Chapter 12 Wind And Clouds 3

 Back from the Lords' Hall, I don't know if you can see the battle, but we're going up to the roof of the Commercial Guild.

 It seems that the tallest building in this town is the Commercial Guild, and the staff of the Commercial Guild is watching the battle on the rooftop like me.

 But the battlefield is too far away to see.

 So I moved to a secluded place and bought some binoculars from [[mail order]].

 It is on the roof of the highest building, so you can see it well with binoculars.

 There are far more demons in number, but most of them seem to be low-ranked glass wolves, so it doesn't seem like they're being overwhelmed by numbers.

 As the adventurers on the left push up the battle line, the center and the right also gradually push up the battle line.

 The adventurers have a slight edge.

 If we can just push through, we'll be fine.

 On the left side is a party of several people, who are defeating the glass wolf with overwhelming power.

 As you look through the magnifying glass of your binoculars, you see two dark-haired girls and a blonde elf-ish girl knocking down a glass wolf.

 One of the black-haired girls uses twin swords, one uses a spear, and the blond-haired elf girl fights with a bow and magic.

 I tried to see if I could [[appraise]] it through binoculars and I could see it.

 The black-haired girl with the twin swords is Miho Inaba, the black-haired girl with the spear is Asami Tanaka, and the blond-haired elf is Kanami Sanjou, so it's safe to assume that she's a transferee like me.

 With the three of them leading the way, the adventurers on the left are pushing up the battlefield.

 But the adventurers in the center and on the right are not keeping up.

 Even among the left, the three of them stand out, so if this continues, the three of them will be isolated among the demons .

"Hendler-sama, what is it?"

 I turned around to see Umbrella-san looking at my binoculars with interest.

"This is a tool called binoculars. The battlefield is far away, so you can see better with this tool."

"Huh, is it like the skill [[Farseeing]]?"

"Well, I don't have [[Farseeing]], so I can't say for sure, but would you like to try it?"

"By all means!"

 We briefly explain to Umbrella-san how to use the binoculars and ask him to use them.

"It's fantastic . I can see the battlefield in my hands!"

"You can have it. It's our way of thanking you for allowing us to take refuge in the Commercial Guild."

"But may I take such a valuable thing? Isn't Hendler-sama to be used?"

"I have another one, you'll be fine."

 Umbrella-san is standing alongside me, looking through binoculars, watching the battlefield.

 The battle continued until nightfall, but it was not settled. The demons retreated due to the effect of the demon repellents placed around the town of Hajime, and a temporary truce was called.

 The battle started at sunrise and the adventurers are exhausted.

"Speaking of which, what are the lords-sama and the soldiers guarding this town doing?"

"The Lord's army is on standby in case the adventurers break through. Besides, the Lord's Army is in charge of nighttime vigilance, so adventurers can sleep in peace."

 The location Umbrella-San told us about was indeed where the Lord's army was waiting, and they would be replacing the adventurers to guard the area.

 Commercial guilds are offering supplies to the stampede.

 The Adventurer's Guild is already cooking up a storm and lavishing potions on injured adventurers.

 The Craftsmen's Guild repairs adventurers' weapons and armor free of charge, and provides weapons and armor at low prices if they cannot be repaired.

 In addition, the town's inhabitants provide logistical support to the adventurers.

"Shall we?"

"Where are you going, sir?"

"We're going to retrieve Glasswolf's body."

"A glass wolf? There's only one part of it I can use, the fur."

 Sailor wonders why the corpse of a glass wolf with little value is being recovered.

"Since I can't fight, I thought I'd buy the corpse of a glass wolf and have it add to the rewards for the adventurers this time."

"I think it's a good idea, but it doesn't mean that the lord-sama is going to add on the rewards for adventurers."

"That depends on the vessel of the lord-sama. It's not something I can do anything about."

"Is that all right with the Lord?"

"It's just hypocrisy for my own self-gratification."

 It's not hypocrisy, it's acting in your own best interest.

 When we arrived at the castle gates, there were already piles of glass wolf corpses piled high.

 Show the knight in charge your lord's permission slip, approach the pile of corpses and hold out your hand.

 It's for storage, but I've thought of an excuse to keep the storage secret.

It's gone!

 Not only the knights who came along to check, but also Lethia and Sailor show astonishment.

 Retrieval to storage shown in public for the first time .

 The pile of glass wolves seems to be recoverable at once.

 After retrieving the first pile, I checked the number of dead glass wolves in storage and found thirty.

 As far as I can see, there are fifteen piles of the same size, which means that there are about 450 corpses.

 That's less than half the number of glass wolves that were reported.

"These are my skills. I'd appreciate it if you kept it to yourself."

 Not just the knights, but Lethia and Sailor as well.

 I was on my way to retrieve a pile of glass wolf corpses when I saw a pile of dead adventurers.

"There will be no burial?"

"It's wartime now, so we'll have to cremate them all together."

 There's enough bodies for 50 adventurers.

 If I don't, there's a good chance I'll end up like this adventurer.

 So I think we need to have enough strength to avoid the approaching death, to be able to struggle.

