Chapter 21 The City Of The Red Tower

 The first thing I did when I arrived at the Red Tower was to get Saint-Louve a new job and Sela a new job. After that, you need to buy new equipment.

 Since Lethia's strength has increased due to her higher level, her old axe is not enough, and she bought a heavier and stronger axe.

 I also bought new equipment for Saint-Louve, who is now a beast. I bought two daggers and a ninja's black outfit. The daggers were obtained in the Red Tower, but the black outfit was bought from [[Mail Order]] and made in Japan. The defense of the black costume is the same as that of ordinary clothes, so it is a story item to be frank.

 When Sela became a wizard, she changed her armor. Armor for wizards is usually more expensive than that for witches. However, since I have a good amount of money, I bought the best armor I could find and equipped it.

"Such a good one... thank you!"

"I'm a non-combatant, so I'm going to make sure that my weapons and armor are as good as possible so that the three of us can have a good escort."

 Yeah, I'm a noncombatant. So fighting is for the three of us, and I'm a merchant. I'm a merchant!

"Lord, we're going into the Red Keep next, aren't we?"

"Danjoon, I'm in!"

"Because you don't have to go into the dungeon to collect the corpses of demons!"

"But we can collect the bodies faster and cheaper if we go into the dungeon."

 These three are looking at me like they're ready to enter the dungeon. I'm a merchant! Why should I risk my life to collect demon corpses!

 The purpose of my coming to the Red Tower is to obtain the corpses of demons efficiently, and to do that, I should buy the corpses of demons that adventurers killed instead of going into the dungeon and killing them.

 I'm going to ignore all three of your arguments for now.

 First, we need to gather information about the demon, and then we need a base to collect the demon's corpse. So I'll ask Sela and Saint-Louve to gather information about demons, and Lethia and I will go to the Merchant's Guild.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm the buyer for this guild, Xan Killing."

"My name is Grose Hendler. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today."

 Xan Killing-San is a gray-haired businessman in his late fifties. He looks dull, but what is he really like?

 Let's start with a jab. I put the white sugar on the desk and explain. Killing-san's mood changed when he saw the white sugar, as if he had been told about the white sugar in Hajime's town.

"This is white sugar, is that correct?"

"Yes, it's white sugar. I was wondering if you could take a moment to purchase this for the guild."

So, you're in Hajji's town?


"No, I'm sorry about this. Let's not pry."

 I'm playing the secretive and mysterious Große Hendler, although I could just as easily say "yes, I do". For no particular reason!

 I'm going to discuss the quantity and timing of the delivery of white sugar with Killing-san. This time, I plan to sell a ton of it. I've decided to sell 1 ton for 14 million yen under the contract of exclusive sale to the guild. That should be enough to get the job done.

"On a different note from White Sugar, I'm thinking of settling down in this city for a while, can I find a property in the guild to use as a base?"

"Of course, sir. If it's all right with you, Hendler-sama, I'll send someone from the real estate department?"

"Thank you . Please."

 And after a while, an elf woman appeared. She's an elf, so her age is probably different from her appearance, but I'm not so down to use [[Appraisal]] here.

 I wonder why the elves are so beautiful. I want to poke their pointed ears.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. My name is Eliza Krendyke. Please make my acquaintance."

"My name is Grose Hendler. It's nice to meet you."

 I'd like to keep staring at the beautiful Krendlake-san, but that's not going to happen. Lethia, who's standing behind me, is putting a lot of pressure on me...

"I wish we had a large warehouse and enough living quarters to house four people."

"In that case, how about this property?"

 We were shown a property with a seven-bedroom main house, a large warehouse, stables, a shop, and a large garden. The main house and the warehouse are fine, but the stables and the shop are unnecessary. Especially the shop is unnecessary for me who is a registered seller.

 I asked if there were any others, and he said this was the only one with a large warehouse.

 In the end, I decided to rent the house on the recommendation of Krendlake-san. The rent is 700,000 yen per month. I don't know whether it is expensive or cheap.

 Move-in is in two days, so we'll extend the suite for two nights.

Lord, what do you need a warehouse for?

"I have [[Magic Tool Creation]] in my skills, but I haven't used it at all so far, so I thought I'd try making some magic tools."

"I see, then we'll need to obtain the demon materials needed to create the magic tools in the dungeon!"

 What? Why would I do that! We can just buy the materials for the demon!

 After all that, I was dragged into the Red Tower by Lethia, Saint-Louve and Seela. Give me a break.

"I'm taking lodgings, and you'll be back in the evening!"

"I know you do, Lord!"

"I know, One!"

"Yes, sir!"

 I'm a non-combatant!

 The first level of the Red Tower is a very large space, a meadow.

 There is the sky and the sun. That's why there seems to be no ceiling in the tower.

 There are days and nights, and the passage of time is the same as outside the dungeon, so you can easily tell the time.

