Chapter 16 The Rejoicing Emperor Part 2

 The Rejoicing Emperor Part 2

"This way, sir. I'll be waiting outside the room."

"It's going to take a while, so can you find somewhere to kill time or something?"

"No, sir. If His Majesty the Emperor has given me this task, I would like to finish it. Besides, I'm used to waiting."

 If you've been practicing in the temple, you're probably good at waiting.

 I don't want you to overreach, but I also don't want to break your pride.

"I understand. I'll see you around."

"Okay. Please, be my guest."

 I step into the room, feeling Ferdinand's head bowing behind me.

"Who are you?"

"I think it's just embarrassing to be dressed like that, don't you? You really don't know shame, do you?"

 Diethfried and Claudia were on the bed directly in front of the entrance.

 And they were in the middle of intertwining.

 I frowned reflexively at the sight of their disgusting behavior, which I wanted to ignore.

"No! Wolfgang-samaa!"

 Diethfried jerks around to grab the sword on the chest next to the bed, and Claudia chides him in a sweet voice.

 Claudia's voice is sweet, calling him by a different name, but with a debauched expression.

"Huh? What? Your flower garden is still in full bloom! You betrayed the genius who was even called the poster child of music? After conceiving a different boy? It's impossible for a genius with such integrity to embrace a traitor, Claudia Cantor!"

 Claudia stiffens, then turns her head to stare at Martin, her long hair shaking.

"Are you angry, Wolfgang-sama? Everyone, everyone! It's a misunderstanding!"

 Now he started to treat Martin like Wolfgang.

 Claudie stood up and got off the bed and walked over to Martin.

"I love only Wolfgang-sama," she says. Only I have the honor of bearing Wolfgang-sama's child!"

 In Claudia's eyes, I wonder if all the men are reflected as Wolfgang.

 If you think you can escape your folly like that, you are mistaken.

"Wolfgang is an excellent candidate to become the god of music of the Volturnine Empire. You can rest assured. He will marry a virtuous woman who will love him, cherish him and never betray him."

"Voltunyu Empire... you! You are the Emperor of the Dead!"

 Diethfried was the one who reacted.

 He must have remembered the information he had obtained when he was a former knight.

 Martin's appearance was well known even to other countries.

 Claudia just stopped.

"How dare a commoner call me the Grim Reaper? Were your balls not enough? I mean, don't you need a rod, too? A rod that can't satisfy the woman you love, no."

 The way he mimicked a knight in order to protect a woman, without hiding the residue of an affair that should have been unforgivable, was just too ugly.

"Damn it! Ah, what?"

 Diethfried, who had reflexively clenched his sword and revealed his anger, stiffened awkwardly.

 The moment he grasped the sword, his wrist was frozen to the tip of the sword.

 Martin was also feared as the most powerful wizard of ice.

"Hey, you know what? He's seedless. That's why. -He'll never be able to have children."

"No seed? That's impossible! I did, indeed, have a child!"

"I gave birth to nothing but a sign of betrayal, the child of that man, Dietfried Wurzner. Make no mistake. Don't deny it. Accept the reality. So, the kun were condemned why isn't the child with them? It's because they were taken away as children of sin! Or what? -I wonder if kun is a pervert who leaves her baby unattended and fucks men all the time?"

 Pour the poison carefully and relentlessly.

 You won't be able to kill all the flowers in the flower garden so easily, but you can kill some of them.

 A sin is a sin only when you know it.

 Diethfried is desperately trying to melt the ice, but it's a futile attempt.

 The incompetent man has never trained his knights to do magic.

 A spell used by a very young child would be enough to melt ice.

 This was also a very foolish Diethfried.

"That, is. Wolfgang-sama, looked at it and said..."

"Really? Then who's been holding kun? Wasn't it Wolfgang-kun?"

"No! No! Wolfgang-sama is the only one who can hold me! Only Wolfgang-sama is supposed to hold me!"

"The day when he embraces kun will never come... I saw him a while ago, he was playing the most beautiful piano for Princess Alexandra."

 The tone that had been strained to the point of breaking was obtained through betrayal.

