Chapter 11 Trouble Lingers

 Trouble lingers.

 The Kingdom of Freya is located in the middle of the continent, with poor land and water resources.

 But past kings thought like this.

 --If you don't have one, just make one.

 and .

 And the king himself began to study the sama.

 Agriculture, of course, but also science and astronomy.

 If it were that easy to make, all the world's problems would be solved, and the few vassals left.

 But the king didn't give up.

 Like the king, there were a few people who were not willing to give up.

 Six hundred years later...

"The current Kingdom of Freya exists because of the 3rd King of Freya, who is said to be the founder of the Kingdom. As you all know, the Kingdom of Freya is the 'Land of Invention'. It was developed by magic that can be used by anyone. We couldn't change the barren land, but we could import food from other countries by exporting our technology, and we won our independence successfully..."

 A well-dressed old gentleman said,


 Nina's eyes lit up.

 It was in front of a large fountain in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Freya, a small country whose only town is the royal capital.

 The fountain, with water pumped from 200 meters underground, was a symbol of abundance, considering the desolate land around the capital.

 The old gentleman is a tourist guide for the Kingdom of Freya, and there are many other tourists besides Nina listening to him.

"Oh, Nina. I'm going to the Adventurer's Guild to make some arrangements. I'm also going to sell the herbs you picked.


 Emily told Nina to give the pouch to him.

 In it are the herbs that Emily and I collected at the Clay Spring the other day.

 It didn't look like it could be sold at the adventurer's guild in Furmun, so we had to bring it to the Kingdom of Freya.

 The herbs are dried to make them last longer.

"Are you sure, Emily-san? I've been meaning to tell you..."

"No, thanks. I'll pass. I'll meet you at the inn."

 To tell the truth, Emily, who was fighting off sleepiness, saw a sign for the Adventurer's Guild and took advantage of the opportunity to suggest it.

 Since "tourism" in this world is mostly about learning about history, Emily is not that interested.

"Maid-san, next we'll be discussing the construction of the walls of the Kingdom of Freya. Don't miss it."

"Oh, yes! See you later, Emily-san."

 Emily waved goodbye to Nina with a fluttering wave.

 The tour guide, an elderly gentleman, explained to Nina with a kind face, as if he were looking at his grandchild, as she listened to him with sparkling eyes.

 Emiri went to the adventurer's guild, thinking that the kingdom of Freya was safe and sound.

 The town is quite different from the Kingdom of Crescente.

 As if trying to build as many buildings as possible in the small royal capital, there is a dense cluster of gray-painted square buildings.

"It's built like tofu."

 My Craft? I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.

 Inside the gray building, which may be functional but looks bleak, there is a surprisingly "adventurer's guild" feel to it.

 The wooden floors creak, and the request boards and counters on the walls are the same as those in other cities.

 The place was deserted, probably because there was no bar attached to it, but Emiri was happy to know that it was clean.

"...What is that? A pistol?"

 The adventurers were not sword- and axe-wielding ruffians, but rather dressed in elegant suits, giving the impression that they had come for a business meeting.

 However, the scar on her cheek and her graceful demeanor give her the appearance of a seasoned adventurer.

 They wear a holster around their waist with a long metal tube hanging from it.

 To Emily, it looks like a gun.

 Since there is magic, it is not surprising that there are guns.

 If you have a gun, you don't need a sword.

 Because sword masters can cut magic.

 The bullet from the gun will also cut it.

"I guess that's what you call a country of inventions, huh?"

 Not caring much, Emily went to the counter.

 It was late in the evening when Nina returned to the first fountain square after walking around the capital with an old gentleman who was a tourist guide.

"You're the first maid-san to listen to me until the end..."

 It was usually impossible to listen to all of the old gentleman's guide unless you had the strength to walk around the capital all day, and also the patience to listen to him patiently or a deep interest in history.

"Thank you very much. I learned a lot."

 As Nina bows deeply, the old gentleman is moved to tears, "Oh...".

"If you need anything, I'm always here to help."

"No, not at all. It's just that I'm the one who's always receiving. Tomorrow, I'll make lunch and bring it to you, so if you'd like to eat it, please do."

"The maid-san is bringing me a lunch box? I'm looking forward to it."

 In fact, this guide is without lunch.

 Nina is a trained maid, so it's not a problem, but even an old gentleman should eat, and moreover, the participants of the guided tour were dropping out rapidly due to hunger.

 Nina thinks that lunchtime is necessary.

 Some of the guests at the Earl of Markwood's estate, where I used to work, were annoyed with me.

 But when Nina offered him tea and sweets and he sipped them, his face became relieved.

 Or he smiled as he took a bite of the food he had discussed with Roy.

"Good food is justice, isn't it!"

 So Nina ran to the stall at dusk, replenished the seasonings, vegetables, and meat, and returned to the inn.

"...I've been through so much..."

 Exhausted, Emily returned to the inn some time after the sun had set.

 The cozy inn is run by a warm husband and wife team and their children.

 From the cafeteria where there are only four tables,

"Welcome home!"

