Chapter 25 Auctions

 The biggest building in the Red Tower is the guild hall of the Merchant's Guild. The second largest building is the lord's hall, and the castle-like guild hall of the adventurer's guild is not included in the list because it is outside the Red Tower city.

 Every day, adventurers bring various items from the Red Tower to the Adventurer's Guild. The rarest and most expensive of these items are auctioned off at the Merchants Guild every month.

 The reason why the auctions are held every month is because adventurers are said not to have money to spend at night, and because adventurers cannot wait too long.

 By the way, not only items obtained from the Red Tower can be auctioned, but also anything that can be used as a commodity, from foodstuffs to slaves.

"That's a lot of space."

"Mmm, looks like it could hold 500, Lord."

"Wide one."

"I believe the venue can hold 600 people."

 In the lobby of the event hall, you can see the names and brief descriptions of the items to be sold, and it seems that both of the skill scrolls I'm interested in will be sold. There are many other useful skill scrolls on display, and I hope to get them when I have enough money.

"The previous winning bids for [[presence sensing]] and [[spatial understanding]] were 8 million yen for [[presence sensing]] and 12 million yen for [[spatial understanding]]. 8 million yen."

 Sailor's lecturing me with a booklet in her hand.

 Apparently, there is a booklet at the front desk that lists past bids and prices. When did you buy such a thing?

 The auction has begun. Lethia sits on my left, Sela on my right, and for some reason Saint-Louve sits on my lap. In the end, Saint-Louve sat on my lap, but it was a fierce battlefield that all three of us wanted.

 At first, the guild leader of the merchant guild gives a speech, and then the deputy guild leader explains the precautions for winning the bidding.

 If you win the auction, you must pay in cash and pick up the item immediately. If the item is a slave or too large to bring to the auction site, the Merchant's Guild will temporarily store it after payment, but if it is not received within two hours of the auction, the Merchant's Guild will dispose of it.

 The first exhibit was slaves. I knew this because the order of the slaves was listed in the lobby, but most of the slaves were young women or handsome boys. Perhaps there is a demand in that direction. What kind of demand? That's obvious! They're my friends for the night!

 I didn't go through the slave auction. I didn't attend because I was afraid of the stares of Lethia and Sailor sitting on either side of me.

 After two consecutive nights of foursomes, I can't let my heart go out to another woman! My conscience is telling me.

 The next item on the list is weapons and armor.

 There were many items on sale, from mithril swords to adamantite spears. All of them were wonderful items, but I didn't buy them on impulse.

 After the armor is displayed, the accessories are displayed. Here, I saw a mithril ring and decided to buy it! I bought it for 3,000,000 yen, 3,200,000 yen, and 3 500,000 yen. I'm going to put them on Lethia's, Saint-Louve's, and Sela's fingers. You've brought out your left ring finger so I can put it on you, but there's no mood in this place. Someday I'm going to propose to you.

 While the three of us are still smiling, the Skill Scrolls are finally on display.

 I've already spent 9.7 million yen, but that's not enough for my current financial situation. Besides, I'm aiming for [[presence detection]] and [[spatial understanding]], so I should be fine with just the two.

"Up for sale next is a [[Spatial Understanding]] skill scroll. This is an extremely useful skill for scouts and mapmakers."

 A tough-looking woman who appears to be a staff member of the moderator gives a brief description of the product and calls out the starting price.

"The starting value starts at 5 million yen."

 It seems that this [[Spatial Understanding]] skill scroll is quite popular, and the last three bids were 12 million yen, 1 3 million yen, and 12 million yen. So I'll join the bidding when the price exceeds 10 million yen.

 When I call 11 million yen, 12 million yen is called from somewhere. I look over and see a handsome blond kun with five women in his arms and a disgusting smile on his face. And all of them are wearing collars, the sign of slavery. Such a handsome man's smile... it's an annoying smile. He's handsome, he's handsome, he's handsome!

 I call 13 million yen. He called 14 million yen, I called 15 million yen, and so on. The handsome man and I raised the price by a million yen, and he called 20 million yen. That's 21 million yen, a record high for [[spatial grasp]]. I made the call.

 I got a good look at him after the call, and he looks pretty hot. He's staring at me. I'm going to make the handsome man, the common enemy of mankind, swoon!

 It was an unexpected expense, but I still have some money left.

 The next [[indicative bidder]] has won the last three bids at 11 million yen, 7 million yen, The price has been fluctuating a little, but it is not a problem.

 After some skill scrolls, an auction for a skill scroll of [[Sense Motive]] has started. This skill is very popular not only among scouts but also among adventurers, so many adventurers are participating in the auction. And that handsome guy is also participating in the auction.

 The handsome guy calls 7 million yen and I call 8 million yen. Hearing this, the handsome man takes one look at me and for a moment gives me a deadly look. My three daughters, who reacted to the threat, were so frightened that they thought I would shoot him dead.

 Stop it, you're making the merchants look pale.

 As a result, I won the bid at 14 million yen, but there were two bids for this [[Kiji Sense]], so the other bid started.

 That handsome guy is trying to win it, but I'm in the bidding too. I don't mean to harass the handsome guy, but I want to give it to Lethia and Sailor.

 He tried to get 15 million yen, but I called for 16 million yen and won. and won.

 Now that I've purchased all the skill scrolls I planned to, I'll leave here.

"You've spent more than you thought you would . But you can't spare money for things you need!"

"Thank you, Goddess."

"The Lord has a fancy way with money."

"You're right, Grosse-san is the one who doesn't care about money."

 Since I left my seat in the middle of the auction, I was able to go out to the main street without congestion on the way back. However, I was unexpectedly interrupted here.

"My Lord, someone's coming after me."

"What? ...Do you know who that is?"

"Hmm, I don't know you."

"Grouse-san, why don't we just go into that café and see if Samaako is there?"

"Yes, sir."

 At Sailor's suggestion, we went into a cafe, ordered tea and tea cakes, and observed the person who was following us in reverse.

[Speaking of which, can we use the skill scrolls in the storage?]

[Possible. Do you want to use it?]

[Yeah, use [[presence sensing]] and [[spatial awareness]]. I'll leave the operation to Ins.]]

[Okay. Then I'll carry out your instructions. ...... Confirmed skill acquisition. I will integrate [[sense of presence]] and [[spatial understanding]] and sublimate them into [[search]]. ......Sublimation to [[Search]] has been completed and the map will be uploaded to the master's sight].

[...oh, um... what's skill integration?]

[[Yes, integrating skills that go well together, like [[presence sensing]] and [[spatial awareness]], and sublimating them into a better skill, is called integration].

[Can you do that?]

[Normally you can't, but now that [[Navigator]] has been promoted to [[Navigator Alpha]], you can.]

[heh, heh, I see...]

 I've never heard of you before. You should've told me that before.

 Huh, we'll check on Ins later, but right now we need to check the map that just appeared in front of us.

[this map is a map of this neighborhood, right?]

[Yes, you can use [[search]] to read the surrounding terrain and display the objects you specify. Currently, only objects that are hostile to the master are displayed on the map].

[So this Red is the one who's against me?]

[Yes, that's right. Currently, because the rank of [[Search]] is low, it can only display a radius of about 50m, but if the rank is raised, the range will increase, making it a very useful skill].

[Okay. So, is that your name next to this red circle?]

[Yes, you can show name, race, and status if you want, but I've only shown the name because I think it would be hard to see.]