Chapter 14 Wind And Clouds 5

 In the midst of shouts and screams, the adventurers work together to fight a fierce battle against the General Wolf. Five of the most skilled adventurers, Gouriky-san, and three brainy girls.

 The five adventurers seem to be in the same party, and they are working closely together, though they are not talking to each other. They must be one of the best parties in this town. There's no way that the three brainy girls can fit in among those five, and Gouriky-san is restraining her feelings. The girls seem to be waiting as backups for the five adventurers in case of unforeseen circumstances.

 So I'm not messing with General Wolf. I don't want to get in his way halfway.

 I'm going after the Blood Wolf, the one the adventurers are struggling with, and I'm going to align my laser sight and pull the trigger.

 There's a thud on my shoulder, but it's nothing serious. My bullet hits the bloodwolf in the abdomen, making a small hole. It seems to have slowed down a little, but not much.

 The Blood Wolf doesn't know where the attack is coming from and darts backwards two tantalizing leaps in alarm.

 The adventurer followed him and closed the distance, but he ducked his sword and hit back with his claws. What are you doing?

 This time it fires in rapid succession, several shots being fired instantly. More red and black blood spurted from the Blood Wolf's abdomen. If he kept doing this, he might be able to defeat the Blood Wolf, but that was not the case.

 Bloodwolf seems to have recognized me with the barrage of shots he just fired, and is pointing his sharp eyes at me.

 At that moment, it jumped up without any help, and took a trajectory to catch me by any means.


 Lethia, who pushed me away when I couldn't react, flicked the Blood Wolf with her shield. The Blood Wolf that was hit by the shield also does the same, and adjusts its stance in the air and lands on the castle wall. I don't know if you can do such an acrobatic move!

 Lethia and Bloodwolf glaring at each other. I'm too weak to move!


 It was Sailor who assisted me to stand when I was too weak to move.

Lord, I'll take care of this!

I'll cover you!"

 Lethia confronts Blood Wolf, and Sela, who helped me up, covers her. Unfortunately, even if I wanted to cover her with MP7, I couldn't keep up with the movements of Lethia and Bloodwolf, and if I did a bad job, I would hit Lethia, so I decided to watch.

 Bloodwolf, I thought it was big even when I saw it from a distance, but when I saw it up close, I was astonished at its size. It must be more than two meters tall, and even though it is farther away than Lethia, it looks bigger than Lethia, so you can feel its size very well.

 The Blood Wolf raises its large paws and swings its sharp claws down. Lethia fights off the bloodwolf's claws with the large black shield in her left hand and swings the slightly larger black axe in her right hand sharply, but the bloodwolf jumps backwards and ducks the black axe.

 You've got to be careful not to get caught in the middle of the action.

 The back-and-forth battle continued for a while, but the Blood Wolf's movement became worse. He was bleeding profusely from the wounds I had inflicted on him by shooting the MP7, so it seemed that he was close to his limit of action.

 Lethia pushes Bloodwolf, who is breathing heavily, into a corner, and an arrow that had been ducked so far pierces Bloodwolf's neck.

 When I see the bloodwolf screaming and backing away, I feel sorry for the demon.

[Master, since you're a tamer, why don't you [[tame]] the Blood Wolf?]

[What? The bloodwolf? Can you [[tame]] it?]

[In general, a demon can be [[tamed]] when it is almost dead. Sometimes [[tame]]s fail, but if you are a master, you have a good chance of success.]

 Do you think I have a higher chance of success because I'm more attractive? Or is it because I'm 100 percent lucky?

 Either way, it's a great chance to [[Tame]], so there's no choice but to do it!

"Lethia, I'm sorry, but I'm going to [[tame]] that Blood Wolf!"

"You can do whatever you want Lord!"

"Would you like a Sailor?"

"Come in!"

"Thank you! Bloodwolf, be my squire! [[Tame]]"

 I feel as if something is leaving my body. It's probably consuming MP. It's hard.

