Chapter 16 Departure

 Say hello to the people who have helped you before you leave for the city of the Red Tower.

 He was especially grateful to Umbrella-San for his support and sent him a bottle of fine wine as a token of his appreciation.

"I'm going to miss Hendler-sama when she leaves."

"I'm sure I'll be stopping by this town again when I get a chance."

 I went around the merchant guild because there were many other people who took care of me.

 I'll also say hello to Gouriky-san of the Adventurer's Guild.

 We spent about a week like this, and on the day of our departure, Umbrella-san and three of my bodyguards, Evelie, Lila, and Witney, gathered to see us off.

 And for some reason, the three Earth-brained girls also came, but I didn't say hello to them, did I?

"I wish you the best of luck on your journey."

"Thank you, Umbrella-san, for your hospitality. I'll be sure to stop by again when I have a chance to visit this Hajime town."

 We shook hands and parted ways, me and Umbrella-san.

"Gloose-san, we'll be visiting the city of the Red Tower someday, so when we do, please cook us a delicious meal again!"

"Yeah, Grose-san's food is great!"


"Ha-ha, got it. Avery, Lila, Whitney, thank you so much for your help."

 The three of them seem more sad that they won't be able to eat the food I make than I am.

"Big brother, I'm coming after you!"

"Yeah, you can't get away from us!"

"Sheer stupidity!"

"I know you're not that close to kun and the others, but thanks for coming all the way out here."

"I'll get you out of your brother's skin!"

"Can you please stop talking about me like I'm some kind of bad guy?"

 And so we said goodbye to the town of Hajime and its people, and departed.

"But I was surprised when I first heard that you really don't use a stagecoach."

"Well, I've got some ideas, and I'll let you know when I get away from Hajime's town."

"I can't wait to see what the Lord will do."


 After walking for about two hours and being overtaken by several carriages, we took a rest at the side of the road. I set up a parasol and a chair on an aluminum desk for camping, which I bought from [[mail order]], and serve tea and shortcake, which I also bought from [[mail order]], to Licia and Sailor, and give Saint-Loup a whole uncooked duck.

"Mmm, that's good!"

"Really! This white pastry is very sweet, but the sourness of this red fruit is a good match. And this tea is also delicious."

"That's a pastry called shortcake, and the tea is Darjeeling."

"Gawgawg! (BARBOLI)"

"Saint-Loup's good, too. Good."

 I gave a whole raw duck to my bloodwolf, Saint-Loup, thinking he would prefer it uncooked, but he seemed to like it. He chewed up the bones with great gusto.

 After a good night's rest, it's time to start moving again, so I'm going to bring out my secret weapon.

What is this, sir?

"Carriage, not...?"


"It's a vehicle called a truck."

 Yes, I bought a 4WD double cab used truck from [[mail order]]. Unfortunately, they did not sell new trucks, so I bought a used one, but it still cost 2.3 million yen.

 I really wanted to buy a tank or something, but there were no tanks on display, and even if there were, I don't think I could afford it, so I wanted to buy an armored car or something.


"What the hell is that?"


"Just get in. Oh, I'm sorry Saint-Louve, but you're going to have to ride in the back."

 Thus, the truck starts running with two people and one animal on board. It is impossible to run at high speed because the road is not paved with asphalt, but it is possible to run at a speed of about 30km/h, which is a little faster than a slow speed, although there is some shaking. Be careful not to get motion sickness!

 Surprisingly, Lethia, Sailor, and Saint-Louve in the back didn't get motion sick. Only I got a little drunk. Why would I, the driver, get drunk?

"It's amazing, this truck. How does it work without horses or cows?"

"Hmm, I wonder."

"It's powered by an engine. I don't know all the details, so I can't explain it well."

 According to my research, the average speed of a stagecoach with two horses is not more than 15km/h. I am sure of this because I followed a stagecoach which I saw in front of me and measured its speed.

 That means we can go twice as fast as the stagecoach, and even faster if we want to.

 If the stagecoach runs for 8 hours a day, it will travel 120km at 15km/h. The stagecoach needs to rest many times from morning to evening. If the stagecoach runs for 8 hours a day, it will travel 120km. In fact, it is unlikely to run for 8 hours every day, so let's assume that the distance per day is about 100Km. So it would take 10 days to reach the Red Tower, which is about 1000km from Hajime's town. I think it is.

 Well, sometimes you run 8 hours a day, sometimes 6 hours a day. I think it is not more than 1000Km away. So, if we run 30km/h for 8 hours, we can reach the city of red tower in 4 to 5 days. If we drive 30km/h for 8 hours, we can reach the city of the red tower in 4 to 5 days.

"The stagecoach stops in two or three towns or villages a day. They do not operate at night, when the demons are more active."

"Then we'd better get lodged early too, wouldn't we?"

"You can camp if you use a demon repellent. We adventurers are used to camping, so why not?"

 I've bought a witchcraft tent for camping, but I'd rather stay in an inn. I don't like to camp.

"Mm, we can keep going, and when it gets dark, we can camp out."

 There's been some talk of setting up camp.

"No, I think it's dangerous and we should avoid encampments as much as possible."

"Don't worry, there's also Sunlouve over here, so most demons will be able to tell when they get close."

"Well, after all, a journey is a camp!"

 I don't understand why they're so eager to set up camp, but it was decided by sheer force of numbers. It's funny, they're my followers.

 Lethia and Sailor took turns keeping watch that night. I've been driving almost all day, so I'm exempted from the watch. I'm sure we'll be fine with Saint-Louve there, but I'm a little nervous because this is my first camp in this world. I was a fool to think that.

 When I woke up the next morning at sunrise and went out of the tent, I was in a terrible hurry. There was a pile of dead bodies of demons in front of me.

 Lethia and Sailor told me that Saint-Loup was hunting demons in the night, and he didn't need to burn the amulet. He's sleeping in the back of the truck during the day, so he's very active at night.

 After selling the demon's corpse at [[mail order]], I make breakfast. Boil water on a [[cassette stove]] and heat corn potage soup, melt cheese on a gas burner and put ham on the bread.

"Thank you for such a good breakfast even though we are camping in the field!"

"Any meal prepared by the Lord is delicious!"


 Saint-Loup is happily biting into a block of wild boar meat. Blood was dripping from the block, and Saint-Loup's mouth was covered with blood.

 You can also buy gasoline to fuel the truck at [[mail order]]. By doing so, the truck can be used for a long time and the engine oil has been changed just in case.

 In this world, you don't need to have your car inspected, but you don't want it to stop running because of poor maintenance, so you do your own maintenance as much as you can. However, I can only change the oil.

 We were a little late because we had to change the oil and refuel, but we set off for the city of the Red Tower.

 Lethia and Sailor asked me to drive their car, so I taught them how to drive. Fortunately, it was an automatic car, so I was able to drive with only a simple explanation of the accelerator and brake, and the parking and side brake when backing up or parking.

"Wow, it's running! It's amazing, it really does run just by pressing the accelerator!"

"Keep the speedometer at 30 kilometers per hour. If you go too fast, you won't be able to handle the unevenness of the road."

"I understand!"

 After letting Selah drive for an hour, it was time for Lethia to drive. Since Lethia also learned how to drive quickly, we decided that from now on the three of us would drive in turns, the one in the passenger seat would assist the driver, and the one in the back seat would take a nap in preparation for the night watch.

 You don't need a driver's license in this world, do you?