Chapter 14 The Rejoicing Emperor Part 1

 The Rejoicing Emperor Part 1

 The country loved by the gods, the Mysurian Empire.

 As a recipient of the god's blessings, I used to think that I was quite naive and envious when I heard that it was widely and proudly proclaimed.

 I have two brothers whom I can trust, but other than them, I have nothing.

 I've solemnly brought people scattered in the frigid land together by plotting and scheming, using the intimidation and military power I've gained through divine protection.

 In the Volturnine Empire, it is thoroughly recognized that a person with divine blessings is a divine sacrifice.

 I was taught that there is not one god but many, that some are kind and some are fierce.

 None other than the one who gave Martin his blessing.

 The protector spoke his mind. .

 You are worthy of my protection but not my doting.

 I thought it was a joke to dote on her because of the pain she had suffered because of the blessing and I despised the idea of a god doting on her.


 But when I saw Alexandra for the first time, I understood God's feelings.

 There are certain beings in the world who should be doted upon.

I'd like to go too, but an empire without a king, without a vizier and without a general is bound to start a riot.

 Efsei shook his head regretfully.

'I will take care of you. Go pick up your bride without worry. Return as soon as you can.

 Konrad smiled and gave him a push.

Luca. You took care of Marti, didn't you?

Yes. I will do everything in my power to make sure that Martin-sama and his wife get into the Empire safely.

 My men kneel and swear by Konrad's words.

'As a nation, so be it. I think it would be better to make a show of it. I don't have anyone other than Luca to escort me because of the seppuku...

It's a good idea to keep the soldiers at bay to prevent civil unrest.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

That's right. If she said it was for the people or for me, she'd accept it sincerely. She's really a hard-to-find queen.

 There's no need to intimidate a country that's dying without your blessing.

 It's a waste of money to be vain.

 Rather, what you need is after you join the country.

 There will always be fools who will try to use Alexandra, the object of Martin's affection, to their own advantage.

 It's a husband's duty to protect his beloved wife.

 I'm not going to give her up to anyone, but I want to make sure she's safe, so I'll use whatever I can.

I see. The god of war, Randolph Wurzner, will be coming after us. Eugen Bachelder, the God of War, has already arrived with his family in the Empire and they are very pleasant people.

 Martin also received a greeting from Eugen's family.

 He was surprised to see that even the youngest child had the face of a soldier, but the impression was very good.

 And perhaps his wife, Brunnhilde, is stronger than Eugen.

 His feelings for Alexandra were -sama-, but the loyalty of all was unquestionable.

 Randolph Wurzner must have decided to atone for his grandson's sins with his life.

 He had always been a warrior of the highest rank, and Martin was glad that he had made such a difficult decision.

 But he was too good a man to die.

 His son was also a good warrior whose early death was regretted.

 His grandson was an unparalleled scoundrel.

 Well, what about the great-grandson?

 He's probably late because of his great-grandson.

 If he was loyal to Alexandra, Martin had no problem with protecting her.

The knights who will accompany Alexandra-sama are Annemarie the Fire God and Edeltraut the Holy God. There are also a number of excellent civil servants, including the god of war Boniface.

 I had heard a lot of rumors about the three of them, but Alexandra's letter describing them was quite amusing.

 Alexandra's surroundings have changed drastically for the better since the engagement was broken off.

 The most important thing is to marry Martin, but even so, the progress of her estranged siblings seems to have made Alexandra especially happy.

 At first glance, it seems that Boniface is not very loyal to Alexandra, but he is too smart to consider the depths of Alexandra's heart.

 If he came to the empire and gave Alexandra a lot of work that would make her happy, he would be useful to her, and more than that, he would make her happy and come to terms with himself, and he would be able to pamper his sister like the other two.

I was surprised to hear that Wolfgang Bauschnern, the God of Music, was coming. The Empire has always been weak in the arts, but I believe that will change dramatically in the future.

 In Wolfgang's case, it was worship rather than loyalty.

 In the letter, Alexandra says in a slightly troubled way.

 It's not that she doesn't like it, she's worried.

