Chapter 22 Demon Shop

 I talked to Killing-SAN about a buyer after wholesaling white sugar at a commercial guild .

 First you need a clerk and then you need a bouncer. Killing-san says that you need bouncers because you don't feel safe with just a shopkeeper. He wrote me a letter of introduction to the head of the Adventurer's Guild, saying that I should hire an adventurer for the bouncer.

 Since you've taken care of me, I'll wholesale pepper as well as white sugar.

 When you enter the guild hall of the castle-like adventurer's guild, you find that there are few adventurers who are willing to accept a request because it is daytime. However, there are many adventurers drinking and drinking in the daytime.

 Stand in front of the receptionist who looks bored because it's empty.

Welcome, how may I help you today?

"I'd like to meet the head of the guild. Here's a letter of introduction."

 When I handed the letter of introduction that Killing-san gave me to the receptionist, she said, "Please wait a moment," and left her seat and disappeared into the back.

 I stood there for a while in a daze and got tangled up.

"You're a nice girl! Come hang out with me for a while."

 Lethia was. The next thing I know, adventurers are flying through the air.

 The adventurer tried to grab Lethia's arm, but Lethia threw him away and he hit the wall. The adventurer seems to have fainted with the whites of his eyes.

 I didn't even get a chance to leave.

"Aah! Hock!"

You're a bitch! You're a bitch!

"Don't think you're getting a free pass!"

 Lethia gives the adventurer who threw her away a look as if she were a cockroach. And three adventurers who seem to be friends of the adventurer who was thrown away surround us. I didn't expect a tempest to happen here!

"What the hell are you doing?" Huh?"

 Just as I was about to intercede with the three adventurers, an angry shout came from behind me. I flinched involuntarily at the volume of the voice.

"""Gee, the guild leader!"""

"Don't play in this place, go to the dungeon!"

 No, I don't think you should go.

 The muscle of the guild leader... over two meters tall, with arms the size of an average woman's torso... and a skinhead who should never make eye contact.

"Are you Große Hendler-san?"

"Oh, yes. My name is Grose Hendler. I apologize for the disturbance this squire has caused."

"No matter. They must have been overwhelmed."

 That's how you put it away. That's a gorilla!

"Follow me."

 Follow Gori Macho to the back. There's a staircase hidden from the floor, and take it up to the third floor.

 When I was shown into the room, the guild leader asked me to sit down on the sofa, so I did. Good timing, isn't it?

"So, you said in this introduction that you wanted to hire an escort, how good do you want one?"

"But first, I have one more favor to ask of you."


"Actually, I'd like to open a shop to buy demons."

"So... you're saying you're a demon shop?"

"Yes, we're a demon shop."

"Does that mean you want to make a purchase through this guild?"

"I'd like to purchase a high-ranked demon through the guild."


 Gori Macho pondered.

 My suggestion is that I directly buy low rank demons that are not usually bought, and the adventurer's guild buys some or all of the mid to high rank demons that are bought through the guild.

"It is acceptable for Hendler-san to directly purchase the corpses of Rank 1 and Rank 2 demons . In exchange, demons of rank 3 and above will have to go through the guild. That's how we'll deal with them."

 Thank God for gorillas who know what they're talking about. And I'll tell you about the escort.

"I'm hoping that you can introduce me to three adventurers of D or C rank who have good behavior."

"Good behavior, huh? All right, will you come back tomorrow at this time?"

"So soon"? Thank you, sir. I'll see you tomorrow at this time."

 Now that the escort is in place, we can talk about buying the demon from the shop. ...So, why am I being brought to a dungeon?

"Now that you're done talking to the Adventurer's Guild, why don't you come hang out with us?"

"Goshujin-sama to Issho Wan!"

"It's just for a little while, but I'd like to hang out with you."

 -just because I'm done negotiating with the Adventurers' Guild doesn't mean I'm free. I have a house to pick up and a shop to open.

 It doesn't matter how I feel, the three of them are going through the first layer of the Red Tower.

 The demon that appeared was beaten to a pulp by the three of us before I could even recognize it. But Sailor's spells are accurate and her control is very good.

 Sela's spell is like a sniper's accuracy, while mine is just a powerful spell.

 You can't stop exploring the dungeon until the three of you are satisfied, so even if you complain, cut it short and pick up the house.

 Then we take the furniture out of storage and set it up.

 Put magic stones in baths, toilets and kitchens to make hot and cold water available.

 The bath is large enough for five people to fit in, and as I was slowly soaking, Lethia and the others came charging in again.

"Lord, you've got to give it up!"

 If you give up, that's where you'll end up!

