Chapter 13 Wind And Clouds 4

 During the night, they used a lot of demon repellents to keep the demons away, but when the effects began to wear off near dawn, the demons gradually began to attack the city.

 So the battle between the adventurers and the demons started almost as soon as the sunrise.

 The number of adventurers has decreased slightly, but the number of demons has decreased even more.

"Yesterday, we killed half of the glass wolves, but the adventurers are tired, so today should be the big day."

"Does Umbrella-san believe that the adventurers will be able to defend the town?"

 The dark circles under my eyes are getting even worse, Umbrella-san and I talk over binoculars.

"I don't know. I think the numbers are a little high this year, and it's going to be tougher when the Generals and Kings come out."

 A general is a rank 4 demon, higher than rank 1 glass wolves, rank 2 gray and black wolves, and rank 3 blood wolves.

 And the King is the ruler of his race, and he's a lot stronger than the General.

"Is it a general or a king... let's hope it doesn't come up."

"Yes, it is."

 The battle went on and on until noon.

 The three Japanese guys I talked to last night are still at the forefront of the fight against the Glass Wolves today.

 It sounds good to say that they are leading the fight at the front line, but they don't want to cooperate with other adventurers, or perhaps they can't.

 I suppose it can't be helped that they haven't had any real combat training, but the other adventurers are pretty worn out, so there's a risk that they'll stick out without being able to keep up with the girls.

"It's not safe to go on like that."

"What's so dangerous about that?"

"The three people I met last night are too far in front of me."

 I'm surprised you can identify an individual on the battlefield that's miles away without even using binoculars, the [[Eagle's Eye]] skill Sailor has is pretty impressive.

"They're dangerous?"

"If we don't, we'll be left alone in the middle of the demon's domain."

 Sailor seems to be thinking the same thing I am.

 Even I could see it from this bird's-eye view, but Sailor must have made her decision based on her past experience.

"Lord, don't you want to help me?"

"Even if you want to help, there's nothing I can do to help you."

 I have no combat skills.

 [[Space-time magic]] can help in combat a bit, but it's still haste and slow.

 Haste increases the target's agility and attack speed, but does not change the attack power.

 Slow also slows you down, but it has nothing to do with your attack power.

 I don't want to fight, so these spells are useless to me.

"Isn't this why the Lord has been sneaking around in the middle of the night?"

 Hey, Valetera.

 It seems that Lethia found out that I was up in the middle of the night buying something useful from [[mail order]].

"I knew about that, too."

 And Sailor!

"...okay, I'll help you."

"That's my Lord!"

"I'll go with you."

"You can stay here Sailor, if you want."

"What are you talking about? I'm Grose-san's bodyguard, remember?"

 It takes about forty minutes to reach the castle gate.

 It's a little late, the roads are crowded, but are the girls still safe?

 The knight who was in charge yesterday was there, so I asked him to give me some money and he allowed me to go to the top of the wall.

 From the top of the wall, you can see the battlefield. If you want to watch the battle, this is a good seat, but it is also dangerous.

 They are still safe and struggling to defeat the Glass Wolves, but they are already alone in the middle of the Glass Wolves.

 Move over the city walls to where you can cover them.

Sailor, do you think this will work?

"What's this?"

"It's a compound bow from where I come from. Longer range and more powerful."

"...Can I use it?"

"That's why I put it out there."

 The metal-reinforced compound bow is characterized by its long range and high power.

 However, it takes a lot of strength to pull the string, so I wasn't sure if Sailor, who had been using a short bow, would be able to handle it, but from the looks of it, there would be no problem.

 I think you're a hunter because you pull the strings so lightly beside me.

"Lethia, can you throw this into the glass wolf?"

"If it's something like this, it's no big deal."

"Then pull this pin before you throw. But throw it as soon as you pull it out. It'll explode."

"Hmm, I should just pull this pin out and throw it right away, right?"

"Don't throw it near the adventurers, it's no good if it explodes on them."

"No problem. I'll take care of it."

 What I gave Lethia was a grenade.

 Time bombs and plastic explosives were not sold by [[mail order]], but hand grenades were sold in various ways, so I bought some.

"Sailor, when you're ready, shoot away. Here's an arrow."

"Yes, sir!"

 Sailor pulls the string with a giggle, aims, and shoots the arrow.

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace.

"It's good!"

"That's very accurate for your first time using it."

"I like the bow and, above all, the arrows. It's hard to hit the right spot with an arrow that isn't distorted."

 I'm glad to hear that Earth's arrows are of good quality.

 But then, with a roar, several glass wolves were blown away.

"Well, that's quite something. Give me more, Lord."

 Looks like Lethia's looking good.

 He happily takes the grenade I give him.

 However, unfortunately, we have not been able to provide direct support to the three Japanese girls.

 They are already fighting more than three hundred meters away from the city walls, and the arrows of the compound bow Sela can reach, but their killing power is greatly reduced.

 And even the hand-thrown grenades from Lethia can't reach him because he's three hundred meters away.

 However, we can indirectly help them by exterminating the surrounding glass wolves.

