Chapter 26 Anti-Thief 1

 Enjoy a leisurely cup of tea at a cafe. However, it is not a very good tea, and the aroma is not very good. This is the level of tea that is generally distributed in this world.

 Maybe I'll open a cafe... but more importantly, what to do about this antagonist, Kate...

[Ins, is this antagonist named Kate in red a bandit?]

[No, the antagonist, Kate, is a blonde human male slave who has competed with the Master in several auctions]

[Slave to that handsome man... what am I supposed to do?]

[Do you want me to turn it off?]

[Oh, my God! ...can you do that?]

[It's possible with the master's [[space-time magic]]

[[Space-time magic]]? How do you use it?]]

[It's easy. If you make the adversary's feet the entrance to the space transfer, the adversary will fall into the transfer gate.]

[What? Spatial transference?]

[Yes, space transfer. Master's [[Space-Time Magic]] has been upgraded to rank C, allowing him to use space transfer].

[Oh, really?]

 I'm surprised. When did you become able to use such magic?

[In case you didn't know, there's another way to use magic.]

[Yes, there is, but I think it's best to explain later.]

[Oh, yeah. if we use that space transfer to drop the hostile into the transfer gate, where does it go?]

[It could be anywhere the Master has been, or anywhere he can see, but this time I think we should just throw him up in the air.]

[Tosses him into the air? ...that's...]

[If you throw it about 1km up in the air, it will accelerate in free fall and hit the ground at high speed and crash.]

[Oh, my God! ...Let's not do that, indeed...]

[Then I'll just throw you in the dungeon...]

[...What level of power is this adversary in terms of adventurer rank?]

[Yes, if you were an adventurer, you'd be rank E or D.]

[What happens when you throw a rank D adventurer out into the dungeon alone?]

[She won't die if she's on the ground level of the [Labyrinth of the Dead], which we broke through on the way to the city of this red tower, and it will take some time for her to return to the city of this red tower].

[There's not much chance of dying, is there?]

[There's a 30% chance she'll die. If she's unlucky, she dies.]

[Hmm, well, there you go, please.]

[Activate spatial transfer. ...... activated, target transferred to the ground floor.

[Copy that.]

 There is no red● on the map in my vision, and there are no other red● either, so there is no doubt that the antagonist named Kate has been forcibly transferred to the [Labyrinth of the Dead].

 But Ins can do anything. I mean, you don't need me, right?

"The tracker's presence suddenly disappeared earlier, does Saint-Louve sense the tracker?"

"He's not here. I've got a cousin."

"He's not here? He didn't just give up and go home, did he? Lord, what do you think?

"Well, if he's gone, so be it. Let's go home while we still can."

 One of these days, we're gonna have to tell the three of them about Ins.

 Anyway, we don't know when the bandits are going to attack, so we need to get home and relieve Anna and the others of their burden.

 Bring up a map so that only hostiles are shown. When you approach the house, you'll see four red dots around the house. That's convenient.

"""Welcome home."""

"""" I'm home(one)""""

 When we entered the shop, we were greeted by Lulu, the manager, Daisy, the shop assistant, and Kanna, the guard. Anna and Izuna are taking turns as guards, so they are resting at home now. The current shift is too much for the guards. If we don't get more guards, Anna and the others will be exhausted soon.

"Have you noticed anything unusual?"

"There was nothing special about it except that there was a lot of purchase."

 I'm relieved to know that nothing unusual has happened. Today's purchases alone have filled about 70% of the warehouse. I think this is the highest number of purchases ever. I am impressed by the fact that we have gathered so much.

 Collect all the corpses of demons in the warehouse into the storage. Most of them are rank 1 demons, but some of them are rank 2 demons.

 When we sold these items through [[mail order]], the total price exceeded 3.2 million yen. Although the shop has only been open for a few days, this is the highest sales amount ever.

 To raise the current [[Mail Order]] to the next rank, C, we need 500 million yen in transactions. I don't know how much time it will take to trade this amount, but as they say, when the dust settles, it all adds up to a mountain, so we have no choice but to steadily accumulate the amount.

 Aside from that, we had some discussions for the future.

 First of all, I proposed to reinforce Anna and her guards. Anna and her guards thought that three of them would not be enough to guard the house and the shop 24 hours a day, and they unanimously agreed to my proposal.

 We decided to ask the Adventurer's Guild to hire more adventurers, but we also decided to hire a friend of Anna's through the Adventurer's Guild.

 As for the bandits, I learned this [[Search]], and I can now use it in combo with Space Transference to target bandits with pinpoint accuracy, so it's easier to deal with bandits who are watching the house.

 The problem is where to send the bandits to by space transfer, but I don't think it's effective to throw them into the Red Tower, because they are active in the Red Tower, and I don't feel comfortable to throw them into the sky.

[Is there somewhere we can lock him up, somewhere he can't come out easily?]

[If that's the case, I think you should just throw him out in the Red Tower to the 8th level or higher where the bandits aren't active].

[That means I have to go to layer 8 once, right?]


[...yes, that's...]

[If Lethia and the others are here, we'll reach them soon.]

 I have no choice but to enter the Red Tower the next morning and aim for the 8th level.

 But before that, even though Lethia and the other three wanted me, I'm pretty sure I had them in my arms, so I decided I was ready to take them as my wives.