 However, she wonders why he is composing songs in a new style one after another, and why the sounds he spins are so clear and beautiful without a speck of cloud.

 The confused Alexandra is also cute.

 I've never had the time to enjoy art, but with Alexandra next to me, listening to her finely honed melodies is going to be a blissful time.

 There were more people who adored Alexandra than I had imagined.

 There were more than enough people in the empire to consider her as the bride of the first princess.

 It is also wonderful that she has a wide range of skills.

 Above all, it helps that their loyalty is absolute.

 It was also written with pleasure that the emperor had thoughtfully arranged for his beloved daughter to have something suitable for her marriage.

 Martin-sama asked Alexandra, "Is there anything you want? I was at a loss to reply to Alexandra's straightforward question, but I straightforwardly laid out a variety of specialties of the Myssian Empire.

 For the Empire, where the weather is very cold, the food alone would have been enough.

"It will be a large group on the way back, but you can travel light.

It's no use paying tribute to a dying country...

That's one thing. Perhaps there is salvation for the good people... so I think we should help them later.

"An oracle from the guardian sama?"

I didn't get any useful information like that. I don't have that kind of useful information. But well... I think I do.

 The two brothers nodded, thinking that if Martin said so, then there was no doubt.

 In fact, Martin's intuition was so keen that it was almost divine.

So, Martin-sama, since we are leaving tomorrow, please rest early tonight.

 With Luca's words, the meeting on the eve of departure came to an end.

"...You're standing out, Martin-sama."

"Martin-sama, right? Well, he won't talk to you because me and the Black Unicorn are intimidating him, right?"


 I saved her from being bullied by the other unicorns, probably because of the jet black color she wears in the silver world.

 She seemed to want to follow me, but I refused to ride such a prominent horse. I rejected her, and three days later.

 Three days later, he evolved into a divine horse, wore concealment, and came running into the palace.

 It's been Martin's favorite horse ever since.

"But... oh, look, again! There's a woman wandering up to you."

It's dangerous.

"Be careful."

"No! Someday, he'll jump the wrong way! No! You'd never do something so stupid! Sorry, Schwartz!"

 The pressure from Schwartz is killing Luka.

 The woman who walked up to him fainted, so it was no problem.

"Well, I'm in contact with -chan and the royal palace, shouldn't they be able to join us soon?"

 When they seized the home of the former head mage of the court, who was said to have fled to the temple, they found a lot of useful magical tools.

 I heard that there were a few magic tools that were strictly forbidden to be kept in Mysia.

 Alexandra sent me a communication device from one of those tools, the one I just called the royal palace with.

 It's a great tool for a long-distance relationship.

 Above all, I can hear Alexandra's voice.

 Her voice sounds sweeter and calmer than I remember from my childhood.

 A supreme softness that soothes you no matter how grumpy you are.

 I couldn't help but be charmed by the way she sometimes lost her fluency in an embarrassed manner.

"Martin-sama... your face..."


" you're okay."

"Now you look like an emperor. "Condescending smile."

"You're quite the squire, aren't you, kun?"

"I'm flattered by your compliment."


 He tells me he's here, and I look up with a deep smile on my face.

 It was the big guy.

"...Welcome to the Empire of Mysia! His Majesty Martin Martynovich Gurieva, Mister Luca, Mister Schwarz."

 The one who jumped down from his horse and bowed deeply was the second prince, Edeltraut.

 His well-groomed appearance was full of the supremacy and dignity befitting a man who is regarded as a holy god by other nations.

 As the son of an emperor, he looks like a member of the royal family without the slightest suspicion, but it is surprising that his real father is Eugen.

"Your sister Alexandra is waiting for you."

 The unshakable loyalty to Alexandra belongs to the Bachels.

 Everything else, she got from Alexandra and the emperor.

 The whore's blood must never be spilled, even if it is.

 The look in Martin's eyes was unwavering.

 Once again on horseback, Edeltraut saddled up next to Martin and Luca, escorted by a perfect formation of his men.