 I felt the MP slipping out of me, connecting Bloodwolf to me, and Bloodwolf started glowing .


 When the glow subsides, the bloodwolf, who until now was covered in blood and had an arrow in his neck, is standing in front of us completely unharmed.

"Did you make it?"

 I muttered, and the bloodwolf hung his head, folded his paws and knelt.

[Succeeds. Name that bloodwolf.]

[If I succeed, will it heal my wounds or something?]

[Yes, it consumes the Master's MP to recover from its dying state. It is the bond between the master and the demon.]

 Well, take my MP, right?

 Well, we're gonna have to name it, aren't we? What should we name it?

 Fenrir is out of the question because he is a wolf demon with reddish-black body hair and is called Blood...right...on the other hand, what about a wolf like the sun...sun and wolf (louve)? It's English and French, right?

"From now on you're Saint-Loup."


 Sunlouve the Blood Wolf walks up to me and rubs his face against my cheek. He's a big monster, even for a Squire, and he's the one I've been fighting.

[Master, if you don't wear the Mark of the Squire, they may think you're a stray bloodwolf and attack you.]

[Oh, really? What's the mark of a follower?]

[Think of the Squire's Mark as a collar, simply put. It can be purchased from [[Mail Order]].

 I guess it's meant to be like wearing a collar on a dog or cat and claiming it's your dog or cat.

[Checking status of Saint-Loup]

[Oh, okay.]

 Full name: Saint-Loup

 Info: Bloodwolf, Rank 3, Female, 15, Squire.

 HP: 6000(B)

 MP: 600(E)

 Muscle strength: 800(B)

 Durability: 600(C)

 Magic: 100(E)

 Agility: 900(B)

 Dexterity: 100(D)

 Charm: 100(D)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Fang Art (D)]][[Claw Art (D)]][[Three-Dimensional Activation (D)]]

 Passive Skill: [[Enhanced Leg Strength (D)]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]

[Status is great, but you don't have a job, do you?]

[Demons do not have professions. Instead, they have ranks, and when they grow up, they evolve and rank up.]

[Race evolution... does that mean Sanlove can become a general too?]

[Yes, you can become a general if you want to when Sanlove evolves into a race. However, since race evolution rarely occurs, you should not expect it].

[I see. Well, I'll just wait and see.]

"It's amazing to have a Blood Wolf as a follower."

"I owe a lot of this to Leecia and Sailor."

"You serve the Lord, so you'd better brace yourself."

 Lethia looks happy to be a senior citizen in Blood Wolf's Saint Louv. She's pretty cute, isn't she?

 I bought a follower's mark from [[Mail Order]] and put it on his neck. Since I'm surrounded by Wolf monsters, I've given him a yellow mark that stands out as much as possible, so he'll know he's my follower.

"Okay, that's it. Oh, by the way, what happened to the demon that went inside the town?"

"There were so few of them that the lord's army has already responded and eradicated them."

"Well, that's good. Then we'll help you defeat the demons outside the city walls."

"Am I just gonna watch again?"

"Lethia, you'll have to guard me. We can't risk being attacked like before."

"Mm, okay!"

"And Saint-Louve, you'll be my escort."


 Sela quickly draws her compound bow and fires an arrow. The arrow pierces the black wolf's neck, and the black wolf cries out, but does not fall. Then my MP7 bursts into fire. Because of the continuous firing, the black wolf bleeds from several places and collapses.

 We'll work together like this to defeat them, one by one, without fail.

 Now, the problem with the general was that Gouriky-san, the three brainy girls, and a party of adventurers were pushing the general. The adventurer party drew the general's attention, and the three brainy girls, led by Gowrieky-san, attacked. The fact that the three brainy girls were deployed as a reserve force means that this is the final phase of the battle, and it will be settled soon.

 After a while, the general runs out of power and collapses. The other demons have almost been exterminated. In the setting sun, the battle is finally over.