Chapter 27 Special Members

 I can do it too.

 There was a time when I thought... I was so proud of myself for defeating Uldrago. Seeing this, Lethia, Sanlove, and Sela thought nothing of it, and went straight for the stairs to the 7th level, regardless of the presence of adventurers or demons.

 I regretted my stupidity when I charged into the midst of the glass lizards, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

 The Grass Lizard is a 2-3m long monster that looks like a Komodo Lizard, but its body is green in color.

 It moves quickly but does not have sustained speed. It attacks by biting with its sharp fangs, tearing flesh and crushing bones.

 They are large (2-3m in length) but not so tall that they attack adventurers hiding in the grass, causing considerable damage.

 I thought I was dead when Saint-Louve led a charge against a group of glass lizards.

"Grouse-san, I'm done."

"Uh, uh, uh, uh... thank you."

 Surrounded by glass lizard corpses, corpses, corpses. A mountain of corpses. I collected a total of 32 corpses of glass lizards, and I think my face was pale.

Lord, are you all right?

"You're a bad-looking boy."

", from now on, don't run into a bunch of demons."

"I won't let a demon of that level touch the Lord with even a finger!"

"One to protect the Lord."

"Both of you went a little overboard this time. From now on, let's act with Grocer San in mind."

 Sela remonstrated with them, because she saw them shooting magic at Glass Lizard with happiness.

 After that, we proceeded smoothly through the seventh level and reached the eighth level. I tried to leave here, but Lethia grabbed me by the shoulders and moved on, followed by Sanlove and Sela. Let's go home now........................

 When we came out of the Red Tower, the sky was red and the sun was about to set.

 I hadn't thought about it since I was sent to this world, but there is a sun just like on Earth, and a moon appears at night. When was the last time you felt the sunset was beautiful?

 The setting sun shines on Lethia the albino, turning her skin and hair red. It's beautiful. Saint-Louve and Sailor are also beautiful, but Lethia is generally white, so the sunset gives her a different beauty to me.

 I arrived home just as the sunset was setting in the western sky. The shop was already closed, so I went in through the front door to find Daisy, the shop assistant, preparing dinner. Daisy has the [[Cooking(C)]] skill, so the food she makes is delicious.

"Grose-san, everyone, welcome back."

"""" I'm home(one)""""

 Lulu, the manager, was helping Daisy, and she saw us and welcomed us.

 There are still three red bars outside, but the bandits don't move. What are they trying to do just by watching the house?

"We had a visitor today, a Catherine of the Commercial Guild. When I told her Grose-san was not here, she said she would come back tomorrow morning and left."

"Catherine, is that you? Lethia, who is it?"

"Well, I don't know."

 Saint-Louve, of course, and Sela don't seem to know.

You said you'd be here in the morning?


 If she's coming in the morning, I'll stay home and wait for her.

 The food is ready, and I, Lethia, Sanlove, Sela, Lulu, Daisy, Anna, Kanna, and Izuna are all gathered around the table.

"Daisy's food is delicious, isn't it?"

"Mmm, delicious."

"Yummy one."

"This fish is so delicious and perfectly cooked."

"Thank you very much! My dream is to open my own restaurant in the future!"

 Daisy happily talked about her dreams for the future. We were dazzled by her smile.

"Does Lulu have any dreams?"

"I'd love to have my own shop."

"Then we'll both have to work hard at Glowsee-san's store to save money."


 Sela supports them, and we support them. We asked the same question to the three adventurer sisters who watch them.

"We became adventurers in order to live, so our goal is to become happy wives in the future."

"Onee-chan, no way!"

"You're my sister, but you need to get real!"

 The twins give her a hard time about her sister's desire for ordinary happiness!

 I feel sorry for Anna... and I don't feel that way when I see her chasing her twin sister around.

 After a while, the sisters' playfulness is over, and the twins apologize to Anna on their knees for taking away their after-dinner dessert.

 That night I took a bath with the three of them and went to bed and hustled.

 The next morning, I took a bath and went to the living room, where I found a strange sight... I froze.

"Hello, how are you? Are you Grose Hendler-sama? Mmm-hmm."


 What the fuck is this? Why is this thing in my house? !

 Right now, there's a monster of a man in front of me, all muscled up, wearing a gothic lolita outfit and unbearable makeup. Am I going to be eaten?