"...I've never seen one of these before. A black unicorn! It's so beautiful! With his splendid physique, he must have ridden with His Majesty Martin in many battles... The name "Schwarz" is from the language of the Mysia Empire, isn't it? I feel even more familiar with him."

"Brrr! Bururururu!"

 I don't feel bad about being praised!

 I like the name too.

 It has a nice ring to it.

"...What is it you say, Herr Schwarz?"

 A question that leaves no doubt in Martin's mind that he understands Schwarz's exact words.

 There are a certain number of soldiers who treat horses like people, but most of them treat their beloved horses the same way.

 Also, most of them think that they are the only ones who can understand their horse's language, so the Edeltraut response is rare.

"I don't feel bad about the compliment. I think you're saying that you particularly like the sound of the name, aren't you?"

"! I see! I'm often said to be offensive because of my sharp accent. I'm glad you take it as you do, Mr. Schwarz."

 It sounds so military and heroic.

"Yes! I'm proud to say that I'm one of the few people in the Mysurian Empire who can take pride in that!"

 ...We're already on the same page.

 As expected, he is the one who appears in Alexandra's letters and correspondence the most among her siblings.

 Incidentally, the man who appears most frequently is Bartolomeus, the emperor and father.

 Edeltraut, who is happily conversing with Schwartz, is half admiring and half dismayed, while listening to the -samaiko of the soldiers following behind him.

 They are trying their best not to be overpowered by Martin and Schwartz, but there are many of them wiping away the cold sweat that is running down their faces.

 Even so, he doesn't show any obvious signs of agitation, so he must be a pretty good soldier.

"...Will the soldiers be coming with us?"

"I haven't heard, but I think so."

"Thank goodness."

 Civil war is scary, but so is a demon attack.

 Because of the scarcity of food in the frigid regions, the demons nesting in the Volturnine Empire are said to be much more fierce than those in other countries.

 As a matter of course, many people are attacked and killed by demons every day.

 Most of them are commoners who have no power to resist, but there are a few soldiers among them.


 And trained soldiers were the kind of people you wanted to have in your life.

"Welcome, Your Highness, Martin Martynovich Gurieva, King of the Voltunyu Empire."

 The one who greeted me at the magnificent castle gate was the Emperor of Mysia, Bartolomeus Arlesmaier.

 He had luxurious blond hair and golden eyes that were said to see through evil.

 They are not unlike Alexandra's.

 They say she looks like her late mother.

 But she does have a certain air about her that makes her Alexandra's father.

 She seemed calmer than when I had met her at parties in other countries.

 Perhaps it was not only because he was in his own country.

"The Emperor himself welcomes you, and we are grateful... but where is my beloved fiancée, Princess Alexandra-sama?"

"Hmm. I thought you might want to see them first, Your Highness?"

 The emperor looked at the two high-ranking men in front of him.

 From the looks of them, they must be the ones who tortured Alexandra.

"You think they're here because they're dangerous and not because the princess is here?"

"If you wish to see her urgently, I can take you there immediately."

"...No. The emperor's kindness will not be ignored."

 I answered with a big smile, and the Emperor smiled happily.

 Now that his relationship with Alexandra has changed into what the emperor wants, he wants to have more opportunities to humiliate them.

 I couldn't agree more.

"Then let me take you and your squire here."

"Your Majesty! May I go to my sister's place?"

 Edeltraut, who seemed to have enjoyed the conversation with Schwartz, interrupted the conversation.

 I understand, but I can't allow it.

"No. I will not allow you to go before Martin."

 In his strong tone, he must have realized his rudeness.

 Edeltraut apologized to the knight.

"I was very rude. I apologize."

"...I understand how you feel. I just don't want you to see him before I do."

 Return to your normal tone.

 It was uncharacteristic of Martin to speak in a formal manner, and it was tiring.

 Edeltraut wouldn't mind, and the Emperor wouldn't blame him for being impolite.

"I apologize again."

"Yes. There you go. If I torment my precious brother, Allen-chan will hate me."

 Edeltraut's happy face changed to a troubled expression, but he bowed deeply again.

