Chapter 34 Summary

 I'd like to summarize my immediate goals and what I should do here.

 1) Wedding & Wedding Reception and Honeymoon with Leecia, Saint-Louve and Sela. This is important! Hurry up!

 2) Find a way to return to Earth. This is probably a requirement to conquer any one of the 10 ancient dungeons, including the Red Tower.

 But there is a problem. For example, if you team up with other transplants from your hometown to conquer ancient dungeons, you cannot conquer 10 dungeons at the same time. If one of you returns to Earth when you have conquered one dungeon, it will be difficult to conquer other ancient dungeons.

 Even if the right to return to Earth is withheld after the attack, there may be a difference in motivation between those who are able to return and those who are not.

 I don't have any problem if I don't go back to the earth, which is fine, but I feel differently if I don't go back to the earth or if I can't go back to the earth, so I'm trying to find a way to go back to the earth.

 3) Since you've become a special member of the Commercial Guild, you might as well expand your business. Since I'm not going back to the earth, it's important to have a foundation to live in this world, and it's not difficult to have money.

 4) We need to take measures against the noblemen who want to kill Braham. It's good that we rescued Braham, but we have no choice but to lock him up in the house, so we want to make him able to walk outside.

 The only way to do that is to get the weakness of that nobleman, or to get a big name behind him that he can't touch, or to destroy him?

 It would be better to take advantage of the weakness of the nobles if possible, because it would be troublesome to get involved with various powerful people, but it seems to me that it would not be easy, so we have to deal with it while seeking other ideas.

 5) I'd like to help Lulu and Daisy, who are currently working at the shop, open their own shop. They've been working harder than I thought they would, and I want to reward them by helping them to open a shop.

 So we need more human resources for 3) as well.

 6) I make magic items with my skill, [[Magic Tool Creation]]. This is a skill that I originally acquired in order to make the money needed to live in this world, but [[Mail Order]] is so cheesy that I've hardly used it and it's become a dead skill.

 But now that you've come to the other world, you're going to have to learn how to make [[magic tools]] and get a production cheat someday! I can't help but think.

 7) Use [[Taming]] to gain more friends and followers. I've only used this on Lethia, Sanlove, and Sela, but as the three of them have grown, their [[Tame]] ranks have increased. Now their [[Tame]] rank is [B], which is a great growth power.

 But it's going to be difficult to conquer the dungeon with just the three of them, so it's necessary to increase the number of friends including 2).

 8) This is a low priority. Well, you don't have to do it, but I'll include it. It's for the support of my countrymen.

 It's a bit of a misnomer to call it support, but what I'm thinking of is support for those who are meant to return to Earth.

 This is just my value, but I will support if I find someone who I want to support.

 These are the goals of my future activities.


 I checked the products that can now be handled by [[Mail Order (C)]], which has been upgraded in rank.

[Almost all Earth side products available on the market are covered. Weapons, however, have been released on a limited basis. And the products of this world also include skills and demon-derived products, though not all of them have been released].

[hmm, I'm pretty sure they're going to release the goods I recognize, aren't they?]

[Properly speaking, a product may be released if it is similar to something the master recognizes or wants, but even if it is not recognized, many products are uploaded as a product group if the rank of [[Mail Order]] is increased].

[I understand. So can you make a list of all the powerful weapons I can handle and buy right now?]

[Yes, sir!]

 Here's what we know about the weapon from Ins.

 There's an anti-material rifle, an armored car, and the non-weapon skills [[shooting]] and [[farsightedness]], as well as [[concentration]] and [[physical enhancement]].

 An anti-tank rifle, right? It's a rifle that's also called an anti-tank rifle, right? A rifle that's powerful enough to shoot through a tank's thick armor, but big and hard to handle, right? I don't know if I can handle something like that. That's why Ins has been pushing me to [[shoot]] and [[strengthen my body]]...

 Also, I can finally buy an armored car. A truck is good, but I think an armored car can withstand a rank 3 demon's attack.

[Rank 2 without modification. With two levels of modification, it can withstand the attacks of rank 5 demons.]

[...Well, can you buy it and modify it for me...]

[siren wailing]

[and maybe buy an anti-material rifle in case you need to modify it]

[Yes, sir. What attribute do you want to add?]

[You're not going to use an anti-material rifle at close range, so make it like it increases your hit.]

[siren wailing]

 I guess Ins got wind of my idea, but that's okay because it'll strengthen me.

 And I got even better news from Ins. You can now buy plastic explosives. Can I handle it as an amateur? But it seems to be not so difficult to handle. Of course, it would be better if I had knowledge of handling explosives, but I have Insu, so I should be fine.

[(◠ ◡ ◠)]

 ...Something tells me Ins is pleased.

 The rest is skill. [[Shooting]] would improve my gun skills, or rather, compensate for them and make me more proficient at handling them, and [[Farsightedness]] would improve my accuracy quite a bit, along with the scope of my objective rifle. And I think [[concentration]] will increase the accuracy even more.

 So I bought everything. All the weapons, all the skills.

 And then...

[Skill used. [[Shooting]], [[Farsightedness]] and [[Concentration]] are combined and sublimated to [[Precision Shooting]]. ...... sublimation to [[precision shooting]] has been completed].

 Yes, it's integrated!

 I'll appraise [[precision shooting]] as soon as I can.

 [He is good with firearms and gives a large hit to accuracy.

 [[Strengthen(E)]] raises the strength, endurance and agility of your character.

 Yeah, it's a nice skill to have. Now I'll be a little more useful in battle.

[Master, the armored car conversion is complete. Next, we'll modify the anti-matter rifle.]

[Aiyo, you've made a mess...]

[Roger that! ............ Objective Rifle modifications complete]

 @Barrett M82A1 Demon Kai2

 Anti Objective, A monstrous rifle that is a two-stage modification of the Barrett M82 anti-tank rifle.

 It aims to improve its physical attack power, so it can shoot through the scales of a rank 7 dragon.

 As a weapon, it is very powerful. Compared with the MP7 submachine gun, it has a monstrous destructive power that can shoot through the scales of a rank 7 dragon, which is three ranks higher than the MP7.

 And I have storage, so I don't have to worry about carrying it around.

 @96 Armored Wheeled Armored Car Demon Kai2

 The armored car is a two-stage modification of the Type 96 armored car adopted by the Self-Defense Forces.

 Nicknames include [Cougar] and [96].

 It has improved physical resistance and magic resistance, and can withstand the attacks of rank 5 demons.

 It's nice that it can withstand the attacks of a rank 5 demon, which would cause quite a commotion if it appeared on earth.

 But even though it's a two-stage conversion, it's still an armored car with this kind of performance, so what happens when you can buy a tank?