 The melancholy, compassionate, and gentle unraveling of a sound that had been stretched to the breaking point was obtained through the absolute mastery of Alexandra.

 As an artist, both of these things are unattainable, aren't they?

 Wolfgang, who answered Martin's rude question without anger with a gesture of lifting the strings of his glasses, said that it is an artist who uses pain as a fertilizer for his art, is achieving a steady evolution from the poster child of music to a god of music.

 In this way, Claudia may have given all she had to Wolfgang, a service that only she could perform.

 It is because of his deep love for Claudia that he was able to reach the divine realm beyond despair.

 Though no one would ever thank Claudia for her great sin.

"I haven't heard her sound in a long time..."

"Oh yeah, she got rid of all the songs she wrote for kun!"

 It seems that Wolfgang has completely erased from his memory all the songs that he wrote for kun.

 It seems that Wolfgang, who could not even forgive the fact that he had played them only to Claudia before erasing them, played them only once to a limited number of people, including Alexandra and the Emperor.

 Alexandra said that she wanted to keep the song because it was so beautiful, but Wolfgang's heart told her to get rid of it.

"My, song! He wanted me to play it for my children! He said, "My song!"

"Since kun and Wolfgang-kun can't have children forever, it doesn't matter at all. In the first place, Wolfgang-kun's memory of you is almost gone."


"You seem like a clean person. Rather than hating and remembering the traitor, maybe he thought it would be better to punish him by forgetting all about him."

"Forget it, have you? Our happy, loving time together?"


 I guess I can't forget everything.

 I think I'll keep it somewhere in my mind as a warning.


 Martin affirmed in a lazy way.

 I suppose it's a natural retort.

"...I only wanted to be Wolfgang-sama's wife. I was told I could become his wife as soon as she bore a child, so I conceived. Wolfgang-sama said it wouldn't be long and Dietfried suggested it would be sooner for me. -Why can't you marry me when you're expecting a son? Why can't you marry?

 I was dazzled by how ignorant, childish, and selfish she sounded.

 How spoiled had she been all her life?

 Or did she always have the tendency to change reality to suit herself?

 I have a vague feeling that it's the latter.

 Of course, it must be the result of the indulgence of Dietfried and the brainy fathers we hear about.

"I'm only supposed to conceive the child of the one I love. I'm not supposed to conceive a child of Diethfried, whom I don't love..."

"Originally, there was a chance that either child could be conceived. Wolfgang-kun's family was special. -As soon as kun accepted Dietfried's offer, she was no longer eligible to conceive Wolfgang-kun's child. Do you understand me now?"

"If I didn't take Dietfried's offer, would I have been able to bear Wolfgang-sama's child?"

"I don't know... -kun's attitude towards the princess was so disrespectful that he might have broken off the engagement."

 Although he was fond of Claudia, his loyalty to the royal family was unwavering.

 He had also warned her against disrespecting Alexandra on many occasions.

 He had been subjected to a lot of selfishness since he was a child, and if you knew that he had been asked to do things that interfered with his musical activities for reasons too far out of his field.

 Regardless of her infidelity with Dietfried, I don't think she would have married him.

"Empress? Diethfried's fiancée? Just because I'm a poor princess-sama who's being pushed around by Dietfried's selfishness doesn't mean I'm not being disrespectful, so he can't break off our engagement..."

"Those words are disrespectful to begin with! I mean! My ex-fiancee! Now Alexandra is my fiancée and soon to be bride!"

"If I can't be a bride, how can the poor princess be a bride?"

"...She's not pathetic. Her circumstances were tragic, but her deeds were noble from beginning to end."

"What part of noble? You! He's so dark! Haha!"

 He fires a fist-sized chunk of ice into Dietfried's stomach.

 He was vomiting ungracefully, so I shot the same chunk into his mouth.

 The edge of his mouth is cut and bleeding, and he sniffs loudly at the embarrassment.

"Alexandra never betrayed anything or anyone. That's why she'll be my bride. -kun has betrayed many people. So she can't be the bride. Well, maybe two traitors could."

"Many, many people"? Not just Wolfgang-sama?"

