Chapter 11 Wind And Clouds 2

"Oh no! The demons are coming in!"

 Such voices arose here and there, and the whole town was in an uproar.

 As if in response to that, [Ars' stiff arm], who was guarding me, huddles together.


"For now, I guess our priority is to go to the Adventurer's Guild and gather information."


 [The three of them are going to the Adventurers' Guild.


"Yes, Seurat?"

"We're in the middle of an escort request. What if we act selfishly and something happens to our escort?"


 Sailor-San calmly persuades the three of [Ars' stiff arm].

[Ins, what do I do?]

[I think it would be best to flee to the safest place in town first.]

[Where's the safest place to be?]

[The Lord's Hall, Adventurer's Guild, and Merchant's Guild are good places to evacuate because of their strong buildings, but the Lord's Hall won't let you in easily, and the Adventurer's Guild won't have enough time to accept evacuees because they will set up a task force.]

[You want me to go to the Merchant's Guild?]

[I thought it was for the best.]

"I can't fight, so I'll evacuate. Lethia and Sailor, please follow me to the evacuation as my guards."

"What do we do?"

"[Ars' stiff arm] should go to the Adventurer's Guild to gather information. I will take refuge in the Merchant's Guild, so please report back to me when you know the situation."

"All right. Then we'll go our separate ways from now on."

"Yes, in the meantime, we need to be able to contact you, so please gather at the merchant guild once before evening."

"Yes, sir."

 That's how [Ars' rigid arm] ended up separating from us.

 And I'm going to the Merchant's Guild with Lethia and Sailor protecting me.

 At that time, the rickshaw is in the way, so I put it in the item pouch I just bought and hurry ahead.


"Oh, Hendler-sama, I'm so glad you're okay!"

"I'm sorry, but could we please take refuge in the merchant guild?"

Yeah, no problem. My office, please."

 Umbrella-san let us into his office.

 It's a small room with a simple desk and chair and a comfortable sofa, though it doesn't look luxurious.

"Please wait here."

 With that, Umbrella-san left the room.

[ins, how common is the stampede?]

[This occurs over a span of several years to a dozen years].

[When was the last time this happened?]

[It was nine years ago, so as a period of time it could have happened at any time.]

 That's when you sent me to this side of town.

 That blonde-haired san would do something like that.

"Lord, what are we going to do now?"

"Well, since we don't know what to do, we should gather information first. If this merchant guild is going to be attacked by demons, I'll have Lethia work for us."

"If it's anything like the Stampede before, we can destroy it outside the city. It's been over a hundred years since there was any damage inside this town."

"If Sailor's right, that's a bit of a relief. I wouldn't want anyone to die if I could help it."

"You're very kind, Grose-san."

 Hearing Sailor's story was a bit of a relief.

 But there are exceptions to everything, and since there are probably a lot of transplants like me visiting this town this time, you should expect something to happen.

 In the evening, I met up with [Ars' strong arm] who had gotten the information.

 The situation is such that a battle will take place tomorrow morning.

 And the demon force we're worried about is a pack of Wolves.

 There are at least a thousand glass wolves, more than a hundred gray and black wolves, and several blood wolves.

"Maybe there's a king in there."


"Whitney doesn't even know King? I heard that the size of the pack this time is quite large, so it's possible that King Wolf is leading it . Moreover, the King's rank is over five, so he's already a monster."

 What's the big deal?

 Should we expect urban warfare in this one?

 It's hard enough to go to the weapon shop now, and even if I do, I don't know if they'll sell it, so what should I do?

[Ins, do you think I'll survive?]

[I don't understand]

[Isn't that where you say, "It's okay! Isn't that the part where you say, "It's okay?"]

[I can't lie to the Master.]

[...then is there a weapon I can handle?]

[Why not buy a weapon from the Earth where the Master was born?]

[Earth's weapons?]

[Isn't Earth a treasure trove of deadly weapons?]

[...I see, it's true that Earth's history is a history of war...]

[I don't think a master can use a sword or a bow, so I think that would be better]

 I'm depressed because I feel like I'm being told, not in a roundabout way, but in a straightforward way, "You have no fighting sense.

 But Ins is right. I can't say anything back.

 Umbrella-san kindly let me stay in his office that day.

 Then, when everyone's asleep, Ins wakes me up and we go to [[mail order]] to find a weapon.

 If there's one thing I know better than a sword or a bow, it's... what?

[Ins, what kind of weapon could I use?]

[It's a gun.]

[A gun. ...what kind of gun do you think I'd like?]

[I think machine guns are the way to go]

[I mean, it's huge, right?]

[If it's a submachine gun, it's relatively small.]

[Submachine gun...]

[and a laser sight would be nice too]

[Submachine gun with a laser sight... MP7, with a laser sight, what do you think?]

[I think that's good.]

[but, can this MP7 defeat a demon?]

[Glass wolf, gray wolf, black wolf is fine.]

[Blood wolf?]

[...let's hope we never meet...]


[A submachine gun would indeed be difficult to inflict a fatal wound on a Blood Wolf or King Wolf].

