Chapter 17 Labyrinth Of The Dead 1

 On the way to the town of the Red Tower, I went into the side of the road to camp, and found a castle. No, there was a ruin that used to be a castle.

 Lethia and Sailor want to go exploring, but I'm not in the mood.

"Maybe there's something golden left in there, you know?"

"I'll protect you Lord, you'll be fine!"


 The building looks like a haunted house, and the two of them and one of them look up at the building which was a castle about to fall down.

 Eventually, you'll be forced to step into the abandoned castle.

"Saint-Loup, I'll take the lead on the reconnaissance."


 Sela and Sanlove will lead, and Lethia will stay with me. No, no, that's crazy. Why are Sela and Saint-Louve searching for the enemy? At least let Saint-Louve stay behind. I'm afraid something will happen to you.

 A few moments later, Sailor and Saint-Louve will return.

"Around the corner ahead of you is a clearing, and there's a demon. It looks like a zombie."

"Hey, zombie! Are you okay?"

"The zombies are slow moving and can be defeated by destroying their heads, so you should be fine."

Lord, I'll take care of it!


 I turned a corner and sure enough there were zombies. Too many of them to count.

What are you doing with it?

"Of course I'm going to blow it!"

"Oh, um, Lethia-chan, there's half a dozen of them?"

"No problem, Lord!"

"It's okay."


 And with that, one of them and one of the others ran into the crowd of zombies. Lethia-kun, what are you doing charging in! -Aren't you supposed to be my bodyguard!

 That leaves me and Sailor. Sailor shoots an arrow from her compound bow and hits a zombie in the head.

 With a swing of her axe, Lethia destroys the heads of the two zombies and raises her shield in the opposite hand, sending them flying.

 Saint-Louve uses zombie heads as a springboard to jump around and destroy them one after the other.

 Oh, God, these girls.

"Lord, it's done."

 Lethia and Saint-Louve approach you with smiles on their faces, covered in zombie bodily fluids. Don't touch that batch.

 I don't want to touch it, but if I don't, I can't retrieve it to storage, and if it's not in storage or I haven't touched it, I can't sell it at [[mail order]], so I have to touch the zombie thing even if I don't want to.

 After that, I went deeper and deeper, and went down to the basement... I found a staircase, so I went down... I said I didn't want to go down, but they forced me to go down.

"It's a ghost, it's a bit of a tricky demon as it can't do any physical damage."

Okay, let's go home!

"What are you talking about, doesn't the Lord have a magic activator wand?"

 What? You want me to fight?

 No, no, no! That's scary! What if they fight back!

"I'll protect the Lord, you'll be fine!"

"I'll cover for you in a small way!"


 He's pushing me. Oh, give me a break.

"Light, fire, and lightning spells work best against ghosts and other demons of the dead. Other attributes can also damage them, but dark magic has no effect."

 I have wands of fire, water, wind, wind, earth, and healing, so I take out a wand of fire from my item pouch and hold it up. It seems to be a good wand, but I destroyed it with one shot because I put too much MP into it. It was a waste...

[Ins, how much MP should I put into a staff of flame?]

[Yes, about 15 to 25 is enough. A maximum of about 50 will not break it].

[Thank you]

"Consume 25 MP and consume my enemies in a whirlwind of fire, Firestorm!"

 A whirlpool of roaring flames appeared in exchange for my MP and swallowed the two ghosts in a whirlpool of flames.

 Even though I was more than ten meters away, the heat from the swirling flames made my face burn.

 After a while, when the whirlpool of flames subsided, the ghost had disappeared and two magic stones had fallen at the place where the ghost had been.

 Ghosts don't seem to be very tasty, as they only leave behind magic stones when they are defeated.

"The Ghost's Demon Stone sells for a high price."

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 How can you sell them for that much? A single zombie was only 12,000 yen.

 I immediately went to [[Mail Order]] to sell Ghost's Demon Stones, and the price was 105,000 yen per stone. Isn't that a great price for just a magic stone?

 It seems that the first basement floor is only for zombies and ghosts, so when the ghosts appear, I just cast a spell and go on. Then a big door appears at the far end.

"Could it be that this place is a dungeon?"

"Mm, I'd say there's a good chance it's a dungeon."


"If it is a dungeon, then this door is."

"I think it's the boss's room."

 It's the boss's room after all.

"Assuming it's a boss room, once you enter, the door won't open for a certain amount of time."

"Well, it's good if physics works, but if it's a demon like Ghost that can only be damaged by magic, we'll have to rely on the Lord. Lord, are you sure about your MP?"

"MP is fine, but let's go home..."

"What are you talking about, there's a boss room there and you can't possibly not go in!"

 Where is Lethia (you) the climber!

