Chapter 23 The Smiling Princess Part 2 5

 The Smiling Princess Part 2 of 5

 Boniface, who was sitting behind me, was sighing deeply.

 I couldn't help but turn around and see Boniface cowering with a wry smile on his face.

"I'm sorry. I can't help but sigh when I think of him as my father..."

 The sight of Felix Cyril, the former vizier, puffing out his chest in front of the ward, as if it was his turn, would certainly be nothing but pathetic to Boniface, his own son.

 He intends to use his eloquence to spin poor words that cannot be refuted.

 Martin said that he was a fool to think that he was the father of the wise Boniface, and he was blessed with subordinates, including Yin? Bartolomeos explained to me.

 I also heard that his wife, Gabriele, was making full use of her family's loyalty to the Crown and the power of her famous family, the Boksbergs, and was making every possible effort to keep them out of trouble.

 I felt a one-sided affinity with Gabriele, because his past was a little similar to my own.

 When we had a chance to have a tea party once, he apologized to me with great courtesy for not being able to stop Cyril's many outrages against Alexandra.

 She also promised that she would go to the Volturnine Empire with her new husband and children, whom she loved dearly, and that this time she would be loyal to Alexandra herself, not to the Imperial Family.

 When she is settled in the Voltuny Empire, she promised to have a tea party with Brunnhilde Bachelder, who is a good friend of hers in spite of their very different personalities.

 I'm really looking forward to it.

 In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the best way to get the most out of your wedding ceremony. .

"Do you wish for such a swift condemnation, Felix Cyril!"

"I have always been loyal to the Empire of Mysia, and I have worked my heart out, what do you want me to condemn, Your Majesty?"

 I can hear Martin gritting his teeth at my side.

 In the background, Boniface was muttering noisily, "I think that fools should be killed.

"The crime of impregnating a concubine and falsely claiming the child to be the Emperor's son, the crime of declaring the child to be the next Emperor and spreading the word at every opportunity, the crime of attempting to kill the Imperial Princess repeatedly with the Yin organization, which is allowed to be used only for the national interest, and other crimes related to the Imperial Family, as well as leaking information to other countries, There have been reports that he has used his position as Prime Minister to coerce women into reproductive acts against their will, and that he has abused his wife, children, and subordinates. You don't think that's not a crime, do you?

 As he detailed Cyril's crimes, some of them left their seats, screaming, and were about to go to Bartolomeus when a knight stopped them.

"...That's Cyril's predecessor and his brothers, isn't it?"

"...Are you afraid that they'll sit together?"

 Turning to Edeltraut and Annemarie's words, the old men and women were appealing to Bartolomeus in a desperate manner.

"Felix-dono had a bad relationship with his predecessor, and since they were estranged, it seems that the sama's could not be fooled by his name."

"You came to the temple to complain. That traitorous son of a bitch is out of control! That traitorous son of a bitch!"

 Judging from the words of Ferdinand and Sylvia, he had intended to borrow the tiger's authority, but in reality, he could not.

 I wonder if they realize that even if they are not judged on that point, they will definitely be blamed for not being able to stop Cyril.

"You're a fool at your age. Why don't you just keep quiet and pretend to be sorry?"

 "A bird that doesn't sing won't be shot," Martin says happily.

"I want a child, but you won't hold me! I must have a child, a baby boy! It was Carla-sama who said so. As a vassal, it's only natural that I should grant your wife's earnest wish. If only His Majesty had given Carla-sama the seed, I would not have been so disrespectful..."

 The hall fell silent.

 The old man and woman who had been pleading had their eyes and mouths open to the limit.

 What is he talking about?

 How could such a misguided fool be in the position of Prime Minister?

 Such astonishment and contempt could be felt in the silence.

"Hmm. Do you think I'm bad?"

"I wouldn't go so far as to say it's my fault, but I suspect there's a bit of a problem with only me and Carla-sama being blamed."

"...Do you really think that such a guess will be accepted?"

"I'm afraid not, Your Majesty Martin. He means what he says..."

 Martin's question was answered by Boniface shaking his head.

"Yin was only using it for the national interest. His Majesty was not fond of Crown Princess Alexandra, so I, as a true loyalist, made arrangements based on His Majesty's wishes. You wanted Alexandra dead. Isn't that right?"

 A murderous atmosphere rose up around Alexandra.

 Even those in the audience stood up with such force that their chairs collapsed, "You impious man! Shame on you! Shame on you!" Some of them impeached him.

 The predecessors of Cyril's family also cursed the current head of the family.

"No! I kept Alexandra away from you because of my covenant with God. I never wished for my beloved daughter to die. I never spoke of it. If you're truly loyal, why would you condemn a foolish parent for murdering an innocent child?"

"If you are doing your duty as an imperial princess, I can stop you. But an imperial princess does not do her duty..."

"That's enough!"

 Boniface's voice was very similar to Bartolomeus's in its sharp reproach.

