Chapter 19 Labyrinth Of The Dead 3

 He hesitates as he holds his staff of fire. A Firestorm with 800 MP can kill Lich in a single blow, but we can't be safe... we have three choices. We can do nothing and let Rich kill us, or we can try as hard as we can to find a way out, which we don't even know exists. Firestorm at 800 MP.

 The third one has the best chance of survival. But the first and the second have basically only the future of death, while the third is the most positive.

"M, Rich does magic!"

 At the same time Sailor raises her voice, Rich's magic is activated and ten skeletons appear around Rich. They are skeletons, monsters summoned by Rich's [[necromancy]].

 The lich alone is a nuisance, but ten skeletons show up?

 If you check the skeleton in [[Appraisal]], you'll see that it's rank 2. The rank itself is not so bad, but it's not good if you're outnumbered.

 The summoned skeletons rush towards Lethia. But when Lethia swings her shield to the side, the skeletons are blown to pieces.

 Seeing this, Rich summons more and more skeletons. It seems that there is no limit to the number of skeletons that can be summoned to attack Lethia.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

"Sailor, I'm going to shoot myself in the face with magic."


"We can't damage the lich with half-hearted magic. If we shoot a spell powerful enough to damage the lich, it will be able to wreak its fury on us because of this small space..."

" have to do it, don't you?"

"Yeah, it's the only way we're gonna survive."

 Sailor seemed to be a little lost, but she must have known that she wouldn't last ten minutes in this situation, so she swallowed my suggestion.

"What do I do?"

"I want you to lead the liches as far back as you can and make sure they gather here just in time for me to cast my spell."

 It would be best to keep the magical center of Rich as far away from it as possible to preserve our own survival.

 But I also need to buy time for Lethia and the others to come back when I shoot the spell. It's a difficult decision, but it's one that only Sela can make.

"All right, sir. Please call out to me before you shoot your magic!"

 Saying this, Sailor gives instructions to Lethia and Saint-Louve, and checks on Rich and the skeleton. Then she gradually leads Rich and the others to the back of the boss room.

 As expected, he has a clear view of his surroundings, and his instructions are precise.

 I should be doing my job.

 First, he grants Haste to two people and one animal with [[Space-time Magic]], then he grasps the staff of flame in his hand and holds it in front of him.

"Consume 800 MP and consume my enemies in a whirlwind of fire... Sailor, fall back! !"

 At the sound of my voice, Selah will send word to Lethia and Saint-Louve.

 When Lethia uses her shield to shieldbash Lich, Lich is momentarily frozen. The shield bash seems to be a combination of a physical attack and an attribute attack, and the stun effect of the attribute attack is effective even against Rich, who has [[Physical Resistance]]. Then, two of them and one of them start running towards you.

 Two and one closing the distance between us, less than a third of the way there, now!


 Rich and the skeletons who had recovered from the stun were chasing after Lethia and the others, but they were far enough away that I fired a Firestorm at them.

 Nanmu San!

 A vast vortex of flames writhes around Lich, engulfing the slow-moving skeleton and expanding its range.

 The blast reaches me from a distance, but Firestorm's range is still expanding.


 Lethia comes back to me and stands in front of me, trying to protect me from Firestorm.

 Rich and the skeletons can't see what's going on because their vision is blocked by the swirling flames, but I'd like to think that there's no way they're safe from such a powerful firestorm.

 I was protected by Lethia and didn't take a direct hit, but I was hit by a huge rush of energy and my body screamed. It's too hard, too hot, I'm dying!

 How could I have activated such a powerful firestorm? The staff of flame in his hand is already badly damaged, and its original shape is not recognizable.





 I don't know how long it's been, 10 seconds, a minute, longer.

 The firestorm finally subsides, and I check my surroundings. There are no liches or skeletons, but floors and walls burned by the firestorm that seemed like the fires of hell, and Lethia and Doh-sama standing guard over me, and Sailor and Saint-Louve who have survived the firestorm as if they were protecting me.

"Are you alive?"