 These girls are ready to enter the boss room. I won't say anything else, but I think there's room for improvement. They're no different from those three brainiacs!

"We'll go in after we get some rest."

 It's like Lethia's the master now.

 I took a break for about an hour and had a light meal. Since it's been four hours since I entered this abandoned castle dungeon, I was hungry and ate a delicious sandwich.

 The dessert of chocolate mousse and Darjeeling tea was well received by Lethia and Sailor.

 I gave Saint-Loup 5 kilograms of beef thighs for his staple food and a teacup for dessert. Both of them are staple food, aren't they? Well, Saint-Louve is happy, so that's good.

"That's a ghoul and a high ghost, isn't it?"

"We'll take care of the ghouls. Lord take care of Highghost."

 Ghouls are said to be slightly inferior to humans, but they move faster than zombies. There are ten such ghouls, and a high ghost is floating in the center of the room, following the ghouls.

 The ghoul looks like a muscular zombie with a lot of power. High Ghosts are also larger than normal ghosts, and apparently have a skill called [[Freezing Voice]] that causes them to inflict a state of panic on their opponents.

"When the Lord activates the magic, we will begin our attack."

 He nods to Lethia, who shows leadership . Then he looks at everyone and starts chanting.

"Consume 45 MP and consume my enemies in a whirlwind of fire, Firestorm!"

 I put enough MP into the staff to keep it from breaking, and activate Firestorm. A whirlpool of fire several times larger than before appears in front of us, swallowing the Highghost and the surrounding ghouls.

 A whirlpool of flames burns with such force that it roars and burns everything in its path.

"Grose-san, you're taking this a little too far."

"I didn't think the Lord was this hungry for battle, boy."


 No, I didn't want to be counterattacked, so I put as much MP as I could into it and aimed for a one-hit kill. But I didn't think I'd end up involving not only the Highghost but also the surrounding ghouls.

 I mean, I've got so much experience from that stampede that I'm afraid 45 MP isn't much when I level up.

 I don't need to gain experience myself, but a certain percentage of the experience gained by my followers and demons seems to come to me, so when Lethia, Sela, and Saint-Louve gain experience in battle, a percentage of it comes to me automatically.

 It's not as much as I'd get directly, but it's still two guys and a dog who like to fight, so I'm getting a lot of experience.

 When the whirlpool of flames is over, there are several chunks of what may have been ghouls on the scorched floor, and a magic stone that may have belonged to a high ghost lying around.

 Apparently, a single firestorm ended the battle. A one-sided slaughter.

 Full name: Große Hendler

 Occupation: Tamer, Lv21

 Info: human, male, 20 years old

 HP: 390(C)

 MP: 4150(EX)

 Strength: 110(C)

 Durability: 105(C)

 Magic: 100(C)

 Agility: 105(C)

 Utensil: 1252(S)

 Charm: 1222(S)

 Good luck: 100

 Active Skills: [[Appraise(S)]][[Disguise(A)]][[Create Mage(E)]][[Tame(D)]]]

 Passive Skills:

 Magic Skill: [[Space-Time Magic(D)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Mail Order(E)]][[Navigator]]

 Full name: Lethia Ogan

 Occupation: Attack Guardian, Lv25

 Info: Ogre, female, 15, squire.

 HP: 3100(S)

 MP: 122(E)

 Strength: 954(S)

 Durability: 964(S)

 Magic: 40(E)

 Agility: 242(B)

 Dexterity: 71(D)

 Attraction: 71(D)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Hyakutake no Mamoru(D)]] [[Axe of Destruction(C)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Physical Enhancement(C)]][[Axe and Shield Art(C)]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]

 Full name: Saint-Loup

 Info: Bloodwolf, Rank 3, Female, 15, Squire.

 HP: 6500(B)

 MP: 610(E)

 Muscle strength: 900(B)

 Endurance: 650(C)

 Magic: 120(E)

 Agility: 1050(B)

 Dexterity: 110(D)

 Attraction: 110(D)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Fang Art (D)]][[Claw Art (D)]][[Three-Dimensional Activation (D)]]

 Passive Skill: [[Enhanced Leg Strength (D)]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]

 Full name: Sela

 Occupation: Hunter, Lv17

 Info: Human, female, 16, squire.

 HP: 296(C)

 MP: 266(C)

 Muscle strength: 134(B)

 Durability: 56(D)

 Magic: 56(D)

 Agility: 144(B)

 Dexterity: 264(A)

 Attraction: 92(C)

 Good luck: 20

 Active Skills: [[Sight Enhancement (D)]][[Concentration (D)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Archery(D)]][[Detecting Signs(D)]]

 Magic Skill: [[Wind Magic(E)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]