Chapter 37 Group Interview

 Follow Catherine san to the interview room.

 There were six people seated there, four girls and two boys.

 I mean, this is a conference room. Well, we could have a group interview.

 And Catherine-san briefly introduced me and left the conference room. The rest is just young people, I guess. What? No?

"Let me introduce myself again. My name is Grose Hendler, and I am a merchant. I asked the guild to introduce me to some people to expand my business, and they have come. I'd like to thank you first."

 Bowing lightly to see the reaction of the six.

 I don't want anyone here who thinks I deserve to be bowed to. If you're going to work for me and you think you deserve to have me bow down to you, you're going to take advantage of me as soon as you learn the job.

"So, we'll start the interview right away."

 For the time being, there was no one who was rejected at this stage. I felt relieved because I knew that Catherine san would introduce me to the right person.

"First, the lady to your left, please introduce yourself and tell us what you're good at."

 The following is a summary of their self-introduction and their specialties.

 Kazumi Uemura

 17 years old, Human, Female

 [[Appraise(B)]] [[Alchemy(B)]] [[Artisan(D)]] has .

 He didn't express himself very well, and his voice was low, and he dared to blur the ranks of [[appraisal]] and [[alchemy]].


 16 years old, Willahara, female

 [[Item Appraisal(E)]] with [[Information Processing(D)]].

 She may seem quiet, but she's got a strong core.

 zena (ancient Chinese zither)

 15 years old, orc, female

 [[Monstrous Strength(E)]] [[Appraisal(E)]] [[Divine Calculation(E)]].

 He's an orc, so he's big, and he's got the looks and the personality of a big-hearted ka-chan.


 15 years old, Human, Female

 [[Simple Appraisal(e)]] [[Negotiation Skills(e)]].

 As you have [[negotiation skills]], the way you introduce yourself seems to be quite imposing.

 one's mousel

 17 years old, Human, Male

 [[Appraisal(E)]] [[Arithmetic(E)]] [[Management Art(E)]].

 The fourth son of a noble family, he left his home to become a commoner and has no family name. He is currently working for a merchant guild, and seems to be a calm and collected type of family leader.


 13 years old, dog, beast, male

 [[Item Appraisal(E)]] has [[Demon Taming(E)]].

 He's a very active boy who's a bit of a mood-maker.

 Well, you know. The first one, Kazumi Uemura, is from my home planet.

 She hides it from me, but I have [[Appraisal(S)]], so I can see her status.

 He doesn't seem to be a merchant or a seller. He has production skills and tried to stay indoors, but he couldn't do it for some reason.

[Ins, I'm gonna need you all to work, okay?]

[Yes, they don't seem to have a problem.]

[So... other than them... we have a problem, huh?]

[I don't know. But since Mucer comes from a noble family, it would be better to get some information about him.]

 It's a legitimate concern, because if it's tied to the system, it could cause problems later on.

 I'm going to have the six of you stay here and ask Katherine San about his parents.

"Count Zachariah won't be a problem... I can vouch for you, handsome."

"What kind of person is he?"

"I wonder if Grose-chan knows how many cities there are around this Red Tower city..."

"...I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know much about geography..."

"There are six towns in places where a merchant force can travel in less than five days each way..."

 The town must be large in scale. I think it is bigger than the town of Hajime, which I first visited when I was transferred to this world.

[Yes, a city is a town with a population of 100,000 or more. Sometimes also referred to as a city].

 I see, with 100,000 inhabitants, it could be a city in Japan.

"King's Landing is one of them, but Count Zachariah is the second most powerful man after King's Landing, and the third most powerful man in this entire country."

"Isn't it problematic to have the son of such a great nobleman working for an uncrowned person like me?"

"That's not true... Mouser-chan is already a commoner, not a noble, and he and Count Zachariah don't have to worry about such things ♡"

"Is that so?"

"Count Zachariah is a man of great character and ability, and he's bought a lot of Glosse-chan's top sugar and pepper."

 If Catherine san is so sure, he... decided to trust her and adopt Moosele.

 I'll tell them we're hiring all six of you and we'll work out the terms of your employment on an individual basis.

 And since all of you have requested to live in the house, I will arrange a lodging house for you for a while. Of course, I'll pay for the lodgings.