 Lethia, Sanlove, and Sela fought off the demons that appeared as if they were confirming their equipment, and I collected the corpses of the demons and sold them off at [[Mail Order]].

 In the evening, you leave the dungeon to return to the inn. Outside the Red Tower, there is a branch of the Adventurer's Guild that looks like a castle and is full of adventurers.

 With the adventurer's guild at our side, we boarded a stagecoach to the city of the Red Tower. It costs 3,000 yen per person for a one-way trip, but I can pay that kind of money as much as I want, so it's no problem.

 I went back to the inn and had the three of them take a bath first. If I went in first, they might have broken in like yesterday so I made the first move.

 Lethia and the others were not happy, but I managed to convince them to take a bath, while I talked with Ins.

[Ins, what can I make with [[Mage Creation]] now?]

[Yes, I think [Speed Boots] is a good choice for a magic tool that can be easily obtained and made with Rank E [[Magic Tool Creation]].

[Speed boots?]

[Speed boots can be created by granting haste to boots made from the leather of a rank 2 or higher demon].

[If I make those speed boots, can I make the boots themselves?]

[Yes. You can use your magic power to process materials in [[Make Magic Tool]]. The first step is to tan the skin of a demon to make leather. Next, you make boots out of the leather. Then you give haste to the boots.]

[I see, so I should buy the skin of a rank 2 or higher demon?]

[But not just demons of rank 2 and above.]

[I mean?]

[Basically, the effect is attenuated if the demon's status is not high in agility. Therefore, the skin of a wolf type, rabbit type, or bird type demon is good, but rabbit type or bird type demon is not so effective at rank 2, so wolf type is good].

[so maybe around Black Wolf or Red Wolf?]

[Yes, Black Wolf and Red Wolf should be no problem. You can ask the Adventurer's Guild for help, but since you're renting a property with a shop, why not open a shop?]


[The Master's four types of sales registration cannot be sold to the public, but can be bought from anyone. I think this is useful not only for Black Wolves, but also for selling demons through [[mail order]], which is Master's immediate goal.]

[I see, I was going to ask the Adventurer's Guild to buy the demon, but they can also buy it directly... but is it that easy to buy it?]

[We think it's okay.]

[What's in your heart?]

[The Adventurer's Guild does not buy the whole corpse of a demon, but only the high value parts. And we don't even buy the parts of low-ranked monsters, so you can target monsters including low-ranked ones. And if you buy low-ranked monsters, new adventurers will bring them in because they are in need of money].

[Oh, oh. Then let's buy all the demon corpses we can find.]

[Yes, and I have a suggestion.]


[Yes, this purchase is limited to the corpses of demons, but if you purchase high-ranked demons through the Adventurer's Guild as much as possible, you won't have any conflicts with the Adventurer's Guild].

[Hmm, I see. It's like intervening while upholding existing privileges.]

[Yes, I think you can build a good relationship with the Adventurer's Guild if you balance your purchases. And if you can't afford to buy it, I recommend you to get it by yourself].

[Mmm~. That's...]

[Leave the fighting to Lethia and the others who can fight. Besides, to bring back so many demon corpses, the Master's storage will be desperately needed.]

[Why not an item pouch?]

[We think it would be better if the Master accompanies you, as there are not many allowances.]


[Also, since the master is a tamer, it is recommended to make more contracts. The more people you contract, the easier it is for your tamer status to increase].

[I see. Ins is right about Tame.]

[Thank you . Good luck getting to the upper levels of the dungeon and signing up for more stuff].

 While I was talking with Insu, Lethia and three others came up from the bath. It's a good time to end the conversation with Ins and I'll take a bath and think about it.

 The next day, I'm kidnapped by the Red Tower.

 The first level is a large grassland area where many different kinds of monsters appear. When you kill such demons, an item will be dropped by chance. This system seems to be unique to dungeons, and items do not drop like this outside of dungeons.

 But these parts are very similar to SWG, and the monsters in the grassland area are also similar.

 The wolf with the highest encounter rate is the glass wolf. Originally, wolf demons don't appear alone, but since they don't appear in groups in this grassland, they are suitable as opponents for beginners.

 In order for me to make speed boots, I need the skin of a rank 2 black wolf or red wolf, but black wolves and red wolves tend to appear in tiers 3 and 4, so I need to go to tier 3 or buy them from adventurers. or buy them from adventurers.

 After exploring the first level, I return to the inn. Tomorrow I have to pick up my house.

 I decided to open a shop, but I couldn't keep the shop all the time, so I decided to hire someone.

 When I told them that they couldn't dive the dungeon for a while, Lethia and the others were quite unhappy, but I had to convince them.

 Besides, I can't enter the dungeon anyway because I have to sell white sugar to the merchant guild. Also, let's talk about the shopkeeper. In the worst case, you can buy a slave.