Chapter 32 Things That Move People

 What makes people tick


 I thought I was hallucinating.

 The end of the rope should be completely submerged. Now that Emily and the others have let go...

 So I thought I was hallucinating.

 I thought it was a hallucination of my own desire.


 But it's not.

 The rope is being pulled. With tremendous force. Tien's body lurches forward.

 In a panic, he grabbed the rope and used all his strength not to let go of the foreman.

 I can't breathe anymore.

 I almost fainted-- .


 In the air, out.


 Tien sucked in a deep breath, coughed, and fell into the shallow water.

"He's alive!

"The foreman's with me, too, seriously."

"Great, great, great Tien!"

 The only thing I could tell was that the voice was not Emily or Astrid, who were supposed to be here.

 Maybe, but they're not--

"Let's get him out of here! Give me your hand!"

 said a red-haired, burly miner.

 Once they evacuated, they raced here to help us.

"Thank goodness, thank goodness. I tried to stop you, but you kept going over the rope..."

 Emily comes running up to Tien on the stretcher, apparently crying.

 My vision is blurry.

"They jumped into the water and helped me find the end of the rope."

 Astrid seemed to have said it calmly, but her voice was trembling.

 She was soaking wet all over.

(Oh... yeah...)

 Tien thinks in his fading consciousness.

(Everyone helped me...)

 and .


 When we left the mine with Tien on the stretcher, the rain had intensified.

 When we went to the administration office and the cafeteria, which were used as emergency aid facilities, the town doctor had already arrived, and full-scale treatment had begun.

"What the hell..."

 Emily was speechless.

 I never thought I'd see something like this.

"Hey, give me a refill!"

"Asshole, I'm first! Come on, maid!"

"I've never had a better meal in my life!"

"Thank you, thank you, maid-san is a god-sama..."

"What the hell are you talking about? You're the maid, not me."

"It's saint-sama. I'm a maid-san, but I'm a saint-sama."

 They're having a lively meal.

 And the miners are all smiling as they eat.

"Hai! The next big pot is ready!"

 The girl in the kitchen was a girl in a maid's uniform that Emily and Astrid knew well.

 As she and the cook brought in the cauldron, workers with wooden bowls in their hands swarmed in.

"-Evil Devil Dah!"

"I was here first!"

"--I've only had one cup over here!"

 They flocked to Nina as if she were a missing child - although the real missing child was unconscious on the gurney.

" guys."

 The red-haired man attending to Tien on the gurney,

"Keep it down! This is a first aid station, for Christ's sake!"

 I'll yell at him.

 The miners looked back at him with a wry smile and an embarrassed look on their faces,

"No, no... the food made by the maids here is so good..."

"Yes, that's right. They say we're only slightly injured, so we should eat a lot and heal quickly."

"You should try it, huh?"

 That's what they say.

"Emily-san! Astrid-san!"

 Then Nina will come to us.

"Tien-san is--"

 When Nina sees Tien on the gurney with her eyes closed, she is shocked,

"Oh. Tien is the one who'll be asking for kun's food."


 Nina almost slumped to the floor,

"Well, I'll go buy some food for Tien-san to eat!"

"What? You must be tired too. Take it easy."

"Don't worry. Compared to Tien-san's hard work, I'm nothing."

 He said, and ran out into the rain.



 Emily and Astrid look at each other.

"...Well, we can't say we're tired either."

"Looks like it. Emily, can you use magic to dry yourself off?"

"There's no magic left in you. Go get dressed."

 They quickly decided to start helping Nina, and started to move.







 The miners were watching.

 They looked at the empty dishes in their hands, then looked at each other,

"...maybe I'll help the doctor."

"I think I'm in the kitchen. I can at least peel vegetables."

"I think I'll just clean up the area."

 And it's on the move.

 And so - the administration office and the cafeteria, which had become like a field hospital, had settled down by the time night fell.

 Hearing of the accident, teachers from the monastery rush to the scene, and the families of the miners arrive.

 Those with minor injuries went back to their beds, and the doctors who had completed their treatment also left.

"Well, I'm surprised. It was a perfect first aid. Thanks to that, I didn't have to do anything for most of the minor injuries, so it was much easier."

 That's what he said.

 Considering the scale of the accident, the damage was so small as to be miraculous, and the day was coming to an end.