"Lethia, Saint-Louve, Sela, we need to talk."

"What, Lord?"


"What is it?"

" know...I"

"Lord, what are you trying to say? You're a man. You've got to speak up!"

"My Lord, what's wrong?"

"Grose-san, what's wrong?"

 I mean, how do you propose to three people at once? I've never proposed to anyone before, so how am I supposed to propose to three people at once?

[Master, be honest with me. [Be honest about your feelings for the three of you.]

[Honestly...] Okay, thanks, Ins.]


"I love you three. So please marry me!"

"""! ..."""""

 Straight up, as honest as Ins told me to be, I proposed to the three of you.

 I regret now that I should have created a more moody place and atmosphere, but I don't regret the proposal itself.

 The three of them stand in a daze, will they be rejected? Or will they accept it?

 I'd like you to accept it if you can, but...

"Oh, um, you don't have to answer right now, just think about it."

"""With pleasure! (ONE)"""

"What, uh, really?"

"Of course! I'd be happy with the Lord!"

"Thank you, Lethia."

"Glad to hear it, One!"

"Keep up the good work, Saint-Loup."

"Wow, am I right?"

"kun is good, sela."

 The three of them hugged me and didn't leave for a while. And then they just ......

 The next morning, we made love until the morning sun appeared, so we slept until almost noon and then had a breakfast and lunch before going to the Red Tower.

 But in this world, they say, there are no weddings, no honeymoons.

 Marriages are reported to the authorities or to your guild and that's it.

 I'm thinking of having a wedding party and going on a honeymoon, but not right now.

 Lethia, Sanlove and Sailor are all happy that I'm going to do it, but I have no choice but to go for my own peace of mind. And in order to have a happy family with my lovely wives, I'll ask anyone who gets in my way to leave!

"Lord, what's wrong?"

"Eh, uh, it's nothing."

"Well, don't sit around too long, or the demons will eat you."

 Lethia-chan, that's not funny. It's not funny because we're on the sixth level of the dungeon.

 And Sailor called me by my first name, which is fine, but Lethia calls me "Lord," and Saint-Louve calls me "Lord," but since we're getting married, I'd rather she call me by my first name. But when I ask them to call me by my name, they say, "The Lord is the Lord!" But when I asked him to call me by my name because we were getting married, he refused, saying, "The Lord is the Lord!" or "The Lord is the Lord.

"My Lord, what's wrong?"

"You look a little pale, are you tired?"

"It's okay, I was just thinking about something."

 The three of them proceed to reap and slay the demons that appear one after another. I remembered that I had forgotten to make some magic tools. I've already got the skins of the black and red wolves, so all I need to do is process them to make speed boots, but I've got bandits to deal with, so I'll have to deal with them first.

"Something's coming!"

"It's a sign that's much stronger than the demons we've seen so far."

 Well, isn't that... dangerous?

[Master, do you have a response for [[search]], status?]

[Please, Ins]

 Info: Uldrago, rank 3, male, 12 years old.

 HP: 13000

 MP: 500

 Strength: 900

 Endurance: 900

 Magic: 600

 Agility: 900

 Dexterity: 400

 Charm: 100

 Good luck: 10

 Active Skills: [[Roar(D)]][[Claw Technique(D)]][[Fang Technique(D)]][[Super Acceleration(D)]]]

 Passive Skill: [[Robust(D)]]

 I kind of knew what to expect. I don't think he'll be an enemy of the three of us, judging from his status.

"Uldrago approaches you . Skills are [[Roar(D)]], [[Claw Technique(D)]], [[Fang Technique(D)]], [[Superacceleration(D)]], [[Robustness(D)]]]."

"Yes, sir."

 As I reported my vigilance and Uldrago's skills, Uldrago popped out of the trees .

 Uldrago, the monster that nearly destroyed the adventurers we encountered the other day, is really a wolf with dragon-like scales.

"I got it!"

 As Lethia leaps in front of Uldrago, a large shield appears from the left cage of her armor of everlasting darkness and catches Uldrago's thrust. She then swings her shield wide as if to fling it away.

 Uldrago looks like he's been flung a few meters, but he lands cleanly and doesn't appear to be damaged.

 Uldrago thought he had a bad chance against Lethia, but he accelerated so fast that he seemed to disappear for a moment, slipped past Lethia, and changed his aim to me. I instantly think he used his [[Super Acceleration]] skill.

 And you think I'm easier to control than you, but I'm getting stronger too, I'm not going to be overrun!


 I'm not just someone to be protected either!

 In my hand is a modified [MP7 Demon Kai Alpha]. That [MP7 Demon Modification Alpha] has been modified with a focus on power, so it will punch a hole between the eyes of Uldrago, who is protecting himself with dragon-like scales.


 Uldrago is shot between the eyes and falls to the ground, twitching a few times and becoming motionless.

"You're doing great, Grocer-san!"

"My Lord, you're amazing!"

"M, I'm sorry. I got a little carried away."

 Sela and Sanlove praise me, and Lethia apologizes to me, somewhat depressed that Uldrago has overtaken her.

"Lethia, don't worry so much about it."

"No, it was my duty to protect the Lord and I let a demon get close to him. I must have been careless, I will be very careful not to let this happen in the future."

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one. I couldn't help but make eye contact with Sailor and smile bitterly.