Chapter 13 Inventor Is A Batch Bee

 Inventors are batch bees.

 The meetings of the Inventors' Society were held in a large hall for large presentations, and in a smaller hall next door for receptions.


 In the reception hall, there is a buffet-style dinner, and sofas and tables are placed near the wall where inventors are discussing.

 Sitting on an empty couch was a tall, slender woman.

 However, her blond hair is cut very short and she has no makeup.

 Even so, her slit purple eyes are beautiful, and I think she would look gorgeous in a dress - right now she's a "proper office lady" in a tight skirt! But.


 She, Astrid let out a deep sigh.

(Why do I have to come to this place...)

 The Kingdom of Freya's Inventors' Association requires all people who call themselves "inventors" in the capital to attend an annual meeting.

 There are four meetings a year, and they can be held at any time, but Astrid just happened to be there this time.

 To fulfill my duty.

(Crappy announcement...)

 The Kingdom of Freya is certainly a country of invention, and it is also true that it was the first country on the continent to operate a large-scale magic train.

 A huge iron train powered by magic has astounded the countries of the continent.

 But that was ten years ago.

 Lately-- it's been slow.

 I've heard of this technology before.

 Magic circuits with slightly improved efficiency.

 In the end, they just copy the technology published in other countries.

 Even so, inventors proudly announce their inventions, and people around them praise them.

 After all, they are just a bunch of merchants living off the royalties from their inventions long ago.

(Speaking of which, we're no different...)

 Astrid was able to keep her business in the middle of King's Landing, even though it looked like an abandoned building, thanks to the patent rights left by her father and grandfather.

 However, those rights will expire soon, and Astrid will have to earn them by herself.

(...I can't wait to get home and do my research. One more step. One more step and I'll have a great invention.)

 The inventors standing around or sitting around the table were ,

"--the mining rights to the Belfat mine..."

"Did you buy the bonds of the Principality of Walther?"

"It's the art trade that's paying off right now..."

 All he does is talk about making money.

 Although they claimed to be inventors, they were actually investors.

 But that's not all.

"Oh, my. It's Astrid-san from Mahogany Trading Company."

 There you go, Astrid thought back, disgusted.

 There were about three women in glittering dresses there.

 They were in their late forties at the youngest estimate, and possibly in their sixties.

 Despite this, she is wearing a dress with a large opening in the chest and has several young men at her back.

"This is... everyone-sama, hello."

 The make-up is so thick, Astrid thinks, that even if you passed her on the street, you wouldn't recognize her.

"You still don't want to let go of that business association? Didn't I tell you many times that I would keep it and give you the land?"

"It's too early to be blurry."

"Oh-ho-ho, isn't that a bit harsh for a joke?"

 They have the land around the Mahogany Trading Company where Astrid lives.

 I want to destroy the Mahogany Trading Company and build a mansion on the land.

 They are not inventing anything, they are just dressing up in fancy clothes and serving young men with money.

 Still, they could call themselves inventors in this country, and if you simply looked at the money, they were some of the wealthiest women in the country.

 You are an inventor even if you publish under your own name what you have made someone else research.

 And they're after Astrid's house.

"I believe I rejected that proposal before..."

"A 'proposal'!" Did you hear that?"

"I hear you, it's like we're asking for it, isn't it?"

"Even though it can't be."

 Astrid's headache accelerates when she hears the sound of laughter.

"That's an order. I said get the hell out of here. Besides, you haven't done much in the way of announcements."

"...if it is a long-term study, there is no problem in postponing the opportunity to present. I have received permission from the association."

"Hmm? So you got the old man of the association to nod off in bed? Wow, you're really something, aren't you?"


 The women turn their backs on Astrid, who is too surprised to speak, and leave, saying, "Oh, no, no, no."

"Oh, yeah-- do you know what they call you in inventor circles?"

 Suddenly, one of them turned around.

"Weirdo in the Dump". I thought I smelled something weird, but then I realized you were here! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho."

 I knew I had no choice but to let people make fun of me - of Astrid herself.

"One more step and we have a great invention!" But it is also true that we have not yet achieved anything.

 I was so mad that I almost jumped at him.

 Astrid knew that it was she who had neglected to take care of the house, and she had stopped it just in time.


 The women had long since left, but Astrid clenched her teeth and could not move from her spot.

 One of the directors of the inventors' association said,

"Well, the name of the Kingdom of Freya will suffer if this continues. I hear that our neighboring country, Walther, has been more active in inventions lately."

"Do you pre-screen your presentations?"

"Then they'll start talking about leaking secrets..."

