Chapter 32 Red Tower 11 Layers

 The tenth level of the Red Tower is the floor where rank 3 demons roam.

 Uldrago, which normally appears at layer 10, had previously appeared at layer 6 and nearly destroyed my party, but this kind of thing doesn't usually happen. No, it doesn't usually happen, but it can happen.

 It is a flood that occurs when the balance between the number of demons created by dungeons and the number of demons defeated by adventurers tips in favor of the former.

 In SWG, there was a flooding event, and many players were busy with raids. Well, I don't know if there will be a flood in the current situation.

 I understand that this Red Tower is the same as the Red Lotus Dungeon.

 There is a demon in front of the stairs connecting layer 10 and 11 in the guidebook I bought at the map shop, and if you don't defeat this demon If you don't defeat it, you can't use the stairs to the 11th level.

 This area boss also existed in SWG, and has been a corpse of many players, but it was only a small character for Grose, who reached the 30th level, the top of the area that had been released. To Grose, it was just a small fish.

 However, this is not a game but a reality, so we need to reduce the risk as much as possible.

"Oh, my God, you're leaving!"

"The area boss is just around the corner, let's go Lord!"

"Saint-Louve, I'd like you to eliminate any sign of me and make your first strike a maximum attack on the vital point."

"Okay, one."

 They're still in a state of "let's go for it". As for me, I'd rather go with "Life is precious".

 I have no choice but to cast a [[Space-time Magic]] haste on Sunlove.

 We've got eyes on the area boss. They seem to have sensed us and the pressure's getting worse.

 The first attack is Sela's magic. A spear of flame hits Crazy Elephantus, a large elephant monster, in the gut.

 It has a large body, two times larger than the elephants I've seen in zoos in Japan, so it's not difficult to hit it. However, the thick skin and fat of the elephant make it easy to be attacked by magic, and it doesn't seem to take much damage.


 Crazy Elephantus, angered by Sailor's magic attack, screams and makes a thud as he runs towards us.

 The terrifying part of this lunge is the four magnificent fangs that grow from the base of the nose. A blow from those fangs would be powerful enough to skewer my body.


 Lethia can take that charge with her great shield.

 And there I'll cast [[Space-time Magic]]'s Slow on Crazy Elephantus. This will slow down Crazy Elephantus, so it'll help your allies.

"Flare Bomb!"

 There, Sailor unleashes an explosive magic that has a higher attack power than the Fire Lance she just used. An explosion occurs near the base of Crazy Elephantus' back leg with a loud bang.


 The flare bomb seems to have worked and it's Leecia who doesn't miss as Crazy Elephantus lets out a screeching squeal and takes a step or two back.

 When he struck one of the fangs with the axe in his right hand, he broke it into pieces.

 As Crazy Elephantus retreated further, Sanlove, who had been approaching for some time, attacked him. Crazy Elephantus was cut deeply in the neck, revealing the flesh under the thick skin and bleeding profusely.

 The color of Crazy Elephantus' skin changes from gray to red in anger. In SWG, when this change happens, it means that you have 30% HP left, and that's when Crazy Elephantus really comes into his own.

 His high defense has become even higher, and his attacks are like those of a berserker, never stopping until the enemy is defeated or he himself is defeated.

 He swings his long nose and uses his large body effectively to apply pressure.

 But Lethia takes it all in stride and even fights back with an axe.


"Don't fuck with me!"

 A clash of power and strength. But Lethia is not to be outdone by Crazy Elephantus, and when Sailor's Flare Bomb strikes again, rendering her hind legs completely useless, Sanlove slices through the opposite side of her neck.

 And to stop it, my MP7 Kai fires in rapid fire mode!



 Crazy Elephantus has fallen to the ground. I checked his HP and found that it was 0, so I was sure that I had killed him.

"Well, that wasn't as big a deal as I thought it was."

 No, that's because Lethia's not half bad.

"Yes, it seems lacking compared to the richness of that dungeon."

 No, because Rich is a dungeon boss!

"Yay one."

 Yes, yes, Saint-Louve is lovely. It's a battlefield, but it's soothing.

"Is this a good one?"

 I take back what I said! You're supposed to eat it!

 We made it to the 11th level without a break.

 The 11th level is a mountainous floor, a change from the grasslands of the past.

 I remember that I had a hard time with this mountain type in SWG.

There's something in here.

"Are you the enemy?"

"I don't know, One."

 The guidebooks are one thing, but the only thing that comes out on this floor in SWG is...


 This is it, huh?

"A rock golem!"

 Yes, it's a golem festival in this mountain type.

 Moreover, golems are resistant to both magic and physics, and are very hard. What's interesting here is that if you have the [[digging]] skill of a blacksmith or a mountaineer, you can defeat it surprisingly easily, but we don't have that job.

 Lethia and the others quickly set up a raiding position, but then something unexpected happened.

 Lethia hit the approaching Rock Golem with a Shield Bash, and the Rock Golem shattered.

 I mean, sure, I could smash it, but that's it!

 After that, we're well on our way to a repeat of Lethia's Shield Bash Warriors.

 Incidentally, Sunlove's dagger attack did not do enough damage, and even my MP7 Mod couldn't do enough damage to kill her. As for magic, wind damage was so bad that Sela was fed up with it, but flare bombs did a good amount of damage.

 That's why I pushed through this 11th layer with Lethia's forceful shield bash, which is the most efficient.

 Go back to the shop and collect the demons you bought today in the storage in no time.

 And prepare dinner with Lulu.

 Today's dinner consisted of corn potage, seaweed salad, sirloin steak of Japanese black beef with fried potatoes and carrot glacé, both rice and bread as staple food, and a fruit tart for dessert.

"Bon appétit!"


 I'll get the others to sing.

 The size of the sirloin steak of Japanese black beef is changed according to each request.

 The meat, which is small at 100 grams, is made up of Daisy, Lulu, and Sailor.

 The standard size of 150g is the wizard twin duo of Kanna and Izuna.

 300g is made up of five members of the adventuring vanguard: Braham, Anna, Regina, Indy and Fina.

 500g is Lethia and Saint-Loup.

 Saint-Louve, with his tiny body, ate 500 grams of food and even asked for more.

 I had a standard 150g portion.

"This sirloin steak is good. I've had filet mignon before, which is a very lean meat, but I like this sirloin steak better, Lord."

"I think it's a little fatty for me, so I prefer it leaner."

"Both are delicious One!"

"You guys are still the same. I'm sure it's hard for even Lord Sama to eat such delicious meat and food."

 I think Anna's right. Given the food situation in this world, I think it would be difficult to prepare this many dishes. I'm not dissatisfied with this world because I have [[mail order]], so I can eat delicious foods and dishes from Earth anytime and anywhere, but other transplants may be inconvenienced or dissatisfied.