Chapter 20 The Maid Meets The Girl With Wolf Ears

 Maid-san meets girl with wolf ears

 The neighboring country, the Principality of Wolter, has many mountains.

 Nina and her friends had to cross many mountains in their journey, but they found all of them unusual, and Nina's eyes were shining.

"Wow... it's a mystical forest . Tui--I wonder if that person also lived in a place like this..."

 I would say something like this in the carriage.

 The reason why I didn't say "Tweed" but "that person" was because Emily and Astrid had convinced Nina to come to this point.

 Tweed is a much bigger man than Nina realizes, and should not be spoken of lightly outside.

 They wanted to ask about other important people if possible, but Nina, who was persuaded, looked sad, so they could not pursue further.

 --I can't believe I'm not allowed to mention his name when Tweed-sama was such a great customer-sama: ....

 Come to think of it, few people would think that a maid like Nina would be acquainted with a great man like Tweed, and there would be no danger of Nina being kidnapped or harmed.

 The only problem is, Nina has knowledge.

(In the end, you just have to be there and watch them...)

 Emily let out a sigh softly.

"Oh, hey! It's a pack of wild dogs! Mage girl, please!"

"Yes, yes."

 Called by the guardian, Emily got off the carriage with her staff.

 Thus, in exchange for using her magic to drive away the wild dogs, she gets a free carriage ride.

 When they have to camp out, Nina prepares food for them, and she even gets paid for it.

 In addition, if the carriage breaks down, Astrid will repair it and even reinforce it with magic, so the reward will be even greater.

"It's the perpetual motion machine of travel. I think we were meant to travel together."

 Emily returned to the carriage after dispersing the wild dogs with the magic of the wind,

"Good work, sama! I'll make you a nice cup of tea on our next break!"

"That's great, Emily. I wish I could somehow incorporate the beauty of that magic activation into my magic."

 Nina and Astrid greeted us with smiles, and the other passengers were overjoyed to see Emily's fighting skills.

"...This is what a mage is supposed to do."

 Nina's got a habit of saying that.

 A tour of the iron mines--who wouldn't love that? Nina responded to Emiri's unintentional "invitation.

"I'd like to see it!"

 The Principality of Wolter has many mines, and the Izumi Mine is the only one that can be visited.

 However, in a duchy with hot springs, mysterious waterfalls, botanical gardens, and museums, there are not many people who like to see iron mines, and Nina and the others were the only passengers in the carriage heading for the mining town.

"Are you sure, Emily? -I don't think kun's interested in the iron mine. You could've waited for me in the capital."

"I'm not interested, but I can't leave Nina alone. If I leave Astrid alone and come back to the capital to find that there are now three of us instead of two, I'll have no choice but to follow her."

"Ha-ha-ha. Does that mean I'm in your way too? Emily is very possessive of Nina."

"No, it's not like that! You idiot! Because the more people who know about Nina, the more dangerous she becomes."

 If you shout too loudly, Nina will hear you, so whisper at the end.

 Nina is sitting on the coachman's platform, listening to his story. It seems that she is listening to the story of the iron mine.

 The Izumi Mine, which took several days to reach from Gongdu, was the opposite of "scenic".

 The reddish-brown surface of the mountain is exposed, and there is little greenery.

 The mining town was large and lively, but it was inhabited by people who worked in the mines and were fed by the mines, and of course there was nothing to see.

"Hey, maid lady, I'll tell them about the tour! We can go any time after tomorrow!"

"Thank you."

"I mean it! Goodbye!"

 The coachman smiled and left.

 It seems that he had even set up a route to visit the mine.

"As usual, Nina, you're so clever..."

"Well," he said. Why don't we find a nice place to stay for now? I don't think we have much choice, though."

"Yeah . If it's clean, that's good enough for me. We can get something to eat, but Nina's gonna say she's gonna cook. Hey, Nina?"

 The little maid was already gone when I spoke to her.


 Astrid placed her hand on Emily's shoulder as she looked up at the sky and put her hand on her forehead.

"...I know exactly what kun is going through."

"...thank you. We'll find Nina."

 They're on the move.


"What are you hauling around? Just because you're a kid doesn't mean you're allowed to, you're paid the same money!"

 The mine foreman's voice echoed.

 In large mining sites, magic tools are used, but in small tunnels, miners still use their hands to mine, and carry the ore on their backs or in wheelbarrows.

 There was a girl who was unsteady.

 On his head he wears a tattered leather helmet and ill-fitting work clothes.

 The limbs growing out of it are like dead trees.

 She looked weak, but the golden eyes beneath her wet feather-colored bangs were not dead.

 The backpack, clearly too large for her to carry, sways, and the girl puts her hands on the wall.

Oh, hey, you okay?

"Hey! Don't you dare mess with someone else's business!"

 The other miners tried to help, but the foreman was keeping a close eye on them.

"...okay, I can do this on my own."

 Then the girl said that, put her backpack back on her back, and started walking.

 If she takes the time to carry it to the ore dressing plant, she will be given a piece of wood with a number corresponding to the weight she has carried.

 It's already dusk outside.

 If we go back to the mine now, we won't be here until late at night.

"...I'm leaving."

 The girl took the piece of wood and started walking.

 As we enter the administration office at the entrance to the mine, there is a line of strong men and women. They, too, carry pieces of wood, but the numbers written on them are several times larger than hers.

 It was only natural, since we were of different ages and sizes.

Here's today's paycheck.


 I received three silver coins. Only 3,000 gold.

 When she puts her borrowed leather helmet in the return box, two dogears appear on her head.

 Only the tips of his ears were white.

 She's just left the control station,

"Hey, ghost dog!"

 The foreman who had been yelling at us earlier had just returned.

"You, quit if you're not motivated! There are plenty of other workers out there!"


 The girl stared at the foreman, then turned away and started to walk away.

"What's with that attitude? He's so testy. I'd say he's a ghost dog."

 The girl doesn't talk back.

 What was said was right, and I didn't have the strength to say it back.

 --GuruGuruGuru ..........

 I'm too hungry.

 My stomach growled like a ferocious beast.

 As we entered the mining district, the smell of food drifted out of nowhere.

"I'm back from the mines, mister! How about a drink?"

"--There's some good ale coming straight from the Gongdu today."

"--Tidal silver snowfish brought in from five mountains over! Your cheeks will fall off!"

 A voice in a tavern invites a hungry miner.


 But the girl pinched her nose painfully and walked past with a somber expression.

 She almost bumped into a few people, but she easily dodged them by leaning forward.

"Oh, a ghost dog."

"See, there it is-- there it is, gone."

 It was still unusual to see a small girl working in the mine, and many miners pointed her out.

 And when that happens, it's always,

 It also came with the word

(It's not a dog...!)

 The girl's face twisted in frustration, but with an even more pained look on her face, she walked through the plaza and finally sat down in a corner of the central square.


 I was exhausted," said Samaiko.

 And then she saw him,

"Um... are you okay? Do you want some water?"

 The person who offered the water bottle was a maid-san, not much taller than the girl.