Chapter 28 Anti-Thief 2

 I've decided to hire three adventurers through Anna.

 Why are all the women here, or do only women gather around me?

[Master, it's Harlem!]

 I think the ins has broken.

 All joking aside, the three female adventurers are the large Regina, the small Indy, and the beautiful Fina. Regina is a shield wielder and a tank with a bold personality, Indy is a scout and a talkative girl, and Fina is as pretty and stylish as can be, but she wields a huge axe.

 We had a welcome party for them, and all three of them ate the food with tears in their eyes, saying it was delicious. It is true that the food in this world is not very tasty, but I was a little curious about their eating habits, but I decided not to ask.

 In fact, if you make a party with these three and Anna, you can make a well-balanced party.

 So I asked him about it, and he said he's had a lot of extra parties in the past.

 Anna and her three sisters were born and raised in this city of the Red Tower, while Regina and her three sisters were born and raised in another city and moved their base to this city of the Red Tower about half a year ago.

 Since then, they've been working together as a temporary party on dangerous missions and escort requests.


 One morning you wake up to find that the number of bandits guarding your house has increased to five.

[Master, based on the information we have so far, there are at least 21 bandits.]

[What? How did you know?]

[Did you forget? Information obtained from [[Search]] can tell you a person's status.]

[Oh, I see. That's why there's been 21 watchers so far.]

[Yes, 21 of us are taking turns keeping watch, but there's been an increase in the number of guards since last night, so there may be movement soon.]

[Roger that. Let me know if there's any movement on the bandits.]

[Yes, I'm on it!]

"Guys, listen up. There's been an increase in the number of bandit guards. Maybe we'll see some action soon."

 After breakfast, we all gathered to share information.

 I've asked Lulu and Daisy to keep the shop open as usual, and I've asked Anna, Kanna, Izuna, Regina, Indy, and Fina to join the six guards, as well as Lethia and Saint-Louve to take turns guarding the area.

 And I'll have Sailor in the surveillance room monitoring the footage from the cameras.

 I'm going to try to make a magic tool in my room.

[Ins, I'm thinking of making speed boots out of Uldrago's materials, but I'm not sure if they'll work.]

[Unfortunately, Uldrago's hide is too thick for boots.]

[Well, then, let's make it from Blackwolf's hide as planned.]

[But it is possible to make leather armor from Uldrago's hide.]

[leather armor...]

[I think it would be a good idea to make leather armor for the Master and for Saint-Louve, as it is lighter in weight and less likely to inhibit movement than metal].

[Well, then, let's do it!]

 Thus, I tried to make boots from black wolf skins, but it was a hard work and I made many mistakes.

 First of all, the image of the boots is weak, or the shape of the boots is uneven, the right one is 25cm, the left one is 27cm. The right one is 25cm, the left one is 27cm, and the shape of the boot is so uneven that it is impossible to wear. I have already failed more than 20 times just because of the shape.

 And I can't make the soles right. I tried to make soles out of wood, but it doesn't feel right.

[Master, may I?]

[hmm, what?]

It would be relatively easy to buy Earth's military boots from [[[mail order]] and complete speed boots from them]].

[turns army boots back on...]

 I bought 10 pairs of army boots from [[Mail Order]] as Ins said, and activated [[Create Magic Tool]] to try them out.

 I'd replace the leather with black wolf skin while keeping the soles.

 The finished boots are the most comfortable boots I've ever made, but they're still not comfortable. Army boots are not very comfortable to wear, but there is no point in mass-producing them if they make your feet hurt.

[Master, why don't you separate the process of tanning the black wolf skin from the process of turning the tan leather into boots?]

[You mean you're unfamiliar with the process and you're going to do each step individually?]

[Yes, it's better to proceed gradually until you get used to it.]

[All right. Let's proceed step by step, one by one.]

 After that, I managed to make something wearable with the third pair. I realized how important it is to do the process one by one accurately.

 But this is not enough to sell. Make a more comfortable speed boot!

[...... done]

[Congratulations, Master]

 Type: Speed Boot

 Description: Increases agility by 10%.

 As I gazed at my finished speed boots and was deeply moved, I was pulled back to the ins.

[Master, the bandits are on the move.]


[Yes, we have 13 bandits in the vicinity. There will probably be more.]

 I was so engrossed in making my speed boots that before I knew it, it was night and it was pitch black.

 This area is dotted with shops, so there is some movement of people even after dark. However, compared to the daytime, there are less than 10% of people. That is the reason why the number of people decreases so much at night in this world.

"Gloose-san, there are more than ten armed people gathered in the vicinity!"

 He throws the door open with a bang and barks a report on the bandits as Anna walks in. I know you're in a hurry, but you should at least knock.

"Alright . Tell Lulu and Daisy to hide in the basement."

"Yes, sir!"

 Anna left the door open and went out of the room. I don't think she must be in such a hurry, but she must be worried about being attacked when she is unprepared.

[Master, the number of thieves has increased by two to 15.]

[Status of deployment?]

[Six at the front, nine at the back.]

[more than 21 bandits, right?]

[Yes. But there are already three people who are confirming for the first time, so you have to assume there are 24 people.]

 Ins has an accurate count.

[And there's a man by the back door named Braham. He's as strong as Lethia, so be careful.]

 You're as strong as Lethia, that's tricky.

 When I got to the surveillance room, Sailor was giving instructions to everyone on the comm.

"Anna, Kanna, Izna, Regina, and Indy, you take the front. Lethia, Sanlove, and Fina, you'll take the back entrance."

"Sailor, where am I?"

"Grose-san, you stay here. The bandits are probably after you, so don't get too far ahead and get killed."

Hey, I got it. Oh, yeah, there's a pretty good one at the back door. His name is Braham."

"What! It's Braham!"

 Sailor was quite surprised. What's going on?

"'s troubling if that Braham is the Braham I know."

"I'd say you're about as powerful as Lethia."

"I see... so let's leave Lethia to deal with Braham, and let Sanlouve and Fina take care of the others..."

"Seems like a lot of work for the back door team, huh?"

"I think Saint-Loup will eradicate them while Lethia holds Braham."

 It's true that Saint-Louve could destroy a dozen bandits in a flash...

 At any rate, since there still seems to be time, I buy a hot dog and natural water from [[mail order]] and distribute them to everyone. It's just a small amount of food, because a full stomach makes you lose concentration.

[Master, about 10 more are approaching. One of them is now at the head of the bandits.]

[So, the real attacker is here. So, is he strong?]

[Except for Braham, they're all the same, no more than a stone's throw from a master's perspective. Less than a turd.]

 Ince's assessment of the bandits was harsh.