 I've heard back from everyone. They are still alive, but they look like raggedy rags, with wounds all over them. In particular, Lethia's shield is badly damaged, and her armor is cracked and pierced, indicating that she is badly damaged.

 It's hard to move, but we take out a potion and drink it together. I wasn't sure if I could take just one, so I took two and everyone else took four. Just in case, I took out the Wand of Healing and cast Heal on everyone.

"Somehow you survived."

 Everyone nodded and the three of us and one animal breathed a sigh of relief.

 But the floor shines brightly, as if it doesn't care about us.

 We sit up and we look at the glowing floor. And the light surrounds us and we can't keep our eyes open.

"Congratulations. You have successfully defeated the Dungeon Master of this [Labyrinth of the Dead]."

 There's someone talking to us in the light. A voice indistinguishable from man or woman, old or young.

 Even if I wanted to open my eyes, the light is too bright for me to see who's speaking.

"Who, who?"

 I heard Selah's voice. She doesn't know who it is either.

"I am Tsukiyomi, God of Death, creator of this Labyrinth of the Dead."

 Tsukiyomi is the name of a god that sounds familiar!

 It may not be the God-sama I know, but the God-sama I know is a pretty big name.

"Since this is the first time you have defeated this Dungeon Master, I will grant your wishes within my power as a bonus for defeating the Dungeon Master the first time."

 The Dungeon Master's first kill bonus... grants wishes? Does that mean I can go back to the world I came from if I want to?

"It can be anything you want. You can ask for skills, weapons, armor, or anything else you want. However, if it is beyond my control, I will try to make it as close as possible to what you want."

[Ins, is this Tsukiyomi god-sama real?]

[It's definitely Tsukiyomi-sama, the Great God of Death]

 The fact that it is a god that Ins knows, and that it is preceded by [big], indicates that it is a very high god-sama.

[Is it safe to wish for things to go back to the way they were?]

[Tsukiyomi-sama presides over death, so I cannot say anything about her power to cross the world.]

[So the chances of us getting back are pretty slim?]

[it would seem so]

 It's not that I want to go back to my world. I have family in Japan, but they are estranged and I have no friends there.

 I can say that there are inconveniences in my current life, but they are not negative factors for me with [[mail order]].

 The demons are frightening, but I'm reassured by the presence of Lethia and the others, and I feel like I belong there more than in Japan.

 But there's a big difference in feeling between "I can't leave" and "I won't leave. Then my hope is this.

 ...had heard our wishes and had returned to the boss's quarters from being too dazed to open his eyes.

"...a dream...?"

", it's probably real."

"Mmm, Lord, you're not dreaming."

"It's not a dream."

 Since Sailor, Lethia, and Sanlove say it wasn't a dream, it looks like we got the Dungeon Master's First Defeat bonus from Tsukiyomi-sama.


"What's going on, One?"

 Me, Selah, Lethia, all eyes on Saint-Louve.

" it?"

 Saint-Louve is talking... and she's naked... no, she wasn't naked before... or am I losing my mind? Saint-Louve is turning into a beast with dog ears... or wolf ears... and she's naked!

"...Saint-Louve...the figure is a beast..."

"I've asked to speak with the Lord Jesus."

"I see, to talk to the Lord..."

 Bloodwolf can become a beast if he wishes... Tsukiyomi-sama, Panayé! If he can do that, he can cross the world just fine, right?

"Gosh! How long is Grose-san going to keep looking at Saint-Louve naked?"

"Mmm, Lord, if you want to see me naked, I'll show you mine!"

 Sailor forced me to turn my head 180 degrees. I thought my neck would snap off and I'd die. And Lethia never wavered.

 As shocking as it was to see Saint-Louve reclassified as a beastman, we look at the treasure chest that appears in the middle of the boss room.

 Since Saint-Louve's wish has been fulfilled by becoming a beastman, we should assume that this treasure chest contains something that can fulfill mine, Sailor's, and Lethia's wishes. That's why three treasure chests have appeared.