Chapter 19 Epilogue


"I'm glad you're a drinker."

"I'm the one who gets drunk, though."

"No, you should deny it, you're older than me."

 At night in the inn town, Emily and Astrid were in the inn's dining room.

 I'm going to have a drink, so go back to bed," he said, sending Nina back to her room, and the two of them stayed here.

 By the way, Emily is 16 years old and Astrid is 18 years old, but there is no legal age limit for drinking alcohol, and it was served in a very loose manner.

 They toasted each other with a goblet filled with fruit wine and sipped it one by one.

"Well... there's no other reason I asked you to come here today."

"It's Nina, isn't it?"

"If you know, you're quicker to talk."

 Emily nodded, and Astrid nodded almost simultaneously,

""That girl's in trouble.""

 They were all in agreement.

"I thought the existence of magic muscles was just a theory, but you didn't just show me that they existed, you made my magical talents blossom! I've been working on this problem for years, and I've never been able to figure it out!"

"You could say the same about my invention! The preferences of spirits are supposed to be the best-kept secret of elf knowledge, but she taught it to me so easily! And she completed an invention that I've been working on for years!"

 They both exhaled, "Whew!

"...She has no idea how valuable her knowledge is."

"...I have a hunch that the source of Nina's knowledge is one of the Five Wise Men, Tweed-Far-Wilhelm Scott-sama."

"Well, that would make sense with what the high elves who live in the deepest part of the forest have told us about their magical muscles..."

 Twi'leed was a man of few words, but he had never denied that he was a High Elf.

"If there's a problem... it's not just with Tweed-sama, but Nina-kun seems to have had contact with many guests without knowing it, and even liked them."


"It's very dangerous for her to share that knowledge she has acquired from such people."

"That's not all. Have you seen Nina's maid skills? It's... quite frankly, a threat."

"Yes, that's right. Once her existence is known and she's properly valued, it wouldn't be surprising if some royalty or nobleman would pony up a tremendous amount of money for her alone."

"...Astrid, do you think it would make her happy if Nina worked in a house like that?"

"I don't know... what about you, kun? You've known Nina a little longer than I have, right?"

"I don't think Nina needs to go to such a big man. Because Nina doesn't really want to talk about the mansion she was working at. It seems she was framed and forced to quit."

"Hmm... no wonder. With a maid of her caliber, no employer would want to give her up. That's why I was wondering why she came to the servant's information desk."

"I wonder if anyone was jealous of Nina's skills."

"Or maybe it was an employer who couldn't do justice to Nina-kun..."

"No way! You'd have to be a real idiot to miss out on a gem like that girl."

"That too, I suppose."

 They nodded their heads and sipped their drinks, but the truth was, "No way.

 Markwood spent this time gazing at his newly purchased vases, most of which were forgeries.

 The Earl of Markwood is now the focus of many art dealers' attention as a moneymaker who will buy forgeries.

"For now, I want to let Nina do what she wants. I owe her a debt of gratitude, and I want to repay it... Well, I think she wants to work at the mansion after all, but I don't mind if it's just a stopgap until she decides to do so."

"I feel the same way. And I feel inspired when I'm with her."

"...So, we're 'kindred spirits' then, right?"

"Sure thing."

 They clashed cup to cup once more.

 Thus, an alliance between Emily and Astrid was formed.


"Let's make sure Nina doesn't do anything weird and get us into trouble!"

 It was an alliance that was intended to --.