"Oh, my God, what's wrong? Are you in love with me?"

 No, it's not!

 Why should I fall in love with a gothic lioness? I have three lovely wives!

Oh, and you are?

"Oh no, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Catherine! I'm the vice guild leader of the Commercial Guild. Nice to meet you."

 He winked at me, but for some reason my body dodged to the left to avoid the attack. Yeah, it's not my fault!

"Hey, I'm Grose Hendler. What can I do for you today?"

 I was able to reply normally, which is awesome! Let's just call it that!

"Oh, you're so impatient. Why don't you sit over there and we'll talk?"

 Why are you in charge? It's my house.

 Well, I didn't want to stand there and talk, so I sat across from Catherine, but I didn't think it would take much patience to look directly at her.

 I mean, Lulu and Daisy didn't dare to tell anyone about Catherine san, I'll ask them later!

 Daisy shows up before I know it, makes tea, and hands it out to me and Catherine san.

"Oh, it's delicious. Isn't it better than the finest tea the Commercial Guild has?"

 I take a sip of the same tea that the alien being in front of me, Katherine San, is drinking. It's not Japanese tea, but black tea, and I bought a box of 20 packets at [[mail order]] for 980 yen. It is expensive, but not so expensive as to be considered high class. Catherine calls such tea the finest. Speaking of which, am I the only one who thinks that the food culture of the people of this world lags behind that of the earth?

"Do you like this tea? I'll share some with you as a souvenir on the way home."

"Really? All this tea, it's not easy to find."

 You can get any kind of tea you want, so don't make such a big deal out of it.

"Katherine, may I ask what you're doing here today?"

"Oh, my God, I'm sorry."

 I'm sorry, but he? Her? I need to know why he came to see me, so I'll get back to you.

"My Commercial Guild would like to welcome Grose Hendler-san as a special member."


"A special membership is only for those who have contributed a lot to the Commercial Guild."

"A lot of contributions? I don't recall that, sir."

 I've distributed goods to commercial guilds a few times, but that's it. It's just a business transaction.

"My goodness, is Grocer Chan underestimating what he's selling?"

 Don't call me Gloce-chan. It makes my back sore.


"Yes, for example, white sugar, the rarest of sugars in the region, of the highest quality, in large quantities to the commercial guilds, as well as precious and expensive black and white pepper, wine and clear glasses. It has brought the merchant guilds an enormous amount of profit."

"I see..."

 I hadn't thought about it, but if you sell a lot of good goods to the merchant guilds, the merchant guilds get a huge profit.

"If you become a special member, you will be able to do the same business as a registered dealer, but you will be exempted from taxes on your transactions. However, you are required to do more than 300 million yen in annual transactions with the Commercial Guild."

"Over $300 million to register a single type of sale?"

"Yeah, if Grocerchan could just keep wholesaling white sugar, black pepper, white pepper, wine, and wine glasses, we'd be talking 300 million yen in no time."

 Surely you have no problem wholesaling 300 million yen worth of merchandise. A type 1 sales registration means you can do unlimited business, right?

"You're getting a lot of benefits. But isn't there any disadvantage except for transactions of 300 million yen or more per year? I don't think that's all there is to it if there's even tax exemption?"

"You don't have to be so defensive . There's also the Commercial Guild's intention to keep Glosse-Chan connected even with a special membership."

 You're being very frank, but you're giving me preferential treatment to keep me around, aren't you? It makes sense to me.

"There are two conditions. But one is already taken care of so it's not a problem. The first is that you have to do more than 300 million yen a year with the Commercial Guild. The second is to open at least one shop in a city with a commercial guild. Other than that, there's nothing special. In other words, Grocerchan has already fulfilled the second condition of setting up a shop."

 You already have a demon shop, so setting up a shop is already clear. Now all you need to do is to make a deal worth 300 million yen or more with a commercial guild.

I'm a member-at-large, aren't I?

"If there are no restrictions other than what I've just heard, I'll be a special member."

"Okay, well, I'll give you this."

 Katherine-san gave me a dog tag thing.

"That'll be the recognition form for special members . I'd like you to make a deal worth more than 300 million yen within a year from tomorrow, glose-chan♡"

 Ugh, there's a chill down my spine!