"Maybe I've been a little too lenient on inventors."

We're no exception to that rule. Let's go back to active duty."

"Nonsense. Our mission is to train the next generation. Now is the time to tighten up the educational field."

"'s going to be a long project. We're going to die before we see the return of the inventor kingdom."

"How could you be so stupid? You look like you wouldn't die even if you were killed."

"I don't think your face has anything to do with it."

 The old people were sitting around the table talking,

"...How about the Mahogany Trading Company?"

 The head of the association said.

"Ah, the daughter of the Mahogany Trading Company... she was present this time, but I don't think she made an announcement."

"Her father and grandfather were very respectable."

"Yes, yes. My grandfather and grandmother were both inventors."

"Those were the good days. Every time we met, amazing inventions were announced, and four times a year, it was a wonderfully stimulating meeting."

"Already, four times may be too many."

 A lonely silence fell.

"Still, I would expect nothing less from the daughter of the Mahogany Trading Company."

"Hopefully, she won't be tainted by the same kind of money-grubbing as the other inventors..."

 These were the words of an inventor-scientist, as if he were praying to God.

 Although the days are getting longer, it is still chilly at night.


"Ta-tah-ku~, what kind of 'ohoho' is that? It's so bad that you think that laugh is elegant..."

 It was rather hot for Astrid, who was staggering along in staggered steps.

 I got the munchies from the association meeting and drank a lot of free booze.

 So, there you have it (・・・・・・).

 Astrid came straight back to Mahogany Trading Company, as if humans have the same "homing instinct" as dogs do.

"I'm home...well, there's no one here..."

 She was about to enter the grounds, talking to herself,

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... Is this our neighbor's?"

 Noticing the shiny cobblestones and the trimmed lawn in the garden, I realized that this was not my home, and turned around.


 Astrid hummed to herself as she tried to go to the neighbor's house,

 Isn't that what we do now? Isn't that Mahogany Shokai? I'm going to dash back.


 Sooty and dirty mahogany business.

 The grass in the garden is still growing on the property.


 I could tell even in the dark of night, it was all shiny and bright.

 What happened in one day?

 You've gone back in time to the time of new construction.

 Or maybe Astrid herself went back in time.

 I'm confused.

"Welcome back."

 The front door opens and light spills out from inside, as if the strange voices were noticed.

 There was a little maid-san there.

"We've been expecting you. My name is Nina, I've been hired to clean the information desk today."

 Nina bowed with both hands in front of her.


 But Astrid can't react.

"...Hey, isn't that Astrid-sama?"

"Yeah, yeah, but... cleaning?"

"Yes, sir. Cleaning services. Didn't you order it? And I have your keys."

"No... yes, I do."

 I don't know why I'm being so polite, Astrid.

 I honestly didn't think anyone would take the job.

 The rewards are low, and the downfall of Mahogany Trading Company is easily known to anyone with a passing familiarity with the inventor situation in King's Landing.

 Tomorrow, I would return the key and withdraw my request... that's all I thought.

"Hey, hey, how many people did it take? Cleaning the front must have taken a long time. I'm sorry, but I was only going to send that request to one person..."

 If you were to ask me to pay for 10 people, it would be not unreasonable, but it would be a bit difficult for Astrid's wallet.

"Yes, of course, I took it on myself."

"Well, I'm all alone... all alone?"

"Yes, sir. And, I'm sorry. It's getting darker earlier than I expected, and I haven't been able to clean the front completely."

"No, no, no, no! That's enough! Look at you!"

"Oh... if, if only... -If it's okay with you, could you do it again tomorrow? Didn't you work all morning to get this clean?"

"Okay, are you sure? It's my fault for pacing myself. .... Also, I've been working since after noon today, so it's been half a day."

 Half a day! Astrid is impressed that you were able to clean the outside so well in half a day.

"kun, you're much better than you look, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not... that's what a maid should do."

 A maid who deserves to be able to spruce up the exterior of her garden and house in half a day?

 That's not possible.

 Astrid says with a wry smile.

"Actually, it's the inside of the house I want you to clean. That's why I want you to do the inside of the house tomorrow."


"...Hmm? What did I say that was so strange?"

"Uh, no, no, it's nothing... well, we've already cleaned the house."


 Astrid gave him a look that said, "That's absurd," and then ran into the house with great speed.

"Uh, uh, uh..."

 The floor, where there was no place to step, is now visible and polished like a mirror.

 The color of the walls had regained its original color, "I remember it like this.

"If you'd like, I can make you some tea."



"Ah... yes, it's nice to meet you..."

 Also, I'm using polite language.