Chapter 21 The Smiling Princess Part 2 3

 The Smiling Princess Part 2

 Alexandra and the others who had changed their attire walked quietly into the ritual room.

 When they took their seats and looked around through the veil, they saw that there were fewer people than before because chairs and tables had been set up, but there seemed to be no empty seats.

 That's how many people are interested in absolution.

 Only one person, Bartolomeos, who had changed his clothes in another waiting room, appeared.

 Bartolomeos was also clad in jet black.

 He strikes the floor with the tin staff in his hand.

 With a resounding holy sound, the chaotic atmosphere instantly disappears and silence reigns in the ritual room.

"In the name of the Emperor of Mysia, Bartolomeus Arlesmaier, I begin the absolution!"

 Normally, the condemnation should be carried out by the head of the temple, but this time, since the royal family was the victim, and since the head of the temple and many of the temple's upper echelons were subject to condemnation, this was an exceptional condemnation, and the emperor himself stood as the one to be judged.

 The correct course of action would have been to appoint a new head of the temple, whose first task would have been to carry out a series of absolution, but in view of the fact that the absolution by the gods had already begun, it was hastily arranged that Bartolomeos would be in charge.

 Alexandra, the worst victim, had no objection.

"First, the commoner Dietfried!"

 The fact that Würzner's name was not used and that he was a commoner must have been a reaction.

 There was an uproar around them.

 There were many knights in attendance to protect him, but they must have understood the situation.

 There seemed to be no change in their expressions or attitudes.

"You are the fiancée of Crown Princess Alexandra, but you have been unfaithful to Claudia, and forced Alexandra to break off the engagement because you have a child. In addition, it was reported that he had made many comments that were disparaging to Alexandra on a daily basis, and that he had acted in an irreverent manner in the Knights, using his status as the fiancée of the princess to his advantage.

 I'm not sure if it's because I'm a bit of an idiot or because I'm a bit of an idiot.

"If you have something to say to His Majesty, may I have your permission to say it?"

"...Huh? I didn't know you could speak like that."

 Martin was surprised! Martin cowered next to her.

 Alexandra smiled as she sipped the tea that had been poured for her.

 The tone of her voice was barely mended, but the content was nothing short of profane.

"Offer, open, is it? Very well. You may."

 As he glared mercilessly at her in a dumbfounded tone, Diethfried shouted.

"I apologize in advance for any disrespect I may have shown to the Princess-sama, but I have never once used my status as Princess-sama as an excuse!"

"Really? How dare you say that without embarrassment!"

 Bartolomeos's voice was laced with irritation.

 Alexandra was about to sit up, but Martin gently squeezed her wrist and shook his head.

"No, Allen-chan...kun mustn't come out."

"That's right, sis-sama, you've been cleaning up his mess for so long that it's become a habit, but one of his punishments is to never let sis-sama get involved again."

 Habit is a terrible thing.

 Alexandra gives Martin and Boniface a grateful smile and bows.

"...You seem to think so, but those around you do not. First Knight Commander Guisvin. You may speak!


 The one who became the First Knight Commander after Dietfried was the man who had supported Dietfried as his second-in-command.

 Although Dietfried never spoke a word of praise about him, he was known as a man of action and intelligence, and above all, as a capable deputy who could admonish Dietfried for his reckless behavior.

 He had met Alexandra on several occasions.

 The first words of his greeting were always the same.

"I apologize for the disrespect of the First Knight Commander Würzner Dietfried.

 Except for Dietfried himself, the apologies were so sincere that it made me feel sorry for them.  Alexandra thought she had done a lot of following up as her fiancé, but the one who had suffered the most and still followed up was undoubtedly her second-in-command, Gisvin.

"The sinner Dietfried is usually afraid to say, 'I don't need that fiancee! Whenever he made a mistake or tried to force himself, he would always use his position as the fiancé to push his way through!"

"Giswin! You-sama!"

"Before you call my name! Think fast! The sinner has been using the name of the Empress-sama to suit himself to no end!"

"I didn't have to do that!"

"The outburst on the Delberg Plains! The misdirection at Fort Anheim! What did the sinners say when they overran Mus'Hare! Who cleaned up his mess!"

 Diethfried seemed to be pondering over the content of the impeachment for a while, as Giswin interrupted Diethfried's words and impeached him in a flowing manner.

 His displeased face is slowly changing into anxious one.

"There's no way that I, the betrothed of the Imperial Princess, would do such a foolish thing! You're going against me, the betrothed of the Imperial Princess? I'm the fiancee of the princess, the next emperor. How can I not be right? I told you so!"

 How could Diethfried be the emperor if he was mistaken?

 Even the orphans knew that only a person of royal blood could ascend to the throne.

"Really? You-sama is the emperor? An emperor who insults the First Empress? That's impossible. Impossible! Are you really that stupid? !"

"Your Majesty! I am!

