Chapter 31 Winning Bids

 I'll always be me.

 I don't want to work if I don't have to, and I want to live in seclusion if I can escape from troublesome ties. But we cannot live alone. I think so especially these days.

 Living alone is lonelier than you think, and I don't think I can bear that loneliness. Besides, I have girls now whom I want to protect.

 The first family I ever had. Lethia, Sanlove, Sela.

 My heart thrills when I'm with them. And my wives, they soothe me.

 If someone raped and murdered my wives, would I be insane? What would I do if I were in that position... and what would I do? ....

"Lord, it's almost time."

 I have plenty of money thanks to the large amount of goods I've sold to the commercial guilds and the large amount of demons I've sold through [[mail order]]. I've been preparing for this day.

"Yeah, let's go."

 Take Lethia, Sanlove, and Sela and enter the Commercial Guild, the auction house.

 The auction items are not always sold in the same order, and the first item to appear in this auction was Skill.

 There were some skills that were tantalizing, but you had to go through them and wait for the slaves to compete.

"Since the Hamra bandits have been rounded up today, there are many crime slaves on display. So the first crime slave is -----."

 The slave race has begun.

 All mooks are bought at a low price, but the price goes up a little if they have a skill of stealth. If they are not sold, they are sent to the mines or forced to work in poor conditions.

"And now, for the last time, I am pleased to introduce to you a slave who deserves to be the last. This criminal slave was a former adventurer who was capable of defeating a rank 4 demon single-handedly. Now, due to an old wound in his leg, he is not suited for continuous combat, but his instantaneous power is still intact."

 Braham appears at the end.

 The moderator also seems to be trying to raise Braham's value a little bit, while being pretentious.

 And when the starting price was announced, there was an uproar. The starting price of 10 million yen was announced to a criminal slave who can only fight for about 30 minutes, even though he is a powerful force. I don't think it's unreasonable for people to groan.

 The highest bid price for the criminal slaves up to that point was 3 million yen, so it was quite an unprecedented amount.

 The bidding has advanced to 27 million yen and there are now three bidders.

 The first is a small, fat man with a merchant's appearance, who is boldly participating in the competition as if he were his own bodyguard.

 The second person is a beautifully dressed madam who doesn't know why she's participating in the competition, but she's not about to back down either.

 The third one is a man who looks like an aristocrat in luxurious clothes, and he must be the aristocrat who kidnapped Braham's wife.

 Full name: Seccoi Nettoli

 Occupation: Viscount, Lvl 12

 Information: Human, male, 46 years old

 HP: 40

 MP: 60

 Strength: 15

 Endurance: 15

 Magic: 20

 Agility: 15

 Dexterity: 20

 Attraction: 0

 Good luck: 40

 Active Skill: [[Badassery (D)]]

 Passive Skill: [[Disguise(C)]]

 Criminal history: bribery, blackmail, kidnapping, rape, murder.

 Title: [[Corrupt Aristocrat]]

 What can I say, I can already tell by the status that I'm out: ....

 The passive skill [[Disguise(C)]] seems to hide his criminal record, and it is impossible to detect him without a high rank in the appraisal system.

 But isn't it a terminal condition for a country to have a man like this in the aristocracy doing whatever he wants?

"Fifty million!"

 Sekoui calls for 50 million yen. When you look at the other two players, you can see that they don't look so relaxed.

"Fifty-five million."

 That's why I called you for 55 million yen.

 Sekoi looks at me in the back seat. He has weird eyes like a snake.

"Sixty million."

"Seventy million."

 When he calls, I immediately call 70 million yen. This amount of money is not a big deal to me right now.

"Seventy-five million."

"Eighty million."

"Ninety million."

"One hundred million."

 As he calls, I raise the amount. When I call with 100 million yen, Sekkoi hesitates to call, as if he thought I would.

 He turns to me a few times and gives me a creepy look.

"...150 million!"

"Two hundred million."

 I won't let you outbid me. Not to you.

I got 200 million... is there anything else?"

"Two hundred and eleven thousand!"

"Three hundred million."


 I've prepared a lot of money for this day... not that much, but a lot of money, I can't lose to you!

"300 million, and the other..."

 Sekoui never opened his mouth. And I won the bid for Braham.

 I wish now that I had reversed the order of the auction because I could have gotten my hands on this level of skill.

 For now, I've made a deal with Braham to be my slave.

"Are you serious? What do you think you're doing, making an enemy of Sekoui?"

"Well, you can't blame me for thinking that, but we'll see what happens from now on."

 I hadn't thought about what I'd do if I turned against Sekoui. Well, what will be will be. The worst that can happen is we leave here and go to another country.

[Master, there's a hostile response outside the Commerce Guild. The number is eight.]

 I use [[Search(D)]], which has increased by one rank, to expand the surrounding map into view . Indeed, there are 8 red● reactions around the Commercial Guild.

[Are they going to attack us as soon as we leave the Commercial Guild?]

[It's hard to tell, but I think we should expect an attack.]

 How rotten can you get?

"I don't have a choice. I didn't really want to do this, but I'll ask him."

"Can I help you?"

"Uh, no, I was just going to go see Catherine."

 I'm thinking that Catherine San, the deputy head of the Commercial Guild, can get us out of here without them finding us.

"Oh, Gloce-chan, you were so sharp just now... Gloce-chan like that is also very nice ❤"

 When I told the receptionist that I wanted to see Catherine san, I was sent to a reception room, and after a little while, Catherine san arrived. She's still the same gothic lolita muscle lady.

"I'm not going to spare any money to get good people."

"Talented people are very valuable. But you can't risk your life for them."

 Apparently she...Catherine san also knows about Sekoui.

"Yes, that's why I have a favor to ask of you, Katherine."

♪ Oh, what is it? ♪"

 We enlisted the help of Katherine San to get us out of the Commerce Guild.

 However, Sekkoi seems to be a vindictive person, so he will surely find out where we are and try to mess with us in some way. So the next day, I went to the adventurer's guild and asked for the guild leader's cooperation.

 The Commercial Guild and the Adventurer's Guild are connected to the national and local governments, but they are not subordinate organizations, and they are on equal footing.

 That's why I asked for help from those two huge organizations.

"Well, that's fine, but is that what you want?"

Yeah, no problem.