Chapter 26 True Value Of The Moon Wolf Tribe

 The True Value of the Moon Wolf Tribe

 When we reached the entrance of the mine, we heard the sound of rushing water.

 There is a lot of water flowing in the canal that runs by the entrance.

"That's a lot of water. Is it spring water?"



"This is not spring water . It's water draining from the mine..."

"So much water comes out. That's amazing."

"No. Not this many."


 Tien grabbed a miner who was nearby.

 He seemed to recognize Tien right away, but was surprised at how much he had changed.

"The drainage is too high. Why?"

"Oh, yeah... it rained a lot deep in the mountains last night. There's water in the mine."

 At that moment, Tien remembered what had happened yesterday.

 The smell of water, smelled in an unusual place.

"...the water is dangerous. -Have you checked to see if there's a problem with Chan?"

"No... we have a lot of mining quota for today. The foreman's getting impatient. So I don't think we have time for anything else."

 Then the man put his burly hands on Tien's head.

"We're professionals. We know when we're in trouble. You're taking the tour today, right? Don't go too far back."


 The man goes deeper into the room.

"Oh? Tien-chan? What's up, man, you look good."

"Yes, yes, children should be energetic like that."

"I thought you were sick, but you're not. I was worried about you."

 The miners who were passing by were talking to me.


 Tien didn't know that they cared so much about him.

 I'm sure he's been approached before.

 I just didn't realize it because I had my hands full with myself.

 Each of their words was blunt or violent, but inside they were warm.

 They entered the mine, where the water flow was much higher than usual.

(Is he going to be okay...)

 Tien thinks - if I'm healthy now, I'll be able to help Norma.

 Besides, if I had been able to move and mine with Chan earlier, today's quota might have been the same as usual.

"Tien-san, what's wrong? Should I not visit today?"


 Tien approached a trolley that was close by, off the tracks.

 I grabbed the steel trolley, which could easily hold five adults,


 I don't know where Tien's thin body got the strength to do that, but he lifted her up and put her back on the tracks.

We're going on a tour. But we should leave early."

 Tien decided that he would join the mining team and help them reach their quota.

 When he entered the mine, Tien was approached by many workers.

 There are many women as well as men.

 There are not only human races, but also dwarves and lizardmen.

 Even though it's a lucrative job in this city, everyone stops working in the mines when they can afford it.

 The people who are working now are here because they are in debt, need a lot of money, or have many other reasons.

 It's no wonder they can't afford it.

 They still cared about Tien, even though he had nothing to look forward to but drinking after work.

"This vertical hole is ridiculously large..."

 Nina is looking around curiously.

"You're going into such a narrow place? Oh, I see... checking for mineral deposits."

 Visitors are not uncommon, but a girl like Nina must be a rare sight. She was also wearing a maid's uniform.

 The workers look at the maid-san, who wears a helmet and moves around a bit, smiling.

"Wow, that's quite a machine."

 Nina was impressed to find a huge magic mining machine, but Astrid was looking at it with a "hmmm" look on her face.

"You... you look a lot better than yesterday."

 A red-haired worker with a strong body came to the door.

 He's the one who urged Tien to take the day off yesterday.

"Oh, um, Chi's fine now."

"Well . That's good to know-- just don't go to District 4. I don't know what it is, but the foreman's in a bad mood today. He's yelling at me."


 Tien was surprised.

 Not that the foreman is mad, no.

 District 4 was originally a place of high runoff and poor water management.

 Besides, the direction the red-haired man is heading is District 4.

"The water today..."

"I know. I'll wrap it up as soon as I can. See you later."


 The man left.

 After an hour or so of walking around, we were able to see the whole place.

 The last part of the tour is a "mining experience" on the wall near the entrance.

 Emily grabbed the pickaxe, but couldn't lift it.

"Wait! This thing is so heavy! I can't lift it!"

"Oh, man, kun is so impotent."

 Instead, Astrid grabs the pickaxe.


 Just stare at it for a while.

"I'm better at thinking, after all."

"Hey, Astrid. If you can't do it, just say you can't..."

"Me too! I want to try it too!"

"No, no, Nina. -With that little body of kun's--"

 Astrid said, as Nina picked up the pickaxe,


 I lifted it up.


"That's amazing, Nina. Where do you get that kind of power?"

"Oh, it's heavy, but..."

 Nina swings the pickaxe down the wall.

 There was a spark, and a part of it collapsed.

"Fuu... this is all I can do."

 Then Tien clapped.

"Nina is amazing. This pickaxe is specially made, and only the strongest of miners can handle it."

 But Tien grabbed the pickaxe Nina had set down with one hand and slung it over his shoulder.

"Tien-san is still amazing!"

"What? One hand!"

"That's interesting."

"It's a little far."

 When he saw that Nina and the others had distanced themselves, he was surprised,


 He swung the pickaxe down the wall with one hand.

 With a thud, the pickaxe dug deeply into the wall and stopped.

 Perhaps they were taking a break, but workers who happened to pass by dropped the hand towels and gloves they were holding and stood there blankly.

 Here was the true value of the Moon Wolf race.