 I want to live a safe and lazy life!

 The Adventurer's Guild introduced me to one Rank C and two Rank D adventurers.

"I'm Anna, a Rank C adventurer. These two are my twin sisters, Kanna and Izuna."

"I'm Kanna."

"I'm Izuna."

"My sisters are both rank D adventurers."

 I signed a contract with them for a month because they were not rough, they were polite, and above all, all three of them were beautiful girls. The contract was automatically renewed, so it would not be cancelled unless either I or the girls asked for it to be cancelled.

 I've paid the Adventurer's Guild a good fee and sent them a request to buy the corpses of demons of rank 3 and above.

 I'll take the three of you and Lethia to the Commerce Guild.

"Hendler-sama, my name is Lulu. I'm 17 years old. I have [[Appraise(D)]], [[Rapid Calculation(D)]], and [[Negotiation(E)]]."

"My name is Daisy . I am 16 years old and I have [[cooking(C)]] and [[quick math(E)]]."

 I was introduced to two clerks at the Commercial Guild who were friendly, well-spoken, and able to do the math, so I decided to go with them immediately.

 I provide food, shelter, and clothing, and pay Anna, a rank C adventurer, 1,000,000 yen per month, and Kanna and Izuna, rank D adventurers, 600,000 yen per month. It is said that there is almost a double difference in compensation between rank C and D adventurers.

 I pay 600,000 yen per month to Lulu and 400,000 yen per month to Daisy, who were introduced to me by the Commercial Guild. The reason why Lulu's remuneration is higher than Daisy's is because she has been given the position of manager and her skills are more useful.

 It is said that a family of four can live on about 200,000 yen if they don't spend extravagantly, so even Daisy, whose salary is the lowest, is quite happy because her salary is twice as much as that of ordinary families. She was quite happy.

 We return to the house with three adventurers, two shopkeepers, and Lethia. At home, Sailor and Saint-Louve are waiting for us, cleaning the house.

 There are only seven rooms in the house, so Anna and her three sisters share a large room, and Lulu and Daisy share a small room.

"Today we're having a welcome party for Anna, Kanna, Izuna, Lulu, and Daisy."

"The food the Lord makes is good!"

 The five of them were surprised that I, the master, was cooking, but when I started cooking, Daisy, who has [[cooking]] skills, offered to help. But today, I'll be treated as a guest and asked to sit and wait.

 Because I don't have time to eat a full course of French cuisine or kaiseki cuisine, the menu is simply [crab and seaweed salad], [onion consommé soup], [barbecue] and [fruit platter with ice cream] to finish.

 At [barbecue], we grill A5 marbled beef, ribs and loin, thick-cut bacon, pork loin and pork belly, salted grilled ayu (sweetfish) and salted grilled rainbow trout, and vegetables such as sliced onions, corn, carrots, green peppers, and mushrooms such as shiitake and eringi. Mushrooms such as shiitake and eringi are grilled.

 For drinks, we prepared cold beer, red wine, white wine, orange juice, apple juice, oolong tea and so on.

 You will be served salad first, and then soup by yourself. Meats, fish, vegetables and mushrooms are grilled on a large net and served with yakiniku sauce or rock salt.

[mmm, delicious!]

 They all said it was delicious. When they say so, I am glad that it was worth making.

"I'll leave you in charge of preparing the restaurant for opening tomorrow, so eat some Takusan today and regain your strength."



 It took two days to prepare for the opening of the demon shop. The shop is quite simple, with nothing but a counter. The reason is that if I put too many things, it would make a mess and get in the way.

 For the first three days, only a few low-ranked adventurers came to the shop, but from the fourth day, word spread by word of mouth, and adventurers who wanted to buy the shop began to line up.

 I've seen it, and I've been kidnapped by Lethia and the others and I'm in the Red Tower.

 In case you're wondering, I left the food in a cool, dark place, so Daisy can cook for you and you can eat without me. If we run out of food, I've told her I'll give her the money if she provides me with the receipts for the purchases.

 I bought a fireproof safe big enough for me to fit in and put 10 million yen in it, and I also put a small safe under the counter in the shop. There is also a smaller safe under the counter in the shop, in which I keep 1 million yen in cash, so there will be no problem.

 In the first level of the Red Tower, there is only a single rank 1 demon, but in the second level, multiple rank 1 demons may attack you.

 I explored the first level halfway a few times, but once I got serious, it took me about two hours to reach the first level, and about four hours to reach the second level. Even if the area is large, it doesn't take long because I have a map and my physical ability has improved.