 He stood up, walked briskly to the place of absolution, knelt down, hung his head and asked Bartolomeus for permission.

"Your outburst against my sister-sama will not be tolerated. Great Emperor. Please allow me, the only biological son of this foolish man, to impeach you on this occasion."

"I will. You may impeach me to your heart's content."

"Thank you, Your Majesty! Your Majesty."

 As a loyal subject, but as the son of a sinner, Boniface glared at his surroundings.

 Although he was young, Boniface was surrounded by the supremacy that made him the Prime Minister.

 Cyril looked at Boniface and said, "This is my son, my pride and joy! Cyril looked at Boniface and looked down at his surroundings with a grin, but then he suddenly realized something.

 He suddenly realized that his son, his pride and joy, was trying to drive him to his doom.

 The flush on his cheeks switched from joy to anger, and everyone could clearly see it.


"Shut up, you sinner!"

 Cyril slumped to the ground under the tremendous pressure from Boniface.

"You-sama's mouth only speaks what's good for you. Keep your mouth shut!"

 Neither Cyril nor Ziege had any talent for magic, but Boniface seemed to have an aptitude for it.

 What he just used was probably a silence spell that deprived the target of words for a certain period of time.

 Cyril was shouting with his cheeks puffed up, but nothing sounded.

"First. Sister-sama...Princess Alexandra-sama has been fulfilling her duties as an Imperial Princess from her childhood until now. Not to mention the emperor, the nobles, the people... in other words, everyone except you-sama is well aware of the many wonderful things that you do!"

 She always participated in official events.

 In the first place, there was no room for absences for personal reasons.

 He was still suffering from the aftereffects of the assassination, and tried to endure the pain of the ritual.

 Even though he was in a daze due to a high fever, he spun a long, long speech.

 She had no doubts about her ability to fulfill her duties as an imperial princess, no matter what her circumstances were.

 Also, the many tasks she was given were not originally meant to be done in the position of an Imperial Princess, but as a result of her favorable evaluation as an Imperial Princess-sama who worked with a smile even in such tasks.

 Edeltraut taught her that she was more respected by the people than any other member of the royal family.

 I have tried to do the work I have been given with all my heart and soul, and have worked with all the strength I can muster.

 Many times she felt like she was going to fail, but she knew that if she gave up her pride as an imperial princess, she would be dishonoring her mother's name.

  So Alexandra herself was not happy to be impeached for not fulfilling her duties.

"Moreover, you do not realize that many of the accomplishments made by Princess-sama have helped her in her failures, do you? In fact, none of the work you have done as Prime Minister exists. It's just that your subordinates were excellent. They are also aware of the many times they have been helped by you, and are always grateful and respectful."

 He tried to stand up, shaking his arms, but it seemed that his overly fleshy body would not do as he wished, and he could not get up for any length of time.

 Boniface looked down at Cyril with the eyes of a dustman.

"There is not much I can do, a fool who thinks he is a great man and a child of lechery who believes he can do anything if he loves you, but I swear by the name of the Emperor and the Princess-sama that I will do something far better than you-sama. I swear it in the name of the Emperor and the Princess."

"Those involved understand you're a victim. They also understand that you are as intelligent as your parents. You should refrain from saying anything that disparages yourself. You should be proud of yourself for not being misled by your parents who continue to make mistakes."

 Biting his lip at Bartolomeus' words, Boniface looks up at the ceiling.

 He might have been holding back tears.

"No! You're my son! Why are you not on my side!"

 The spell of silence must still be in effect.

 I'm surprised you had the power to break it, but that's not what's surprising me.

"...If a parent is going down the wrong path, it is the duty of the child to stop them."

"If you had admitted your mistake and publicly acknowledged that Boniface was your son instead of pretending he was mine, Boniface might have stood by you."

 Alexandra, too, had been treated coldly for a short time, and there had been a time when she had tried to see Bartolomeus only as an emperor, not as a father.

 Boniface probably struggled in the same way.

 The other children are the same.

 It is solely the parents' fault that their children had to cut off their parents whom they genuinely seek and adore.

  Except for Edeltraut, none of the children have been apologized to by their parents.

 That's why they were condemned, though.

"My son's absolution doesn't seem to reach you, does it? Step back, Boniface. You've done well up to now. Don't have anything more to do with this fool."


 Boniface still seemed to have more to say, but he was faithful to Bartolomeus' words.

 He hung his head deeply and returned to his seat.

 He was greeted with words of thanks from all around.

 Alexandra, of course, thanked Boniface with gratitude.

"Sinner, Felix Cyril. Your position as Prime Minister has been revoked. All his assets will be returned to the state. But, but! I will not allow you to step down as head of the Cyril family. And as of today, the Cyril family is a commoner of some renown. You are not under any restraint. Live your life as you see fit. If you can live!"

"Your Majesty! We do not recognize Felix as our son! We do not recognize Felix as our son, and our loyalty to the Crown is unwavering!"

 The old man rolled out of the way of the knights and appealed desperately to Bartolomeus.

