Chapter 37 One Month In The Mine

 A Month in the Mine

 It was a few days before the Duke of Walther's envoy arrived at the Earl of Markwood's estate.

 It was also a little over a month before Mona left the Count's mansion.

 The accident at the Izumi mine had been brought to an end.

 This was because of the magical reinforcement of the bedrock, the magical tools for drainage, and the nosy moon-wolves who quickly found out where they had hit the water vein.

"Starting tomorrow, the mine will be back to business as usual. You've all worked hard. We'll see you tomorrow."

 Many miners crowded the square in front of the mine entrance.

 That's the foreman making a speech a step higher.

 When I was in a mining accident, I had a scar on my forehead from where I hit it, but that was the only scar I had, and I am fine now.

"As you all know, it's thanks to them that we've been able to resume operations so quickly!"

 The crowd cheered.

"Emili the Mage!"

 Emily was called up to the stage,


"--You look lovely today!"

"--Thanks for the energy!"

"--Curse me with fierce words!"

 An enthusiastic fan chirps.

(Aren't you cheering for the wrong guy?)

 Emily thought, but it's not worth worrying about.

"Astrid, the inventor!"

 Astrid will then take the stage.


"Please marry me!"

 Astrid's core fans are buzzing around each other.

"Nina the maid!"

 When Nina took the stage next, the cheering died down like an ebbing tide.

 Many of the miners then fell to their knees and folded their hands.


"I'm so glad he's here..."

"--I will never forget the meal you-sama treated me to..."

 The atmosphere is different from the past, and Nina is frightened.

"What, what? What? What does this mean?"

"It's okay, Nina, you don't have to understand."

 Emily pulled me by the hand and made me stand beside her.

 In fact, it was Nina who influenced the largest number of miners.

 Emily and Astrid are immediately recognizable as "outrageous" to those who have seen them in action. Conversely, those who do not see them do not immediately understand their "outrageousness".

 Nina, on the other hand, is more of a logistician.

 Prepare meals and treat minor injuries.

 It affects almost everyone.

 It is a miracle that she can do all these things in the blink of an eye with just her small body, and since she speaks kindly to everyone without discrimination, the name "saint-sama" has completely taken root.

"I'd like to present these three girls with this medal as a sentiment from all of us who work at the Izumi Mine!"

 The three medals, each about the size of a palm, were engraved with the words, "With the greatest appreciation and respect for your dedicated work at the Izumi Mine.

 And it had a pink glow to it.

"Yeah. It's an alloy, but it's a nice color, isn't it? If you wipe it down often, it won't rust and it'll keep its shine. I was thinking more of a gilded finish."

 The foreman balked, and a female miner said,

"Isn't it in poor taste for a girl to be all gilded up!"

 I shouted.

 Other women who agree.

 I'm sure that was their opinion.

"You're cute."

"Yeah. Interesting metal, this one. I wonder if you could tell me the ratio later."

 Emily and Astrid received it and checked the front and back,

"Didn't kun like pink? I thought gold was more..."

"Yes, no! I love it so much!"

 Nina said in a panic.

 Nina was grateful, but she had rarely felt so cared for before.

I've done what a maid should do.

 The tweeds had thanked him profusely, but Nina had thought that was because he was extraordinarily kind.

 This was the first time in my life that I had such a large scale of gratitude.

 I don't know what to do anymore.


 But the hefty weight of the medal in my hands and its soft pink glow made me smile unexpectedly.

"Well... there's one more thing I want to tell you."

 The foreman said.


 As a miner looking up at Nina and the others on the stage, Tien's ears perked up when her name was called, even though she was in the front row.

"I've been so busy with the recovery work that I haven't been able to talk to you properly, but I'd like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to -kun. -I want to apologize for calling you a 'ghost dog' and other derogatory terms. I'm sorry...! -kun, you showed your honorable spirit and came to save me from the depths of the mine for insulting me... thank you so much."

 He bowed deeply.

 In the stillness of the room, all eyes were on Tien.

 The man beside me, a big man with red hair, said clearly.

"If you can't forgive me, it's okay."

 and .

 But Tien shook his head.

"No, Chi doesn't care anymore. There's no forgiveness or no forgiveness... Nina brought Chi back to life. Emily and Astrid helped Chi at the scene of a dangerous accident. When I thought of the three of them, everything else seemed small."

 Voices from the miners.

"That's great, Tien-chan."

"--That's true, the foreman is a small man when you think of those three."

"Tien-chan, you've grown so big... ugh, ugh."

"Why are you acting like a mother?"

 The fluttering applause soon turned into a loud one.

 The foreman on the stage blinked at him,

"You're not getting it, foreman! I'm sure Tien-chan forgave you!"

 At the comment, he bowed his head again.