Chapter 15 Spirits, People, And Oversized Screw-Ups

 Spirits, people, and oversized screw-ups.

 Emily spent the day in anguish.

 The first place I thought of where Nina was was the Adventurer's Guild, and the second was the Apothecary's Guild - because yesterday, they were talking about the herbs they couldn't sell.

 But I struck out on both counts.


 --Looks like we had a misunderstanding yesterday. If you want to sell it, I'll buy it at a reasonable price.

 --Why don't you join the Medicine Men's Guild instead of the Adventurer's Guild, and wholesale it? I'll give you double what the Adventurer's Guild offered... double? Okay!

 It only added to my frustration.

 When I replied that I had no intention of making a deal, they became furious and said, "Do you think you can make it in the capital by saying that? It was exactly the same.

 It was the same line that made me wonder if they were having a meeting.

 After that, I walked aimlessly around the city looking for Nina, and realized that she might have gone to look for a maid's job, so I went to the introduction office just after noon, and found that Nina had indeed arrived.

 But if you say you can't share the details of your request with outsiders, you're right.

 --You can come back here in a while. I'll be back soon.

 I wondered what the woman at the reception desk was saying with a distant look in her eyes.

 Apparently, Nina's already done it (・・・・).

 We waited nervously near the introduction office until late in the evening, but Nina did not come back no matter how long we waited.

 The hostess of the inn suggested that I have dinner and I finished it.

 Then, I came back to the room and was walking around in circles, mumbling, "Where's Nina?

"I'm back!"

 The door opened and a small maid-san appeared.

"Hey, Nina! Where the hell have you been today?"

"Sorry to bother you."

 Astrid appeared from behind Nina, a tall woman - even taller than Nina.

 Emily blinked at the sight of the strange woman,

"Emily-san, this is my inventor, Astrid-sama. Astrid-sama, this is my traveling companion, Emily-san."

 I'm going to go clean up my stuff," Nina said as she went into the next room,

"kun is Emily? I'm sorry to bother you at this time of night. But I'd like to talk to you about something."

 Astrid said in a hushed voice.

I'll get straight to the point. ...Who is that girl? You say she's a maid, but she does things with ease that are clearly not natural, and she even knows some very sensitive information that she just shared with me today. I think it's very dangerous."

 Emily looked up at the sky and covered her eyes with her hands.

 It seems that he had an oversized screw-up (・・・・).


"Preliminaries and Practical Methods in the Execution of Witchcraft through Conversion from Spiritual Power.

 After submitting it to the patent office of the Kingdom of Freya, Astrid hurried on her way to her home with a radiant face.

 --Astrid-sama, did you know that genies don't like the human race?

 I can remember every word Nina said as she started to speak, "I have a few ideas.

 It's hard to forget.

 --spirit-san loves nature as it is. He hates the human race for destroying nature. Especially in the kingdom of Freya, where there are only tidy streets and controlled greenery.

 I've never heard of that.

 However, there are some things that come to mind.

 Some of the human race claimed to be able to see spirits, and Astrid had been studying the literature on them.

 About half of them had lived in the wilderness or had survived in the harsh wilderness on their own.

 Conversely, the other half may have been "lies".

There were those who lied about being able to see spirits, tricked people, and took money from them.

 --That's the kingdom of Freya, but not this house. The site is away from other buildings, and the garden is in a state of disrepair due to Astrid-sama's lack of care, but it seems to be recovering its natural strength.

 It's a good thing I got hurt, Nina says.

 --Just, you know. The indoor artifacts were not good. That's why Genie-san stayed away from the house.

 It would have been better to say "garbage" straightforwardly, but it was funny that he was so careful to say "artifacts that can be thrown away".

 --But I got rid of them. The workbenches in this building and room are made of wood. I think it is a good condition that Astrid-sama has been used carefully and without human intervention.

 I almost said that I just couldn't afford to buy a new one.

 No - Astrid loved the workbenches and magic tools that had been used by her grandparents.

 --Now, try to do magic with the help of spirit-san. If you can't, why don't you try it in the forest outside the capital?

 New to me.

 I've never seen or heard that changing the environment in which a spell is performed can change its success or failure.

 The usual calm Astrid would not have accepted Nina's proposal.

 As an inventor, I don't listen to laymen's opinions.

 Above all, my pride won't let me.

 But maybe it was because I was drunk.