 That's your predecessor, isn't it?" Edeltraut whispered to him.

"...You don't recognize him, but you don't insulate him, do you? And you're still calling yourself the Cyril family. If you're still loyal to the Crown, why don't you blame Felix? Why don't you lose your title and start a new family?"

"I blamed him! I blamed him! I blamed him again and again! But Felix wouldn't stop! He wanted to be loyal to the Cyril family rather than start a new one!"

"But it's the vassals who stop him, isn't it? If you had insulated yourselves, if you hadn't taken the name of the Cyril family, if you had dropped your title and apologized for your son's disrespect and started a new family, I would have believed in your loyalty. It has been reported that the guilty party did not admit it, but tried to borrow his son's authority countless times."

"Yes! Give me the money! Since you're embezzling, why don't you divert some of it to me!

And get the girls! I'll impregnate her! I'll impregnate her! You're the one who's been barging into my office, aren't you?

 Annemarie shrugged her shoulders, "So they're just like each other.

 My son disobeys me! What am I supposed to do? I've asked you many times before, without even going to the temple," Ferdinand replied.

"...Huh? It's worse than reported. But well... those around you will not allow me to condemn you any further. Stand down. And the guilty.

Your Majesty!

"I can't trust you with even the most basic paperwork if you can't get help from the others. You are no longer allowed in the castle."

That's absurd! Without me, the country will collapse from within!"

"With or without you, the Empire of Mysia will fall. Once you've condemned my brother, I'll explain everything to you, so just stay inside the wards."

 The moment I thought there was a gust of wind that made me shut my eyes reflexively, Cyril's body was lying inside the ward.

 There was not a single hand to help him get up, flapping his arms and legs.

 Without anyone to stop him, the sight of Cyril's body tumbling down the stairs sent a shiver down his spine.

 Not long ago, he was known as a cold-hearted vizier who was strict with numbers.

"I didn't know he was that fat... The food served in the temple is for so-called noble sinners. It was not the minimum, but it was adequate..."

"When I look at him, I can't help but wonder if I'm being looked at in the same way."

 Ferdinand's whole body shrunk at Sylvia's disgusted tone.

"In Ferdinand's case, it's just stress, isn't it? There's no need to be ashamed of yourself, because you will become more suitable for your inner self in the future."

"Thank you, Boniface... brother-sama."

 Boniface's corner of his eye flexed softly at the uncharacteristically familiar sound of brother-sama.

"Sister-sama, I'm really sorry for my foolishness. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not a good person or not.

"Perhaps Siril-dono is telling a falsehood. Even if he is not, it is quite possible that he is exaggerating. You may wish to reexamine your claims if necessary."

  Felix, I didn't want to use my first name.

 I was even glad that the family name had been preserved.

 I wondered if the originally high-ranking members of the Cyril family would be able to withstand being treated like the Bott family.

 It may have been a disgraceful behavior because he was probed in his belly, but he could have apologized if it had not been in such a public place.

 I don't think he will have that opportunity.

"It's true... he complained a lot about money, but I don't think he complained much about women's problems, you know, sis-sama."

 When Sylvia called me sama for the first time, I smiled the same way Boniface did.

"Thank you for telling me, Sylvia. Yes, you're right. Aside from him being the head of the family, I haven't had any attacks on myself, have I?"

 He spoke to me from an unbelievably close distance at a time when I was being treated poorly, and instead of apologizing for my son's disrespect, he only abused me, which did not leave me with a good impression.

 However, this was a normal part of my life, so I don't have such a bad impression of him.

 In fact, I have some sympathy that it would have been difficult to stop a person like Cyril if he had power.

 But that's all.

 Unlike the bots, Cyril himself did not directly harm Alexandra, but he was the most reckless in terms of using every possible means.

 Cyril was the only one who even commissioned a foreigner to assassinate Alexandra.

 The foreign assassin, who had died after suffering so much in front of the gods, had left a message.

"Felix Cyril, my client, sees you as an obstacle that can be easily eliminated.

 He said.

 The countless failures were not due to Alexandra's divine protection, but to the assassin's poor skill, or so he thought.

 To add to that, it could be said that he didn't even have the common sense to understand that Alexandra was a princess, and that touching her would be punished, even if it was an attempt.

"But... why do they all think in such a flowery way, at their age?"

 Boniface laughs coldly as Annemarie tilts her head.

"Since I can remember, I've only listened to what's good for me."

 No matter how much the people around you blame you, there will always be a foreign substance that cannot be reached by human words.

 When that foreign body had penetrated the upper echelons of the country to this extent, perhaps the destruction of the Mysurian Empire had already been decided.

"Well, here we are, at last, getting the punishment we deserve for our crimes. I think that's a wonderful thing, don't you?"

 Martin, the emperor, whispers with a bit of a distant look in his eyes.

 Perhaps he has a history of not being given the punishment he deserves.

 Alexandra asked the waiting maid to bring Martin's favorite honey.