Chapter 20 The Smiling Princess Part 2 2

 The Smiling Princess Part 2

 Martin and Alexandra moved to the lower right corner of the altar when Bartolomeos, who was standing directly in front of the altar, looked at them.

 They bobbed their heads in thanks for the blessings given by everyone.

 -Bartolomeos, who had been warmly watching the sama child, turned to face her.

 Then, in a resonant voice, he began a brief explanation of the blessing and absolution rituals he was about to perform.

"Due to the infidelity of Dietfried Wurzner, the betrothal to Alexandra Arlesmaier has now been broken. At the same time, the marriage of Alexandra Ahlersmaier to Martin Martynovich Gulieva, King of the Volturnine Empire, has been confirmed. Today, after a ceremony of blessing and absolution, my beloved daughter Alexandra will soon be married to the Volturnine Empire!"

 As most of the people present knew, Bartolomeos' words were met with a cheer that could have shaken the temple.

 There may have been some complaints, but all Alexandra heard was praise.

 That was a little strange.

"First, the marriage ceremony will be performed by Temple Head Ferdinand and Deputy Temple Head Sylvia!"

 This time there were many confused and questioning voices.

 The Temple Chief suddenly fell down and crawled to the boundary of the ward, striking it with such strength that the skin was torn and the bones were visible.

 The invisible ward was turning red.

 The red of the blood foreshadows bad luck, but the cleansing effect of the wards seems to have worked, and as Alexandra blinks a few times, the stain disappears without a trace.

 Next to her, Martin said, "You're a great magician! Maybe he's the master of kun! I nodded my head and said, "Of course! I nodded broadly.

"Be quiet! After the blessing, it is time for absolution. If you have any questions, you may ask them then!"

 His voice became quieter, but not enough to dispel the whispers.

 Instead of Bartolomeos stepping back, he and Martin headed directly for the altar.

 Out of the corner of his eye, Wolfgang began to play a harp as tall as a man.

 It was the day when the Bausnerns received a blessing from the god of music.

 The harp, which was given to the Bausenerns by a delighted emperor, is lavishly decorated and beautiful, and the sound is extremely delicate.

 I like the beautiful sound of the harp very much, but it is too heavy to move..." I remember Wolfgang sighing.

 This is one of the many blessing songs written for Wolfgang after he had risen from the depths of despair after his betrayal.

 As I was about to play the first part of the song during the ceremony, he played the first part of this masterpiece, filling the temple with a solemn yet somehow gentle tone that made me close my eyes and listen to it.

 Martin, who was standing next to me, seemed to be listening to it as well.

 His mouth was slowly rising - a sign that he was fully enjoying the music.

 She smiled, and Martin's beautiful purple eyes opened.

"As expected of Wolfgang-kun. -You're just as beautiful as you look."

"...Martin-sama is also so beautiful it's hard to know where to look."

 Martin's beautiful figure captivated Alexandra as they stood facing each other, with no place for her eyes to escape.

 He is dressed in silver, almost white.

 The costume, which is said to have been derived from military uniforms, makes Martin look majestic.

 The chain of the watch hanging from his breast pocket reflected lustrously.

 The tie has a diamond flower, the state of the Volturnine Empire, sewn into it with silver thread.

 Her bangs, which were usually pulled down carelessly, were stroked back to expose her forehead, making her look like a different person, but she also looked so dignified that it made me fall in love with her all over again.

"I'll tell you exactly the same thing. My Alexandra. I don't think there's a more beautiful being in the world than you are right now."

 Alexandra's eyes narrowed, and her cheeks brightened with the look of love in her eyes.

 Alexandra's wedding dress, prepared by Martin, had a high neckline with minimal exposure.

  The long sleeves, décolleté, and back to the waist are wrapped in delicate hand-knitted lace.

 Her back was a little uncomfortable, but the lace was very fine and there was a veil, so she did not have to worry about her skin color being exposed to the public, and she would not be embarrassed.

 The skirt is soft and wide from the waist down, and at first glance it looks very simple.

 However, there were numerous small diamonds sewn into the skirt.

 They sparkled even when she did not move.

 I was bowled over by the masterful craftsmanship.

 All the jewelry was made of diamonds.

 The earrings resembled the shape of a diamond flower.

