Chapter 23 And The Fullness That Comes

 And then comes the feeling of fullness.

 There was no nauseating smell today.

 There was nothing, not a single piece.

 Tien strolled up to the table and picked up a loaf of bread.

 It has a wonderful aroma that is both savory and buttery.

 Even the bread in this city is not good (・・・・・・・・).

 Tien bites into the bread with trepidation,

"........................... ッ!??????????????????????????????"

 His eyes widened in surprise.

 They gobble it up, gobble it up, and gobble it up.

 When I drank the soup in the bowl offered to me from the side, my eyes widened again.

 I bite into a piece of meat stuck in the fork held out to me from the side, and my eyes widen again.

 She ate up the food at a tremendous rate.

 At some point, everyone in the cafeteria was staring at her, and after emptying her plate about ten times, Tien realized.

"Tien, it's in your mouth. You've got some dirt around your mouth."

 The teacher wipes Tien's mouth with a handkerchief.

 Then, the children shouted.

"After all, I thought even Tien-chan would say it was delicious!"

"Me too! It's so delicious!"

"If you eat such a delicious meal, you might not be able to eat enough tomorrow, you know?"

 The sound of laughter echoed in the air.

 But I don't know about Tien.

 This meal is certainly a feast.

 But Tien doesn't know what's different about the food in the city.

"I'm glad to hear it suited your palate."

 The nun who appeared from the kitchen was not the one who always prepared the meal.

"...? Maid-san...?"

 There was a little maid.

 Tien knew immediately that it was the girl who had given him the water the other day.

 But I can't seem to connect that with today's meal.

 The maid--Nina giggled.

"First, please enjoy your meal while it's still warm. Let's talk later."


 Before the story, Tien fell asleep with a full stomach for the first time in years.

 The teacher and Nina finally settled down to drink tea in the quiet cafeteria where the children had also fallen asleep.

"...The tea is wonderful. Are you sure these are the tea leaves you had in your house?"

"Thank you."

"No, no, no, it's me who should be thanking you."

 Of course, it was Nina who made the tea.

 Nina knows how to brew tea according to the type and condition of the tea leaves, and the tea she brews is naturally delicious.

 The nuns were cleaning up, and Nina said she would take care of that too, but she was told that she couldn't help them that much. --Emily and Astrid are the only ones left here.

 The two of them were also helping Nina in the kitchen, enjoying a late meal with a glass of wine they had bought.

"I was surprised by the suddenness of it. "I need to rent the kitchen."

"So Tien-san is a famous person in this city. She's a little girl, but she works in the mine, just like the men."

"Yes. It's a trait of the Moon Wolf Tribe. They've been more powerful than me since I've been here, and they've helped me a lot."

"I thought it would be less alarming for you to eat at the monastery..."

"Yes, that's it. Why was Tien able to eat? He said the food here is always 'bad'."

"Yes. I heard that too. Tien-san said that all the food in this city is bad, so I went to several restaurants."

 Nina lists the names of the restaurants. The teacher is puzzled by the fact that these restaurants are famous in the city, and although they look like little maids, they might be very rich...

"...This Izumi mine is quite a distance from the main city, isn't it?"

"Huh? Ha, ha, you're right."

 The teacher's eyes blinked as the topic suddenly changed.

"However, all the restaurants served food that was not much different from other cities."

"Yes. All of our food is brought in from outside the city, but Duke Sama is very concerned about the Izumi Mine and is bringing in enough food to keep the city from starving."

"Did you know that the food is designed to prevent it from spoiling while it is being transported?"

"Ingenuity," huh? ...I guess you could say that. The vegetables are fresh and the meat is tender even though it took days to bring them here. The fish is all dried though."

"They're using a refrigerated magic cart. If you keep it at a low temperature, it can be stored for a very long time. There is also a plant called "Shirin Renka". It is a kind of weed that can be gathered wherever it can be found, but if you sprinkle its pollen on food, it can be preserved even longer."


"There is no change in taste and almost no (・・・・) smell. I was told that by using both the magic cart and the pollen of the purple bellflower, it is possible to preserve it for a very long time.

"You think... you think Tien could smell that? I've been to other cities, but I didn't notice any difference in smell. I also thought that maybe the food in this city is better."

 Nina nodded.

"Wild wolves don't go near places where the Purple Bellflower blooms. They don't like the smell. For this reason, I heard that in some mountain villages, people plant purple bellflowers to ward off wolves. I wanted to bring the real thing, but I didn't want to because I thought Tien-san might not like it.


 The teacher is stunned.

 I hadn't even noticed the smell until just now.

"As I said earlier, I checked several restaurants, and almost all of them had the smell of purple bellflower. However, there was one restaurant that didn't have a smell - the chef there told me that they use ingredients produced as close to the mining area as possible. They do not use magic wagons or pollen from the Purple Bellflower to transport the food.

"...I had no idea. That's why Tien could eat any fruit that grew in the backyard here."

 Then Emily and Astrid, who were at the next table,

"Me too. I couldn't tell any difference when I ate it."

"That's right. Unless you're a big foodie, you wouldn't recognize it. In fact, I'm surprised Nina noticed it."

 I supplemented it by saying something like that.

"That's why, Doctor. I'll tell you where it is, and when Tien-san wakes up, you can introduce her to it. That way, she won't starve."

"No, I would really appreciate it, but .... I'd really appreciate it if you could tell him directly."

Now, is it?

"Tien, you're awake, aren't you?"