"Then, let's go. This way, please."

 Martin is next to the emperor, followed by Luka right behind him, two people who seem to be soldiers under the emperor's direct command, and judging from Alexandra's letter, the former head of the court mage and the former vizier? From Alexandra's letter, it seems that the former chief mage of the court and the former vizier followed, and Edeltraut took his place.

"Alexandra is particularly pleased to be called 'Allen-chan' by you," he said.

"That's what she says to me, too. If she's saying it to you, then she really means it. I'm glad."

"...I can't be a father for long. I can't even get someone like Martin to call me by my nickname, you know?"

"I heard you had a lot on your mind. Allen-chan seems to be very happy now and will be happy in the future. I'll make her happy, so don't worry!"

"Take care of my daughter."

 When I arrived at the door of the room, he bowed his head.

 Everyone behind me was surprised.

 Martin was surprised too.

 He had expected him to be reasonable, but he had assumed it would be when they were alone.

 Apparently, the emperor cared for Alexandra very much and regretted that he had not been able to get involved in her life due to divine restrictions.

 It makes sense that Alexandra, who has a deep heart, would love her father.

 Martin does not have a complete grasp of the situation, but he knows firsthand that God's restrictions are terrible.

 From the fact that Alexandra was more indifferent to the gods than he thought, he could guess that the emperor had taken on the negative aspects of the gods.

 If Alexandra knew that, she would love her father more.

 I'm willing to teach her if she wants.

 Her first priority was her bliss.

"Now, what would you like to drink? Alexandra is an excellent tea brewer. She'd love for you to try some, Martin."

"Then I'll have something other than tea."

"Then wine will do."

 The emperor glanced at him, and his attendant reverently brought him a bottle of wine.

"This is the finest red wine from the Mithyr Empire. I hope it suits your taste."

"I've enjoyed all the wine Allen-chan has given me," he said.

 The emperor himself tipped the bottle into a glass of wine that was spotless.

 The mellow aroma of the grapes spread fragrantly.

"To the betrothal of Martin Martynovich Gulieva, King of the Volturnine Empire, and Alexandra Arlesmaier, First Princess of the Empire of Mysia!"


 Following Martin's toast, the seated guests raise their glasses.

 One of them slipped his glass down.

"I'm sorry, sir!"

"Hmm. Shattering the toast glass at an auspicious occasion... are you dissatisfied with this engagement?"

"No! Of course not! I'm not qualified to sit here and I'm nervous. Please forgive me.

 The man on his knees, flowing onto the soft carpet, is shaking all over.

 All the parts of his body that could be seen even when he was down were wet and glistening with sebum sweat.

"What do you mean, you're not qualified to be a samurai?"

 At the sound of Martin's voice, the man on his knees shook his body.

 He didn't try to intimidate him, but he seemed to have lost his temper.

"Answer me!"

 At the Emperor's sharp voice, the man's head jumps up.

 His face was covered with tears and snot, and he was in a very disgusting state.

"I have been punished by the gods for my disrespect for the princess, Sama.

"What is your name?"

Nikolaus Votto, my name is.

 Former Chief Mage of the Court.

 It seems the divine punishment has taken a toll on his arrogant nature.

 He's not the same man I had my agents investigate.

"Ah. You're the one who experimented on Allen-chan."


 As if he didn't know, Edeltraut tightened his grip on the sword at his waist and went into a sword drawing stance.

"I know you care about Allen-chan, but you don't deserve him, do you? You can't condemn someone who's being punished by the gods. It's disrespectful to the gods."

"I'm very sorry."

 I can understand the emperor's desire to take the punishment into his own hands, but so can you.

 Martin's the same.

"But I think it's possible, as long as it's not condemnation. Harassment, you know?"

 I look at Luca and he pulls out some documents from his bag.

"One for the Emperor, one for Edeltraut... and one for Bot, please?"

 Martin handed the papers to the three men.

"Hmm. They were protected in the Voltunyu Empire?"

"...The Garmashovas are a prominent family in the Voltnian Empire, aren't they?"