 I heard the voice of my son at the inn saying, "I'm sorry.

"I know I'm late, but my partner is..."

 She was about to say something when she saw the innkeeper, his wife and children eating at a table in the dining room.

"Oh, welcome back, Emily-san."

 And Nina, who's serving the meal.

"Why are you working here?"

 Emily must have been exhausted, but her comedy was good.

"Oh, no. I'm embarrassed to show you this... actually."

 The owner of the inn was very reluctant to tell us that Nina had asked to rent the kitchen.

 Since Nina and her friends were the only guests at the inn, there were few meals prepared by the inn,

 ---As long as you and Chan can make a good meal. The food we prepared can be used for breakfast tomorrow.

 The proprietress lightly agreed, and Nina started to prepare the meal quickly, which led to this.

"It's so good, you can stay here for free today!"

 The landlady said happily.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Welcome home, Emily-san."

 Nina smiled at Emily as she took her place at the table next to her and offered her a cup of tea.

 The tea was not hot, but deliberately cooled to a warm temperature, which was kind to Emily who had come home tired, and she drank it without thinking.

"Pfft! So it's cold, but the aroma is still strong."

"Hmm . I'm glad you like it."

 Nina made a small bow with her hands in front of her and immediately brought the food to me.

 The boar's legs are stewed until they are soft and soggy, and the skin is soft and pliable.

 It crumbled easily when I poked it with a fork, and melted immediately when I put it in my mouth.


 Whether it was the herbs or the preparation, there was not a trace of the animal smell of wild boar.

 The soup, in which many vegetables are stewed, is orange in color, and the spices are appetizing.

 I dipped the bread in the soup and it was the best match.

"Nina, I love this!"

"Thank you very much . It's true that the Kingdom of Freya is a land of inventions, isn't it? This is the first time I've used a pressure cooker, and I didn't think I could cook in such a short time."

"Oh, it looks like invention has found its way into the kitchen. --Hey, is that water?"

 Cold water is poured into a metal cup.

 When I drank it, I immediately understood its purpose.

 The seasoning is generally strong, so drinking water refreshes your mouth.

"That's great...! Maybe some sparkling water."

 Emily said in a whisper,

"--Carbonated water? What is carbonated water?"

 Nina snapped at me.

"Oh, no... have you ever seen anything like it in this world?"

"This world?"

"Oh, um, well, I... don't know how to explain it, you know."

 Emily twisted her head and managed to explain about soda water.

 When I returned to my room with a full stomach, Emily dived into bed.

"Very satisfied~. Thanks for the food!"

"Heh. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

 It's always nice to be thanked.

 Nina felt a warmth deep inside her.

 It was also useful to hear that there is carbonated water, which is like an ale.

 Nina believes that by gaining knowledge that she does not know, her skills as a maid will improve.

 For the umpteenth time, I was glad to be on the road.

"Oh, by the way, Emily-san, you're late today, aren't you?"

"Yes, that's it! That's it, I forgot!"

 Emily jumped to her feet.

"That herb you've been harvesting! What is it?"

"The buds of the evening primrose, the berries of the long-lived ivy, and the flowers of the sennen mugwort... I heard they were rare medicinal herbs, but maybe they weren't worth the money?"

"It's not rare, it's a big deal!"

 Emily says.

 The guild master came out and said, "I want to make sure this is real," so the investigators from the Pharmacists Guild were called in.

 If it was the real thing, they wanted to confirm whether it was stolen or not, so they took me to the guard station in the capital to check whether it had been reported stolen or not.

 They didn't give us a chance to have lunch, and we answered the questions of the guards who looked at us suspiciously and asked the same questions over and over again. They must have been checking to see if I was lying.

"You've been treating me like I'm a criminal from the start!"

"Well, why would you want to... it's a rare herb, but I don't think it's that rare."

"Hey, I think I got a call from the city of Furmun."


"I shouldn't have said anything about leaving the country! But I didn't expect you to complain about me crossing the border!"

"I'm sorry, Emily-san, for giving you those herbs..."

"No, no, why is Nina apologizing? It's all Fulmun's Adventurer's Guild's fault and this Adventurer's Guild's fault for taking it seriously. That's why... yes."

 Emily held out Nina's pouch.

 There are medicinal herbs inside.

 I gave it to her and she lay down on the bed.

"You mean it didn't sell?"

"I didn't sell it. When they found out I was innocent, they tried to buy these herbs. They said the whole thing was worth 10,000 gold. I knew they couldn't be that cheap so I told them I quit and got out. I've lost the whole day."

"Maybe, but I think it's no less than 100,000 gold."

"Right? I'm so angry I'm never going to sell anything to them..."

 Emiri fell asleep, probably because she was so tired.

"...No matter how much bounty Emiri-san has for defeating the Feral Garuda, it's better to earn money for the trip when you can. But...I can't accept requests from the Adventurer's Guild at this rate."

 Nina looks at the porch and makes up her mind.

"Okay, then I'll earn the money tomorrow!"