"Yes. -The only reason kun's family and relatives aren't with him is because of his betrayal, because he had to atone for his sins. They gave up on him to atone for their sins. -The only reason he has Dietfried by his side is because they're both criminals."

 Claudia somehow managed to spit out a lump of ice from her mouth and stared at the choking Diethfried as if he were a monster.

 After saying the same thing over and over again with different expressions, she seems to have succeeded in making Claudia's flower garden partially wither.

"Kurau, dee, ah?"

 Diethfried, realizing that he is being pierced by a cold-hearted stare, reaches out his hand to Claudia.

 Claudia, backing away from his hand, shouted.

"Don't touch me, you criminal! All of it, none of it! It's your fault!"

 Martin's smile deepens at these long-awaited words.

 In a world where there were only two people, a world where only two people had made love.

 If one of them turns on the other with hatred.

 How much more would the other despair?

 Claudia runs away like a rabbit to the back of the room, and Diethfried follows her with a puzzled expression.

 Now, at last, we can face each other.

 The sound of water could be heard through the open door.

 He must be madly washing away Dietfried's bodily fluids and the smell that permeates his body.

 He wouldn't be back for a while.

"I had no idea you didn't love me at all, Dietfried-kun?"

"What! A woman who doesn't love you wouldn't open her legs for a man. You can't talk in your sleep!

 He said this after recognizing Martin as the emperor.

 I wonder if he still thinks he's a knight protecting the country.

 If that's the case, it's even more absurd.

"Commoner, Dietfried. I think you'd better watch your mouth. No matter how many more crimes you commit, death is not an option."

"Who wants to die? For that matter, take it back! I'm loved by Claudia!"

 Maybe that's all they can cling to.

 With a stubbornness that is almost comical, Dietfried forces himself on Martin.

"-kun has never been loved by her. She loves only one person, Wolfgang-kun. You could have talked her out of her lack of common sense and just gotten the body, so you should have been satisfied with that."

"It's not just the body! If you don't have a heart, a woman won't be held by a man, right?"

"Normally, yes. But she's not normal. All she wanted was kun's seed, to conceive Wolfgang kun's child."

 It's unspoken, ignorant.

 Claudia's knowledge of sex, which a person of a certain age would know regardless of whether he or she is a commoner or a nobleman, is falsified and memorized as she pleases.

 It's too much for a dim-witted noblewoman to have a secret affair.

 Normally, she should have been thoroughly taught how to live peacefully as a noblewoman, which is called the etiquette of the bedroom, incomparable to that of a commoner who is free in every sense.

"She didn't have any friends, did she? -It would be a disgrace to have a relationship with a woman who's always having affairs with men like Kun."

"No! It's just that people didn't like her because she was so naive!"

 She must have been taking the complaints of the person she loved head on.

 As a lover, she may be ideal, but as a marriage partner, she is fatal.

 Particularly in a noble family with many ties, you are just a young girl to be shunned.

 A knight would have been more strict than a nobleman, but what has Dietfried learned from Claudia?

 Don't listen to one side of the story and make a decision.

 It's good to be on their side.

 It's human nature.

 But if we are going to involve people other than ourselves, we should at least listen to what the other side has to say before we make a decision.

 The imprisonment in the temple is the result of two people with childish and flowery thoughts who have not listened to the opinions of those around them.

 It may be that this is the only thing they can do, but I can only think that they have no remorse for the fact that they spend their days in sexual intercourse.

"The people around her shunned her because she only listened to opinions that suited her. She can't accept any advice. They had no choice but to keep their distance to protect themselves."

"Then why didn't Wolfgang warn her or something? Because Claudie was the victim!"

"I warned him, didn't I? He kept repeating the same thing over and over again, like a mother-in-law. Wolfgang kun was a musical idiot compared to the well-informed aristocrats, but he loved her as his childhood friend and fiancée. Okay? Just think about it. -I think you were complaining to kun. Wolfgang-sama, you're terrible! or something like that."

 The nudity was getting to be too much for my eyes, so I threw the towel that was haphazardly draped over the chair. Diethfried's eyes widened in surprise, and he wrapped the towel around his waist.

