Chapter 26 A small story in commemoration of the ebook release Sending a letter

 E-book Commemorative Short Story Sending a Letter.

 Martin Martynovich Gulieva-sama

 You must be surprised by my sudden letter.

 We have only met once, but do you remember me?

 I am Alexandra Arlesmaier, First Princess of Mysia.

 I have just learned that Martin (please forgive me if I call you familiarly as you did back then) -sama has united the northern countries.

 He is now called the king of the Volturnine Empire, a great country in the north.

 I am proud of Martin-sama for fulfilling his childhood vow, and I wish to console him for his countless hardships.

 It is with deep regret that I must inform you of a personal matter.

 My engagement to Dietfried Wurzner, ordered by the Emperor when I was a child, has been broken off.

 It has not been made public yet, but the Emperor, your father, has assured me that he will never break it off, so it is unlikely that the decision will be reversed.

 Emperor Bartholomew Arlesmaier of the Empire of Mississippi sent a letter to Emperor Martin Martynovich Gulieva of the Voltnian Empire, I believe.

 Have you read it?

 The reason for the annulment is that Prince Dietfried has been unfaithful.

 He was forced to break off the engagement because the other party was expecting a child.

 Isn't the order of events different? Please keep my thoughts to yourself.

 Even if the other party has its own reasons, breaking off the engagement of an imperial princess would be too unseemly and her position too high, and any kind of match, let alone a good match, would be hopelessly unlikely in Japan.

 Only when she is shouted at to break off the engagement and rejected by the only person who is allowed to stay by her side.

 I was ready to abandon my country.

 I'm embarrassed to reveal my childish thoughts but I wanted you to know.

 When the option of marrying in another country came to my mind, Martin-sama was the first person I thought of.

 Even though we had never met, she gently comforted me when I cried pitifully, and said, "Come to my country! Come to my country! Will you be my wife? I'll take care of you and be by your side for the rest of your life! I'll take care of you and be by your side forever!

 As I write, I am still wondering whether I should put my trust in Martin-sama's mercy, which is no more than a verbal promise.

 It was only after I had told my father to send a letter of intent to Martin-sama for marriage that I realized that there was another way: to dedicate my life to God in the temple.

 My father asked me if I was ready to marry Martin-sama as a full-fledged princess.

 I replied that from the moment I became aware that I was the First Princess, I had never forgotten for a moment.

 Although I was imprisoned in the Temple for a long time and had many opportunities to interact with the people and nobles, my behavior as a royalty was very poor.

 I am also worried that Martin-sama might despair of me.

 I am well aware that there is a high possibility that she will point out with a wry smile that my childhood memories were nothing but memories.

 Nevertheless, I wanted to tell you.

 Will you take Alexandra to be Martin-sama's wife?

 I said.

 At that time, I was bound by the existence of a fiancée who was becoming more and more unruly by the day, and I stifled the words I could not say in desperation.

 Now that the betrothal has been annulled.

 Even if there is no queen, I know there are many favored princesses.

 Even if I don't become your queen and you receive me as one of your favorites, I promise you that I will never betray Martin-sama.

 It would be more reasonable for me to die than to give Martin-sama the emptiness of being betrayed by the person I believed in and wanted to believe in, so please do not worry.

 Because of the content of this letter, I could not show it to anyone for confirmation, and as an imperial princess, I am not very good at writing, so I would like to end by asking for your forgiveness for the familiarity of this letter, which I cannot believe is my first letter to you.

 May Martin-sama be blessed with many years of good fortune.

                            Alexandra Ahlersmaier