 The necklace was the first I had ever seen, an oval shape with a strange cut that made it shine.

 The ring was also square-cut, which was said to have been made only by artisans of the Voltaigne Empire.

 It is said that the sparkle is much different from the square cut of other countries.

 Boniface, who is an expert on women's jewelry, explained to me.

 He also told us that the metal used to reinforce the diamond to make it shine more beautifully is a rare metal called diamond platinum.

 Add to this the tiara, and you have a complete set of jewelry.

 I secretly thought that it might be understandable for the lady's concubine to be in a frenzy.

 Ferdinand looks up as if he is ready, and Martin and Alexandra kneel under the altar.

 Behind them, Annemarie fixes her veil neatly.

 The exquisite embroidery on the entire veil drew sighs of bliss from the women.

"A word has come from the God who protects the Empire of Mysia. Granting the marriage of Martin Martynovich Gulieva, King of the Volturnine Empire, to Alexandra Ahlersmaier, Priestess of the Missourian Empire, and blessing them to walk together for the rest of their precious lives! and"

 There were shouts of praise from everywhere.

 Normally, God only approves marriages.

 But Ferdinand tells us that God has given him a blessing.

 Although there were few cases, there were people who had received the same blessing in the past.

 It is said that all blessed couples stay together in harmony.


"! Amazing, isn't it?"

 Out of nowhere, a heart-warming fragrance drifted into the air, and countless pure white petals fell from the ceiling as if they were being created.

 As far as Alexandra knew, this had never happened before in history.

"The gods have bestowed a special blessing on the two of you. Anyone who harms them in the future will be judged by the gods!"

 I don't think anyone from the Empire of Mysia would harm them now, but Ferdinand's powerful words seem to have had a profound effect.

 Most of the eyes that had been following the beautiful petals now turned to Ferdinand.

"A congratulatory cup for Martin Martynovich Gulieva. Blessing cup to Alexandra Arlesmeier."

 Hearing Ferdinand's words, Martin's hand gently lifted the veil.

 He was embarrassed to be seen with his stained cheeks, which were still hot.

 Sylvia, who has been waiting for him, quietly approaches and gives Martin the silver chalice.

 Alexandra receives the same object.

 Inside was a clear, colorless wine with a single white petal floating in the air.

"We will conclude the ritual by taking a sip of each other's wine, exchanging cups, and drinking it all in one gulp, including the petals. You two... please drink."

 Martin looks happy as he sips the very strong wine, which is different from white wine.

 Alexandra takes a sip of the wine and feels slightly inebriated, but she keeps her composure and exchanges the cups, not wanting to expose her sama-like appearance during the ceremony.

 Surprised at Martin's delicious gulp, she slowly drank down the last drop.

 It was only for a moment that I felt as if I were going to collapse from the heat spreading through my body.

 Perhaps this was one of God's blessings, but the intoxication was gone.

"The marriage ceremony has now come to a happy conclusion. Your Majesty Martin, sister Alexandra, I wish you happiness."

"My heartfelt congratulations to you both. May you both have a blessed future."

 After the ceremony was over, Ferdinand and Sylvia gave me their blessings.

 It was a blessing that made me realize that I was married to Martin more than the word of God.

 After bowing deeply, they went down from the altar and lined up with the other brothers and sisters.

 Martin and Alexandra also returned to their original seats.

"...Your rituals are easy, aren't they? Mine is disgustingly long..."

"...I'm sure you'll be happy with any ritual with Martin-sama."

"Allen-chan seems to be much more experienced in rituals than I am. It's nice to be blessed, but it's a bit depressing to have a long ceremony."

 Alexandra and the others laughed happily at Martin's small shrug.

"Everyone, please bear with me, okay?"

 To Martin's joking words, each of them said, "Leave it to me! I'll do my best! Will I be allowed to attend? ...and so on.

 I wanted to stay here and enjoy the peace and quiet, but it was not to be.

 Bartolomeos stood on the altar and looked down at the sinners.

"We have had a happy marriage. I would have liked to continue with the feast, but that is not to be... Now, the sins of those sinners have been discovered. Some of you already know this, but I will tell you again the crimes they committed and the atonement they deserve! But! But first, a few preparations are necessary. The absolution will take a long time. The participants should be prepared for that.

