

"Hmm, yes. I want to go to a shop that sells magic tools."

"Okay, okay. This way."

 With Evelyn in the lead, Lila and Witney guarded my left and right sides, Leecia with a rear carriage behind her, and Sailor further behind, we walked along the road.

 I don't think we need to be so pompous.

"Here it is."

 Avery stops in front of an old storefront and points to the store.

 We can't all go in there together, so I'm taking Evelyn and Lethia.

 I'll have the other three watch the wagon.

 There were various items in the shop, and an old woman with a wrinkled face was sitting behind the counter.

 I was a little scared. I thought you were a mummy.

"Ginger-san, I've brought you a guest."

"Yeah, I know it when I see it."

"Hello, my name is Grose Hendler. Let me have a look at you."

"You can watch it all you want."

 The owner is called Ginger-san.

 You said I could look at it however I wanted, so I will.

 Type: Magic Lantern (lower level)

 Description: A luminescent device powered by a magic stone. It does not emit much light.

 Type: Magic Tent (lower level)

 Description: A tent with an extended interior. It is 4 meters wide x 4 meters deep x 3 meters high.

 Type: Row Potion (HP)

 Description: Restores HP by 30 points.

 Type: Row Potion (MP)

 Description: Restores MP instantly by 30 points.

 Type: Row Potion (poison)

 Description: To neutralize mild poisoning.

 Type: Row Potion (Paralysis)

 Description: Neutralizes mild paralysis.

 Type: Demon repellent (lower level)

 Description: It gives off a smell that demons do not like. It only works on low rank demons. It lasts for about 10 hours.

 I don't think the magic lantern is that good because you can buy battery operated lanterns from [[mail order]].

 But a magic tent is nice. It looks like it's only two meters square, but it's twice that size, or four times the area.

 I'll also buy some potions, a staple of the fantasy world.

 It's a necessity because you never know when you're gonna need it. I really need a more effective potion.

"Do you have any magic tents with larger contents? Also, I'd like to get some potions that are more effective."

 I'll ask wrinkly ginger-san to stock up.

"I have an intermediate magic tent. I can prepare potions up to middle potions and high potions."

"How much for an intermediate level magic tent and a high potion?"

"Two million yen for an intermediate level magic tent, high potions are 30,000 yen for HP, 50,000 yen for MP, 20,000 yen for poison, 20,000 yen for paralysis, and 60,000 yen for petrification. "

"You also have petrification. Then I'll need a medium magic tent and ten high potions. Twenty of each of the middle potions, please."

"You have money, don't you?"

 Ginger-san, who prizes me with a keen gaze.

"No problem, sir. In case you don't mind me asking, how much is the middle portion?"

"It's half the price of High Potions . And petrification is not in the middle."

"I understand. Then 10 High Potions will cost 1,800,000 yen, 20 Middle Potions will cost 1,200,000 yen, and 2,000,000 yen for an Intermediate Magic Tent. Oh, by the way, I would also like to have a highly effective protection against demons.

"...You only have intermediate and low level demon repellents. The intermediate level is 30,000 yen and the low level is 10,000 yen."

"Then please give me 20 mid-grade demon repellents. That's an additional 600,000 yen, so the total is 560,000 yen."

"...Oh, that's five hundred and sixty thousand yen."

 I put five mithril coins and six large gold coins on the counter, and Ginger-san puts them in his pocket and sits up heavily.

"I'll get it together now, just give me a minute."

 Ginger-san went to the back of the store and got all the items in about 10 minutes.

 I wanted to put it in storage, but I don't want to use it in public.

 So I'll call the three guys waiting outside and we'll all load up in the back.

"Are you some kind of nobleman-sama?"

"No, I'm just a commoner. I'm just preparing for a trip I'm going to take in a while."

Okay, well, travel.

 Ginger-san didn't ask any more questions.

 I guess you don't ask questions in these situations. I don't know.

 For the next few days we'll be going back and forth between the house and the merchant's guild and exploring the town.

 It's so comforting to have an escort. You don't have to be afraid.

 And I've gotten to know all four of my guards.

 The girls like the food I prepare, and now they're addicted to my cooking.

 And when she's at home, she's also a training partner for Lethia, so Lethia's level is improving.

 Full name: Lethia Ogan

 Occupation: Attack Guardian, Lv6

 Info: Ogre, female, 15, squire.

 HP: 1200(S)

 MP: 65(E)

 Strength: 270(S)

 Durability: 280(S)

 Magic: 21(E)

 Agility: 90(B)

 Dexterity: 33(D)

 Charm: 33(D)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Hyakutake no Mamoru(D)]] [[Axe of Destruction(D)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Physical Enhancement(D)]][[Axe and Shield Art(D)]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]

 Criminal record:

 Your level is increasing at a good pace, and your skill ranks are also increasing steadily.

 In case you're wondering, [Ars' stiff arm]'s tank, Witney, had a strength of one hundred and fifty and an endurance of two hundred, so he's already exceeded his capabilities.

 It has the same D rank skill. By the way, its HP is about 500, which is more than double.

 I guess it can't be helped that the bases of human and ogre are different, but Lethia's brainy status is shown to the fullest.

 Five days since Evelyn and the others became our guards.

 I was on my way back from the Merchant's Guild when I was met by [Dawn's Thunderbolt].

 I just bumped into him on the street. I didn't even want to run into him, so I just bailed lightly and tried to walk past him, but he got involved.

 However, Lethia, whose status now surpasses that of Witney, a D-rank adventurer's tank, mocked him and ran away with tears in her eyes.

 What did he want? Don't you think they'd report you to the Adventurer's Guild if anything happened to me?

 Day 7. After delivering the goods to the merchant's guild, I went to Ginger-san's shop again.

 Ginger-San called me.

"I'm sorry I called you out."

No, no, no, no, no, no. You wanted to talk to me?

"Yeah, I was wondering if you could buy this for me."

 Ginger-san puts a plain looking waist pouch on the counter.

"What the hell is this?"

"Hmm? Does Avery know about this?"

"Isn't this a magic pouch?"

"Magic Pouch?"

"Everly's right. This is a magic pouch. How about it, would you like to buy one?"

 The Magic Pouch is a fantasy classic, a waist pouch with abilities similar to my storage .

"How much?"

 I don't need it because I have storage, but I guess it's more common than storage because it's being sold like this.

"That's 20 million yen."

"Two, twenty million!"

 Evelyn is barking up a storm.

 It's true that 20 million yen is a lot of money, but it's not an amount I can't afford now.

 Type: Magic Pouch

 Description: Waist pouch with time lapse stop and extended content volume. The content volume is ten cubic meters.

 Ginger-San says it's a mid-range version, so it doesn't have much capacity.

 Still, it's a rare storage magic item that costs 20 million yen.

 I still think it's best to keep the storage hidden.

"Okay, I'll buy it."

"Okay, well, thanks again."

 Twenty Mithril coins are placed on the counter, and Ginger-San takes them one by one, as if counting them.

 It's the highest price I've ever paid for anything. I have to go to the merchant's guild tomorrow.

 Tenth day .

 The escort request will be complete in the morning.

 I asked them if they'd like to guard me for another ten days, and all four of them agreed, so I headed to the Adventurer's Guild to apply for an extension.

 But the incident happened on the way.

"Oh no! The demons are coming in!"