Chapter 33 Red Tower 12 Layers

 In your last quest, you found it difficult to deal a fatal blow to a golem-like demon with Saint-Louve's dagger.

 Well, even I can understand that a dagger is not powerful enough against a stone golem.

 Even so, Lethia's axe can whittle down golems, and Sela's magic is powerful and effective against golems.

 So things went a lot smoother than I thought they would, and we made it to the next layer, layer 12.


"You shouldn't worry about it because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses."

 Sailor comforts a depressed Saint-Louve.

 No matter how you look at it, Golem and Saint-Loup are the worst of a match.

 There's a golem blocking our way on layer 12.

[Master, [[Search]]'s rank has been raised from D to C]

[Oh, okay. [[Search]] is moving up the ranks pretty fast.]

[Yes, I always activate the [[search]] on my end, so that's probably why.]

[Okay, tell me what's changed so far.]

[Yes, first of all, the range is increased from 300 meters to 1 kilometer. Also, it can detect traps and treasure chests, whereas it could only recognize people and demons. Moreover, it can sound an alarm if there is a hostile reaction approaching rapidly].

[What, the range increases that much? It's a bit much, but it's nice to have a larger range, and it's nice to find traps and treasure chests! But the alarm is a bit sensitive because of Ins].

[Thank you.]

[Keep up the good work.]


 But the scope of [[Search]] is getting pretty cheesey. I'm really grateful for this.

 Well, I've got Ins, and I've got Saint-Louve, so I don't think I'll be able to get close to him easily, but it's still a very good skill for me.

 After that, you'll have to kill golems.

 And I'm coming to a place.

 It's a place that's helped me a lot in the middle of Smart(S), World(W) and Gate(G).

"Where am I?"

"Wait a minute... okay, here."

 When I move to the bottom of the big rock, the ground explodes with a bang and a big golem appears.

 The golem is a beautiful silver color, and the light in the dungeon reflects off its body, making it very mysterious.

 But in contrast to its beauty, this golem is diabolical.

 The content of this Red Tower is the same as SWG so far, so I thought the POP condition of this Mithril Golem I thought it's the same as SWG, but it's really the same.

 This means that the Red Tower is the Red Lotus Dungeon of SWG.




 The three of you form a perimeter around me and keep an eye out for the Mithril Golem.

 Lethia stands between me and the Mithril Golem, holding a great shield, with Sanlove on my right and Sela on my left.

"That's a Mithril Golem. It's hard for magic to work on it, so Lethia will have to stand in front of it and cut it down."

"""Okay, okay, okay."""

 As the Mithril Golem begins to move, I grant Lethia a [[Space-time Magic]] Haste. And I try to weaken the Mithril Golem with Slow, but it seems to be rejected.

"Sailor, fire magic!"

"I understand!"

 At my behest, the wise woman, a rare profession, and a skilled magician, unleashes Firestorm.

 A whirlpool of fire forms around the mithril golem, burning it but not doing much damage because of its high magic resistance.

 However, mithril, despite its magic resistance, can easily conduct heat. Sailor is giving the mithril golem a heat level that would be more than a sauna if there were people inside.

"Okay, next time, water or preferably ice magic!"

"I understand!"

 Gangs, and the Mithril Golem and Lethia make contact.

 It's a clash of power against power, a thinning of the flesh, a quiet attack on the edge, but it's a space I can't enter.


 When Sela's magic is ready, she signals to Lethia and Lethia shifts her shield to the right, breaking the Mithril Golem's center of gravity and creating an opening.

 Then Sailor's Blizzard comes into play. The blizzard hits the mithril golem like a blizzard in the Arctic, blinding its vision.

 A few seconds later, the surface freezes, revealing a jittery and sluggish Mithril Golem, and I give Lethia my orders.

"Lethia, the axe!"

"Yes, sir!"

 With a high-pitched clang, the mithril golem's body cracks open. Then the cracks grow larger and larger, and it crumbles.

 In SWG, defeating this Mithril Golem was a way to earn money in the middle of the game. It's hard for magic to work on it and it's durable, but if you have fire and ice wizards, you can defeat it in no time.

 I don't know who discovered this strategy, but it wasn't a major strategy when I started, and I have vivid memories of making money off of it.

All right, let's get the pieces!

 After a while, we've collected a lot of debris.

 I remember that it's about 10 minutes until the next POP, so I thought I'd take a break since I have a minute or two left, but then I noticed something. I feel a pain in my eyes.

"...What is it?"

"Gloose-san, you knew there was a demon out there, didn't you?"

"Oh...yeah...I don't know..."

 Come to think of it, the three of us never mentioned SWG, so...

 And those three with the gito eyes are adorable...

"Lord... well, okay. But next time, let me know in advance."

Okay, I got it.

 It would be better to tell the player that Mithril Golem is going to POP at the beginning so that the player can be prepared for it, but if the player asks why I know about Mithril Golem, I have a hard time answering.

 It hasn't been long since I met them, but I believe that we have built a relationship of trust that transcends the boundaries of master and servant. Therefore, I make a firm decision in my heart to tell them that I am from another world as soon as possible.

 After that, POP the Mithril Golem again and again to defeat it, then go home.

[Master, [[Mail Order]]'s rank has been upgraded from D to C.]

[Whoa! You're up at last! Tell me what abilities you've unlocked this time]

 Mithril is a very expensive material, so I sold a lot of it, and my skill [[Mail Order]] rank went up.

 I've asked Ins to sell the mithril in the storage [[mail order]] so I don't have to.

 When I heard about it before, I still had more than 100 million yen to rank up, and not much time had passed since then, so I sold 8 mithril golems at [[Mail Order]] for more than 100 million yen. Mithril is awesome.

[Yes, first of all, the grade of the mods has been further increased. Secondly, the range of products available for purchase has almost doubled].

 Yeah, I'm happy with the mods and the lineup!

 Let's do some additional mods to the MP7!

[Understood. The power of normal bullets has been increased, and bullets can now have one of the following attributes: fire, wind, or healing].

[Attribute bullets! You can only pick one?]

[Yes, you can only choose one]

 One, but this means you can do magic-like attacks without a magic wand!

 In addition, the power of normal bullets has been increased, so you can expect more from your normal attacks!

 What attribute should I use to grant it: ....

[In case you were wondering, what effect do the attributes have on each other?]

[Yes, the fire attribute simply fires bullets with burning flames and increases destructive power. The wind attribute reduces the resistance of wind and air, and improves the penetration and hit rate when the bullet lands. Recovery has a contradictory effect that the target is healed after being hit by a bullet. In the case of recovery, there is no pain when the bullet lands].

[Is it possible to prepare multiple guns and give different attributes to each of them?]

[all clear]

[OK, so I'll buy two more MP7s and give each one a different effect]

[Copy that. I will purchase two MP7s... purchase complete. Next step is to modify them. ......... modification complete]

[Okay, and how much money does [[mail order]] need to get to the next rank?]

[Yes, next time you move up in rank with a total transaction value of 2 billion yen, you will need 1,493 12,058 yen is required for future transactions].

 Wow, 2 billion yen? I thought it would be a long way to the next level, but with the Mithril Golem as a cash cow, it might be quicker than I thought!

 @MP7 Demon Kai2

 MP7 submachine gun with two-stage modification.

 In the second level, you can choose one of fire, wind, or recovery attribute to attack or heal.

 A rank 4 demon can be easily turned into a beehive.