 He glares at Martin, takes a new towel from the wardrobe, wipes his mouth, drains a glass of water from the jug and looks up at the ceiling.

"...You said it. That's terrible! But Wolfgang-sama worries too much! I didn't think it was a warning or a caution, but..."

"Are you stupid?"

 There was a pause, but Dietfried didn't become as agitated as before.

 He closed his eyes and seemed to be remembering something.

 "If you thought I was flirting with you instead of advising you, you'd understand. -kun was never loved. She loved Wolfgang-kun from beginning to end."

"If you don't love her, woman!"

"You can at least have sex. Even if you don't like them, if you have a purpose."

 A prostitute would say she wants money.

 For position, an oppressed nun might say.

 A woman merchant who's had her business interrupted might say she wants honor.


 She wants a child, Claudia declared.

 That would be more than enough.

"Women seem to be more pragmatic about that than men. It's a hard world, isn't it?"

 Maybe I should tell her about the women who were in Martin's side, but that would be too much trouble.

 He was in an all-male order and his fiancée was Alexandra, a member of the royal family.

 His family consisted only of his busy grandfather, so he was probably not immune to women.

 It is understandable that she would be more attracted to another man's fiancé, who had spoiled her and loved her, than to her fiancé, who had treated her poorly and given her a dark impression.

 If you don't know a good woman, you're more likely to be attracted to her.

"Well, if you're dealing with a political fiancé, it's possible that you'll find someone else to be attracted to. -In kun's case, it would have been best to make Aren-chan a regular wife and ask her to be a side wife."

"There's no way I can get Claudia to be my wife!"

"I'm just saying what's best for you, kun. If your fiancé is a member of the royal family and there's a difference in status between him and your fiancée, it's the safest arrangement."

 If you read the history books of many countries, you'll find many kings who have kept the main family as a decoration and thrown politics to the side.

 If Dietfried was an ambitious man, this would be the best situation for him.

"But, well, the best she could do was to be Wolfgang Kung's wife. Maybe it's better now, huh? At least I can hold her in my arms without worry."

 She rejected me, taking all the blame.

 I'll never have children with her again.

 In the foreseeable future, I'll be kicked out of the temple and I won't have time to hold her.

"Because I love you, hold me. Because I held her, I had a child. What's the sin in taking responsibility and trying to get married! What's the sin in that? !"

"It's an honorable, manly decision. If you were both single, you'd at least get a lecture from her parents. If we were both single, we'd probably have gotten a little ribbing from her parents about taking turns, but in the end, they'd have blessed us, right? But... kun had a royal fiancé, and she had a fiancé she liked."

 And while Dietfried hadn't even developed a romantic or trusting relationship with Alexandra, Wolfgang and Claudia had feelings for each other, their families approved, and they were on the verge of marriage.

"...the world sees you as a devil who took advantage of her insecurities, tricked her into doing something she was ignorant of, and then impregnated her."

"I don't think so..."

"-kun knew she was too young to have her own ideas. He knew and he used her. Just to satisfy his own desires. How can you say that you love her?"

 He cradled his head in his arms and glared at Dietfried, who was moaning, with all the hatred he could muster.

"She's the one who's been called a slut for messing with her royal fiancé and getting him pregnant. -Because of kun!"

 It doesn't seem to have spread that far among the commoners, but among the nobles, it's a terrible thing.

 Alexandra is actually loved by the emperor, and she is going to marry the emperor's wife, and poor Alexandra-sama! and Diethfried and Claudia's reputation is on the ground because they can't look down on her.

"Allen-chan didn't like her at all, you know. If only he'd asked her to break off the engagement when he fell in love with her. At least he would have saved his house and she wouldn't have called him a slut."

 There would have been rumors that she was a bad girl who seduced other men with her fiancé, but since she and Wolfgang were well known, the disgraceful rumors would have disappeared in no time.

"That guy! I've always been the only one for him! I wanted to break off the engagement as soon as possible, but... I wanted to break off the engagement as soon as possible, but I didn't want anyone else to be around, so I refrained from doing it for a long time."