 It doesn't have to be me, but it could be someone like Lethia, someone who recognizes me as Lord. That would be my power.

 I bow to the corpse of the adventurer and proceed to retrieve the body of the glass wolf.

 We've got 16 mountains, 456 dead glass wolves.

"Grouse-san, someone's coming from over there."


"No, it looks like a person."

 I'm walking through town towards the Merchant's Guild after I've finished collecting and counting the bodies of the glass wolves, when Sailor tells me that people are approaching.

 I didn't think it was a demon because it's in the city, but this time of year, it could be.

 Lethia immediately steps in front of me, ready to defend me.

 It is already dark and there are bonfires here and there because of the emergency, but it is still too dark for me to see if someone is approaching.

"I knew it!"

"It would seem so."

 After a while, people came close enough that even I could see them.

 And he's looking at us and he's saying something.

Who the hell are you?

 Lethia raises her guard a notch and holds up her shield.

 Three shadows. They're getting closer so I can see their faces.

 Two dark-haired girls and a blonde girl. I've seen them before.

Stop! Don't come any closer!"

 Lethia urges the three of them to remain still.

"Don't be so cynical. We're not enemies."

"You don't have to be so careful. I'm not the enemy."

 Three adventurers, presumably Japanese. They're talking to us in a friendly way.

"We need to talk to the dark-haired brother-san over there for a minute, can we talk now?"

"I just have a few questions for that brother-san."

 It's just the two of us talking from earlier.

 One of them's behind us, keeping an eye out for us.

"You want to talk to me? What can I do for you?"

"Can I talk to you without them?"

 He wants to talk to you in a private place.

 Probably, they want to confirm that you are Japanese.

"These two are my guards, so I can't respond to your requests."

"...So, just to confirm, is your brother Japanese?"

"Niho, what is it?"


 It was a predictable question, so I played it off.

 I think I'll keep the fact that I'm Japanese a secret until I know I can trust these women.

 Fortunately, the one with [[Appraisal]] among them is the blonde elf who's standing guard behind me, and her rank is [C], so she won't be able to detect my [[Disguise(B)]].

Wait, what do you mean?

"It's me you want to know what's going on, not you. What the hell do you want to know?"

 The black-haired Miho Inaba's spare smile from earlier is gone.

 Asami Tanaka, also with dark hair, is clearly dismayed.

 That's the least of their worries.

 I'd like to teach him the word "poker face.

"If you don't want to talk, I'll leave you to it."

"Uh, uh, wait."

 Miho Inaba is getting impatient.

 But I ignored her and tried to go around and go down the road, but the blonde elf Kanami Sanjou blocked the way.

"Funny . You retrieved the corpse of the glass wolf earlier, the item box . Or some kind of item storage skill. But there's no equivalent skill in your skill set."

"[[Appraisal]], I see you have a [[appraisal]]. But it's not good manners to look at someone else's status without permission."

"Mm, ..."

"Also, your [[Appraisal]] doesn't seem to be very high in rank . I've heard that you can't see high level skills at low ranks."


 You're lying.

 He walks off down the road, avoiding the abandoned Kanami Sanjou.

 Lethia, walking beside me, had a happy look on her face.

 Sailor, you stay behind me and keep your eyes open.

[Insu, did all 1,000 Earthlings migrate to this Hajime's town or nearby?]

[No, there's a margin of error, but they were sent to about a hundred different places. I don't know how many people were sent to this town.]

 A hundred places, which means there could be ten Earthlings in this town.

 It's been about half a month since we were transported to this world, so it's possible that some people have moved out of town in the meantime, so there's a chance that there are a few less.

 However, it is also possible that the number is increasing.

 Those three girls didn't come after me because they were wrong.

 I'm not going to change my response if you come after me.

 I'll rest in a room provided by the Merchant's Guild.

 He wakes up when Lethia and Sailor are asleep and sells Glasswolf's corpse through [[mail order]].

 Four hundred and fifty-six of them amounted to one thousand two hundred and ninety-nine thousand four hundred and seventy-two yen.

 The unit price is said to be 24,762 yen per animal, and varies depending on the individual and the damage.

 Since there are 456 of them, the lord will be paid 2,280,000 yen.

 But this stampede is not over yet, and there will be more corpses of glass wolves.

 At any rate, the transaction amount of [[mail order]] is not enough at all.

 Your goal is to make a 100 million yen deal and move up the ranks of [[Mail Order]]!

[By the way, you seem to be able to handle products from this world, what does that mean?]

[[Mail Order]] is a skill that allows you to buy and sell products from the world you are aware of. When the master is aware of this world, this world's goods are lined up. However, not all the goods are released due to the low skill rank. It is the same for Earth's products].

 You know, when I was looking for weapons, I didn't see any plastic explosives, tanks, or helicopters.

 I guess [[Mail Order]]'s higher rank means more products are available for me to buy.

 I'm going to have to increase my trading volume.

 It's more expensive to sell them than to buy them, so hunting them down and selling them is the most efficient way to go.

 All right, we've decided the policy and the goal for the time being.