 If they would come back to us, we could give them direct support, but they don't look at their surroundings and just rush forward.

"Lord, those girls are slipping away."

"It's probably because the pressure from the rear has decreased since Lethia is blowing up and eradicating the glass wolves in the rear... it seems those girls are brainiacs who can't judge the situation."

"But it's not good, there's no way we can cover them from here."

 But if we descend the walls, we'll lose sight of the battlefield. We're in trouble.

 and someone's approaching.

"Backup, thank you."

 It was a man with mostly white hair who approached me, shaking his large body.

"Branch Chief!"

 Branch chief? Apparently, Sailor knows this big man.

"Hmm, you're... you're Sailor, aren't you?"

Yes, this is Sela.

"Yes, Sela, would you introduce me to your friend?"

"Ah, yes. This is Grose Hendler-san, the merchant, and his servant Lethia-san. I'm Grose-san's bodyguard."

 Sailor's tension is halfway up.

 Apparently, the big man known as the Branch Chief is an admirer of Sailor's.

"My name is Große Hendler. I'm a merchant. Please make my acquaintance."

"I'm Gouriky, head of the Adventurer's Guild. I've come to thank you for your support of Lord Hendler and Lord Lethia."

"Well, thank you for taking the time."

"But the explosion reduced the number of glass wolves to a trickle. What the hell was that?"

"It's just throwing an explosive tool. I don't have the strength, so I'm leaving it to my squire Lethia, but I hope I've been of some help."

 Gowrieky-san is staring at the grenade with interest.

"I've been watching, but I don't think I can throw to those girls in the back. Well, why don't you let me do it?"

"...I don't mind, but can you reach me, Branch Manager-san?"

"You'll find out when you try."

 There's no way he can say no to the confident Gowrieky-san, so he explains how to handle the grenade and hands it over.

 He swings a grenade with the pin removed and throws it like a professional baseball pitcher.

 The grenade, which flew at a speed that could not be followed by the eye at all, exploded behind the three girls who were isolated on the front line and blew away some glass wolves.



 This is Lethia, don't say such a thing.

"Gahahahaha, this is good! Even I can kill a demon from a distance!"

 He looks happy. For all intents and purposes, Gowrieky-san is a close combatant, throwing grenades with abandon.

 The three girls seem to be in a hurry because of the explosions around them.

 It would help if you'd just chill the fuck out and turn around.

 But Gouriky-san has great strength. And he's got great dexterity.

 He throws a grenade to block the path of the three girls who were trying to advance as the surrounding glass wolves dwindled.

 I've successfully led them back to the adventurers' area.

 Despite appearances, this muscle-bound Gourikey-san is a precision thrower.

 Gouriky-San leads the girls back to the back of the guild, where they take a rest.

"Now, Herr Hendler, will you sell me these tools?"

"This time is an exception. I have no intention of selling this tool. However, we will help you until the end of the stampede."

"Hmm... okay. Then I'll need your help during the stampede."

 In the front line, Gowrieky-san threw a grenade to give the adventurers time to regain their position, and the situation began to move in favor of the humans.

 The three girls are being lectured while taking a break, and they seem to be fed up with it, but Gourikky-san says that he lectured them yesterday too.

 You don't listen to people, you annoy them... and that's the kind of person I hate.

 You remind me of my boss.

 When the sun had set, it appeared.

 The band of adventurers that had formed the front line was broken up by it, and the gates were destroyed.

 It'll bring the glass wolf into town.

"That's General Wolf!"

 Info: General Wolf, rank 4, male, 33.

 HP: 55300

 MP: 1000

 Strength: 2100

 Endurance: 1700

 Magic: 1200

 Agility: 3100

 Dexterity: 1300

 Attractions: 1000

 Good luck: 30

 Active Skills: [[Fang Art(C)]][[Claw Art(C)]][[Acceleration(D)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Leg Strengthening(C)]][[Leadership(C)]]

 Yeah, I can't. How the hell are we supposed to beat that thing?

Team A, stop the General. Team B, guard the gate!

 The shouts of Gouriky-san, who had begun to command the front line, rang out.

 Gowrieky-san with a big axe directs the less confused adventurers to move.

 There were already few glass wolves left, only about thirty rank 2 gray wolves and black wolves, and a few rank 3 blood wolves.

"Sailor, can you get a shot at a wolf that just walked into town?"

"I'll try!"

"Lord, what do I do?"

"As expected, we can't use grenades in the town, so Lethia, who has no means of long-range attack, is on standby."

"Mmm... okay."

 Not many Wolves have made it into town.

 There won't be more than 20 of them. Leave the wolves in town to the lord's army and have Sailor cover them and we should be fine.

 The problem is that Gowrieky-San and the three girls are facing off against the top Wolves led by the General.

 We can't cover the outside of the city walls with Seela covering the whole town.

 Should we have Lethia throw a grenade? No, she's too close to the adventurers with so few of them to risk a grenade.

 A submachine gun MP7 won't take it out, but it'll give us some cover.

 You want to try?