Chapter 29 Attack

 There's a guy on the monitor who looks like he's at the end of the century.

 They don't know what the surveillance cameras do, so they're not afraid to show up. This is unthinkable on Earth.

 That turn-of-the-century guy waves his hand down and the bandits start trying to get into the house.

 And the alarm that detected the intruder never went off. I turned off the alarm because I expected an immediate attack. The alarm would have been a nuisance to the neighbors.

 The first bandits came in with swords in their hands and guarded the gate. Let's give him a big welcome.

Number three, I'm going for it.

"Please... shoot me."


 The bandit collapses at the sound. You can see him holding his leg and moaning. In the surveillance room, you can hear the sound of gunfire, but you can't hear the bandit moaning.

 And the gun that shot the bandit in the leg is an automatic weapon that's synced to a surveillance camera. I bought it from [[mail order]] and modified it so that it syncs with the surveillance cameras.

 By the way, this modification is Ince's idea, and there is no item in [[mail order]] about synchronizing surveillance cameras and automatic weapons. Ince, you're awesome.

 The surveillance cameras are infrared cameras, so they can clearly see the bandits and Lethia and the others even at night, but the bandits don't seem to know what's going on.

"Currently, we've neutralized ten of them, but the bandits in the vicinity seem to have heard their comrades' screams and are too wary to jump in."

"If they don't show up, then I don't have a choice... switch to attacking bandits outside the premises and eradicate them as well."

"Yes, sir, I'll make sure they all do."

 Sela is giving instructions to the others via a communicator. She must be a good commander, because the six adventurers and Saint-Louve are neutralizing the bandits one after another.

 And Lethia has Braham right where she wants him. Lethia's ability is quite high, but this man Braham is also quite strong. He's so strong that you wonder why he's a bandit.


"Well, that's strong."

"And you, sama."

 The man Leecia's with, a man approaching 30, has a prominent scar on the left side of his face.

 He used to be an adventurer, but an incident led him to become a bandit. If he had stayed an adventurer, he would have been a nobleman.

"My name is Braham. What's your name?"

"Leecia . . faithful servant and mistress of Grose Hendler."

"A squire... and a mistress."

"Yes, and I will not let you touch my Lord."

 If Grose were listening, he might shout "What are you talking about? but fortunately, the surveillance camera does not have a function to pick up audio.

"Huh, messing with a squire, that's not a good thing."

"You're guilty of taunting the Lord!"

 Lethia swings her axe to hit Braham. Braham dodges it and points his sword at Lethia, but the sword is blocked by Lethia's big shield.

 After such a paper-thin battle, the two of them noticed that the surroundings had become quiet.

"Looks like you're all alone now."

"...I guess so. Well, I didn't expect anything from them in the first place."

"Why would a man like you be a bandit?"

 Swinging their axes and swords at each other, they talk to each other like old friends.


"It is now only Braham who remains."

"You've done a great job, Leecia."

"Yes, thanks to Lethia drawing Braham to us, we were able to focus our forces on clearing out the mooks."

 I've been able to get a good look at the surrounding area through the surveillance monitors, and Sailor and I are watching the battle between Braham and Lethia, the last of the bandits.

"Does this mean I don't have to cover you or something?"

"I'm sure Saint-Louve will be fine, but if any of the other girls get into a fight with these two, they'll get hurt."

Well, Saint-Loup, then.

"I know Lethia won't be happy about it, but do you still want to bring Saint-Louve into the fight?"

"...I know..."

 Lethia is the kind of person who enjoys fighting on the edge. I'm sure he'd bend his navel if you let anyone in here. ....

 But I don't want to see Lethia get hurt... I know that Saint-Louve is the only one who can match these two, but she was a Blood Wolf a while ago and has the blood of a battle fanatic. I don't think she would be so tactful as to intervene between them.

"What do you think I should do?"

"Let's watch over them."

 It's the only way.

 After tying up all the bandits except Braham, I'll have Anna and Indy run to the Adventurer's Guild, and have the remaining adventurers watch the bandits, and Sanlove watch them fight.

 More than an hour has passed since the two began fighting, when Lethia and Braham's fight comes to an abrupt end.

 Braham lands a knee during the fight. He was not hit by Lethia's attack.

"Mmm, ... looks like we're at the end of our rope."

You, your right foot...

"It's an old wound, I've been forcing myself to move it with [[body enhancements]], but it seems I've reached my limit. Put a stop to it."

 Put your sword on the ground and breathe hard, Braham.

 When Sailor and I saw the scene, we left the surveillance room and headed for Lethia.

"Looks like it's over."

"M, Selah... and the Lord."

"Braham, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to rope you in."

" what you want."

"Lethia, are you hurt?"

"Yeah, no problem."

 He's breathing a little unevenly, but he's unharmed.

 It would have been better if her breath had been more uneven, since she had fought a serious battle with Braham for more than half an hour without a break, but I realized once again that Reece's physical ability is not half bad.


 An hour and a half after we lassoed Braham, the adventurers and the staff of the Adventurer's Guild finally arrived.

 There were 25 bandits captured, including Braham.

 These 25 men are the entire bandit crew. How did I know it was all of them, Braham told me.

 Since he knew that bandits were condemned to death or slavery, Braham, who did not become a bandit by choice, taught him many things about bandits.

 And he told us about Braham himself when we asked. I mean, if he was telling the truth, it was a pretty sympathetic story.

"Is it true what they say?"

"...Braham's eyes were straight. And there are plenty of stories like that out there, so it's probably true..."

"Well, I'm sorry..."

 Braham was an adventurer until the 8th year. At that time, Braham was so skilled that he could hunt rank 4 demons alone and was made a baron by his country. He had a beautiful wife and spent a happy time with her.

 But his happiness was short-lived. A nobleman who had taken a fancy to his wife persisted in pursuing her. Naturally, they told him to leave his wife, but he refused to do so. A nobleman who was not willing to give up began to harass him.

 And after six months, the nobles had had enough and resorted to strong-arm tactics.

 The nobleman who raped his wife killed her and threw her in the dungeon to erase the evidence.

 Dead bodies are captured in the dungeon over time and disappear without a trace.

 When Braham learned of this, he pursued the nobleman, but the outcome between the lowly adventurer and the powerful nobleman was a foregone conclusion.

 He tried to kill the nobleman, failed, and lost himself to the bandits. The wound inflicted by the nobleman's bodyguard at that time remains as an old scar on his right leg.