 Or perhaps - I felt like I was being pushed, so I took out my magic formula and began my experiment.

"...I'll never forget that scene."

 When a breeze blew in through the open window, Astrid felt that it was different.

 It's a lukewarm feeling, like there's someone there (・・・・・・・・).

 The next moment, the room was flooded with light. The magic formula, which hadn't said a word until now, flashed with a seven-colored light.

 Dazzling but warm light.

 --What is this? That's weird!

 I heard a whispering voice--I did a few more tests of the magic formula after that, but I didn't hear it again, so it might be an auditory hallucination.

 But Astrid believed that it was the voice of a spirit.

 --Congratulations! Astrid-sama, this... this is a success, isn't it?

 Nina asks me with a look of "I don't understand", as if she doesn't quite understand what I'm proposing.

 I'm slumped down on the floor in a heap.

 Astrid said, before she could rejoice.

 --Who gave you the information about the spirits?

 and .

 Nina pouted, then,

 --Um, there was a customer who used to come to the house where I used to work.

 As Astrid listened to the details of the man's appearance, the name of a person came to her mind.

"...Probably, or almost certainly, that person..."

 It's definitely an elf.

 But what makes him special is that he is open-minded, even though he is from the secretive Elven Forest, as he is called "the bridge between the Elven and Human races".


 He is one of the "Five Wise Men" who are known as the top of mages.

 He has a higher rank in the world than the King of Freya.

 When this occurred to Astrid, she realized that Nina was in trouble.

"?" The way he tilted his head like that was "bad".

 When he heard that he had a companion on the trip, he thought that this person might be a bad guy who was taking advantage of Nina, and decided to meet him right away.

 I don't want you to leave, so I'll see you that day.

 But on the way to the inn, when she heard about her companion, Emily, Astrid understood.

 And when I actually saw Emily's face, I knew immediately that my understanding was correct.

 She's the same way.

 She was saved by Nina, just like me.

"I've got my stuff... okay, I guess we're good to go."

 When Astrid returned home, she picked up her travel bag that she had packed yesterday.

 With the money we had left, we asked the information center to keep the house in good condition for two years.

 What will Astrid do with those two years?

"Hi, Nina, Emily."

 Astrid went to the inn where Emily and Nina were staying.

 I had heard that they would be leaving King's Landing today, so I hurriedly applied for a patent and prepared for my journey.

"...Are you serious? You're coming with us."

"Well, I, uh, I don't know if that's a good idea. Astrid-sama... you have a home here."

 I'm having the same reaction today as I did when I said I'd follow them on their journey.

"Yeah, my home's still here, and I can do my research anywhere. I'm just in the mood to follow kun and the others."

 Astrid had decided to follow Nina.

 If you try to give money to Nina to repay her for helping you with your research, she will not accept it.

 If so, I thought it would be a good idea to follow the journey and return it along the way.

 I also feel that I cannot leave this little maid-san alone.

 Besides, there were no other inventors in King's Landing, and more importantly, he had a feeling that if he stayed with Nina, a new seed of invention would be born.

("Premonition" is an unscientific word, though.)

 Nina tilted her head, "What?" and Nina nodded her head.

"...Well, if it's okay with Nina, it's okay with me. She doesn't seem like a bad person."

"Thank you. And best wishes, Emily."

 Astrid held out her hand, which Emily grasped back.

 Then their gazes crossed.

 --When Nina is about to do something (・・・・), stop her.

 --I know. That's why I'm here.

 They were able to communicate in that instant.

"? Emily-san and Astrid-sama seem to be getting along well, don't they? When did you...!"

"Oh, yes, Nina. I'm a fellow traveler, so can you please stop using '-sama'? I don't care if you call me "-san" or "-sama" like Emily."

"Oh, yes, yes... um... Astrid-san."

"Yeah. Nice to meet you."


 Astrid then shook hands with Nina.

 Small hands, I thought.

 It's a miracle that these tiny hands can work miracles--at least for Astrid, who was able to clean the entire house, garden and outdoors in half a day. --I thought it was strange.

Let's go, both of you. The carriage will be here soon. --Nina, you said you had an errand to run, what about it?"

"Oh, it's okay, I'm done!"

 Emily tells Astrid to walk away, followed by Nina.

 The royal capital of Freya is large and spacious.

 But for Astrid, who had lived here all her life, it was suffocating.

"It's a trip."

 As she murmured this, Astrid felt her heart lift.