"Shut up! You disrespected my beloved daughter and then betrayed her! Your disrespect for the royal family has already been atoned for by stripping you of your title and family name and by cutting off your species. But! Remember! The gods are very, very angry with you-sama for betraying Alexandra when you were closer to her than anyone else! And so am I! Because of God's decree, no further atonement is required from me. Therefore, the day of my forgiveness for you will never come!"

 Bartolomeos regretted his choice of Dietfried as Alexandra's companion.

 He repeatedly apologized to Alexandra in a manner that made her heart ache.

 He should have chosen more carefully, he said, because just because his grandfather and father had been loyal subjects did not mean that his grandchildren would be too.

 But given the situation at the time, he could not think of anyone else but Dietfried.

 This was also the opinion of everyone involved, including Alexandra.

 Unfortunately, it is his own quality.

 Like Randolph-sama and Sven-sama, he couldn't become a knight who was loyal to the imperial family to any extent.

 He should have been given more opportunities to correct himself than others.

 It was Edeltraut, I believe, who said in a bitter tone.

"Oh, Alexandra!"

 Diethfried, pointed out by Bartolomeos who stood up, surprisingly called Alexandra's name at this moment.

 I told you not to call her again, didn't I?

"Get back, sinner Dietfried! You've already been stripped of your position to call me names. You should be ashamed of yourself!

 At Bartolomeos's words, Dietfried's body flew with great force, and he was once again trapped within the warding.

 Diethfried, who had regained his stance, seemed to be calling Alexandra's name without any hesitation.

 Alexandra couldn't help but bite down on her cookie at the annoyed look in his eyes, thinking that if she called out his name, Alexandra would help her as she had in the past.

"...I wonder if in his mind, kun will forever be a useful shield and a pike? Allen-chan."

"Imprinting, or assuming, is a terrible thing..."

 I'm sure he understands his own sins.

 But deep down, he believes Alexandra will help him, even if he doesn't realize it.

 Perhaps, this is one of God's absolution?

 I feel that there is a slight problem with the thought that links everything to God's condemnation.

 I sigh deeply, and Martin pours me a fresh cup of tea.

"Don't you think you're alone? You have to talk to me about everything!"

 With Martin by her side to encourage her, Alexandra wouldn't be stuck in a maze of thoughts when she felt depressed over trivial things.

"Mm-hmm. Thank you very much. But I think you also need time to think by yourself, don't you?"

"I know, but... I know that, but when Allen-chan is sad, I just can't help it, you know?"

 My heart leaps as my forehead is close enough to kiss.

 I hurriedly distanced myself from him, thinking that it would be inappropriate.

"...Too bad!"

 When he winked at me, I couldn't help but look around and was surprised to see all the smiling eyes.

 As I blinked repeatedly, he seemed to have changed his mind and calmed down... It was typical of the emperor, who was always calm and collected... Bartolomeos' voice rang out.

"Continue, commoner Claudia!"

 Claudia, who had been thrown out of the wards, leapt to the spot where Dietfried had been, bouncing on her buttocks.

 Bartolomeos' mouth gapes open.

 The sound of uncontrollable spewing reached my ears from everywhere.

 Martin was clapping his hands and laughing.

 It was as if he was watching a comedic play.

 Her dress was torn in many places from the force of the bounce.

 One of the knights ran up to her and covered her with his own cloak.

 Claudie looks at the knight with moist eyes.

 Wolfgang's eyes narrowed quietly as he sat a short distance away.

"You are the fiancée of Wolfgang Bausnern, the court musician beloved by the gods of sound, but you have been unfaithful to Dietfried, the fiancée of Crown Princess Alexandra, and conceived a child. Furthermore, even though she conceived a child of sin, she told the world that the child was Bausnern's without a single apology. We have also received reports that she has been behaving in a manner unbecoming a noblewoman and disturbing the morals of the Order."

 Bartolomeos spoke words of condemnation, but Cloudy's reaction was dull.

 He buried his face in the cloak that the knight had thrown over him and sighed.



 The one who called her name was apparently Claudia's mother.

 The House of Kantor, renowned for its wise noblewomen, the one who was called the true master, wore jet-black, showing a strong will to reflect.

 It was probably not Alexandra's imagination that she could not feel any remorse from Claudie, even though she was wearing the same jet-black costume.

"Ah! Ah! Wolfgang-sama! Wolfgang-sama!"

 Claudia calls out to Wolfgang as she takes off the cloak that was holding her.

 When she took off her cloak, it was torn even more severely, causing her full breasts to sway and sway.

"...Ugly, isn't it?"

 Wolfgang muttered in an echoing voice, apparently disgusted.

 Claudia's gaze caught Wolfgang's and shone eerily.

 It's not the kind of gaze you'd expect to see on a loved one.

 It was probably that of a starving predator catching its prey.


 Dosh, dosh, dosh! and the sound gets louder as Claudie gets closer.

 The rhythmic sound brought a wry smile to my face.

 I wonder if Wolfgang felt the same way.

 He smiled coldly, something he would never have done to Claudia before.

"...I don't know who you are, but could you please not come any closer to me?"


