Chapter 2 The bounty is one million gold

 The bounty is one million gold.

 At that time, there were three people in the kitchen of the mansion.

 Thick eyebrows, strong-willed eyes, and thick, hairy arms are Roy, the cook.

 Toms is an old man with a short cropped salt head.

"Why is Toms-san here too?"

 The other was a maid with long blue hair tied back.

 She's Mona.

 Nina and Mona became fast friends when Nina came to the mansion because of their similarities in names -- five years after they met, Mona is 20 years old and is scheduled to get married this summer.

"Why am I here," you say. I heard that Nina-chan was summoned by the head maid, so I figured it would be a bad idea."

"That's right."

 Mona spoke, her lips quivering with anger.

 The vase in the treasure room broke and Nina was fired because she was framed for it.

 I forbade him to say goodbye to the other servants, so Mona heard about it just now.

 When Mona finished speaking, the kitchen fell silent,


"Wait a minute, Roy, what are you doing? Grab a knife and get up."

 Thoms grabbed Roy's arm as he stood up.

"I know. I'm going to cut that maidservant's head off."

"Don't be stupid. What are you thinking?"

"That's a good one."

"Don't be silly, Mona. Just calm down."

 Toms says, but Roy can't stop.

"You probably broke it yourself anyway, and you're blaming Nina for it! You have to die before you can get over that kind of thing!"

"But killing her won't help, and Nina-chan will be sad. And it won't bring Nina back. You'll end up with the rope around your neck."


 Roy put the knife down reluctantly.

"...I'm frustrated."

 Mona bursts into tears.

"Why should Nina have to go through that... she was the hardest working girl in this house..."

"Don't cry. Nina-chan is the one who wants to cry. Where are you going to work next, Nina-chan? If that mansion doesn't have enough gardeners, I'll run for it."

"Oh? Toms-san, we can't let you get away with this."

"Why don't you-San raise your hand with the cooks, too?"

"...I guess that's true too."


 Mona then shouted loudly, and Roy and Toms held their ears with their hands.

"Oh, oh, that girl! Maybe she didn't get a letter of introduction!"

"What the hell?"

"--that fucking head maid!"

"I think it's better to kill him, you know."

 Toms grabbed Mona's back with his right hand, and grabbed Roy's back with his left hand as he turned away and tried to run out of the room.

 There's a reason why they were so angry and wanted to leave.

 Maids work by coming into the other person's house.

 That is why the identity and background of the person must be clear and trustworthy.

 This is backed up by a letter of introduction.

 Usually, when a maid leaves the house, she gets a "letter of introduction".

 You'll have no trouble getting another job if you take this. Especially if it's a letter of introduction from the Count's residence.

 But the head maid did not write this.

 The reason is that, ostensibly, he was fired for breaking a vase, and it would be strange to "introduce" such a person.

"Don't stop, Toms-san!"

"I'll kill him."

"That's it! There's nothing I can do even if I riot here! That's enough!"

 Toms complains in his mind as he stops them.

 As soon as Nina-chan's gone, this is it.

 It was all thanks to Nina-chan that this jerky and rampaging horse was able to work properly.

 In fact, Toms, who was working in the field, was painfully aware of how much he appreciated Nina.

 They are a gardener, a cook, and a maid, and although they have completely different ways of working, they have a lot in common.

 The gardener prepares the firewood for the kitchen, the cook prepares the meals, and the maid prepares the tea party in the garden.

 It was Nina who was the "coordinator" of all these little tasks.

 I could talk to her and everything would go through, and I could work comfortably.

 Her presence is unobtrusive.

 Therefore, many of us take it for granted that we can do our jobs well.

"It's hard for me too. Besides, what are you going to do with all the work at the mansion that you were able to manage because of her?"

 Toms says,

"Yes, I know... what should I do?"

 Mona looks pale.

"She used to be with a very difficult mage, Sama."

Good luck, Mona.

"Impossible! I can't do that! I've even seen through forgeries of artworks being sold to me! There's no way you can do that!"



 Roy and Toms look at each other.

"...How in the world did she develop such knowledge and skills?"

"That's true, but more importantly, what will happen if Nina disappears? We're just servants, but do Count-sama and Countess-sama understand how bad this is?"


 A grim silence hung over the kitchen.


"Hey, what do you want me to do with this?"

"No? You don't want it."

"That's right. It's in the way even if I leave it there, so let's put it away."

 Nina's note, which was left in the corridor, was thus taken away by the maid and thrown into the garbage incinerator.

"I, I, I broke a jar?"

 When the owner of the house, the Earl of Markwood, returned home, he shouted out loud upon hearing the report.

 A small fat body looks even fatter because you are short.

 She is in her late 40s, but her hair is getting lonely, and the wig on her head is shifting because she is upset that the jar broke.

 The head butler and the head maid both shrink back.

 By the way, the head butler also knows the real situation from the head maid.

"Gosh, master-sama, your hair doesn't seem to be sitting well..."

"Don't talk about my hair! What do you mean, don't talk about my hair!

 The Count rushed to fix his wig and found a broken pot in front of him.

 If it had only been broken cleanly, it could have been repaired, but it has been shattered in some parts, as if the fragments had been stepped on, and scratches have been made by the fragments hitting each other, as if they had been collected roughly.

"Well, actually, the maid broke it while we were cleaning..."

"Where's that maid!"

"Don't worry, sir! I've fired you!"

"Idiots! Bring him here! I'll punish you in person!"

"What the...?"

 The maidservant is in a hurry.

 They only framed him for a crime he did not commit and kicked him out of the house, but did not force him to pay compensation.

 He had enough conscience to do that, or rather, he didn't want Nina to resist.

 I told the Count, "You're fired! This is the solution!" That's the solution!

 But the Count won't allow it.

"Find the maid! Put a bounty on her!"

 Nina's bounty has been set at one million gold.