[I have to buy a more powerful weapon?]

[Anti-tank guns can do damage, but I don't know if a master can handle them.]

[ heart is soberly damaged...isn't there anything else?]

[When [[Mail Order]] becomes Rank D, [Modification] will be released, so you can modify and strengthen your submachine gun...]]

[It's gonna take me a while to rank up?]

[Yes, the [[Mail Order Sales]] rank-up is a transaction amount, but it won't be released until another 9,200,000 yen or so is traded.]

[hahaha, is it possible that 100 million yen in transaction value is a condition for ranking up?]


 With the current momentum, I think we can make a deal worth 100 million yen in the near future, but not in time for this fight.

[...wait a minute. That transaction amount is not just the purchase amount, but also the sale amount?]

[Yes, the transaction amount is the sum of the purchase price and the sale price].

[If I sell something from this world, what do you think I can sell? Do they sell sugar here?]

[The sugar of this world sells, too, but it's probably only a few quid a kilogram.]


 I'm just gonna have to give up this time. I need more time.

 Huh? ...wouldn't it be worth it to sell this world-famous item?

[Hey, Ins-San...]

[What is it?]

[Didn't you say in the first tutorial that you could sell demons?]

[yes, it's selling]

[How much does a horn rat go for?]

[I'm afraid I don't know how much.]

[Then tell me the end price of a Horn Rat in this world.]

[The Horned Rat has no magic stones and can only be sold as meat for food, but a head of it will cost around 1,000 yen.]

[The glass wolf that's attacking us now is higher, right?]

[I can't say for sure, but I'd say there's a high probability you'll get a better price than Hornblatt.]

 The corpse of the Horn Rat I fought to the death and kept in storage is up for sale on [[mail order]] for 8,000 yen. Isn't this a good deal?

 Buy a submachine gun called MP7.

 Buy plenty of preloaded magazines.

 But guns are surprisingly cheap. I thought they'd be more expensive.

 The next morning, at sunrise, I heard a commotion in the distance.

"It seems to have begun."

"I'm sorry, but I'll take care of the escort."

"I'll protect the Lord!"

 At the end of this dawn, the period of the escort request to [Ars' stiff arm] and Sailor is completed.

 Before dawn, he signed the contract to complete the request.

 I had an ongoing request with them, but before I could talk to the Adventurer's Guild, the stampede got in the way.

 That's why I couldn't stop the three of them when they said they would fight on the front lines with the other adventurers.

 But Sailor has promised to protect me, and she's doing it because she promised me she would.

 He then finds Umbrella-san, who is busily instructing the staff, and suggests.

"Would you like to buy the corpse of this demon, sir?"

"Yes, I don't have the strength to fight, so I would like to reward the adventurers for their hard work with what I can do."

"But glass wolves are only useful for their fur. Moreover, the Adventurer's Guild asks for 3,000 yen per animal to kill, but the fur is only worth about 2,000 yen at best."

"Then, I'll buy them for 5,000 yen per animal, so can you please cross over to the Adventurer's Guild?"

"...I understand. However, this matter of the stampede is not under the jurisdiction of the Adventurer's Guild, but the Lord-sama, so let's propose it to the Lord-sama."


"Lord-sama has asked the Adventurer's Guild to deal with the stampede, and the corpses of the glass wolves and others will become Lord-sama's property. However, considering the labor required to dismantle a large number of glass wolves, they will probably be incinerated, so Hendler-sama's purchase of them for 5,000 yen each will be a good financial gain for the lord-sama."

 Something big was going on and Umbrella-san took me to the lord's mansion.

 I didn't have to wait an hour before I was ushered into the lord's office.

 Is it really so easy to meet a lord at this time of year? I guess it's Umbrella-san's face.

"Your Lordship-sama, the Umbrella of the Merchant's Guild sends his greetings."

"Mm, Umbrella, thank you."

"This is the merchant Hendler-sama. Hendler-sama has a proposal to make to your lord-sama today."

"My name is Große Hendler. Please make my acquaintance."

 A mature man with brown hair that is starting to turn gray is staring at me across his desk as if he is trying to price me out.

"This is my lord Kido. So, what do you propose?"

 Since adventurers and wolf demons are currently fighting outside the city walls, the lord must be wasting his time. Without any preamble, he urged us to get to the point.

 Umbrella-san nodded at me.

"I would like to buy the corpses of the glass wolves we defeated in this battle for 5,000 yen each, so I have come to see you, my lord-sama."

"Oh, you mean you'll take the body?"

"Yes, when the battle is over, please gather the corpses of the glass wolves by the city walls and I will collect them."

"You said something about Hendler? Is there any benefit to the sonata in that story?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, what's in it for me?"

 The stares are getting harder. Cold sweat runs down my back.

"It's a trade secret, sir. Even if you are a lord-sama, I cannot tell you."

"...all right, I'll take you up on it. We'll keep them outside the walls until the battle is over."

"Thank you, sir."

"The brokerage fee to the merchant guild is twenty percent, right?"

"Yes, thank God."

 The business meeting with the lord is over. It was so quick and easy that you wonder if it's all right.