"We wanted to protect them as a nation, right? The head of the Garmashova family fell in love with Daniela-dono at first sight..."

 The reason why the Galmashovas are considered to be one of the most prominent families in the Volturnine Empire is because they have always maintained their isolation from the corrupt nobility.

 They may have had little loyalty to Martin, but they were loyal to their country.

 He's always been on the front lines, fighting his own battles.

 He was a rugged soldier.

 He was also a man who had been single since his wife died of illness at a young age.

"I was surprised at how fast you seduced him. And it was in an audience room in the palace, on our first meeting, right? I guess it's a good thing that your son took to her... I'm really glad that Daniela-sama is a tolerant person."

 I ordered the king to wait a little longer before making the formalities! But he took Daniela in his arms and Bettina on his shoulders, and adopted Bettina as soon as they left the audience chamber.

 She asked him if he would be her uncle's child. Normally, she should have asked her mother.

 But Daniela was very pleased with the response.

 She promised that in a year's time, she would submit her papers officially as the full wife of the Garmashova family.

"Daniela, you're smiling. Bettina is smiling, too. She was such a beautiful woman. Such a pretty girl."

 In addition to the papers, I've attached some magic photos.

 When you hold the photos in your hand, the scene moves.

 Just as it was when I projected it.

 For a set time, repeatedly, repeatedly.

 I show you a beautiful, lovely smile.

"I thought you'd have a hard time leaving your home country and becoming a single mother. I thought I could help you if you came to me."

 Daniela and Bettina have reported that the bots have been mistreating them.

 The head of the Galmashova family was furious and told me every detail.

 Anyone would say, "How dare you ask her to get back together with you! he would say.

 And yet...

 And yet, Bot's superciliousness toward the two of them was still there.

 Apparently, God's condemnation was not enough.

"Even if I get down on my knees and apologize to you to the point of incontinence like I am now, I don't think we'll get back together. I heard it directly from Daniela and Bettina-chan. She said she doesn't want us to get back together."

"For me! I need it! I need it!"

"You two don't need each other. I mean, you're in my way!"

 She won't let go of the magic photo, even if I threaten her.

 He's blindly convinced that if they're around, his old selfish happiness will return to his hands.


 Luka quickly retrieves the documents and the magic photo from the bot's hands.

"...We're done here. Clean up your mess and return to the temple at once."

"Your Majesty! Have mercy!"

"It is not for me to give it."

 God, or Daniela and Bettina, who you'll never see again.

 Alexandra will forgive.

 She knows that even if she forgives, the condemnation will continue, at least for her.

 The bot looked around as if clinging, and stared at one man in particular, but must have succumbed to the intimidation of the others.

 He cleaned the stains on the carpet with a cleansing spell, bowed deeply, and staggered out of the reception room with unsteady steps.

"Mister Martin. Would you like a refill?"

"Thank you!"

 As the bot disappeared, I gulped down the wine in one gulp, which gave me a very light intoxication.

 I'm a strong drinker.

 I quickly turn the glass to enjoy the rich aroma of the newly poured wine.

"Well, Your Majesty. Aside from the gentleman you just met, is there anyone else you can introduce me to?"

"Yes. There's one more."

 One of the men shakes his body with a loud jerk.

 Unfortunately, his wine glass was placed on the table.

"Felix Cyril, Prime Minister of Mysia."

"What? You're still Prime Minister, aren't you?"

"Not for a very long time. He's quite capable when it comes to taking care of the details."

 Cyril's face twisted into a scowl.

 Apparently, he is dissatisfied with the work he is being given.

"We don't need a Prime Minister who is unhappy with his job."

"I'm not unhappy!"

"I'm only dissatisfied with my job." "I don't think that's very convincing, even if you tell me that you're dissatisfied with your job."

 Martin glared at Cyril, who was biting his lip tightly, and accused him in a tone that seemed to be very damaging if he did this when they first met.

"Well, you know what? I'm sure you don't want to go back to your house without any furniture after your wife and children ran away from you and your servants abandoned you, right?"