"Well... you're so full of flowers that I'm at a loss! When you were young, you might have only had kun. But after you reached a certain age, you just assumed that, didn't you? You went to see him once a month and left in less than 5 minutes. So he was around her, even if it's a joke, it's too bad."

"...I felt sorry for him, so I had to be there for him, I really did."

"A long time ago! And I only thought about it, but never acted on it. In fact, I've been bothering Allen-chan a lot! Now Allen-chan is my fiancée, and I'm at the peak of happiness. I don't need you anymore.  There are people who care about Allen-chan. -There's no room for you here!"

 I don't want you to say you're sorry, say you're going to atone for your sins, and follow Claudia to the Empire.

 He's a flowery thinker who might say that's the only way to be sincere.

"...If Princess Alexandra leaves this country, the Missourian Empire will become a dead country. -The hell of the kun, of the kun, is just beginning."

"...hell, I've had enough."

"How many years do you think Allen-chan has endured? How can a few months be enough to pay for what you and your friends have done? What kind of hell is this environment where you have a place to live, no shortage of food, and even clean clothes!"

 You must have suffered some pain since you lost your knighthood.

 There are not many jobs for a man who has lived only by the sword.

 Claudia, too, was forced to live a life somewhere between commoner and pauper until she gave birth to her child.

 The reason why they have been able to embrace each other so effortlessly since they were imprisoned in the temple is that everyone but them knows that the purpose is to make their lives more difficult than before, and then raise them only once and send them to the real hell.

"Tomorrow, Princess Alexandra will be leaving the Mysurian Empire. If you want to see her off as a commoner, she can leave. I'll be merciful enough to let you have the last glimpse of Princess Alexandra shining beautifully, loved by me and everyone."

 Seeing the beautiful Alexandra regaining her true form, which she couldn't shine in front of Dietfried, she should regret her stupidity even a little.

"...Can't I talk to her?"

"No, you can't. -She and Kun still think they're victims. Of course they're going to want to say something, not just apologize, right?"

 He knew that Claudia would attack him, especially when she saw Alexandra's incomparable beauty.

 She had no intention of hurting Alexandra with her selfish dirty words.

"I don't know what I'm going to do now..."

"You can do whatever you want. Just like before. If you can."

 There was nothing but despair in their future.

 They don't have the strength or wisdom to survive in a land that has become an exile, and there is only so much they can do.

 They are mad with love and sex, and they will find a suitable profession.

 What kind of forgiveness will finally come after they have atoned for their sins?

 Claudia died of madness.

 As for Tietfried, starvation seems to be the safest option, but again, God will decide in the end.

 This is what happens to a man who has disrespected the royal family for years and bedded his fiancee.

 I'm sure the victim will be satisfied.

 If Alexandra had not been loved by the gods.

 If Wolfgang hadn't been loved by the soundgod.

 Or perhaps his sins would have been less severe.

 If Dietfried had been aware of his impiety.

 If Claudia had not been so ignorant.

 Or perhaps the punishment would have been less severe.

 If an apology had been made at least as early as possible, a quick death would have been given.

 Perhaps even more mercy could have been shown.

 It is not only the two of them who are responsible for the destruction of the nation.

 Many others have despised Alexandra, the royal family.

 All who have sinned will be punished accordingly.

 Martin intends to continue his observations until there is no one left alive in the Empire of Mysia.

 All those who hurt Alexandra as much as they could and failed to regret, reflect, or apologize would finally perish.

 Martin thinks he can forgive himself for not being able to save Alexandra.

"...commoner Dietfried. With Claudia, also a commoner, happily ever after."

 If only I could be," Martin spat with all the contempt he could muster, and left the room quickly.

 When he left, he saw Ferdinand waiting for him quietly.

 After causing so much trouble to the people around them, don't they have a duty to continue to be a flower garden by any means necessary? For a moment, my warm kindness reared its ugly head.

 Of course, he took a long look at Ferdinand, who was waiting for Martin's words with the eyes of a priest, and immediately said.

 Rather, he thought, it should be a burnt field where no flowers would ever bloom again.