Chapter 24 Anti-Theft Measures And ......

 The buyback shop started to take off. Rank 1 and rank 2 demons are piled up in the warehouse everyday.

 Also, the Merchant's Guild has asked for other products such as black pepper and white pepper, so we are wholesaling black pepper and white pepper. We will release other products as soon as possible.

 Hamra, the head of the bandits we captured, is under interrogation at the Adventurer's Guild, and his subordinates are also under interrogation.

 And yesterday, a suspicious figure was spotted wandering around the house. It was Kanna, the twin sister of the hired adventurer, who spotted the suspicious shadow of a man lurking in the shadows, peeping at the house.

 It seems that the Adventurer's Guild Chief's fears are about to come true, so he instructs Lethia, Saint-Louve, and Sela to help defend the house and shop.

 I also reminded the two clerks that when they went out, they should never go out alone, but always with someone.

 Yes, let's buy a security system from [[mail order]] and install it. If you decide to do so, first of all, install an infrared sensor on the fence, line up LED lights around the house, and install a surveillance camera so that there is no blind spot.

 Let's give each clerk a tear gas can and a stun gun to carry. No, let's give them all. Especially Lethia. She's a loose cannon. She'll kill him.

[Ins, is there any way we can get a visual on the perimeter?]

[Then I suggest you get the skills [[Detecting Signs]] and [[Spatial Understanding]].


[Sometimes skill scrolls are found in dungeons. These scrolls will be auctioned every month, so you may have a chance to buy them].

[auction... when's the next auction?]

[Yes, it will be in two days. However, you will need a letter of introduction from the Merchant's Guild or Adventurer's Guild to participate in the auction].

 It's two days later, so go to the Merchant's Guild and get a letter of introduction.

 Killing-san graciously prepared a letter of introduction. So I promised him an additional 1000kg of white sugar. Killing-san is a good businessman.

 In the evening, after closing the shop, I look at the images from the surveillance camera through the monitor. They seem to think they are well hidden, but you can see their red shadows on the infrared monitor.

 Three shadows in all, spying around the house. There was a movement to change the guard when the sun went down completely, but for the moment there seems to be no sign of movement.

"Lord, what the hell is this?"

"I can see what looks like a figure in the shadows..."

One, there's one.

 My three daughters are looking over my shoulder at the monitors that are lined up and wondering.

"I don't think it's going to work today. I'll leave the rest to Anna and the others and I'll take a bath and go to bed."

 Then, I explained to Anna and the other three sisters about the monitors in the surveillance room and put them in charge of monitoring.

"I've never seen a magic item like this..."

"Onee-chan, I don't feel any magic power from magic items..."

"Izna-chan, this isn't a magic item, is it?"

 Their shocked faces are so cute. But then Lethia poked me.

 And relax in the bath. That feels good.

 It's a familiar event in the bath. I'm going to go out of my way to capture the naked bodies of these three beauties in my mind's eye.

"Lord, you're finally ready!"

"If you do the same thing to me every time, I'll just give up!"

"Goshujin-sama to Issho Wan!"

"Oh, don't look so hard..."

 It is a man's nature to look if he is told not to look! Let's take this opportunity to look at it.

 Lysia, a platinum blonde with pure white skin, Saint-Louve, a beautiful infant girl, and Sailor, a beautiful girl with dark blue hair that is more indigo than blue, all three are very beautiful.

"Lord, I'll wash you."

"No, that's okay."

"Don't be shy. It is the duty of the attendant to wash the Lord's body."

I've never heard of such an assignment.

"Mm, now you mention it."

"Oh, my Lord! Oh, my Lord!"

"Oh, um, if you don't mind, I'd like to wash my hair..."

 It took three men to wash me from the top of my head to my toes.

 Sela washed my hair, Sanlove washed my back, and Lethia tried to wash my front, and I fought back, but Lethia was no match for my strength.

 In the bath I suppressed my desires with reason and managed to get away with it. I'd like to praise myself. There is no one in this world who has more iron reason than me!

 Instead of relaxing in the bath, I'm mentally exhausted and I dive into bed. It's a little early for me to go to bed, but I'm tired and I'm going to sleep.

 ...I don't know how long it's been since I crawled into bed, but even when I open my eyes in my slumber, I can tell it's still night because it's dark. But the cushions of the bed are soft and comfortable. I love the way it feels.

 ...hmm? Mm-hmm. ...did you put a pillow in there? ...Munimuni, squishy? ...the feeling of burying my face...



"Myunya, Gosujinsha-miya~"


 There's a limit to how long I can reason with these people.


 I thought I heard something snap.

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 The morning sun was shining through the window when he realized he was fighting against three people. Is this what you mean when you say the sunrise is yellow?





 I did it. As my reason had suppressed my desire, my desire exploded at once. Since three such beautiful women wanted me, my desire seemed to have swelled considerably.

 He doesn't have enough time to care for the three of them, and his desire...

 I still feel so guilty when I see the three of them lying on the bed in their undressed state.

 Me, sitting in a chair, giving the three of you guilty looks. I hate myself.

"I've got to take responsibility for this..."

"You don't have to!"

"Yes, because it's what we wanted."


"Oh, you're awake... well, I'm sorry. I've always had a strong libido, and once I get started, I can't stop..."

 Lethia and the others sit up and look at me.

"No problem. It's just that it makes me feel better that I've accepted the Lord's sex."

"Mm-hmm, but it was my first time, so I wish you had been a little more gentle."

"I'm going to be with the Lord!"

 ...Saint-Louve-chan, don't be so blunt. And I'm sorry, Seurat. Lethia's still the same.

 We were all soaked, including me, so I decided to take a bath. When we got out of the bath, we went to the living room, but Lulu and Daisy had already opened the store, so Anna was relaxing in the living room after her night shift.

 I say good morning to Anna, but she responds animatedly, looks a little red, and avoids eye contact with me... so she knows what happened last night, right?

 I'll have a late breakfast ready by the time the three of them come out of the bath.

"Do you want some Anna?"

"...No, I've already eaten..."


 When the three of them appeared in the living room, they seemed to be talking with Anna, but Anna left the living room immediately because she was going to bed for the night.