 And the three of them, Xena, Ronaudina, and Rendon, will be in charge of purchasing, appraising, and cash management. Simply put, they are salesmen and their assistants.

 Moussel and Rosa, you'll be mainly in charge of operations and attendance. So to speak, the cadets.

 I was going to ask Kazumi Uemura to take care of the production department and the development department, but she said that with her ability, it would be no problem to produce small quantities, but for large quantities it would be difficult due to the lack of MP.

 Come to think of it, she didn't have that many MPs.

[[Alchemy]] consumes a lot of MP. In that respect, it's the same as Master's [[Magic Tool Creation]], but Master had enhanced his MP, and now he can absorb it from defeated monsters, so it's unlikely that he'll run out of MP like she did. There is no such thing.]

[My [[Magic Tool Creation]] and her [[Alchemy]] are skills that consume that much MP?]

[Yes, the usual production skills such as [[Blacksmithing]] and [[Woodworking]] make good products by letting your body learn the skills and refining them. However, [[Alchemy]] is useless without MP].

 I don't mean to sound harsh, but I agree with her explanation, and I'm sure she felt the same way herself.

[[Magic Tool Creation]] and [[Alchemy]] are skills that consume MP to create and transform materials, so even though they are production jobs, they are fundamentally similar to wizards. That's why [[Alchemy]] is a useless skill for her with low MP. It's an unbalanced skill structure. If she hadn't gotten [[Craftsman]] and raised her MP, she might have been able to make a good amount of money with [[Alchemy]].

[Oh... well... I hadn't thought about it, but if that's the case, then we're MP-dependent producers... and we'll have to increase her workload, Isn't there an easy way to increase her workload or increase her maximum MP?]

[There's one easy way, two somewhat difficult ways, and one hard way.]

 Is there that much...

[What's the easy part?]

[You need to get MP-enhancing skills. However, MP-boosting skills do not drop very often, so the number of auctioned skills is very small. It is better to get one in 3 or 4 auctions, and in the worst case, you have to wait for a year to get one].

[It's easy for me because it's just a matter of financial strength once it's in the auction, but it takes time because there are so few items...]

[Yes, it will. However, I think there is a high possibility that the master can get it sooner since his luck value is maxed out].

[I see, this is where luck comes into play... so what's a little harder?]

[First, if you make her drink potions and increase her workload, her MP will increase as well, but this will cost money and depends on how much potions she can drink].

["You look like you're a thin eater... what's the second thing?"

[Yes, the second is to change her occupation to a sorceress type and have her fight demons to raise her level and raise her maximum MP, but her personality doesn't seem to be suited for fighting].

[Well, that's the way it is... the hard way at the end?]

[Special processing on the magic stone of Manas Spiritual, a rank 6 demon, makes it a medicine that forcibly raises the maximum value of MP and is highly effective].

[...That one...he's more trouble than he is difficult...]

 Manas Spiritual is a demon that also appeared in SWG, probably as the boss of the 20th level of the Red Tower.

 It drops just the right material for MP boosting, and the material has to be processed to be usable, but it's still a material for MP boosting. It was also popular in SWG.

 In the middle of SWG, I remember doing Mana Spiritual marathon to boost MP, but the drop rate of the material is low. The drop rate is probably less than 5%, so it's better to get 1 drop in 20 kills.

 It was popular because of its good effect even with such a drop rate.

 As for Mana Spirituals, you have to go to layer 20 to talk about them, you have to check with her for combat, and you have to check the auctions every time, but drinking potions is the quickest way to start.

 All were to vacate their present lodgings and boarding houses.

 The house I'm renting is a seven-bedroom main house, so there's not enough room to accommodate everyone.

 In the main house, there are six rooms: the one used by me and Lethia, the one used by Lulu and Daisy, the one used by Anna and the three sisters, the one used by Regina and the other adventurers, the one used by Braham, and the one used to store the goods I bought from [[mail order]] and [[production]]. I have only one empty room, and it is not enough.

 If I could cram it in, it would fit, but that's not my principle, so I asked Katherine San to buy the house and build a new one on the site.

 In case you're wondering, I'm planning to buy and install a new house that's now available for purchase through [[mail order]]. In the meantime, I've arranged an inn for them.