 Now I'm at the entrance of the third level. In the third level, rank 1 demons are mixed with rank 2 demons, so beginners often get injured or die here. It's the first obstacle for new adventurers.

"There will also be rank 2 demons, so be careful."

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, one."

"Okay, sir."

 However, despite my urging, the rank 2 demon was killed instantly by Lethia and the other three, and we've progressed smoothly to the 4th and 5th levels.

[Master, the transaction amount of [[Mail Order]] has finally exceeded 100 million yen. Congratulations!]

 Suddenly, Ins informs me that I've moved up the ranks of [[mail order]].

 I left it to Ins to sell the demon corpses we recovered in storage, and he told me.

[Finally, we'll have more products to carry and modify, right?]

[Yes, you want to modify the MP7?]

[Oh, come on.]

[Are you sure you want to focus on power?]

[Yes, I want to have enough power to defeat a high-ranked demon.]

 I left the modding to Ins and followed Lethia and the others to keep up. The three of them left me alone to hunt the demons around me.

 But perhaps that's why we're progressing so fast. We've reached the 6th layer after breaking the 5th layer.

 You can sell your explorations of the Red Tower to the mapmaker. The mapmaker then sells the map to other adventurers, along with a guidebook that lists the kinds of monsters that appear in the area.

 In other words, you can sell information too.

 To conquer the Red Tower, not only information about monsters but also maps are important items, so parties and clans other than those fighting on the front lines often buy maps and guidebooks at map shops. We follow the same practice.

 No one knows how many levels there are in the Red Tower, but it's hard to imagine that a tower this big has only 10 or 20 levels. In SWG's [Red Lotus Dungeon], there were 30 levels, but how many levels do we have to climb?

 And from what I've learned so far, this Red Tower and the Red Lotus Dungeon are the same. The monsters that appear and the terrain of each level are consistent with what I remember. Of course, there are some parts where my memory is vague, but I can say that they are consistent in a sense.

 The first party I encountered on the sixth level was not a demon, but a party of adventurers. They were all young, looking to be between 15 and 18 years old.

 The party of nine adventurers, consisting of five men and four women, was clearly exhausted. The armor they wore was damaged in many places, and the one-handed swords that lay carelessly on the ground were bent and battered.

 We approached the party with caution.

"What's wrong, sir?"

" you can see. I escaped from Uldrago with my life."

 A young man who appears to be a vanguard shield (tank) answers on behalf of the team.

 The Uldrago he speaks of is a wolf-shaped demon, but its body is not covered with hair like a wolf's but with scales like a dragon's.

 But that's strange. There is no information in this guidebook about a rank 3 Uldrago appearing in this 6th level, nor in my SWG memory.

"I'm sorry, but if you have any potions (HP), can you sell them to me? If possible, I'd like you to sell me a potion (MP) as well."

 A young man who seems to be another scout asks you for a potion.

 In such a case, it is common to keep potions, food, and drinking water for yourselves. It would be unfortunate if you sell your potions and food to them, and then you are short of your own potions and food. Even if you sell them, the price will be very high, five to ten times the market price.

"If you're okay with wax potions (HP) and wax potions (MP), that's fine."

"Oh, you're really going to sell it to me?"

 A mage girl leaned forward to bite me. I guess she didn't expect me to sell her a potion.

 I've got a lot of wax potions in my magic pouch that I gave to Sela, so there's no problem at all. I also have a lot of Middle Potions, so you may want to split them up, but they should be fine.

Yes, how much?

 Another girl of the mage type. She's kneeling over a sleeping girl.

"HP is 5,000 yen, MP is I'll give you 7,000 yen."

"Hey, is it really that cheap?"

 We bought it at Ginger-san's shop in Hajime's town, but to be honest, we don't have much use for it, and it's now immobile in our inventory. We don't use it often, but when we are injured, we use Middle Potion or High Potion, so we have a lot of Row Potion in stock.

 By the way, Ginger-san's shop buys HP for 3000 yen, MP for 4500 yen. I'd be in the black if I sold it to them at that price, and I'd even be happy to get rid of my immovable inventory.

"No problem. In return, I'd like to know more about Uldrago."

"Mm, trade for information... fine, I'll take care of it!"

 As soon as the negotiation between me and the party of adventurers is over, Sailor takes out wax potions from her magic pouch and sells them to the adventurers. The vanguard bought 2 to 4 HP, the rearguard bought 1 HP and The rearguards bought one HP and three MP. Even so, there is still a large amount of immobile inventory in the magic pouch, which makes me weep.

 The information was no different from what I knew of Uldrago, but coming out on this sixth level limits what I can think of.