Chapter 18 Jumping Up Bounties

 Bounties to Jump Up

 The maid wore a lot of make-up, but it was not elegant, and she looked like she could be a waitress in a bar if she changed her clothes.

"-kun, it's not your usual maid."

"Oh, yes! I'll do my best to make a nice cup of tea!"

 As the maid smiles and is full of joy, Tweed's mind is filled with "? in Tweed's head.

(Nina-san, the usual maid, didn't make a single noise when carrying the wagon.)

 Every time I've been here, I've been impressed with Tweed.

 To the garden, to the maid.

 Both of them were at one of the highest levels in the world.

 Naturally, I thought that the Count would be proud of his garden and his maids, but when I saw the suspicious maids making tea, I finally lost track of them.

"Here you go."


 The tea was offered with a sweet voice.

(I don't care how it looks or feels, it might taste good...)

 And then I put it in my mouth,

 I spit it out.

"Gah, gah, gah, gah, gah."

"What, what, what, what?"

"Ki, -kun, what's this tea?"

"Well, I've prepared a cup of tea that Tweed-sama likes."

"The tea leaves are ruined, aren't they!"

 The tea that tweeds prefer is a special kind, and temperature and humidity control is very difficult.

 Every day, I have to check the -sama- of the tea leaves and move them up and down the shelves to maintain the quality. The tea leaves that had been left out smelled bad.

"What, what, what, what?"

 The maid didn't know why she was so upset.

 We are here after a very tough competition among the maids for the role of hostess (in the end, the head maid came and decided by lottery).

 I made the elf a cup of tea, just the way he likes it.

 In other words, there is nothing wrong with you.

"Oh, I see."

 And the maid understood.

 He wanted an excuse to say that the tea was bad.

 So much so,

"Tweed-sama...I'm always willing to accept an invitation if it's from Tweed-sama..."

 I understood that they were looking for me (・・・・・・・・) - no, I misunderstood.

 The maid suddenly pulled up the hem of her skirt, and Tweed was taken aback.

 What and how do I listen to what I say that leads me to "pull up my skirt"?

"Even the wisdom of the Twi'leads, the bridge between elves and humans, the top of the continental mages, and the Five Wise Men, could not understand it. "The Five Wise Men.

"I'm uncomfortable!!!"

 He stood up and left the room, leaving the maid in a daze.

 The chief butler comes out to see what's going on and leads us to the Earl of Markwood.

"Yes, how may I help you?"

 The Earl of Markwood, who was in the Oval Office, stared blankly.


 Then, like water off a dais or a machine gun, Tweed began to talk about how much he loved his stay here, the harmony of the garden, the comfort of the tea, and the purity of the people who entertained him.

 The Earl of Markwood was smiling, relieved that he was being praised, but when the conversation turned to the fact that he had been made to drink bad tea and seduced by a maid, his face turned pale.

"I'm sorry, sir! I'm firing that maid right now..."

"All I was hoping for today was 'peace' here. Now, please call Nina-san. A cup of tea she's brewing will help this wispy feeling go away."

 Tweed had barely managed to regain his composure because it would have been painful to lose his peace of mind at the Earl of Markwood's residence by losing his temper here.

 This is the reverse of the fact that there are few places where you can find such "peace of mind".

 It was the only thing that kept the tweeds in this place.


 But when the Count turned his head, a dark cloud settled over Tweed's mind.

"Chief butler! Bring me a maid called Nina or something right now!"

 When the Count shouted at him, the Chief Steward said, sweating profusely.

"...Mister-sama, that, Nina was fired and thrown out, wasn't she?"

"Hmm? Could it be that maid?"

 As expected, the Count noticed.

 She said she was the maid who broke the vase and couldn't fix her daughter's dress.

"Wait a minute. I just heard something I don't want to hear."

 The Count also broke into a cold sweat at the sound of Tweed's chilling voice.

"I would like a detailed explanation of the situation."

 As a result, Tweed announced that he would not stop by the Earl of Markwood's mansion until Nina returned, and left the mansion later that day.

 Hearing this, the other nobles were overjoyed and laughed, saying, "The Earl of Markwood is finished.

"Bring him back now!!!!"

 With the Count's shout, the bounty on Nina's head jumped up to "10 million gold".