"Oh, no. So that's what happened. No wonder he's staying in the Prime Minister's office."

"...Why don't you lock yourself up in the temple with the other sinners?"

"Well, don't say that, Edeltraut. But there's no need for a home where you can't return. I suggest you take the necessary steps to make the house a state property."

"Your Majesty!"

 With your hand, I will have you relinquish all memories of those you considered family.

 It's far from a condemnation, but it's quite a clever harassment.

"But, Your Majesty!  The Boksbergs are a loyal family. Not a single child was conceived by a traitor!"

"How do you know this, Your Majesty..."

"Because I checked. It's the man who tried to kill the person I love more than anything!"

 Cyril's face turned white.

 I think I'm almost ready to faint.

 Then we can just throw him in the temple.

"The mother of my only blood relative is a whore. Her son is twisted, but so are her feelings for Allen-chan. Still, it's a wonder he's never done her any harm, unlike Kun."

"...I'm surprised too. You seem to adore her a lot."

"That! The son who adores Alexandra-sama and is accepted by Alexandra-sama! The father! You're sending him away to the temple!"

 The place went silent for a moment.

 What is this man saying?

 Everyone except the man himself must have thought.

"What's the point of claiming the parent-child relationship now? You-sama hasn't even apologized to Alexandra in the first place. Well, I don't intend to make a scene."

 It was the emperor who came back first.

 I'd like to learn from his calmness.

"Bots are better than us because they know what they're doing."

"Bots are better than me!"

"Yes. You're a lot worse than that incontinent bastard, kun. Like Allen-chan's ex-fiancee?"

 The ex-fiancee wished Alexandra was gone, but she didn't want to kill her.

 However, it was a serious crime because Alexandra had been in love with him, even if only for a short time.

"Hmm. Then we'll castrate her like we did that one."

"If that's how it's done, it won't interfere with God's wrath."

 Edeltraut sits up and stares at Martin.

 He seems to be trying to say that Martin has the right.

"He's only got balls, right? -What about kun? You want the rod?"



 Cyril collapsed on the spot.

 He fainted just like Martin had wanted.

 It was far more dumbfounding than I had expected.

 People who pretend to be schemers are vulnerable to direct attacks like this.

 ...Too weak, I suppose.

"What about the incontinent guy, the fainting guy? How fragile are you?"

 Considering what I've done, I didn't carry out the punishment too lightly, I just said it out loud.

"I'm sure there aren't many bad people who can stand alone in the end. I'm sure there aren't many."

 The vizier is being carried out of the room by the emperor.

 He'll be taken to the temple.

"Your Majesty. Why don't you arrange for your brother to nationalize the mansion?"

"Yes. I will. We don't want to waste time waiting for the Prime Minister to wake up."

"Then I'll go tell him in person. If I stay here with you, I'm afraid I'll interfere with your sister's meeting with Mister Martin."

"I'm sorry?"

 I apologize to her as she looks at me like I'm an abandoned dog.

"No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I haven't been there for you."

 I've been longing for her and now I can finally be around her.

 As a brother, he will always worship his sister.

 In that case, you may allow me to stay by Alexandra's side.

 If nothing else, Alexandra would like to have a bloodless brother and sister by her side.

"So, are you ready to go to Alexandra?"

"Yes, by all means! But first, could you give me something to take the smell of wine out of my mouth? If Allen-chan says I reek of alcohol, I'll never recover."

"I see. I understand. Chewing on a mint leaf will help."

 A small plate with a mint leaf on it is quickly handed to the emperor.

 The plate was passed from the Emperor's hand to Martin's.

 Luca doesn't stop.

 Not even a tinge of poison.

 He has no reason to complain about the emperor's clear statement that he will take full responsibility if Martin should fall.

"...May I come with you?"

"Of course. After me, the first person from the Empire to get involved with Allen-chan is the kun."

"I would be honored."

 So Luka would respond properly to the Emperor's sincerity.

 He explained in simple terms that the emperor's best aide would be protecting Alexandra.

 With a smile that every man should have, the emperor politely invited Martin and Luka to visit Alexandra.