Chapter 12 Maids, Wielding Their Skills Even In The Kingdom Of Freya

 Maid-san, who is also an expert in the Kingdom of Freya

 The next morning, Nina woke up early and went to the information desk where she was offered a job as a maid.

"Well... it's hard to find short-term jobs that can be completed in one or a few days. And if you're not a city worker, but an adventurer with an adventurer's guild ID..."

 The receptionist with the glasses said in a troubled tone.

"We could issue ID cards for city workers here, but that would take time and money"

"Um, isn't that file over there also a request form?"

"Oh, this is a request from an inventor."

"So much for just being an inventor?"

 The files are about the same size.

 The number of requests from the general public and the number of requests from inventors are roughly the same, which is indeed a country of invention.

"However... we can only provide information to inventors with a letter of introduction."


 Nina didn't get a letter of introduction when she left the Earl of Markwood's estate.

"You don't have one, do you?"

"...yes, sir, I don't."

"Then I'm afraid I can't offer you a job here."

 That's when the woman tried to tell me.

"If it's her, I'll recommend her to you."

 There was a man who came into the information desk.

 Nina recognized him as the merchant who had accompanied her on the carriage ride to the city of Furmun.

 At that time, he had asked her to work for him, but Nina had refused, saying that she wanted to go sightseeing. She had just been kicked out of the Earl of Markwood's mansion and didn't feel that she wanted to work anywhere right away.

"Nina-san," you said. I never thought I'd see you in Freya, but I guess it's fate."

 The woman at the reception desk rushes to her feet when she notices the young man from the business association.

"This is Vic's fars-sama."

 Apparently, this young man has made a name for himself.

 When Nina looked at him again, he was tall and slender, with his blue hair kept short.

 In her short trip, Nina had learned that he had an intellectual face like that of some civil servant, but he could smile at anything and joke with even the roughest people.

 Surprisingly, he is an emotional person who changes his expression frequently.

"I know how she works. So if you want me to write a referral, I will."


 Why does this drifter maid know Firth? I wondered.

"If it's true, I'd even like you to work for my business association..."

"...I'm sorry, I'm actually still traveling."

"That's too bad. Besides, we don't have any short-term jobs."

 It looked to Nina as if the dog-ears on her head were hanging down, as if she was really sorry. I don't have ears like that, though.

 Firth glared at the woman.

"So? You still can't get a job for Miss Nina?"

"No, no! If you're referring to Vic's company, I can recommend an inventor for the job."

 The woman hurriedly started digging through the other file.

"So long, Miss Nina."

"Oh, thank you! Can I thank you for something?"

"No, sir. This is rather a thank-you from me to you. For the tea you made me on the journey from King's Landing to Furmun, you know."

 Firth smiled, but..,

"But if you still want to thank us, if you hear the name of Vic's Trading Company somewhere, please come and see us."


 Firth walked away with a light step.

(It's gone: .... I've heard it said that a good merchant connects people not with profits but with fate, is that right? --(No, you wouldn't think that about a maid like me, would you? It's probably just a whim.)

 What a thing for Nina to think,

"...Hey, hey, hey! How do you know Fars-Sama? Can you introduce me?"

 The woman at the reception desk had a glazed look in her eyes.

"Vic's Trading Company is rapidly growing by trading in rare magical materials! It's also a great time to be a part of a team that's always looking to improve. "

 I didn't know you were such a rare character.

 Of course Nina doesn't know.

"Um, but you knew her face too, didn't you, receptionist?"

"Of course it is!"

 And out from under the counter came a bromide of Firth's face.

 The sorcerous printing is as elaborate as a photograph, but the bromide somehow shows Firth dressed like a nobleman with a crisp face.

"Your intelligent, cold face... live fars-sama was exceptional...!"

 Nina thinks that there are more expressions than that,

"Um... do you mind if I introduce you to a client?"

 I cut him off.

 When Emily woke up at the inn, she noticed that Nina was not in her room, nor was she in the dining room.

"She said she's going to work as a maid today! So Anta said not to worry about it and to take a break."


 She drops the bread in her hand and it falls to the floor.

(Ahhh... I wonder if she's okay... I wonder if she's done something wrong somewhere... 〜〜〜〜!)

 I'm so worried.

"Wow, that's amazing... that's amazing."

"No, no . Then this is the signature of the employer-sama .

"Yes, sir."

 The time was just after noon.

 Nina came back after completing three requests.

 The first is to make a meal that will last.

 The second item is to clean out the stacks. However, please follow the Hergard taxonomy.

 The third case is a search for a lost magic catalyst.

 The first one took the longest time, then the second one, and the third one was an instant kill.

 Nina had a lot of experience in finding things that her master and fellow maids had lost because of her job.

 They know what people are likely to lose and where they are likely to lose it.

 So, even if it is a garbage house, the work will be done soon.

 The receptionist at the information desk, who had done three cases in the blink of an eye, rolled her eyes.

"Um... should we stop here for today?"

"No, no, I'll still work!"

"Yeah, is that so?"

"What is it you're asking?"

"Oh... this."

 Among the request forms on the counter, there was a particularly simple request form that was very thin.

Client] Astrid Mahogany (inventor)

【Request】 House cleaning

Reward] 3,000 gold

 It's easy.

"Mahogany Trading Company is an inventor's trading company, but since the death of our predecessor, we have not been doing well. .... This is why our prices are unbelievably low, even if you are an inventor.

 The three requests Nina completed today totaled about 500,000 gold.

 Of course, I was lucky to find what I was looking for, but it was still more than enough income for one day.

 Is that how profitable inventors are?

 Among them, there are inventors who can only afford 3,000 gold.

"I'll do it."

"Of course, with such a low reward... what? Are you going to do it?"

"I'll do it, just give me the details."

"Are you serious?"

"I'll do it."

"Can you also introduce me to Firth-sama?"

"No, I can't do that."


 No, no, no, I don't want you to look sulky like that," Nina says.

 I don't even have Firth's contact information.

 The client, Mahogany Trading Company, was located in the center of King's Landing.

 It was a square, two-story house that Emily had described as "tofu architecture," but it was surrounded by walls and had a garden.

 That's how profitable it was, I suppose - "past tense" because it's all gone to shit now.

 The garden is covered with weeds, and rusty equipment of unknown use is left unattended.

 The stone walls are covered with moss, creating a dark green stain.

"This... looks like it's going to be a handful."

 Nina rolled up her sleeves and walked into the grounds.

 The Chairman of the Board of Trade, Astrid, was not there.

 It seems that this week is the inventors' association meeting week, and inventors are gathering there.

 This is where new inventions are presented, and where we deepen our friendship.

 Even the requests I completed in the morning were often checked by a servant, without the client inventor himself.

 However, there was no place like this house that did not even have servants.

"Let's start from the inside. A clean house will make you feel better."

 Since she had received the key to the house from the information desk, Nina entered the house.

"...Well, well, well."

 Nina was at a loss for words.

 The corridor was empty in some places, like stepping stones, but filled with garbage in others.

 There's a scurrying insect.

"I'm glad the client-sama isn't here. I didn't have to see such a surprised expression on her face... I'm not ready yet...!"

 Nina pulled herself together and got down to work.