"How can you approach a man dressed so vulgarly? It's just plain ugly."

"Oh, sir! Wolfgang-sama! Me! I am!"

"I don't want to be called by my family name by an ignorant, shameless woman! Shut up!"

 Wolfgang is rarely this vicious.

 He must be very angry with Claudia.

 She too.

 She believes the same as Dietfried.

 She has no doubt Wolfgang will help her.

 She doesn't doubt it.

"Now. I am honored to have been blessed by the Emperor of Voltaigne, Martin Martynovich Gulieva-sama. I am engaged to be married to a young lady who is not only beautiful but also compassionate and has a great knowledge of music. I don't want any woman near her, even if she is a shameless lascivious woman!"

 So, in an attempt to make Claudie understand his sin, Martin found Wolfgang a wonderful fiancée.

 In the Volturnine Empire, which is regrettably perceived as being inferior in every aspect of the arts, there is a young lady who, because of her love of music, has never had a fiancé, even though she has been described as a pretty flower blooming in the Volturnine Empire since she was a child.

 She is said to have been furious with Wolfgang when he told her about his situation, and to have fainted with joy when he asked her to be his new fiancée.

  It seems that the Bausnerns of the Myssian Empire are a special family for those who love music.

 I'll go to the Mysurian Empire with you! Even her family couldn't stop her, but she was depressed by Martin's words, "How would Wolfgang feel about an insensitive young lady who doesn't consider the other party's situation? She seems to have been depressed by Martin's words, 'What will Wolfgang think of a young lady who does not consider her situation?

 When Wolfgang saw the magical photo of the lovely young lady, he once refused her, saying that she was too good for me, but when he heard that she was indulging in music -sama-, he agreed.

 He is a kind man.

 He must have felt the pain of having no one who understands him.

 Perhaps, he was deeply disappointed in Claudia for not trying to understand music.

 Perhaps he was looking for a woman who would at least try to understand music, if he were to have another chance.

 As someone who had suffered the same pain, I wanted Wolfgang to be happy.

 Her daughter would surely make Wolfgang happy.

 Unlike Claudia.

"What? Why, sir? I am, I am! I'm Wolfgang-sama's fiancee!"

"No, sir. She's my fiancée. Isn't she adorable? Isn't she lovely? She's so young and pretty, but she has a deep knowledge of music. I've already written many songs for her."

 Claudia, who was confronted with the magic photograph, stared intently at the woman in the magic photograph.

 Even the girl she used to be would not be far from all of your daughter.

"This is my song! I deserve better than this woman!"

 Beautiful, pretty, worthy of Wolfgang! ...These words should have followed, but Wolfgang would not allow it.

"May I? This is your last warning. There is nothing you can do to defeat my fiancé. Open your glazed eyes and take a good look!"

 Before Claudia, who clutched the magic photograph and trembled in humiliation, five people carried a full-length portrait of her.

"Who is more beautiful, the sinner who can't understand his own sins, or the woman who adores me without a speck of doubt? Is she more lovely? Is she worthy of me?

 Claudia clumsily tries to look at Wolfgang hidden in the portrait, but when she looks at the portrait, she sees that he is not there.

 She saw her own bloated, ugly body reflected in the figure.

 Her cheeks, which had become flushed in a short time, turned white.

 At least, he understood the ugliness in the reflection.

"Please stop spreading false rumors about my fiancée. Even if you live permanently in the Voltunyu Empire and never see the sinner again, it will be unpleasant!"

"What? Live permanently in the Volturnine Empire? Why? Wolfgang-sama, the court musician of the Mysia Empire, is my fiancee, and we are about to be married and have a child..."

"You have a child, don't you? A child with Dietfried, the sinner, the epitome of impiety.

"A child with Dietfried? With me, with Dietfried? No, no, no, no! I am! I am!"

 Wolfgang had already lost sight of Claudia's writhing, hair-scratching figure.

 The magic photo that Claudia was clutching has somehow returned to Wolfgang's hand.

"...Oh my God, it's all crumpled up... oh my God..."

"Don't worry about it. It will automatically repair itself in time."

 Martin lightly tapped Wolfgang's dejected shoulder, and Wolfgang straightened his posture, pleased.

"Is that so! Thank you for telling me, Your Majesty Martin. The technology of the Voltunyu Empire is amazing!"

"There's a lot of military-related stuff going on in that direction, though, so it's developing at a rapid pace. In any case, the artistic side is really lousy. I have high hopes for Wolfgang kun."

"Although I am a trifle, I will do my best to live up to the name of your daughter and His Majesty Martin."

 The people around Wolfgang, including Martin, are watching him with kind and warm eyes as he gracefully folds his back.

 As he listened to the exchange, he missed Bartolomeos' punishment.

 Before she knew it, Claudia had also been brought back into the ward.

 Inside the wards, everyone is occupied with themselves.

 Claudia's breasts are exposed, and no one tries to hide them.

 Not even Dietfried.

 Not even Claudia herself.