Chapter 15 After The Windstorm

 The stampede ended without causing any serious damage to the town of Hajime.

 I got 1125 dead glass wolves, 24 grey wolves, 38 black wolves 38, 11 blood wolves, and a dead general wolf.

"Mm, are you sure that's what you want? There's only so many of them, and most of them are glass wolves?"

"That's fine. It's not our goal to make a profit."

"You're a merchant, don't you want to make a profit? Hmm, all right, take this."

 We agreed to pay 25 million yen in total to the lord, but the lord handed us some documents.

"What's this?"

"Whatever you do with the Wolf from this deal, it's tax free in my town. Here's the paperwork to prove it."

"...Thank you very much."

 He thanked his lord and left the lord's house.

 This time, I've told the lord that I'm not looking for a profit, but that just means that I won't get any profit if I do a general transaction, and the story will change if I sell the corpse of the demon I bought through [[mail order]].

 The total price at which I sold the demons through [[Mail Order Sales]] is 4,550,763 yen. yen.

 I made a profit of about 20 million yen. However, I am very happy that the amount of [[mail order]] transactions increased by 45.5 million yen more than the profit.

 But those girls in front of me are annoying.

"My brother is Japanese, right?"

 These three brainiacs are persistent too.

"I don't know, but if I were that Japanese, what would I be?"

"We're looking for someone from our hometown. If you're from my hometown, I'd like to help you!"


"Yes, cooperation. We're gonna help each other get home."

 Only 10 will ever return to Earth, their home. That's one percent of the 1,000 people sent to this world. And we don't know how to get back. Maybe they do know how to get back? Is it that easy to find out?

"Hey, your brother's Japanese, right?"

 How do you respond? If they know how to get home, you can help them get the information out, but if they don't know and you're offering to help, you're out of line.

 If that blonde-haired-San had set up some ungodly conditions, such as 1,000 of us killing each other and the 10 survivors getting to go back to Earth... What would you do? Are these brainiacs even thinking about that possibility?

"I don't know how far away your homeland is, but I can't help you because I'm not what you call Japanese."

"Why are you so stupid? I can tell from that gun that you're Japanese!"

 We saw this coming when we released the MP7. So I have an excuse.

"The gun is something I bought on my travels, sir."


"But, but, I can't buy a gun that easily!"

"If you say so, I can only say that I purchased it during my journey?"

"Well, then, you can tell me who you bought it from, can't you?"

"I'm a merchant, do you think I'd give you information about my suppliers?"



 The Elves are still watching us. It's creepy as hell.

"Is that enough?"

 I'm trying to get away from these three brainiacs, and the elf is standing over me like it's the night of the stampede. Is this what you wanted?

"What is it?"

"Why are you rejecting us?"

" know what? Trust is not easy to come by. If you want information on who sold me the gun, you're gonna have to earn my trust."

"How do I earn that trust?"

"If you don't know that, you don't have my trust. So, here we go."

 I'm sorry, but I don't want to deal with three brainy girls. Even if they come to trust me, I'll be gone by then.


 I found out that selling demon corpses to [[mail order]]s is worth a huge amount of money. It is my priority to get and sell [[mail order]] corpses from now on, because the amount of money I can handle is more than [[mail order]].

"I want to get more demons. How do I do that?"

"That's right, the quickest way would be to purchase the demon's corpse."

"I knew it... if that's the case, where's the easiest place to get demons?"

"It's a dungeon city, isn't it?"

"Dungeon City?"

"Yes, among the many dungeons that exist in the world, there is one that is particularly old and huge. The city that was built beside that dungeon is called a dungeon city."

"I see, there were no dungeons in my hometown so I wasn't aware of them, but I didn't know there were such cities... thanks, Sera. So which is the closest dungeon city to Hajime's town?"

"Then it's the city of the Red Tower . It's only a ten-day stagecoach ride from here."

 It's easy to get demon corpses in the Red Tower. You can't miss it.

"Okay, I've decided. Let's go to the city of the Red Tower!"

"You're going down to the dungeon!"

 Lethia looks happy. I know you're happy to be able to fight demons, but I don't want to go to dangerous places like dungeons!

 That's the reason I want to move up the [[mail order]] ranks in the first place, to improve my living conditions.

"No, I'm not really into dungeons..."

"Mm, is that right?"

 Don't look so disappointed.

"Gloose-san! Please take me to the city of the Red Tower too!"

"Hmm? That's fine, but are you sure you're okay to leave the city? Your family?"

 You know how it is when you go away, don't you? Especially with a girl as pretty as Sailor.

"I'm fine. My father passed away a year ago and I have no family left, so I was wondering if I could ask you a favor."

"Please? What?"

"Make me a follower of Glose-san!"