 The participants hear Bartolomeos' words and begin to move, perhaps to prepare.

 Alexandra was worried about the crowd, but Martin took her hand.

"...Martin-sama, sister, please come this way..."

 Edeltraut led the way from the altar room to the nearer antechamber.

"...Sister-sama, may I change as well?"

"Are you tired, perhaps?"

"Yes... and the men's eyes are annoying..."

 As soon as I stepped into the antechamber, Annemarie cried out to me.

 She was also sighing deeply.

 The beautifully dressed Annemarie does not have a fiancé.

 It was understandable that the unpredictable people would want Annemarie.

"It's a place of absolution. We're not here to be judged, but it would be best to refrain from wearing fancy clothes."

"...I think it would be better if we all wear jet-black outfits to intimidate the sinners, sama."

"Very good, jet black. I've got mine ready, so don't worry!"

 Martin immediately agreed with Boniface's opinion.

 Alexandra had no objection.

 Martin smiles happily at her.

 How many times do I have to fall in love with Martin, who is always so thoughtful?

"So long, Allen-chan. I'll see you later, okay?"

 With a wave of his hand, Martin followed Boniface.

 The other men followed.

"So, sis-sama, shall we get dressed?"

"Yes. I'll take care of you, then, won't I?"

 I call out to the maids.

 The maids, with their backs straight and their heads bowed, quickly remove the jewelry from their bodies and put it away, and quickly remove the dresses that are difficult for them to take off by themselves.

"...Sis-sama, have you noticed?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's about the shameless Dietfried! How could he do that now? How can he look at me like that?

"Yes, you're right. Maybe he still thinks... somewhere... that I'm the one who's going to clean up his mess."

 Didn't they feel sorry for themselves after they were quarantined in the temple?

 That's what the quarantine was for, isn't it?

 Do they still not recognize their own sins?

 The truth is, I am aware of it, but...

 But can't you believe the mess you've gotten yourself into?

 Do we not want to believe?

 There is so little time left for sinners to indulge in such a sweet world.

"He's a fool, isn't he!"

"Yes. So stupid, so stupid."

 It's true that Alexandra herself has indulged him more than any other sinner.

 But it was none other than Dietfried who indulged that indulgence and tried to impose a disadvantage on him.

 He has continued to admonish us as much as, or even more than, he has pampered us.

 It is none other than Dietfried himself who has taken the easy way out and led us to our doom.

"...I'm sure the fools will get what they deserve."

 Alexandra had no reason to see it through.

 I've decided to move on.

 Now she and Martin would try to make the people of the Volturnine Empire as happy as possible.

"Martin, this is an opportunity to say goodbye to the past that sama and father have given you. My mind is already made up... don't worry, Annemarie."

 Annemarie, who never doubted Alexandra's mercy, was probably worried that the sinners would hurt her again.

 She is a lovely, lovely sister.

"I know in my head that my worries are useless because we are here, and above all, Martin-sama is here, but the more I see how stupid these sinners are, the more I can't help it."

 Annemarie, dressed in her jet-black military uniform, is beautiful.

 Perhaps it is because you know her kind heart that you see her as such.

 Unlike Annemarie, Alexandra wears a long jet-black dress.

 She wears no jewelry at all and a hat with a veil that covers her eyes.

"...So jet-black suits you too, sister-sama..."

 The maids and Annemarie all sigh together.

 For some reason, they all have red cheeks.

"Annemarie is the one who looks good. She's so dignified, she makes me feel like I'm very important to have you protect me."

"! There are no better words for the honor bestowed on a knight! I'm really happy!"

 The men who had finished dressing came in, smiling fondly at Annemarie, who was making a strong speech with clenched fists.

 There was no knocking, but the maids must have led them in.

"Yes. Jet black is good too. It's like the goddess of the night has come down!"

 Martin's compliment was as flattering as ever.

"Hmm. Thank you for everything, Martin-sama. Martin-sama looks like a god of war with her fearless appearance... come on. Let's go."

 Alexandra holds out her hand to Martin.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

"...I hope I can save you, right?"



 She doesn't ask.

"Yes. I sincerely hope so too."

 Alexandra agreed wholeheartedly with Martin's words.