"I've always wanted to serve such a wonderful person, looking at Leecia-San!"

"...Oh, thank you... but is that okay?"


 Thus, with my [[Tame]], I made Sailor my squire and prepared for my journey to the city of the Red Tower.

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to use it.

"I think that would be in Old Ginger-san's shop."

"At Ginger's? It wasn't there the last time I was there."

"They're expensive, so we keep them in the back of the store."

"Oh, I see."

 I'm off to Ginger-san's mage shop. Saint-Loup is too big to walk around the city and scares everyone, so I'm staying at the house I rented.

Hey, what's going on today?

"I'd like you to show me the tools that will allow me to use magic, do you have any?"


 Ginger-san brings some canes from the back of the shop.

"It's a wand of fire, a wand of water, a wand of wind, a wand of earth, a wand of recovery."

"Can you tell me how to use it, what it does, and how much it costs?"

"It's easy to use, you just cast the activation spell. The wand of fire activates fireball, the wand of water activates waterball, the wand of wind activates wind cutter, the wand of earth activates earth needle, and the wand of healing activates heal. The price is 3,500,000 yen for the wand of recovery and 2,000,000 yen for the others.

 Fireball and all that stuff you can imagine.

"Can I handle it?"

"It consumes MP, so if you're low on MP, you'll run out quickly, but anyone can use it."

"In case you haven't seen anything more powerful, sir?"


 Oh, my God!

 Go to the back of the store again and bring me the crate.

"This is the Wand of Fire and the Wand of the Great Wind. The Flame Wand is Firestorm, the Wind Wand is Windstorm, and they both cost 10 million yen."

"Then give me all of these."


"Give me everything. That's a total of $31.5 million, right?"

"...yeah, that's right."

 I bought all the wands he showed me and left Ginger-San's shop after he taught me the spell to activate them. I feel like I've bought a lot of stuff.

 He immediately went out of the town to test it. He brings Saint-Loup along with him, and they run around happily.

"I think that rock is just right."

 Sailor tells me when I find a rock that looks like a good target. There's a rock that's bigger than I am.

"Right, Sela and Saint-Louve can keep an eye on the perimeter. Lethia, you'll stay by my side and guard me."

"I understand!"


"Mm, got it!"

 It's got to be the fire wand. Magic is fireball! It's an essential magic in fantasy, right?

 I'll take my wand of fire and focus.

"Pierce my enemy, Fireball!"

 The staff of fire is a wooden staff of about 150cm in length, with a red crystal-like object at its tip. It looks like what a staff should look like.

 The red crystal at the tip of it emitted a little light, and a fireball about 100 centimeters in diameter shot out, sending me flying backwards.

 I did a backward somersault, and did a few backflips. It is not an Olympic level, but it was very hard.

 Right after that, a gale hit me. It's a blessing in disguise.

"...Lord, are you all right?"

"...yeah, I don't know what's going on, but I'm alive."

 I didn't know what had happened, but the fact that my target rock was still intact made me think that my fireball was the cause.

"Grose-san, what have you done!"


[Master, you're using up too much MP.]

[Did you use that much MP?]

[It's costing me about 150 MP now. That's why the staff of fire seems to be broken too].

[What? The staff of fire, is it broken?]

[A normal fireball consumes between three and five MP, so at least 30 times as much. MP to break it.]

[Oh no, the 2 million yen is gone at the first shot...]

[Please consider the MP you consume in the future].

[But I didn't mean to put that much MP into it. How can I reduce the MP consumption to 5?]

[I think it's time to say it out loud]

[I see... okay, I'll try.]

"My Lord, the staff of fire is no longer of use to you."

"Yeah, I guess so. I think I put too much MP into it."

"How much MP do I have to put into it to get that?"

"Ha ha, you've consumed about 150."

"150, huh?"

 Sailor is taken aback, and Lethia gets a very sparkly look in her eye. Saint-Louve stop licking my face.

"I'll try to keep my MP down this time."

"That's better . And now I've got a two million dollar cane that's broken."

 There's nothing I can say to that.

 Now bring out the wind wand. Target a nearby tree. The image is of a sickle cell.

"Consume MP5 and cut through my enemies, Windcutter!"

 The light green crystal at the tip of the wand emitted a little light and something invisible flew towards the tree.

 The next moment, you get a sharp cut on the trunk of the tree you targeted. It's not very deep, but it consumes 5 MP, so it should be like this.

[How much MP can I put into this?]

[Up to about 20 should be no problem. If you use more than that, you should be prepared to break it].

[20, copy!]

"Consume 20 MP and cut through my enemies, Windcutter!"

 With a bang, the trunk of the tree is badly damaged. It's a very deep wound, so I think it can do a lot of damage to humans and demons.